Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Twilight Language: Masons and the Orders of Saint John

These are strange and incredible times friends and the signs and portents are no less so. I began to detect an especially curious bit of twilight language some weeks ago (though it feels like its been several years) in regards to the protests unfolding in Michigan's state capital. In a post from then, I remarked upon the strange juxtaposition of militia men standing upon, checkered, Masonic-like black and white floors in the capital building.

Since then, the hits have just kept coming. The great Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun recently posted about the staggering amount of 33s that have been appearing in the media of late. Of course, the number 33 is highly significant in Freemasonry, especially the Scottish Rite variety, in which the thirty-third degree is the highest grade in the system. Whats more, the use of the number 33 in alleged "psychodramas" (mass rituals effectively played out in the media) has a long and robust history, or so it is claimed in certain circles. More on those circles in a moment.

The Masons hardly seem to be the only players in the game as far as twilight language is concerned, however. Trump's reelection campaign briefly placed adds on Facebook featuring a bizarre inverted red triangle. These adds were quickly deactivated after it was realized that the red triangle was used bu Nazi Germany denote a host of groups, most notably Communists, but also social democrats, liberals, and.... wait for it.... Freemasons.

the red triangle used by the Trump campaign (top) and a red triangle badge from a Nazi concentration camp (bottom)
And just in case the message wasn't coming through clear enough, the Trump campaign ran precisely 88 of these red triangle ads. In white supremacist circles, that number holds a lot of significance. "H" is the eighth letter in the alphabet. The two eights together represents "HH," which in turn stands for "Heil Hitler." Cute.

But its not just the Nazi symbolism that Trump's been mining of late. A most disturbing one appeared at the beginning of the month during Trump's now infamous photo op. You know the one I'm talking about, the one in which a host of security forces were used to clear protesters so that Trump could pose before a church brandishing a Bible in what was described to the public at large as symbol of law and order.

Far from it. But let us first consider the interesting cast of characters surrounding him. There was General Keith Kellogg whom, as I noted before here, has been one of Trump's major national security backers from the beginning. He also has deep ties to Fort Bragg, which was a haven of white supremacy during his last tour there. Naturally Stephen Miller, the administration's link-man for white nationalism, was also present.

Even more interesting was the presence of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper and General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Both have since distanced themselves from the photo op, with Milley even offering an apology over a week later. Apparently, they just didn't realize the bad optics of the whole thing.


General Milley is the most senior uniformed military officer in the entire Pentagon. And not only did he opt to join Trump for this photo op, but he decided to do so wearing not a dress uniform, but battle fatigues

Are we to believe that no one thought to inform the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that his attire was effectively declaring that he was in a war zone? If you believe that, I've also got some prime oil deposits in the Arctic for sale. Just shoot me a bid via the email.

Trump (left), Esper (center) and Milley (right)
In other words, General Milley knew exactly what his presence and attire there was saying and he was all right with it. And that should scare the hell out of everyone. Because the military is effectively announcing that the view the American public as insurgents. And the military and intelligence community has used some novel methods to deal with insurgents over the years.

One such method were the infamous stay-behind armies that were established across Western Europe at the onset of the Cold War. In theory, they would only be used in the event of Soviet invasion so as to wage a rear guard action. In actuality, they appeared connected to acts of terrorism with disturbing frequency in European nations that may have contemplated leaving the NATO bloc. This effectively made large chunks of these nations insurgents in the eyes of these United States and they were dealt with accordingly.

This was especially true in Italy during a period known as the "Years of Lead." At the center of this carnage appeared to be a mysterious secret society known as Propaganda Due (P2), nominally a Masonic lodge that appears to have been controlled by far right Catholic groups at the highest levels. Much more information on Propaganda Due and the secret armies can be found in my epic series on the P2.

Is it possible that something like the P2 exists in these United States with its own stay-behinds? Well, there is a certain mysterious chivalric order that historically featured numerous "former" senior military and intelligence officers, has had longstanding ties to the American militia movement, and dealings with groups and individuals implicated in terrorism for decades. It is known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John (SOSJ) and still exists to this day via numerous successor organizations.

What was the name of the church used for this photo op?

Saint John.

Real subtle, right? Kind of like an event that unfolded this past weekend. While the mainstream media has had a field day with Trump's failed Bund rally in Tulsa on the 20th, something far more significant happened the day before. Something many have said would never happen.

The Albert Pike statue in Washington, D.C. was taken down.

And not politely either. It was torn down and burned. As I'm sure many of you are aware, Albert Pike was one of the most famous (or infamous, depending upon one's point view) Freemasons of them all. He was the Sovereign Grand Commander (hence, a 33rd degree Mason) of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite. He was also the author of the famed Masonic tract Morals and Dogmas. Pike was also the only Confederate general to have an outdoor statue in all of D.C. Hence, the persistent claims Pike's statue would never come down no matter the clamor to remove every last vestige of the Confederacy.

Predictably, the likes of Michael A. Hoffman II at beside themselves with joy. Hoffman, the likely originator of twilight language (along with his longtime associate William Grimstead), has hailed this event as "humiliating optics for the masonic Cryptocracy" while acknowledging this was hardly a spontaneous one. Some of his readers maybe confused by this, but Hoffman clearly sees the signs. He even dropped them a hint by pointing out that Pike's statue came down on the eve of the Summer SolsticeMidsummer Night's Eve has been imbued with significance since pagan times (for more information on this, check here). Historically it was celebrated one the eve of June 23rd but its origins lay with the Summer Solstice. And wouldn't you know it that, during Christian times, it was known as Saint John's Eve.

And that is a powerful symbol indeed, especially in light of the psychodrama that began on the first of June. I suspect Hoffman sees these symbols as clearly as I, though we certainly have a different perspective.

And if you're not tired of these musings yet, be sure to listen to John Brisson and I discussing them on The Farm. Elsewhere, if you want to get a sense of how far back the connection with secret societies and stay-behinds go, be sure to listen in on my epic discussion with University of Idaho professor and Secret Agent 666: Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence, and the Occult author Richard B. Spence on La Cagoule. It can be found here.

And with that, I shall sign off for now. As always, thank you so much for reading and listening. Until next time, stay tuned.