Monday, February 28, 2022

Programing Update


As some of you have probably noticed, The Farm Podcast has been down these past few days. I'm finally ready to clarify the situation. It's both a good news, bad news thing. 

Let's start with the latter. The Farm Podcast will not be returning to Podbean and there is no way I can recover it for the public. This is totally my own fault, and I sincerely apologize to all of you, and especially the subscribers, for this. Subscribers still have access to the regular Farm channel on Podbean as well as the patron for now. That will last till March 15th, at which point the Podbean Farm will totally disappear for everyone.

As for the good news, I am pleased to announce The Farm shall rise like the Phoenix from the ashes on a new, and better, platform. This is a change I've been wanting to make for some time. I know that Podbean is not the most popular platform, especially for the subscribers. To say nothing of all the spyware that comes with the app.

So, like most folks, I'm taking things over to Patreon. Starting February 28, 2022 (Monday), look for your weekly Farm episode at its new address. That being said, there are a few changes. For one, a good chunk of The Farm's back catalog will be taken into the subscribers section. I have left roughly 50 of the 200 or shows up for free. Many of these are classic Farm shows like the WACL series. So don't worry, many of your favorites are still available. I will gradually retire newer shows, however. Roughly after four months they shall ascend to the subscribers section, unless I deem them worthy of classic status. 

Besides access to The Farm's back catalog (once I finish uploading it all, which I beg your patience for), you'll have much easier access to me as well, and a few other features that will be announced in the coming weeks. I'm very excited about some of these and I hope all you will join me on the new site. I again sincerely apologize to everyone for this massive fuck-up on my part. I can not undo what has been done, but I can invite you to a better version of The Farm

If I could make one final request of you all, please help spread the word of The Farm's new address! Thank you guys so much!!!