Friday, December 3, 2010

Cartel Decapitations for Boys

Mexico has always been a tough one for legitiment researchers bent on dismissing the cult underground described by researchers such as David McGowan and Maury Terry as nothing more than the ravings of the radical right:

"When The Ultimate Evil was published in 1987, the mainstream media, by and large, dismissed the sensational allegations made therein of a vast Satanic Underground (reportedly involved in drug distribution, pornography, snuff movies, and ritual murder) as nothing more than a dark fantasy spun to the flames of the 'satanic panic' then running rampant through the tabloid media and segments of the religious right...

"Although different alleged players and crimes were involved in Terry's Ultimate Evil scenario, the modus operandi of the son of Sam Cult (aka 'the Children') seemed alarmingly similar, in many respects, to what went down on the Mex/Tex border in Matamoros. Drug dealing -in addition to the sex and pornography trade -was a means of cult recruitment. After a prospective member was lured in, then the second phase of actual participation in occult rituals and activities began."
(The Shadow Over Santa Susanna, Adam Gorightly, pg. 165

Ritual style deaths continue in Mexico to this day, such in the case of the women of Juarez. Recently decapitations have been a favorite for ritual style deaths, as I've noted before here and here. Today I stumbled upon an especially perverse piece of business that continues the ritual-style indoctrination tactics drug cartel use, yet are rarely acknowledged by the MSM:

"Soldiers in Mexico have captured a 14-year-old U.S. citizen suspected of being a drug gang hitman as he attempted to travel to the United States.

"Edgar Jimenez, known as 'El Ponchis,' is believed to work for the South Pacific drug cartel in Morelos state, outside Mexico City, the army said on Friday. Media reports last month on the search for a boy with the same nom de guerre said he could be as young as 12...

"He said he was 'drugged and under threat that if I didn't, they would kill me.'

"'El Ponchis' made headlines last month as reports of his grisly murders, including beheadings, surfaced. He acknowledged having killed at least seven people under the influence of drugs provided by a cartel leader, according to an army statement."

To recap, a young boy is recruited by a drug cartel, fed a steady stream of dope, and then asked to participate in a highly ritualistic murder. This is very similar to the M.O. of the underground cult networks Terry and McGowan have chronicled in the US and which serial killer such as Henry Lee Lucas have claimed to be a part of. Inevitably more bloody evidence of this network will continue to emerge as the Revelation of Method goes into overdrive.

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