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More Manchurian Candidate and Mind Control with John Bevilaqua

I'm very pleased today to publish the first guest post in the history of VISUP! This one is by the great John Bevilaqua, the author of JFK -The Final Solution. I was very fortunate to have John on The Farm to talk some Manchurian Candidate, both the 1959 Richard Condon novel and the 1962 John Frankenheimer film. It was a great chat that gave me a chance to highlight John's almost "twilight language"-esque approach to far right symbolism. Plus, John was able to expand upon his highly unique research into behavioral modification methods. This is a dark history that predates US Cold War efforts by several decades. In this post, John is going to further expand upon these themes. So, I now turn the floor over to John Bevilaqua:

The Manchurian Candidate, MK-ULTRA, and JFK by John Bevilaqua

How Dwight Eisenhower, J. William Fulbright and Richard Condon predicted who would be the killers of JFK. When I first picked up a copy of The Manchurian Candidate almost 10 years ago, which was written by Richard Condon in the late 1950s, I had only the vaguest of notions that it might have been intended by him to be somehow predictive of the actual assassination attempts against John F. Kennedy which did not even occur until almost 5 years AFTER the book was first completed. Now that we are approaching the 40th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK and since Paramount Studios is currently remaking the movie The Manchurian Candidate, the time is ripe to revisit these topics and shed some light on both of these closely related mysteries.

In this article I will attempt to retrace the steps taken in the ensuing years which have resulted in the identification of about a dozen of the persons referred to in The Manchurian Candidate either via direct reference when Condon named them, or indirectly as a result of Condon's references to organizations which they founded or headed, or somewhat more obliquely, by Condon's construction of deliberate word plays and sometimes convoluted anagrams referring to them indirectly if they were still alive and considered potentially threatening or harmful to him at that time.

I believe that Condon chose this method of coded messages and the use of cryptography because one of his main protagonists in the novel was none other than Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, who worked as a civilian Army cryptographer during World War II and was one of the founders of the John Birch Society. Oliver was not only a virulent racist and a Eugenicist in the mold of Wickliffe P. Draper, but he was also a staunch anti-Communist and McCarthy supporter, an anti-Semite and quite likely an avowed White Supremacist and a secret supporter and admirer of everything to do with Hitler and Nazism as well. Oliver's list of Board Memberships included the "Patriotic anti-Communist and anti-Liberal" John Birch Society, the "White Supremacist" Church of the Creator and the "anti-Semitic" Institute for Historical Review. Dr. Oliver was an equal opportunity hater and a professional xenophobe. Many of the others cited in The Manchurian Candidate shared at least 3 and sometimes even more of Oliver's xenophobic proclivities.

The first two organizations mentioned by Condon in his novel which started me on this odyssey were called "Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Tomorrow" and "Defenders of American Liberties". Both of them had closely named counterparts in the nether world of Patriotic right wing extremist organizations active at that time and their founders and Board of Directors were predominantly members of "The John Birch Society", "The Pioneer Fund", "The Shickshinny Knights of Malta" and "The American Security Council". It is from within these blatantly pro-Fascist and anti-Semitic groups that the plot to murder President John F. Kennedy was originated, propagated and consummated, in my honest opinion. I have even traced the final payback to the takeover of The Draper Company by Rockwell Standard on 3/22/67. The exact role played by H. Smith Richardson and the Foundation named for him is being further investigated at this time.

Two of the persons named directly by Condon were described as "clerical fascists" and "Demagogues of the Depression" by several others. Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith and Rev. Charles E. Coughlin were both World War II isolationists from the "America First Committee" and considered to be seditious and pro-fascists in some of their sermons and writings of the time. Others named directly included several right wing authors and commentators involved with either The American Mercury or The Spotlight of The Liberty Lobby, some of the most anti-Semitic and pro-Eugenics publications ever disseminated. They included George Sokolosky, David Laurence, Arnold Bennett and even Westbrook Pegler, whom Pat Buchanan once described as one of his father's favorite commentators.

Smith (top) and Coughlin (bottom)
It was from this humble list of organizations and publications and about half a dozen of the closely associated right wing extremists that I embarked on my investigative journey. Little did I expect that I would discover half a dozen more right wing extremist organizations which shared interlocking directorates with those persons identified by Richard Condon. It is from this list that I have compiled what I believe is Condon's list of the most violent and virulent and vocal of all the anti-Kennedy demagogues from that time period which I refer to as "Condon's Dirty Dozen". Was Condon trying to warn us in the late 1950s that these people were mobilizing resentment against then Senator Kennedy which would lead to assassination attempts against his life in the very near future? The first attempt involved Edgar Eugene Bradley and William Potter Gale in California in 1960 and the final one was in Dallas in 1963 which very likely involved some or most of the members of "Condon's Dirty Dozen".

Richard Condon refers at least twice to a television program called: Defenders of Our Liberty upon which Senator John Yerkes Iselin, was scheduled to appear. (Iselin was the paradigm for eventual World Anti- Communist leader and MK/ULTRA operative Ray S. Cline by a matching persona and by use of an anagram). I knew that the head of the Dallas John Birch Society, Dr. Robert J. Morris, the close associate of Major General Charles Willoughby and Larry Schmidt, who was Bernard Weissman's contact for the "Wanted For Treason" poster in Dallas was head of an organization with a very similar sounding name. Or perhaps he edited a publication with a name just like the fictitious television program in The Manchurian Candidate. Sure enough, Eric G. Olson came up with a sample of the Quarterly Publication of "Defenders of American Liberties", titled: "Our Liberties" which had as its "Editor" none other than Robert Morris and he used an address of: The Adolphus Tower, Dallas, Texas. The Adolphus Tower was probably just in the neighborhood of the Adolphus Hotel where the 1993 ASK conference (Assassination Symposium Kennedy) was actually held. The Publisher of Our Liberties was Defenders of American Liberties at P.O. Box #562 in Bensenville, Illinois the same address used by right wing extremist Dean Richards of Dean Richards, Inc. an employee of Fred Flick of the Flick-Reedy Corporation who advertised often in The John Birch Society's American Opinion Magazine, as well as other right wing publications. Who was the founder of Defenders of American Liberties? Robert J. Morris. The President of DAL? J. Fred Schlafly.

Fred Flick, who was not mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate, shows up later during his involvement with The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation from St. Louis and The St. Michael's Abbey from Orange County California on their lay advisory board which also included Dr. Robert J. Morris, L. Brent Bozell, (William F. Buckley's brother in law), Phyllis J. Schlafly, (J. Fred Schlafly's wife), Patrick J. Frawley, Jr. (On the Boards of Schick Razor and Technicolor with Robert J. Morris) and General Thomas A. Lane. Buckley is only referred to obliquely in The Manchurian Candidate as "that fascinating young man who wrote about man and God at Yale." Buckley's book was actually titled: God and Man at Yale for Henry Regnery Publishing Company in the early 1950s. Henry's father William Regnery was a cotton and textile millionaire and a founder of The America First Committee as well, along with Henry Smith Richardson who donated $100,000 to the American First Committee knowing its goal was to prevent America from entering the War against Hitler. His Smith Richardson Foundation eventually funded the MK/ULTRA experiments at Bridgewater State Hospital and elsewhere.

available here
From this select group associated with the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation originated four of the most important books ever written as far as the radical right is concerned: No Wonder We Are Losing and Disarmament, Weapons of Conquest by Robert J. Morris published by former CIA agent Lyle Munson's Bookmailer Publishing and The Gravediggers and Strike From Space written jointly by Phyllis Schlafly and Admiral Chester A. Ward for the right wing Pere Marquette Press in Alton, Illinois. These four books along with "Brainwashing" by Dr. Edward Hunter for Henry Regnery Press also mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate, laid the cornerstone and set the marching orders for all the Cold War arguments about the magnitude of the alleged "ICBM Missile Gap", "Sputnik Satellite Gap" and "Mind Control Gap" between the United States and Russia.

Brief Book Reviews about the Schlafly-Ward jointly written books by Helene Charmillon-Pohl from the University of Wisconsin are included for illustrative purposes:

(Phyllis Schlafly With Rear Admiral Chester Charles Ward). Strike From Space: How the Russians May Destroy Us. New York: Devin-Adair Co., 1966 1965. 218 p. Bibliography: p. 205-216. OCLC no. 1627435. Playing footloose with mainstream historiography, Schlafly and Ward interpret Khrushchev's dismissal as punishment for his betraying state secrets, Eisenhower's Farewell message and his warnings against the military-industrial complex as directed to domestic Socialists and the Vietnam War as a Russian diversion. Subscribing to multiple conspiracy theories and to the notion that Communists from the all over the world speak in code (Aesopian language), the authors strike at their panoply of usual villains: McNamara, Rostow, the Pughwashers (named after a secret meeting held in Pugwash, Nova Scotia), Nitze, Fulbright and even Kennan the father of the containment doctrine. Bordering on the slanderous, this work attempts to convince the general public with highly emotionally charged language that the American government is determined to sell out to the Soviet Union rather than strengthen its military. 

(Phyllis Schlafly With Rear Admiral Chester Charles Ward). The Gravediggers. Alton, Ill.: Pere Marquette Press, 1964. 126 p. Includes bibliographical references (p. 119- 126). OCLC no. 644538. Seeking to arouse suspicion and distrust, Ward and Schlafly relentlessly accuse the Kennedy Administration of jeopardizing the country and practicing appeasement with the Soviet Union. Highly critical of the politics of deterrence, the authors suggest that the elite is either duped by the Russians or guilty of collusion: by agreeing first to a nuclear testing moratorium and then to a test ban treaty, the United States is falling prey to Russian psychological warfare. According to The Gravediggers, the only redemption possible is through the election of Goldwater, endowed with the MacArthur's heroic qualities. 

(Phyllis Schlafly With Rear Admiral Chester Charles Ward). The Betrayers. Alton, Ill.: Pere Marquette Press, 1968. 125 p. Bibliography: p. 121-125. OCLC no. 42847. Engaging in hyperbole and inflammatory rhetoric, Schlafly accused the government of not putting all its energy to winning the Vietnam War and of allowing the USSR to dominate in the arms race. Allegedly examining the issues of whether officials are fools, dupes or traitors, the author lunges in a rambling diatribe about both an increase in urban crime and the widespread employment of communist sympathizers. Not unlike the infamous McCarthy, she rails and rants against the whiz kids and the intellectuals and calls for their removal notably from the Defense Department for consistently kowtowing to Communist powers. Schlafly's program for the nation's improvement include the restoration of morality, law and order, the winning of the Vietnam war, nuclear superiority and the election of Richard M. Nixon.
Dame of Malts Phyllis Schlafly

While there is not sufficient space to develop this theme now, you should be made aware that the first cause celebrate of the far right in the late 1940s which attempted to make a case for a "Mind Control Gap" in order to fan the flames during the McCarthy era, was the Cardinal Mindszenty "brainwashing" incident in Communist Hungary. A few years later, this identical Cold War cadre from the Catholic ultra- Right returned shortly after Sputnik became a reality, to use that incident for their "Sputnik Missile Gap" arguments. They had been using the clout and the arguments of Hungarian Edward Teller, the father of the Atomic Bomb, as their cause celebrate for their "ICBM Missile Gap" arguments and would continue to do so for 25 years or more until the Ronald Reagan Era ended with the fall of the Iron Curtain. The failure of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 also figured prominently in right wing rhetoric for several decades and of course, preceded the Sputnik crisis initiated in 1957 which was exacerbated when Yuri Gargarin later became the first human to orbit the Earth. These events with a common link to Hungary are only noted because of my ancestry as an Austro-Hungarian. Ah, yes, for those who tried to claim I am Ah, yes, for those who tried to claim I am Italian and therefore pro-Mafia, guess again. These subjects were discussed constantly in my home, at the parochial school I attended and from the Church pulpit during my early formative childhood years. The concepts, discussions and goals of "Freedom Fighters" were constant and prevalent in South Florida during the 1950s and 1960s, whether it involved Hungarian Freedom Fighters, Polish Freedom Fighters or somewhat later the Cuban Freedom Fighters. All of them shared several common goals, preserving the Church against the advances of "Godless, atheistic Communism", regaining a lost homeland from a foreign occupation force, restoring property, titles and valuables viewed as having been taken by the Communists, being reunited with aging family, childhood friends and compatriots caught behind the Iron Curtain, and destroying the menace that was perceived as a threat to the very practice of the Catholic Religion and the sovereignty and the safety of the haven in the United States. Other than this little list which included God, Family, Country and Property, Communism was considered just a benign alternative political system by the arch-Catholic right wing in the United States as evidenced by the John Birch Society. Yeah, right. Why the Catholic Church became convinced that an alliance with former Nazis or active ex-Nazis and otherwise unrepentant Nazis was the surest method of attaining their goals will remain a question for the ages. Was it a moral question of lesser evils or a more pragmatic decision based on some perceived reality? To what extents were they deluded or tricked into playing into the hands of these people is debated to this day. I personally believe that Psychological Warfare experts like James J. Angleton, William Donovan, Allen Dulles, Frank Wisner and Philip J. Corso could convince anyone about anything once they set their minds to it. Giovanni Battista Montini was, quite frankly, no match for either Angleton, Dulles or Corso.

Condon refers to a group headed by "Fightin' Frank" Bollinger (Bonner Fellers) involving John Yerkes Iselin (Ray S. Cline) called "Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Tomorrow". It was an obvious reference to the real group called "Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Justice" (abbreviated: TMA) which was a McCarthyite support organization which worked tirelessly to prevent the censure of Senator McCarthy. The national chairman of TMA was Lieutenant General George E. Stratemeyer, who was also one of the national directors of "For America", the Bonner Fellers directed organization. Stratemeyer was also on the original Board of Policy of The Liberty Lobby which often called for opposition to JFK's Foreign and Domestic Policies. Consider this overly optimistic quote from Cross-Currents by Epstein and Forster from the mid-1950s about Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Justice (for McCarthy) on what they perceived to be a rather slow and ineffectual start to this blatant McCarthyite support organization:

"Which is why the anxious efforts of Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin [soon to be the Presidential Candidate of the NSRP that Joseph A. Milteer was involved with in 1963] and Major George Racey Jordan [of Major Jordan's Diaries and The Manchurian Candidate] to turn TMA's mass following into a permanent national body are failing." "The big Madison Square Garden rally, held by TMA on November 29 (in 1955) was an obvious fizzle. Gerald L. K. Smith, Joseph P. Kamp (another notorious anti-Semite), and a generous representation of other 'pros' were sprinkled around the vast auditorium." The term "pros" referred to professional anti-Semites and professional pro-fascists as referenced elsewhere in Cross-Currents. Gerald L. K. Smith was mentioned by name in The Manchurian Candidate directly and Major George Racey Jordan was described obliquely by using an anagram implying that he was in fact a member of the Waffen SS of Adolph Hitler.

available here

Others associated with the real TMA included General Pedro A. del Valle of Shickshinny Knights of Malta fame, General George Van Horn Moseley the "man on the white horse" who was chosen as champion of the 1930s coup detat attempt against FDR called the General Smedley A. Butler affair, which was documented by Jules Archer in The Plot to Take the White House. Other TMA dignitaries included John B. Trevor, Sr. of the American Coalition of Patriotic Societies who was Wickliffe Draper's crony on The Pioneer Fund and Louis D. Carroll who was active very early in both of these eventual Willis Carto organizations: the Constitution Party (begun around 1952) and the Congress of Freedom (which reached national prominence in 1955 but according to Dr. Revilo P. Oliver may actually have been started as early as 1951). Russ Bellant in Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party had this to say about John B. Trevor, Sr. of The Pioneer Fund and the American Coalition of Patriotic Societies and TMA:

"John Trevor, Sr. was a leader of a group, Ten Million Americans Mobilizing for Justice, attempting to prevent the censure of Joe McCarthy. Its leadership represented a Who's Who of American anti- Semitism. At their 1954 rally for McCarthy, a female photographer taking pictures of the special guest section for magazine was physically assaulted amid shouts of 'Dirty Jew' and 'Hang the communist bitch!' " The German-born American Generals Fellers and Wedemeyer as well as Robert Morris and Senator McCarthy were mentioned as Chronoscope guests during that period and both Fellers and McCarthy often appeared on Robert Morris's Defenders of American Liberty program, cited directly by Richard Condon. Condon implied that John Yerkes Iselin's attendance on that show was as a proxy for Ray S. Cline, "Johnny" is Rey S. Kline, who was eventually Deputy Director of the CIA and World Chairman of WACL during its most Fascist periods. Richard Condon REALLY KNEW what he was talking about beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Of the four most popular radio commentators in the early 1950s Westbrook Pegler, Fulton J. Lewis, Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson, Walter Winchell was closest to being a moderate. Pearson wrote courageous scathing expose' of McCarthy's devious backroom dealings. Two of the most popular pulpit bullies in America, Pegler and Lewis, pandered to McCarthy, voluntarily slanted news stories for him and ignored unfavorable press reports to enhance the Senator's public image. Another televised political discussion program, Longines Chronoscope, aired from 1950 to 1955 on stations with a CBS franchise. Chronoscope borrowed from the news magazine format. Interviewers or "co-editors" steered the conversation along, usually William Bradford Huie, publisher and editor of American Mercury Magazine; (mentioned at the Richard Giesbrecht Incident and mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate via direct naming of American Mercury writers like Arnold Bennett, George Sokolosky, David Laurence and Westbrook Pegler) Henry Hazlitt, a political economist and contributing editor of Newsweek, publisher of Freeman magazine; and Larry Lesueur, a reporter for CBS News." Guests on CBS Chronoscope during the McCarthy Era included the following (CBS executives from that time: included both Frank Shakespeare and William Paley, both notable right wingers themselves.) Notable guests on Chronoscope from that period, who were described or mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate, included the following luminaries from the far right:

1) Brig. Gen. Bonner F. Fellers (October 3, 1951), strategist and psychological warfare expert. Mentioned in The Manchurian Candidate as Fighting Frank Bollinger and under his thinly veiled slightly renamed organization: Ten Million Americans Fighting "for Justice" instead of "for Tomorrow." 2) Lt. Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer (June 18, 1952), national chairman, Citizens for Taft Committee, director of the U.S. Liberty Lobby, and Nazi operative. 3) Senator Joseph R. McCarthy (R-WI) (June 25, 1952). (The entire novel, The Manchurian Candidate is about the reactionary McCarthy era and its aftermath for all intents and purposes.) 4) Robert Morris (July 2, 1952:), special counsel, "Senate Internal Security Subcommittee," otherwise known as the McCarran committee). The person named the most often in The Manchurian Candidate by far. The Shickshinny Knight of Malta Order (SKOM), officially called "The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem," has been headed by Col. Thourot Pichel in Shickshinny, Pennsylvania, although a few years ago the Order was torn by serious internal rifts between Pichel and the late Frank A. Capell, [Capell was renowned as the "chief propaganda researcher" for Dr. Revilo P. Oliver a founding stockholder in the John Birch Society, one of the protagonists in The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon. Oliver eventually appeared in front of The Warren Commission and was on the Board of The Church of the Creator.] How Richard Condon could have predicted this close association of Dr. Revilo P. Oliver with the JFK murder and the Warren Commission more than 5 years in the future appears to be a feat of magic until you listen to the tape recorded speeches of Dr. Oliver on his website shrine. The level of vitriol and hatred Oliver spewed against John F. Kennedy between 1960 and 1963 at these meetings of The Congress of Freedom and The National Indignation Committee should have been enough to place him high on the FBI and the Secret Service watch lists. But the FBI considered the John Birch Society as a harmless Patriotic organization, and did not see any reason to monitor them. Frank A. Capell was also a Contributing Editor of the John Birch Society's Review of the News and the founder of a survivalist right group called Zarepath-Horab near the Arkansas-Missouri border as well as the publisher of The Herald of Freedom from New Jersey. This SKOM Order achieved some notoriety a few years ago when it officially recognized the claims of controversial defector Michael Goleniewski to be Aleksei Romanoff, heir to the Russian Imperial House of Romanoff. [Anastase Vonsiatsky, Draper's hired thug, union strikebreaker and mercenary worked for The Romanoff Caviar Company in America for several years and worked tirelessly to restore the Czarist Monarchy which he himself claimed as part of his controversial heritage. Vonsiatsky was also featured in The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon as THE Manchurian Candidate himself. Vonsiatsky's International Headquarters were located in Harbin, Manchuoko, Manchuria for decades before his prison term from 1942-46 for violating The Espionage Act of 1917.]

The Romanoff dynasty case would be less interesting if the CIA's MK/ ULTRA specialist James Angleton and Anastase Vonsiatsky who both also merited mention by Condon in The Manchurian Candidate, were not two of the principal supporters of Goleneiwski and some extremely right wing members of the military intelligence community were not listed as members of SKOM in a document issued by the Order in 1970. The Order listed as members of its Military Affairs Committee, under the Chairmanship of General Douglas MacArthur's displaced Korean War team that included these four right wing ultra-hawks: (1) Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd, (2) Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby, Robert Morris' constant compatriot (Willoughby was also part of Billy James Hargis' Anti- Communist Liaison Committee of Correspondence along with General Bonner Fellers and Edward Hunter, the author of the term "Brainwashing"), (3) Brig. Gen. Bonner Fellers (TMA and The Manchurian Candidate), and (4) Gen. Pedro A. del Valle (TMA and Defenders of the American Constitution), who according to Stuart Christie's Stefano delle Chiaie, Portrait of a Black Terrorist (London: Anarchy Magazine, 1984), invited Italian neo-Nazi Guido Giannettini to the U.S. to conduct a seminar at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, where del Valle was Commander at the time. Both Foster & Epstein's Danger on the Right (New York: Random House, 1964) and Janson & Eismann's The Far Right (New York: McGraw Hill, 1963) called del Valle an anti-Semite. And Professor William F. Tucker while doing a book about Wickliffe Draper and The Pioneer Fund The Funding of Scientific Racism, found several references in the Pedro del Valle papers to del Valle's anti-Semitism and racist beliefs. Pedro A. del Valle was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and considered himself part of some special Draper styled "Master Race" after he became a high ranking officer in the Marine Corps. Del Valle actually lost a job with Sosthenes Benes in South America with ITT after his controversial opinions on the topics of anti-Semitism and racism became obvious. Revealing insights into these Shickshinny Knights of Malta, Charles Willoughby and Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso were provided by Michael Cannon in this Usenet posting from July 8, 1997. It just further confirms the Nazi based alliances behind almost everyone involved with the leadership of these Shickshinny Knights including Charles Thourot- Pichel.

Corso has a history of disturbing ties to racists, fascist sympathizers and nutball theories. He had worked with Reinhard Gehlen (formerly Hitler's chief intelligence officer) and the BND in trying to set up terrorist operations within Eastern Europe. Washington considered such schemes risky in the nuclear age, so the plug was pulled. Corso soon counted himself among that weirdo coterie of military intelligence staffers who considered the CIA "soft" on communism, and most likely heavily infiltrated by the KGB. Similar beliefs were held by Corso's ally, General Charles Willoughby, who had been Douglas MacArthur's intelligence chief. There's a lot of published material on and by WIlloughby, and it's all worth reading. In short, Willoughby was an anti- Semite, and an extremist who saw the world in conspiratorial terms. His politics leaned so far to the extreme Right that one can only wonder why he served on the Allied side during World War II. (MacArthur called him My Little Fascist. When Corso left military intelligence in 1963, he became a key aide to J. Strom Thurmond, who helped lead the pro-segregation crusades of the 1960s. But he did not sever his ties to Willoughby. Corso also became a leading member of a bizarre organization called the "Shickshinny" Knights of Malta. (After Napoleon attacked the island of Malta, the story goes, a number of knights migrated to Russia and joined the Czar's "inner guard;" after the revolution, these staunch White Russians migrated to America as many going to Shickshinny, PA, hence the name.)

At the time Corso joined the exclusive sect, its leader was one Colonel Charles Thourot-Pichel who was an explicit, undeniable Nazi. During the Third Reich, he had begged Hitler's government for the job of representing Nazi political interests in the United States. He communicated directly with Ernst Hanfstangel, one of Hitler's top aides. Willoughby had also joined the Shickshinny Knights at this time, and co-published with the organization a periodical called the "Foreign Intelligence Journal." This journal specialized in anti- Semitic theories and the kind of extremist "enemy-within" anti- Communist blather we associate with groups like the John Birch Society. Apparently, this rather odd group had become, in the early 1960s, something of a dumping-ground for military intelligence veterans who were so zealous they had come to consider the CIA hopelessly "pink."

"The darling of Corso's "Knight-ly" friends was a very strange man named Michael Goliniewski, whose name pops up in most histories of the CIA "mole-hunts" of the 1960s. Goliniewski was a high-ranking Polish intelligence officer who sympathized with "the West," and began feeding information to the CIA. Apparently, his info was rather good at first. The Soviets became suspicious of him, so he had to scuttle off to America quickly. It soon became apparent to the saner CIA analysts that Goliniewski was, to put the matter bluntly, out of his mind. He began to claim that he was no less a personage than Prince Alexei, the Czar's son and rightful heir...! Goliniewski never persuasively explained how "Alexei" cured his internal bleeding, or the EXTERNAL bleeding he no doubt underwent at Ekaterinberg. Nor did he explain how the Prince somehow became a leader within the intelligence apparat of a Communist country. (You'd think Polish spooks would do a better background check...)"

None of this mattered to Angleton or to the John Birchers who essentially certified his claims to being the rightful heir to the Russian Czarist Romanoff throne. This was in all likelihood done to appease Anastase Vonsiatsky who worked for the Romanoff Caviar Company and felt he needed some quasi-legitimate reason to encourage other White Russian expatriates to rally around him and his cause. It was almost as if raising Prince Alexei Romanoff from the dead would make him a Christ-like figure and spontaneously cause millions of dollars to flow into their coffers. It worked to an extent.

available here
At any rate, Goliniewski (like other defectors) caused much mischief by telling dark tales of KGB penetration of both the American and British intelligence services and governments. His claims were baseless, but for a while they did much harm."

In fact James Angleton used Goliniewski as one of the major justifications for his Honetel 10 purge attempts within the CIA. Angleton, who also was considered by most well placed observers to be out of his mind as well was Goliniewski's main and sometimes only supporter because it supported Angleton's delusional claims from previous years.

As is usually the case in these realms, anyone in a Western government's service who espoused anything less than a full-scale attack on the Soviet Union (never mind the nuclear consequences) was damned as a Soviet "penetration agent."

"The CIA soon learned not to take Goliniewski seriously. But his demented world-view fit right in with the ideas held by the Knights, Willoughby, Corso and company. So these "Knights" became the chief propagandists for Goliniewski in the United States. I've read a few of Goliniewski's latter-day screeds -- he used to publish a rag called Double Eagle. It was filled with wild, quasi-fascistic conspiracy theories, which usually had to do with occult powers driving the inexorable Communist drive to world domination. A lot of what he wrote struck me as thinly-disguised anti-Semitism, making use of the usual euphemisms for "powerful Jews" (e.g., "the Dark Forces," the "International Bankers," and so on). And THIS was the man whose world- view was pushed heavily by the Shickshinny Knights -- Corso's group." (as well as by the John Birchers and Angleton within the CIA.) "Corso also was instrumental in pushing disinformation about the JFK assassination, labeling Oswald a tool of an alleged "KGB ring" within the United States."

Of the three persons most responsible for promulgating this "deliberate disinformation" about Oswald, Dr. Revilo P. Oliver, Reverend Gerald L. K. Smith and Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso, only Corso managed to elude Richard Condon's direct or indirect identification in the late 1950s. Senator Strom Thurmond was not so fortunate, however, being identified as Senator Thomas Jordan, as both the paradigm for Senator Jordan and an almost perfect anagram for the letters in Thomas Jordan. A remarkable feat to say the least on the part of Richard Condon. James Angleton was reported feeling out one of his comrades at the CIA regarding The Manchurian Candidate, by his biographer David Mangold who quotes this exchange between Angleton and Kisavalter inside a CIA elevator:

Angleton: "You've got to see this new movie that just came out."

Kisavalter: "Which movie is that, Jim?"

Angleton: "The Manchurian Candidate. It bears out my thinking."

Of the four Generals on the Military Affairs Committee of SKOM, only Marine Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd was American born and he is the only one of the four who is not a suspect in the murder of JFK. Stratemeyer on the Board of Policy of The Liberty Lobby and Wedemeyer, also German- born, have been listed by several authors and JFK researchers as having more in common with the Third Reich than with the welfare of the United States of America along with Fellers and Willoughby which would explain why they would pick an ex-Nazi like the former British Admiral, Sir Barry Domville to serve with them on SKOM as their Honorary Grand Admiral. Domville who had been jailed by the British during WW II as a Nazi agent, and was later listed as a Contributing Editor of Willis Carto's Western Destiny, in November 1965, when Dr. Roger Pearson, from Washington DC, was the Editor. Pearson was the British Fascist who was perhaps one of the largest beneficiaries of The Pioneer Fund grants and former leader of The World Anti-Communist League during its most blatantly pro-Fascist periods. There is no way that Dr. Roger Pearson's influence and contributions to this nexus of groups surrounding the JFK Assassination can be overestimated. Pearson worked directly with James J. Angleton of the CIA at the H. Smith Richardson Foundation on MK/ULTRA related projects.

Perhaps one of the biggest breakthroughs in conclusively identifying how the MK/ULTRA Research on Programmed Assassins could have been leaked from within the confines of the official CIA based H. Smith Richardson Foundation projects involving Dr. Hans J. Eysenck to the realm of the conspirators within The Pioneer Fund where Eysenck was the recipient of multiple Pioneer Fund grants comes from this quotation from The Un-Americans by Frank J. Donner (Ballantine Books, New York, 1961, p. 52). This volume is an excellent overview about the fascist influences within the membership of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) from the person who also wrote The Age of Surveillance a few years later, an indictment of both the McCarthy Era and the illegal FBI and CIA snooping and COINTELPRO operations in ensuing years. The common linkage among HUAC, The Pioneer Fund, MK/ULTRA and Henry Smith Richardson himself was none other than Richard G. Arens, the Immigration control expert from the McCarthy Era who was a full-time paid consultant for Wickliffe Draper while he worked for both Draper Committees, the HUAC based Immigration Committee run by Rep. Francis E. Walter of Pennsylvania and the SISS based "Genetics" Committee which was really the Pioneer Fund "Eugenics" Committee of Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi which had been named harmlessly to be more socially palatable and acceptable. This double-dipping eventually cost Arens his job with the House Committee and sent him into shrill yelling and screaming tirades against the reporters, like Ronald H. May, eventually responsible for his dismissal. Doubtless he remained on the Draper payroll and helped both Morris and Draper on their upcoming campaigns against the Liberals, the Communists and later against JFK directly.

"Arens refused to tell (Ronald H.) May (Washington correspondent for the Madison Capital Times and the York, Pa Gazette) what work he did for the Draper project, except that it consisted of finding beneficiaries for research grants in the fields of "immigration and genetics." May also discovered that Draper made grants to "patriotic" anti-Communist organizations and that Arens had given advice to other wealthy men (such as H. L. Hunt, the Texas oil man, and Smith Richardson, North Carolina pharmaceutical magnate) on grants of funds to patriotic organizations."

H. L. Hunt made his original fortune in the Korean Soybeans Futures markets shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War. Professor Bruce Cumings in The Origins of the Korean War (Princeton University Press - 1994) directly attributed this incredible stroke of good fortune to inside information and advanced notification about the precise timing of the upcoming outbreak of war from none other than Major General Charles A. Willoughby, MacArthur's Head of Intelligence during World War II and Korea. H. L. Hunt returned the favor a few years later by giving the recently sacked Willoughby with a high paying job with the then growing Hunt oil empire in Mozambique, looking for suitable oil lease locations. This close association with the Hunt family continued over the years until 1972 when Willoughby and Draper both finally died.

The Associate Chief of International Intelligence for SKOM listed was Herman E. Kimsey, a high-ranking CIA operative who had worked with the Army CIC during the war. Kimsey was very close to Spas T. Raikin, who greeted the Oswalds as they got off the boat from Minsk, Russia. Raikin and Willoughby served together on the American Friends of The Anti-Bolshevik Block of Nations (ABN) along with the Urkainian fascist Yaroslaw Stetsko. Some still insist that Raikin's role with the Oswalds was something unimportant or coincidental. Raikin knows a whole lot more than he ever admits.

In my opinion, the majority of General Douglas MacArthur's entire former Korean War team joined The Shickshinny Knights of Malta in order to retain their powerbase, their sphere of influence and their unified sense of purpose which was to defeat Communism once and for all despite the efforts of either Truman or Kennedy or Carter to thwart their violent, anti-Democracy and anti-Constitutional propensities much like the later efforts of the Iran-Contra crowd and the World Anti-Communist League.

Douglas MacArthur, patron saint of the far right

Professor William Tucker found General Pedro del Valle important enough to include in his recent book on the topic of Wickliffe Draper, The Funding of Scientific Racism. One of the coalition's official spokespersons who presented its resolutions to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs was General Pedro del Valle, a member of the Liberty Lobby's advisory board, who professed "the instinctive distrust which is natural in all Christians for all Jews, diluted or pure"; Jews "cannot also be good Americans," he wrote to a fellow officer, because "all Jews are hostile to the kind of America that anybody but a Jew desires." Del Valle was also a co-owner of the biweekly paper Common Sense, which claimed that Mao Zedong was a "front ... for New York Jews," and del Valle was considered a member of "our ... inner circle of top people" by George Lincoln Rockwell, Commander of the American Nazi Party, one of the faithful few who donated to Rockwell's campaign to "nail the nigger and Jew LEADERS' behind Martin Luther Coon."

The linkages among The John Birch Society of Robert Welch, The Pioneer Fund of Wickliffe Draper and The Liberty Lobby of Willis Carto were legion and are just now coming to the surface. For example when Carto announced a sixteen-man "Advisory Board" for his new Liberty Lobby operation, later to be renamed the 'Board of Policy,' it included Judge Tom Brady (White Citizens Councils), Generals Pedro del Valle and George Stratemeyer, and W.L. Foster of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who was active in "We, the People" and "Congress of Freedom" (another Willis Carto organization where assassination plots against 200 American liberals were openly discussed at the annual meeting of The Congress of Freedom on April 4, 1963 in New Orleans attended by Dr. Revilo P. Oliver and Joseph A. Milteer of Senator J. Strom Thurmond's National States Rights Party). Foster was also a financial supporter of veteran anti-semite Gerald L.K. Smith, who appeared by name in The Manchurian Candidate by Richard Condon as well a financial supporter of Billy James Hargis of Tulsa, and his Anti-Communist Liaison Committee of Correspondence. Later in 1958, Colonel Eugene C. Pomeroy became Liberty Lobby's "Washington Secretary," operating out of the offices of his own organization, "Defenders of the American Constitution" (later taken over by General Pedro Augusto del Valle). Richard Condon appears to have been one of the very few persons who recognized the native duplicity and outright propensity for violence and espionage emanating from these foreign-born pro-fascist Generals from the far right. For example you can read the relatively benign and perfunctory descriptions proffered by Arnold Forster and Benjamin R. Epstein, (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, 1956). In reviewing the descriptions of some of the more powerful right-wing Generals involved with the Shickshinny Knights of Malta like Pedro del Valle, George Stratemeyer, and Bonner Fellers no where do we see the warnings or danger assessments as described by Condon. Only Russ Bellant, in Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party seems to have the benefit of hindsight in describing their possible threats. A number of figures named in Charles Thourot Pichel's were instrumental in setting up the Liberty Lobby of Willis A. Carto, the second publisher of White America by Earnest Sevier Cox. Edward von Rothkirch, a member of the SKOM Order, helped set up Truth-in-Press, a Liberty Lobby 501©3 tax exempt group.

Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer also part of American Security Council and The John Birch Society and the supra-isolationist pro-Fascist America First groups before and during World War II. Wedemeyer was born in Germany, attended the German War College and was a closet anti-Semite who maintained relationships with German Staff Generals during the war. Wedemeyer was suspected as the source of the leak of American War Plans to Senator Burton K. Wheeler which appeared in the Chicago Tribune. Bonner Fellers was featured in The Manchurian Candidate, by Richard Condon as early as 1958. It is significant that these foreign- born Generals were considered staunch allies of General Douglas A. MacArthur and Maj. Gen. Charles Willoughby (who was born in Heidelburg, Germany in 1892). Do not forget that the name General Douglas MacArthur does NOT even appear ONCE in the novel, The Manchurian Candidate, but by 1961, the movie rendition of the novel BEGINS with a closeup of an oil portrait of General of the Armies, Douglas MacArthur and later includes another picture of him in the troops barracks tent during a poker game. The movie ends when the Presidential Candidate, Benjamin K. Arthur, attends a rally in Madison Square Garden where he is supposed to be the target of an assassin using a high-powered rifle from a lighting booth high above the convention floor. What caused Richard Condon and John Frankenheimer to make this editorial adjustment to the novel, by adding references to MacArthur, when the movie was being made? Why did they also include half-dozen references in the movie to the other President assassinated by the cotton plantation and textile mill interests from the Deep South, Abraham Lincoln when the novel, The Manchurian Candidate, has absolutely NO references to Abraham Lincoln that I was able to uncover? In the movie, I counted several Lincoln busts, a Lincoln picture and an Abraham Lincoln costume at a Halloween party worn by James Gregory.

What other information has recently come to light that might support my contentions regarding the almost uncanny foreknowledge exhibited by Richard Condon in his novel as it relates to the then pending JFK assassination? Confirmation and corroboration has been provided by these 2 independent sources in recent months: From Dr. Revilo P. Oliver himself, even though he has been dead for several years. A friend suggested that I listen to the tape recorded speeches of Dr. Oliver himself on the Revilo P. Oliver shrine and website which I had been avoiding for a few years now. Reluctantly I did and was amazed to discover that Oliver mentions at least half of Richard Condon's Dirty Dozen himself as being close friends and trusted associates of his including Judge Robert Morris, Major General Edwin Walker, Senator Strom Thurmond, Dr. Edward Hunter, General Bonner Fellers, Major George Racey Jordan, etc. From Jerry P. Shinley in a posting he made on the Usenet JFK Conspiracy region as follows under the title: Ed Scannell Butler's INCA, William Kintner, the New Orleans Cold War Seminar and the Institute for American Strategy (IAS).

The Fulbright Memorandum documents the Senator's concern with a series of Cold War Strategy Seminars conducted jointly by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the National War College, the Foreign Policy Research Institute, and the Institute of American Policy. Kintner was prominently involved in these activities. Another person involved was Frank R. Barnett, research director of the Richardson (now, Smith Richardson) Foundation and the Institute of American Strategy. The theme of these seminars was a push for cold war victory and a repudiation of doctrines of co-existence. Psychological warfare played a large part in the work of Kintner and Barnett.

What Jerry Shinley was not aware of apparently, was that the primary funding source for the CIA's MK/ULTRA program was in fact the H. Smith Richardson Foundation and that both the CIA's James Angleton and Retired General Robert C. Richardson, III were heavily involved with this conduit along with The Pioneer Fund's Roger Pearson according to Russ Bellant in Old Nazis, the New Right and the Republican Party. That implies that the work Ed Butler did with Lee Harvey Oswald during the staged radio debates on WSDU in New Orleans had to have something to do with Butler's links through INCA and into MK/ULTRA via James Angleton and The Pioneer Fund's Dr. Hans J. Eysenck, an inveterate Nazi psychologist and Roger Pearson who worked with Angleton at the H. Smith Richardson Foundation projects. J. William Fulbright in his Fulbright Memorandum specifically warns us about the IAS and the FPRI just as Eisenhower did about the American Security Council and the Military Industrial Complex in his Farewell Address. That means that both Eisenhower and Fulbright can be added to Richard Condon as being some of the earliest and most accurate warning sources regarding the identity of the actual persons and organizations which eventually perpetrated the JFK Assassination. The leadership of The American Security Council included a coterie of persons with expertise in psychological warfare and Soviet counter-espionage. The only problem is that all of them showed evidence of private allegiances to the fascists or Nazis involved with the Third Reich instead of to the Democracy of the United States of America. The Big Four were: Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby, Dr. Robert J. Morris, James J. Angleton and Ray S. Cline all of whom were well known to Richard Condon in The Manchurian Candidate.

available here
There were actually 4 references in The Manchurian Candidate to members or founders of YAF, The Young Americans for Freedom started by Larrie Schmidt a close ally of Robert J. Morris and Charles A. Willoughby in the Dallas John Birch Society. They were all linked to the Bernard Weismann, Wanted For Treason Poster circulated in Dallas on the weekend JFK died. They were Senator Strom Thurmond, William F. Buckley, Jr., Robert J. Morris and Maj. Gen. Charles A. Willoughby. Richard Condon knew who was behind the murder of JFK. Others listed as part of the ASC in "Peace and Freedom through Cold War Victory" (ASC Press1964) include the following persons to give you some idea of the breadth of representation from the far right: Patrick J. Frawley, Jr. (Mindszenty Foundation), Jr., Dr. Edward Teller (Dr. Strangelove), Rear Admiral Chester Ward (Strike From Space), General Albert C. Wedemeyer, General Robert E. Wood (America First and Human Events), Henry Hazlitt (Newsweek and Chronoscope) who later shows up on the American Security Council Advisory Board, Marvin Liebman (McCarthyism and YAF), Dr. Stefan Possony (Hoover Inst of War and WACL), Spruille Braden (Birch Society) and John M. Fisher (ACPS and WACL).

The information about the relationship of the H Smith Richardson Foundation and MK/ULTRA as well as to Iran-Contra was provided by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin in their book: The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush: "Another Harriman/Bush friend, Eugene Stetson, was an assistant manager for Prescott Bush at Brown Brothers, Harriman's New York office. He organized the H. Smith Richardson Foundation. The foundation, in the late 1950s, participated in the MKULTRA, the CIA's domestic covert psychological warfare operation. The H. Smith Richardson Foundation helped to finance the testing of psychotropic drugs, including LSD, at Bridgewater State Hospital in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, the center of some of the most brutal MK-ULTRA experiments."

It was these brutal MK/ULTRA experiments that led to the film Titticut Follies which was made in the late 1960s. "During the Iran-Contra operations, the H. Smith Richardson Foundation was a private donors steering committee, working with the National Security Council to co-ordinate the Office of Public Diplomacy. This was an effort to propagandize in favor of and run cover for the Iran- Contra operations, and to coordinate published attacks on opponents of the program. The H. Smith Richardson Foundation also runs the Center for Creative Leadership at Langley to train leaders of the CIA, as well as another center near Greensboro, North Carolina, that trains CIA and Secret Service Agents. Almost everyone who achieves the military rank of general also gets this training."

Here are the excerpts from Edward Spannaus' article on IAS, FPRI, Ed Butler and the H Smith Richardson Foundation from the Executive Intelligence Review web site. It is perhaps the most important independent corroboration of the relationships among these most nefarious of organizations first warned about by President Eisenhower in 1958, then Condon in 1959 and lastly, Fulbright in 1961, all to no avail.

"Six months into the new administration of President John F. Kennedy, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman J. William Fulbright (D- Ark.) was warning about the dangers of a revolt by right-wing military officers against the administration. Although Fulbright himself did not use the word 'coup,' others did including some who denied planning such a coup." 

Major General Edwin Walker was mentioned by Richard Condon in The Manchurian Candidate using his home address of "Turtle Creek Drive" where the alleged potshot shooting incident had occurred. Walker was also cited directly by none other than Jack Ruby in his sworn Warren Commission testimony as a suspect in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, along with other unnamed Dallas John Birch Society members which doubtlessly included Dr. Robert J. Morris and Major General Charles A. Willoughby as well who were the original founders of the Dallas John Birch Society cell and the most vociferous and prominent members of that group.

"The backdrop to the July 1961 Fulbright Memorandum was the April 1961 firing of Maj. Gen. Edwin Walker, who had been indoctrinating his troops in Augsburg, Germany, with John Birch Society propaganda. But this was only the most notorious case of a much broader pattern of political activity by military officers, which prominently included military collaboration with the H. Smith Richardson Foundation's Frank Barnett; the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) of Robert Strausz-Hup, then attached to the University of Pennsylvania; and the Institute for American Strategy (IAS). (Later, in the 1970s and '80s, Richard Mellon Scaife picked up much of the funding for these operations, along with the Smith Richardson Foundation, and the Olin Foundation.)"
Richard mellon Scaife

Note: It was the Scaife and the Regnery interests which were behind the character assassination attempts on then President Bill Clinton during the 1990s according to most verifiable accounts. "The Fulbright Memorandum was drafted in July 1961 as a personal communication between the Senate and the Secretary of Defense, who was Robert McNamara. Entitled "Propaganda Activities of Military Personnel Directed at the Public," the memorandum began by noting that a 1958 National Security Council directive had made it the policy of the United States "to make use of military personnel and facilities to arouse the public to the menace of the Cold War." Fulbright reported that private organizations were preparing material that was then distributed by the military, material which was contrary to the President's policies. He noted that the actual programs being carried out under the 1958 directive "made use of extremely radical right-wing speakers and/or materials, with the probable net result of condemning foreign and domestic policies of the administration in the public mind."

Fulbright's allusion to a military coup, came as follows:

"Perhaps it is farfetched to call forth the revolt of the French generals as an example of the ultimate danger. Nevertheless, military officers, French or American, have some common characteristics arising from their profession and there are numerous military 'fingers on the trigger' throughout the world. While this danger may appear very remote, contrary to American tradition, and even American military tradition, so also is the 'long twilight struggle' [referring to President Kennedy's characterization of the Cold War as a conflict which may not be solved 'in our lifetime'], and so also is the very existence of an American military program for educating the public." "Fulbright called for a review of the mission and operation of the National War College as to whether it should operate under the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)”and also urged that the relationships among FPRI, IAS, the Richardson Foundation, the National War College, and the JCS, be reexamined "from the standpoint of whether these relationships do not amount to official support for a viewpoint at variance with that of the administration. When Walker testified before the committee in April 1962, he began by asserting that our Armed Forces are paralyzed by our national policy of no-win and retreat from victory. "I am a victim of this 'no-win' policy," he stated. He said that civilian control of the military had been transformed into a commissar-like system of control. Our will to resist Communism is fast being sapped, he charged. "I was a scapegoat for an unwritten policy of collaboration and collusion with the international communist conspiracy."

General Edwin Walker
"One final note: After the Congressional hearings in 1961-62 on military propaganda and "Cold War education" activities, and despite Barnett's grandiose plan, the seminars and related activities appear to have gone underground for a period of time. But in 1965, Lansdale, by now "retired" from the government, proposed a revival of the Cold War seminars. He was a principal author of a proposal to the American Security Council (of which he was then an official) to create a new forum, called the Freedom Studies Center, which was established on an estate near Culpepper, Virginia. (The property was still in the hands of the American Security Council until this year.) On the planning committee for the Freedom Studies Center was one Ed Butler, who only a couple of years earlier had been a key part of the operation in New Orleans to create a "legend" around Lee Harvey Oswald, the patsy in the Kennedy assassination." 

"As we noted at the outset, the Fulbright Memorandum warned that the political activities being carried out by the military, and by private institutions such as FPRI and the Richardson Foundation under official military auspices, constituted a threat to President Kennedy's programs and policies. To what extent Senator Fulbright was aware of the emergence of the threat to Kennedy's life is not known”although it is confirmed that Fulbright warned President Kennedy not to go to Dallas a few weeks before Kennedy's fateful trip. But, when taken in light of what we now know today”and the reemergence of a military coup threat today”Senator Fulbright's warnings from 1961 are indeed worth pondering."

I would echo these sentiments precisely and request that the JFK assassination research community take much more seriously the combined warnings of President Eisenhower, Senator Fulbright and Richard Condon. It is highly probable that the Kamikaze Pilots at the end of World War II and the Suicide Pilots from 9/11 were subjected to the identical mind control conditioning programs developed as part of The Manchurian Candidate programs like MK/ULTRA, Operation Bluebird and other related operations. We have a right to know after all. Even private organizations like YAF, The Liberty Lobby and The John Birch Society should be made to divulge their records related to the members who were violently opposed to John F. Kennedy's policies. Dr. Revilo P. Oliver who does the voiceover for the National Indignation Committee should be the one known for being a despicable miscreant and guilty of treason, not John F. Kennedy. Oliver suffered from several serious mental illnesses including paranoia and schizophrenia along with Dr. Robert J. Morris. They also had grand pretensions tantamount to delusions of grandeur. They had concocted in their minds a picture of JFK and RFK as selling out control of our government to the Russians and they pledged to punish them for these alleged deeds.

How the FBI or the Secret Service could allow these threats to go uninvestigated is beyond me completely. Richard Condon, or some of his friends, had obviously penetrated these meetings of the Oliver and Morris inspired organizations and attempted to warn us all of their pending plots against JFK as early as 1958 when he wrote The Manchurian Candidate (1958-1959). The Congress of Freedom meeting in April, 1963 published a list of enemies of the citizens of the USA and it was given to the Miami Police Intelligence Unit by Willie Somersett who was trailing Joseph A. Milteer. The Miami PD then taped Milteer bragging that the JFK hit was "sitting on go". Still they could not convince the FBI to act on these threats except for a cablegram sent to the Dallas FBI office. How did Condon warn about Dr. Revilo P. Oliver? Miss Viola Narvilly, Opera Singer: "Berlitz Schools Taught Temajegh" translates to "S.O.B. Hitler Scholar hates jeuz guts." based on Oliver's infamous quote: "I had a beatific vision last night, I dreamed that I woke up and found out that all the Jews has been vaporized." stated in Boston during a John Birch rally on the 4th of July. Who was this Major Knickerbocker, Oliver referred to during his speech?

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Exploring the Mysteries of the Manchurian Candidate with John Bevilaqua

As longtime readers of this blog are no doubt well aware by now, Recluse is quite obsessed with the mysterious network of self-styled chivalric orders commonly referred to as the Sovereign Order of Saint John (SOSJ). Virtually all of these orders in turn trace back to one particular outfit, long based out of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania. This group claimed to be the legitimate Knights of Malta, via the Russian line of succession, with the "official" Sovereign Military Order of Malta group being the impostor.

Whatever the case, by the 1960s it emerged with a roster top heavy with former military and intelligence officers, and extensive ties to the far right paramilitary underground. Bizarrely enough, it also featured an abundance of cult connections as well. One of the most blood-stained were those with Christian Identity "theology," which were explored before here. However, they also possessed even stranger links to various metaphysical circles, ranging from UFO contactees, ceremonial magicians, and even one known, self-described "orgone specialist." These connections and more will soon be explored in a forth coming work by your's truly.

Today, however, I would like to shine a light on a book that got me started on this mysterious journey. It's called J.F.K. -The Final Solution by the great John Bevilaqua. John has been on the trial of the Kennedy assassins for sometime and he has come to believe that the SOSJ was instrumental.

Recently I was able to sit down for a chat with John on The Farm. In order to introduce everybody to the vast body of John's research, I thought a good starting point may be The Manchurian Candidate, both the Richard Condon novel and the 1962 film version. Have you ever wondered, for instance, why Condon selected Manchuria of all places for the title and such a crucial plot point? Well, here you'll find out about all the strange groups and characters active there in the aftermath of the First World War and beyond. One of them is the future Nazi and Ufologist William Dudley Pelley, whom you're going to be hearing a lot more about in the coming weeks here.

But this is only scratching the surface. Bevilaqua also covers such notorious and little known figures as Count Anastasy Vonsiatsky and Colonel Wickliffe Preston Draper; his own "twilight language"-esque approach to both Condon's work and a far right code system; and even a bizarre connection to the legendary Illuminatus! Trilogy. Be sure to check this one out guys, it's a good one.

It can be found here or on the sidebar.

John also provided some addition thoughts here that I'm reprinting now for context:

"The significance of Hunt and Rockwell attending Brown while Vonsiatsky still attended football games is that Annie and/or Draper probably recruited him and paid him to start the ANP. And Hunt named his son St. John after Vonsiatsky's Order of St. John."
"It is also important to note that the Rev Gerald L K Smith was not only part of The Winnipeg Airport Incident but he knew both William Dudley Pelley from their mutual Silver Shirts work during World War II and Father Charles Coughlin when they were both part of the Demagogues of the Depression in the 1930's and the early 1940's. And Anastase Vonsiatsky also attended the Winnipeg Airport Incident meeting as well and probably flew to Wichita, KS the home of Koch Family Empire where they were expecting to be paid off for the murder of JFK. Edwin Walker's grandfather gave the Koch family their financial start in America. His last name was deGanahl and Charles deGanahl Koch was given his name as his middle name as a symbol of thanks. Walker, Willoughby, Gale and Fellers were ALL working for Douglas MacArthur during the Korean War and even after that as private citizens. And Walker, Fellers and Willoughby through MacArthur were all implicated by Condon in Man Cand anagrams or key words. Fighting Francis Bollinger is an anagram for Bonner Fellers. Fellers was stationed in Cairo during World War II and was given Montgomery's tank movements as part of a scheme to undermine his efforts at evading the Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel who was not really a Fox at all. Fellers forwarded these proposed tank movements to James Angleton in Rome where he was stationed and he in turn sent these messages to Erwin Rommel.
"Mark Schulman Did not know that. S&C's early work with mergers between Boston Fruit and United Fruit bears that out. I thought they just did the legal work on that deal. Looks like they did both ends of the deal now. When did the Dulles Brothers join the firm? Other heads of the OSJ over time included Frank Capell, Revilo Oliver's pal, Charles Thurout Pichel, Hitler's American contact, John B. Trevor, Draper's Pioneer Fund crony and some M.D. from Florida. Vonsiatsky was also the international leader of the SMOSJ. Col. Philip J. Corso, OSJ a UFO nut working for Strom Thurmond was knighted into OSJ for running the Nazi Rat Lines from the Vatican for the eventual Pope Paul VI through Grace Steamship Lines of Peter Grace, OSJ. Angleton and Colby were also OSJ Knights. Spoiler Alert: Angleton was revered by the Israelis for saving Judaism from the evil Arabs AND for saving the R.C. Church from the Commies by siding with the Nazis at one point. Very versatile and accommodating guy. Angleton may also have helped the Israelis with their Dimona Nuclear Reactor secret program by removing any obstacles or blockers to that program. Hint, hint. Samuel Zemurray's agents from United Fruit funded Homer Echevarria's plots against JFK by his own admission IMHO."
As always guys, I hope everyone enjoys. Best to all in these troubled times and as always, stay tuned till next time.