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Secret Societies, Narcoterrorism, International Fascism, and the World Anti-Communist League Part V

Yes folks, it is now time to revisit this classic series. I initially wrapped it up all the way back in 2013, which seems like a lifetime ago. As the title implies, the series chronicles the history of the dread World Anti-Communist League (WACL). During the height of the Cold War, WACL was very much the visible personification of the Fascist International. It had it's origins in the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) and the Asian People's Anti-Communist League (APACL). These outfits had their roots in Nazi Germany and the narco-state of Taiwan, respectively. This lineage was discussed in the first installment of this series.

Drug trafficking has always been a major component of WACL. Many of the early works on it, such as the Andersons' Inside the League, neglected this aspect. The great Peter Dale Scott touched on it in various works, but it had never been subjected to an extensive examination, as best I could tell. Hence, much of parts two and three are pre-occupied with outing WACL's links to the international drug trade. 

Part three also delves extensively into the mysterious Mexican secret society known as Los Tecos. In many ways, it was Mexico's answer to Propaganda Due (P2), effectively controlling the Mexican security services on behalf of the United States. As far as I'm aware, this is the longest English-language account of Los Tecos since the publication of Inside the League in 1986. Frankly, I wish I didn't have that distinction. Los Tecos is an important and highly neglected subject, one that really deserves a researcher who can read Spanish. 

Carlos Cuesta Gallardo, a WWII-era Nazi collaborator and longtime Tecos head

For what was the last installment, I delved into the hardest topic involving WACL: the genocide it helped perpetuate across Latin America and other parts of the developing world during the final decades of the Cold War. By the 1980s, virtually every nation blessed with a WACL chapter had developed it's own "freedom fighters," anti-Communist militias. The phrase "dirty war" was coined to described the methods embraced by these WACL-backed regimes. 

While the operations of WACL proper wound down decades ago, it's legacy is still with us. Consider WACL's chairman during its absolute 1980s pinnacle, Major General John Singlaub. Singlaub was a special forces legend who deployed with the Jedburg teams during WWII, and later helped manage the Phoenix Program during Vietnam. Singlaub's contributions to special operations forces are succh that the US Army Special Operations Command began handing an award named after Singlaub in 2013. Yeah, the same year I finished writing this series chronicling the genocidal legacy of WACL, one of the principal '80s architects got his own award named after him from the US Army. So it goes. 


Nor is the US Army the only outfit naming awards after Singlaub these days. Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum followed suite in 2018 when it announced the inaugural Singlaub Award. The first recipient? Why, General Michael T. Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Trump's inaugural National Security Adviser. He's also been a leading figure behind the QAnon LARP. Singlaub had to be pleased. He would latter beg Attorney General William Barr to address the "miscarriage of justice" against Flynn during early 2020. 


In a way, it was inevitable. Singlaub is set to turn 100 this July, further confirming that the truly evil never die young. But sooner or later (and probably sooner), Singlaub must shed his mortal coil. When that happens, it will truly be the end of an era. Singlaub is the last of the OSS "China Cowboys," a curious clique that included other storied figures such Ray S. ClineLucien ConeinMitchell WerBell III, and E. Howard Hunt (noted here). Many of the old China cowboys would play instrumental roles in WACL, as well as the international drug trade and various death squads the world over. They turn up in the Phoenix Program and later Iran-Contra. Their modus operandi largely revolved around using narco-financed anti-Communist militias to terrorize the peoples of developing nations. 

It was a bloody business to be sure, but one that was necessary to the objectives of the American Empire. Unfortunately for men like Singlaub, the generation of CIA officers that came of age after the Cold War just weren't up to snuff. Relics like Singlaub were necessary to continue filling the gap. That is, until the rise of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Men like Flynn, his longtime boss General Stanley McChrystal, and General William Boykin, had not only the will to revive the Phoenix Program, but to implement it on a truly international scale for the Global War on Terror. This topic was discussed at length in my debut work, Strange Tales of the Parapolitical: Postwar Nazis, Mercenaries, and Other Secret History

McChrystal (top) and Boykin (bottom)

Flynn and company seem well on their way to reviving the private networks so favored by Singlaub and earlier generations as well. But instead of using a litany of anti-Communist networks, these young guns prefer to work through a host of interlocking private military and intelligence companies. In this sense, the SCL Group and the host of companies surrounding it (including Cambridge Analytica) provide us with a vision of how a twenty-first century version of WACL operates. This sleek, corporate version, centered around the boardrooms of London and NYC, is a far cry from the aging Nazis and their charges deep in the jungles of South America. But it is no less lethal. 


Of course, I didn't opt for a new WACL post just to ruminate on the passing of the baton from Singlaub to Flynn. If you've been following my podcast, The Farm, then you probably have some inclination as to what this post is about. Beginning last summer, I embarked upon what was always going to be an ambitious project: a full-blown podcast miniseries chronicling the history of WACL. 

It seemed like a great idea for a variety of reasons: thanks to Kyle Burke's Revolutionaries for the Right and the Biden/Ukraine flap, interest in WACL is arguably as high as it's been since the early 1990s. And now, almost 30 years removed from the end of the Cold War, and with most of the leading figures having shed their mortal coils, lips are becoming looser and documents more plentiful. What it amounts to is that there is a far clearer picture of WACL available now in the historic records than in any previous era. And with rising tensions between the American Empire and China, and the corresponding attention the US will lavish on it's old WACL partners in Asia, this state of affairs may not last for long. Thus, it's crucial to document this important history while it's still possible. 

The miniseries was conceived of as running roughly 4-5 episodes, and clocking in around 10 hours. As with all projects I embark upon, this proved to be insanely optimistic. The final product will be eight full length episodes and two appendixes (thus far). And it probably goes without saying, but it consists of well over 20 hours of material, a good chunk of it wholly original research that has never been made available to the public before. 

This was due to the incredible group of researchers who took this journey with me: my research partner Keith Allen DennisWe've Read the Documents' John Brisson, Unification Church defector "Don Diligent," and Ukrainian specialist Moss Robeson. Combined, these guys brought a wealth of material to the table, which enabled us to fill in some of the crucial historical gaps. But of course, I still did a lot of the heavy lifting for Los Tecos episode, though Keith did his part to set the table. 

One of the striking things about this endeavor, as opposed to the earlier WACL series I wrote for this blog, is how much better of a researcher I've become. This is largely due to Mr. Dennis. For the original WACL series, I was relying on the account of the Tecos presented in Inside the League, which in turn was largely based upon a report by Stefan Possony for the US chapter of WACL. This time around, I had a copy of Possony's actual report, along with everything he had on the Tecos from his papers at Hoover. But there'll be plenty of time for self-reflection in a moment. For now, the WACL series:

Part One

Here I'm joined by Moss Robeson to discuss the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (Bandera) (OUN-B), a WWII-era fascist organization. For decades, it was the driving force behind the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN). Several of the other Quisling outfits that comprised the ABN are also discussed, as well as it's links to Nazi Germany, the KGB and a host of other intrigues. 

Part Two

Here Moss returns, along with Keith Allen Dennis. Much of the discussion here is centered around the old (and new) China Lobby. We address the brutal history of the former narco-state of Taiwan; it's epic connection to the international drug trade; the Cooke-Pawley Expedition; the OSS "China Cowboys"; and the Fabulous MacArthur Boys. We also touch on the ABN again and the Captive Nations.

Part Three

You can't discuss the World Anti-Communist League without discussing the Unification Church. So, this is our epic Moonies episode. Naturally, our resident ex-Moonie Don Diligent was with us for this one, along with John Brisson, Keith and myself. This is one of the most complete accounts of the early history of the Unification Church one is likely to find. With this episode and the prior, we fleshed out the early history of the Asian People's Anti-Communist League (APACL). 

Part Four

Having fleshed out the two principal bodies behind WACL (the ABN and APACL) during the prior three episodes, we now turn our attention to WACL's founding. We begin with the infamous and semi-legendary 1958 Mexico City meeting, which marked the first attempt to launch WACL. It failed and the enterprise would not get off the ground until 1966. There were multiple attempts to sabotage WACL, with the Kennedy administration being a major thorn in the proverbial side. Keith takes center stage in this one as he lays out this pivotal moment in WACL's history. Myself, Moss, and Don are also present for this one. 

Part Five

This is my personal favorite, though I'm biased. It's just myself and Keith for this one. While nominally centered around Los Tecos, we delve deeply into the occulted history of Mexico. We consider the struggle between Freemasonry, the Vatican, and various populist movements for control of Mexico during the early twentieth century and its aftermath: the brutal dirty war that destabilized Mexico for nearly two decades. Los Tecos was born in the midst of the former struggle and was at the heart of the latter. 

Part Six

With this installment, Keith, Don, and myself close out the 1970s. This was a "colorful" decade for WACL, climaxing in Bolivia's "Cocaine Coup" of 1980. Here we really dig into the Nazi legacy in South America, Operation Condor, and the dirty wars in Chile and Argentina. 

Part Seven

Finally, we arrive at the 1980s, the absolute pinnacle of WACL. Parts seven and eight are effectively a two-parter with the entire cast on hand: Keith, Moss, Don, John, and myself are all present and accounted for. In this one, we consider the rise of the "New Right" and Reaganism in the 1980s as well William F. Buckley's not inconsiderate contributions to either. We also catch up on the Captive Nations, OUN-B, and, inevitably, Iran-Contra.

Part Eight

For the final installment we delve into the "Golden Lily" one final time, the Christic Institute, their "secret tram" allegations, and one of the most bizarre lawsuits of the latter stages of the Cold War. Brisson also dives into one of his favorite subjects, the Council for National Policy (CNP) and their links to WACL. Finally, I open up the floor for Moss, Don, John, and Keith to provide their reflections on WACL and this series. 

There are also (thus far) two Appendixes to the series, both them dealing with the OUN-B: 

Appendix I

This one is with Moss Robeson and myself. Here we discuss the continuation of the OUN-B as a kind of quasi-secret society in modern times. We also delve into how this factors into the Biden-Ukraine connections.

Appendix II

A follow up to the prior podcast, this time with John Brisson joining Moss and I. Here, we delve even deeper into the Biden-Ukraine connections. 


And now it's time for something I don't normally do: Reflect on this blog. But in this case, it seems so fitting as both the series and subject of it have meant so much to me. So, here are a few thoughts:

WACL is by far the hardest subject I've written about. This may surprise those of you who are long time readers. Over the course of my ten plus years blogging, I've covered a lot of dark subjects: Esoteric Nazism, child sex rings, and state-sanctioned human experimentation are re-occurring themes here. Outfits like the American Security Council (ASC) and Le Cercle have similar legacies of death squads, drugs/arms trafficking, and pedophilia. And of course, my second book traced the origins of Epstein's ring. So yeah, after doing this for over a decade, I am well familiar with the terrible things human beings are capable of and then some. 

But that doesn't make dealing with WACL any easier. It was all the things groups like the ASC and Le Cercle were, but on steroids. This was likely out of necessity. The core of the ASC and Le Cercle oversaw the strategy of tension in North America and Western Europe respectively, where a little black terror went a long way. 

Things were different in the developing world. There, legions of "former" Nazis and their Quislings, along with US and UK intelligence veterans, crafted their own private fiefdoms away from the prying eyes of human rights advocates. The gloves were firmly off and places like Colonia Dignidad embraced this freedom with "vigor." The Colony had a mass grave for it's victims, and it is not alone. WACL was the vehicle for a host unreconstructed Nazis and their sympathizers to live out their fantasies of making 120 Days of Sodom a reality in the developing world. And this was done largely with the tactical and financial support of the American Empire. 

To describe this as a national scandal is an understatement. It is completely and utterly sickening and morally reprehensible. It is a stain on the soul of this nation and a major factor that has led us to the administrations of Trump and Biden. 

And it is a stain upon my soul as well. Upon completing this series in October 2013, I was done with WACL. I never wanted to revisit it again. But WACL was not done with me. I would write about it again with my first book, and revisit it yet again with the current series up for discussion. 

In the intern, something truly bittersweet happened: WACL helped establish VISUP as a serious parapolitical blog in a big way. To date, the final installment in the original WACL series is my most widely viewed post, with 23.5k views over nearly eight years. It truly marked a turning point when I found my "voice" as a researcher. 

But beyond that, it had a totally unforeseen consequence: bringing many of the people who have subsequently become my closest friends into my life. Keith Allen Dennis first contacted me in 2016, informing me that a thesis paper he was working on was inspired by my WACL series. Much of the documentation we have for the podcast series came from Keith's time at Hoover researching that thesis. It was the first of what has subsequently become many communications. First, a few emails a year, now we're in almost daily contact with one another. 

Don came into my life some two years later, also partly because of the WACL series. We've also developed a friendship. I collected Brisson in 2019 and Moss in 2020, both due in part to the WACL series as well. And their have been others along the way, most notably "Scully" and "Annie Wilkes," who became two of my dearest friends. 

Suffice to say, this was the last thing I ever expected to come from this series when I started it all those years ago. And with that, I shall sign off, because frankly there are not words to describe what these people mean to me and how much better my life is because of them. Thank you all so much.

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Gaffes, Goons, and Cyber Games

All right, the house keeping. We're past the 16th of the month, which means there's a new episode up in The Farm's subscribers' section. Joining me for this installment is the legendary parapolitical researcher Douglas Valentine. He is the author of The Phoenix Program: America's Use of Terror in Vietnam, The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America's War on Drugs, The Strength of the Pack: The Personalities, Politics, and Espionage Intrigues that Shaped the DEA, and most recently The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World

In this one on one discussion Douglas and I explore the legacy of Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) agent Garland Williams. While long overshadowed by the legendary George Hunter White (he of Operation Midnight Climax infamy), Williams is the FBN agent to exert the most profound influence on the American national security state. We explore how Williams helped create the Army's famed Counterintelligence Corp and, later, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). In the process, he laid the foundation for much of the modern day national security state. During the postwar years, he remained active, playing a crucial role in re-launching the international drug trade. Finally, we get into the potential role Williams played in either Projects ARTICHOKE or MK-ULTRA.

To wrap up, I have Douglas reflect on the little remarked upon role the Phoenix Program had on the international drug trade. Valentine expands on this, and brings things back home with an overview how this legacy is still playing out. All in all, an insightful chat with one of the greatest parapolitical researchers of them all. 

Douglas Valentine is the latest edition in a collection that already includes interviews from the likes of Richard B. SpenceChristopher Knowles, Adam Gorightly, Greg Bishop, Walter Bosley, J. Michael "Doc Future" Bennett, Neil Sanders, and David Metcalfe. Diana Walsh-Pasulka will soon be joining the cast. 


It's no secret that the past four years were hard on the left for any number of reasons. But many preferred to latch onto the "colorful" persona of former President Donald Trump as the greatest ill facing the nation. How many times did he embarrass the country before the podium, or really, in any public appearance? Praise be given that Joe Biden is hard at work restoring "dignity" to the office of the presidency:

This is but one of several recent gaffes for Biden. And that's when Biden has actually appeared in public. His handlers appear to be doing everything to limit his visibility. Most notably, he's yet to deliver a State of the Union address. Biden waited 64 days to even book a press conference since taking office, the longest gap in a century. It's not just the press or the American public with limited access to Biden either. Vice-president Kamala Harris has been visibly conducting foreign policy since taking office. And then there's this video, which potentially exposes Biden in front of a green screen:

The above video should certainly be taken with a heaping grain of salt. But given Biden's struggles to even board an airplane, a little stagecraft can't be discounted. And keep in mind folks, we're just a little over two months into the Biden presidency. Whether the Biden presidency will even make it past 2021 before conceding to the Harris presidency is highly debatable at this point. This is just one of many crisis the Democrats will be faced with in near future.

One currently blowing up goes by the name of Andrew Cuomo. Remember how roughly a year ago this guy was being bantered about as a possible replacement for Biden? And on the strength of his COVID response no less. 

What a difference a year makes. 

After months of rumblings that nursing home-related COVID deaths were being covered-up in New York state, the dam finally broke early this year. It's now coming out that Cuomo and senior staff have been involved in covering up said deaths for months now. What's more, this cover-up was largely driven by political considerations: Trump's FBI may have investigated Cuomo and tarnished his image as the COVID response king. Instead, he'll be investigated by Biden's FBI.


Presently, Cuomo's COVID response is the least of his concerns. In December 2020, the first complaint of sexual harassment was lobbed at the New York governor. However, since the end of February, over half a dozen women have come forward. Naturally, the floodgates opened shortly after the FBI investigation into nursing home allegations was announced. 

The sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo are highly plausible. This is a man who shows up in Epstein's black book after all. But in politics, timing is everything. And in this case, Cuomo's litany of personal misdeeds is far less damaging than his COVID response with the Democratic Party gearing up for the Great Vaccination Putsch of 2021. As such, any perception of mismanagement on behalf of the Democratic COVID response is especially problematic. Hence, cancel cultures has ben unleashed on Cuomo in a bid to drive him from the governor's mansion before the nursing home deaths investigation really ramps up. 

All signs point towards the vaccination efforts being a disaster of epic proportions. Multiple European countries have suspended the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine over concerns that it led to blood clots in certain cases. The usual suspects were quick to insist these concerns were overblown. Just as they insisted there was nothing amiss with New York state's COVID response among their nursing homes last year. As with all things, time will tell. 

Your Cyberwar Update

March has already seen a lot of action on this front. At the beginning of the month, the 2021 Microsoft Exchange Server data breach was revealed to the public. Some experts have already warned that this incident could be more destructive than the SolarWinds hack. Whether this is more hyperbole or not remains to be seen, but it is certainly significant. In keeping with the new direction in US foreign policy, the latest attacks have been pinned on China.

Days later, a massive fire broke out at a data server in France. The server, OVH, is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. This raises a lot of possibilities for the fire. For one, the world's other largest cloud providers --Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft Corp’s Azure, and Alphabet Inc's Google Cloud --are all owned by American tech giants. Further, OVH had continued hosting Wikileaks after it was dropped by Amazon more than a decade ago. This led British intelligence to monitor the company's CEO

I've been unable to determine if OVH still hosts WikiLeaks, but regardless, payback could still be in play even if the company served ties. In that regard, it's interesting that the fire occurred a little over a month and a half after a Democrat re-entered the White House. As I'm sure many of you are aware, the Democratic Party and their 2016 candidate have long insisted WikiLeaks was instrumental in their loss of the presidential election that year. 

There may have been a more practical reason for the hack than mere revenge, however. The OVH datacenter housed 140 servers used by government-sponsored hacker groups and criminal syndicates, 36% of which were knocked out by the fire. At the forefront of groups affected were Charming Kitten and APT39, two of Iran's leading cyberwarfare groups. This comes at a time when tensions between Iran and Israel remain high. Certainly knocking out a portion of Iran's cyberwar capabilities would be a sound opening salvo in a hybrid war

And so the world turns dear readers. With that I shall sign off for now. As always, thank you so much for reading and listening. 

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The Postmodern King of the World

By now, I'm sure many of you have heard about the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)'s rune. For those unaware: This annual event, a rallying point for the Republican party, unfolded between February 25 and 28th in 2021. CPAC normalyl finds a way to generate some minor controversey, but this year was special. This particular conference will be remembered for the stage, which appeared to be in the shape of an odal rune

The meaning of this rune is a matter of some dispute, but it's generally associated with nobility, lineage, and inheritance. As such, it has been used in a rather predictable fashion in modern times. The odal rune was appropriated by Nazi Germany, specifically the SS, as an emblem. More recent fascist and Nazi groups, such as South Africa's White Liberation Movement and Italy's National Vanguard, have also employed this particular rune. 

Some have described the odal rune at CPAC as inverted. This is a fair enough assessment. Typically, the "wings" or "feet" of the rune are placed at the bottom. In the case of the CPAC stage, they're at the top. So, if this rune is typically associated with nobility (including noble bloodlines), are these Republican kingmakers signaling that they're not up to the task? 

Maybe, but I suspect that the symbol on the stage has more the one meaning. In some circles, it's in odal rune. But to me, in the inverted form, it looks suspiciously like the Owl Cave symbol from Twin Peaks. Of course, the Owl Cave symbol appears in a variety of guises in Peaks, occasionally with wings downward like a conventional odal rune. But as Owl Cave symbol is also closely associated with owls, the wings are more often than not upward. Just like the one at CPAC. 

The first time the Owl Cave symbols appears is towards the end of the second season. Within Owl Cave, it appears on a devise that reveals a map to the Black Lodge. It's later revealed that the Black Lodge can only be entered during a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, i.e. a Great Conjunction

the symbol as it appears in Owl Cave

All of this is interesting in light of developments with in the QAnon ARG that I recently addressed here. To recap: There seems to be a full blown effort afoot to take QAnon deep into Theosophical waters with the recent Shawunawaz and Sabmyk LARP. 

Shawunawaz is a mythological sword originally crafted by the Orion Kings of Atlantis. Over the years, the sword was wielded by an hero worth his or her salt --GilgameshAchillesAlexanderSpartacus, and even Napoleon. In more recent years, the sword was returned to it's rightful owner, the Persian Princess Ameli Achaemenes, by none other than George Soros. Princess Ameli destroyed the sword so that it's power could no longer be abused, but it appears to have returned to us in these trying times. Or possibly Princess Ameli can transform herself into the sword of Shawunawaz. I'm not entirely clear on that point dear reader. 

2 to 1 Princess Ameli is a man....

Anyway, the sword has returned, in some form or other, so that it can be wielded by an entity known as "Sabmyk," the "preordained ruler of the world." This being came into existence on December 21, 2020 --which just happened to be a Great Conjunction --or began the process of assuming his kingship. Again, it's not entirely clear (like much of this mythos). 

Sabmyk also has a symbol with shades of the Owl Creek thing, and is closely associated with 12, the number of trees in the Glastonbury Grove, where the Owl Cave symbol leads too, and where the Black Lodge can be accessed during the conjunction. 

Sabmyk is also said to have 12 generals under his command

There are some other interesting numbers connected to Sabmyk as well:

Long time readers of this blog are aware of the significance of 17

This Sabmyk character is a little more than a thinly-veiled variation on Theosophy's old Maitreya trope: the Ascended Master of Ascended Masters, sent to guide humanity's spiritual development during troubled times. Or some such shit. It's gone through quite a few variations over the years, touching everything from the I AM movement and the Church Universal and Triumphant

"Then it started to get weird...."

In many ways, it was inevitable that QAnon would end up with their own version of the Maitreya. People connected to it like Thomas Schoenberger and JZ Knight have been pimping the Ascended Masters claptrap for years now. Sooner or later, they would need their World King, right? 

Really, this is par the course for Theosophy and it's derivatives. We touched on this a bit in a Farm episode this past summer, but it bears repeating here: One of the defining legacies of Theosophy in the twentieth century was the "inspiration" it provided to authoritarian political movements of various stripes --BolshevismNazismsynarchy, and even the Moral Re-Armament movement (which helped mold so much of today's Christian right) were all touched by it, especially the Ascended Masters teachings. 

This is not entirely surprising, given that Theosophy worshipped hierarchy every bit as much as the Traditionalists (who were themselves heavily indebted to it).  Of course, Theosophists and their ilk hide behind phrases like "spiritual hierarchy," and insist that anyone can pass through the grades with the proper spiritual development. And naturally, this spiritual development is generally only available through expensive courses that only affluent white people can afford. 

And that brings us to another of Theosophy's offspring: the New Age movement. Surely the New Age movement, with it's crystals, veganism, and Space Brothers (more on in a moment) has transcended this authoritarian impulse, right? 

But what about the gurus?

New Age sects have a disturbing tendency to deteriorate into cults of personality around a charismatic "teacher." NXIVM (which grew out of the closely related "Human Potential movement") is an industrial strength example, but a host of New Age figures from Werner Erhard to Carlos Castaneda have engaged in some very dubious behavior in regards to their followers. 

Erhard (top) and Castaneda (bottom)

With Theosophy's DNA spread so widely now throughout a host of fringe right and left wing groups, it should come as little surprise that authoritarian movements, be they QAnon or "Cancel Culture," are so pervasive. The timing is especially noteworthy: Bolshevism and Fascism both had their coming out parties around the 1919/1920 timeframe. This paved the way for two decade dominated by dictatorships. A hundred years later, and it looks like the stage is set once again. 

The earlier project came to a crashing halt in 1945. But if Christopher Knowles is correct (as he normally is), the project got jumpstarted again in 1947 via a novel means: technology, or maybe more accurately, "Lucifer's Technologies." A major outgrowth of the postwar technological boom was the PC and the Internet. And neither QAnon nor Cancel Culture would be possible without either of those things. Indeed, the authoritarianism of the twenty-first century is wholly derived from Lucifer's Technologies. 

There's another component, however, that is not often talked about: postmodernism. Postmodernism first began to gain traction in academia during the 1980s. By 2004, it arguably became the dominate paradigm in the West, not just within academia, but also among the managerial class groomed by academia. For more on this transformation, see Bradley Bowden's Work, Wealth, and Postmodernism. And as I recently discussed with the great Edmund Berger, postmodernism has an authoritarian bent as well, and schizophrenic one to boot.

The end result of this is a ruling elite who, on the one hand, believes godhood via their technologies is imminent, and, on the other, believes that there is no longer any objective truth or meaning. Hence the reverence for science, which can no longer even adhere to the scientific method. To say that this will not end well is an understatement. 

But as Knowles suggests, that's probably the point. Another thing about the rise of postmodernism is that it's the perfect paradigm for high strangeness. In modernism, a UFO is either a nuts-and-bolts spacecraft from Zeta Reticula, swamp gas, or a delusion. In postmodernism, it can be all of these things, as well as an inter-dimensional AI, a demon/angel, a time travelers, and a host of other possibilities, all simultaneously. The same is true of the supernatural, esp, and anything else that falls under high strangeness. Postmodernism is at least capable of providing a more satisfactory explanation for these things than it's predecessor ever could. And it seems at least as adapt at generating authoritarian political currents. 

Nick Land is very much a product of postmodernism

Fittingly,. Twin Peaks is perhaps the one fictional work they really got high strangeness right. It captured the nonsensical aspect of it like no other. And make no mistake about it: Nonsense is a crucial aspect of all of this. Both postmodernism and high strangeness thrive off of it.

 To return to Knowles, who has been hitting it out of the park lately: In another recent post, he suggests that the bizarre behavior often demonstrated by events of high strangeness maybe a form of "depatterning." Effectively, its a means of reorienting human perception, by assaulting our drive to find meaning and structure in things. 

"Incidentally," this is also a major preoccupation of postmodernism as well. Indeed, one of it's most celebrated offshoots is known as "Post-structuralism," which is basically an attempt to reject all forms of structure. With this paradigm now dominating intellectual currents throughout the West, the absurdity and surrealism of demonstrations in the twenty-first century makes a lot more sense. But is there something even more nefarious at play? 

This embrace of postmodernism on a societal wide level is doing far more to reorient human perception than random encounters with high strangeness by lone individuals or small groups ever could. To this researcher, it comes off as a form of societal wide conditioning. The public is being primed for a whole new way of thinking. 

Monday, March 1, 2021

The Brothers Flynn in Conjunction

It's the first of March, which means it's time for another subscribers' episode of The Farm. And the guest for this episode is a heavyweight in multiple fields. Walter Bosley is a counterintelligence specialists who worked for the FBI during the final days of the Cold World, and later, with the Air Force Office of Special Investigation, or AFOSI. After retiring from national security in the early twenty-first century, he took to writing and publishing. His works include The Empire of the Wheel trilogy, Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom, and Shimmering Light: Lost in an MKULTRA House of Anu in addition to numerous fictional works. 

This is a wide ranging conversation. We cover Walter's take on the metaphysics of latitude lines, with a special emphasis on the 37th parallel, the so-called "UFO Superhighway." Inevitably, we touch upon West Virginia, which the 37th runs through. From there, we discuss transgenderism, its links to high weirdness, the tradition of hermaphroditic angels, and William Blake. One of Walter's favorite subjects, C.V. Wood, comes up, as well as Wood's possible connections to Andrija Puharich.

Walter's books can be found here

For the second half, we delve into the spy games played out in the UFO community between Russian and US spooks; the Bennewitz affair and the AFOSI's role in it; To the Stars Academy; the state of the secret space program; and the COVID Disclosure. We even get into Hellier and QAnon. And there's about a dozen or so other topics we also touch upon, like the metaphysics of schizophrenia. It was certainly a fun time for myself, and as always, I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

This is the latest addition in The Farm's ongoing collection of exclusive content. Other guests have included Christopher KnowlesRichard B. Spence, J. Michael "Doc Future" Bennett, Neil Sanders, David Metcalfe, Greg Bishop, and Adam Gorightly. Upcoming shows include the return of Douglas Valentine on The Farm and the first appearance of Diana Walsh-PasulkaSign up now. 

Brothers Flynn

All right, with that out of the way, on to current events. One of the most interesting developments in recent months is the rise of General Charles Flynn. As I'm sure will come as no surprise to any of you who read this blog, Flynn is the younger brother of General Michael Flynn, the former head of the DIA under Obama and Trump's first National Security Advisor. Predictably, he's also a brother-at-arm to General Stanley McChrystal

General Charles Flynn

The younger Flynn has arguably had a more interesting 2021 thus far than his older brother. Remember that "tense" phone call between Capitol Police and DC officials on the one hand, and the Pentagon on the other, on January 6th, amidst the rioting? Remember how the former allegedly asked for more National Guardsmen from the latter?  

Well, it turns out Charlie Flynn was present for at least a portion of that chat. At the time, he was serving as the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Training, and Planning. That put him just underneath the Army's Chief of Stuff, the most senior uniformed military figure in the Department of the Army. A plush post to be sure, and one he had been entrenched at since June 2019. 

The end of 2020 was certainly interesting for General Flynn as well. As his brother questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election, Charlie Flynn was nominated for another star on November 30th, five days after his brother received a presidential pardon. The Senate confirmed that star on December 20th. This just happened to be the day after that faithful meeting at the White House in which Michael Flynn advocated martial law. It was reportedly shot down, but the protest for January 6th was announced during the immediate aftermath of the meeting. 

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn has of course been one of the most senior military figures to lend support to QAnon. And he gave a vaguely inflammatory speech on January 5th in Capital. So, it's certainly interesting, if hardly surprising, his brother was present during the request for National Guardsmen. The Pentagon initially denied Flynn's presence, but the general was eventually forced to acknowledge his role. The Washington Post was quick to assure it's readers Flynn's presence there was perfectly natural, all the while conceding he was out of the chain of command. 

The Biden administration apparently found nothing improper about Flynn's actions either. Shortly after assuming office, Charlie found himself promoted to head of US Army Pacific Command. This will likely prove to be a choice posting. As was noted here recently, the Biden administration seems poised to take the pivot to China even further than his predecessor. His recently nominees have only continued to insist on a tougher line regarding China

Hence, General Charles Flynn could find himself overseeing a command that will soon be seeing a great deal more action. Indeed, it may supersede CENTCOM as most choice command in the Army. It also indicates Flynn may be being groomed for one of the top slots in management. Is a vice-chairmanship or even a chairmanship in the works? Certainly the trajectory seems to fit. Not bad for a guy whose brother many believe is attempting to overthrow the Biden administration. 

Before moving along, it's interesting to note the presence of veterans of the 82nd Airborne in the upper hierarchy of the national security establishment of late. This has been the case for nearly 15 years now. David Petraeus, McChrystal, Michael Flynn, General Keith Kellogg (a key national security advisor throughout Trump's tenure who, along with Flynn, was one of the few senior military officers to back Trump in 2016), and Lloyd Austin (Biden's Secretary of Defense) all held significant commands in the 82nd from the late 1970s through the early Naughts. I already noted before here that Austin had served under Kellogg when he headed the 82nd from 1996 till 1998. It turns out Petraeus was also on Kellogg's staff during that time as well. Austin and McChrystal likely served together in the 82nd during the late 1970s. 

The Brothers Flynn both have deep ties to the 82nd. Michael Flynn was first commissioned as an officer with 82nd upon joining the military in 1981. He deployed with them to Grenada in 1983. Keith Kellogg's wife, also a paratrooper (and presumably a member of the 82nd) also deployed to Grenada, but not Kellogg himself. Reportedly, neither Flynn or Kellogg encountered one another despite both men having served multiple tours in the 82nd. 

Keith Kellogg

Charles Flynn also served multiple tours in the 82nd, eventually becoming it's Deputy Commanding General during the Obama era. Charlie and McChrystal served at Fort Bragg together during the late 90s. As was noted above, Kellogg, Austin, and Petraeus were all serving with the 82nd (which is based out of Fort Bragg) during the mid-to-late 1990s. I've been unable to determine if this overlapped with the time Flynn and McChrystal were also stationed at Fort Bragg, but it would hardly be surprising. This whole network is extremely incestuous.  

Charles Flynn and McChrystal were re-teamed again during Operation Enduring Freedom. Flynn was a part of the 82nd during the initial invasion of Afghanistan while McChrystal was the chief of staff for the XVIII Airborne Corps, which the 82nd is a part of. Michael Flynn surely served with McChrystal prior to their time in JSOC together as well. The Flynn and McChrystal families are very close, as Michael Hastings' The Operators emphasizes. It's likely the Flynns rubbed elbows with Austin at some point as well. 

This again illustrates the extent to which Fort Bragg has come to dominate the national security apparatus since at least the Obama years. Besides housing the 82nd and the XVIII, it also garrisons the Joint Special Operations Command JSOC), Army Special Operations Command, the Army Forces Command, and the celebrated Army Special Forces, more commonly known as the "Green Berets." JSOC overseas most of the nation's special operations forces. The major component not tied to JSOC are the Green Berets, who are also based out of Fort Bragg. Elsewhere, the XVIII is arguably the most elite of the Army's conventional troops due to it's role as a rapid-response force. These troops have effectively been the Pentagon's spear tip for much of the twenty-first century, and now they're solidifying their hold on upper management.

What is interesting is what this potentially says about the state of civilian government in these United States in 2021. As Hastings made clear in The Operators, there was no love lost between McChrystal and the Flynns on the one hand, and the Obama administration on the other. In particular, McChrystal was especially contemptuous of then-Vice-president Joe Biden. This contributed to McChrystal's sacking in 2010. Fast forward eleven years, and one of MyChrystal's closet allies is now taking over the Pacific Command in a Biden administration, and may be on the fast track for a chairmanship, vice or otherwise. 

It's a funny old world sometimes. 


Elsewhere, more reports continue to come out concerning the riots of January 6th and they further illustrate the hazy nature of the event. Brian Sicknick, the Capitol Police officer who allegedly died from injuries sustained during the rioting, was a veteran who had deployed to Afghanistan as well as a QAnon follower. Naturally, no one seems to know just how Sicknick died, just that it was a result of injuries suffered during the rioting. Originally, it was reported he was struck by a fire extinguisher. Now the argument is that he was killed by pepper spray, or something to that effect. One can only imagine where this drivel is going. 

Two other Capitol police officers present at the rioting have also died, each from suicide. The rash of deaths among Capitol Police present at the riot will likely only continue. Certainly, there are a lot of questions, least of all why law enforcement appeared to deliberately stand down for rioters. Explanations have been floated about an absence of manpower. But why was there a lack of manpower in the first place? There was clearly a major push leading up to the riots to make them into a major event. 

a police officer allegedly taking a selfie with the rioters

One of the players in the Jan 6th riots were the Proud Boys, a senior member of whom was recently revealed to be an FBI informant. Another group present were the Oath Keepers, who are wholly comprised of current or former military and law enforcement personnel. Several Oath Keepers were present for the riots, one of whom alleged to be in contact with the Secret Service shortly before the riots began. Supposedly, this was provide "security" to lawmakers. 

And of course, there's the anti Trump "activist" present at the riots and later arrested. This, along with the recent Proud Boys revelation, has been red meat for the conspiratorial right and their false flag narratives. But things are a little more complicated than that. Said activist, one John Sullivan, is a resident of Utah, a state long at the heart of the military-industrial complex and with a legacy of many strange experiments

And that brings up another bizarre development in the QAnon saga. With the movement in disarray at present, some even more cultic players are stepping in to fill the void. A few are operating under the banners of Shawunawaz and Sabmyk. Shawunawaz is a mythological sword awarded to Persian Princess Ameli Achaemenes by George Soros in 1992. The benevolent Achaemenes destroyed it before it could do further harm, however. 

Elsewhere, Sabmyk is the preordained ruler of the world. He came into being on December 21, 2020. Yes, the date that witnessed the Great Conjunction. How exactly Sabmyk relates to the Sword of Schwunawaz, I'm not entirely clear on. And frankly, I don't really care. Obviously, whoever is running this op/ARG is taking their DMing a little too seriously. 

the "Owl Cave symbol" from Twin Peaks

All right, I can't resist. There is some overlap between the above symbol of the Sabmyk folks an the one found in Owl Creek initially during the second season of Twin Peaks. It's later revealed that this symbol is crucial to opening a portal to the Black Lodge in Owl Cave. And the portal can only be opened.... during a Great Conjunction. Har har.

Closing Thoughts

During the first decade of the Global War on Terror, there was an increasing divide between the entrenched military hierarchy at the Pentagon and the Bush II administration. Many of the generals during that era had entered the military either during, or shortly after, the Vietnam era. Hence, they implicitly remembered the unpopularity the military suffered by the 1970s and were determined to prevent it from reach that nadir again. As such, the upper brass tended to be weary of anything that could damage the military's image. 

This mindset frequently clashed with the more aggressive foreign policy sought by Dick CheneyDonald Rumsfeld, and many of the leading neo-cons surrounding the administration. This made Young Turks like David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal, as well as the broader Fort Bragg/special forces culture that had produced them, all the more appealing in their eyes. Both commanders were brash and aggressive. Under their charge, torture and targeted killings proliferated in Iraq. The media hyped this up into a major success, paving the way for Petraeus to enter into the Washington bureaucracy and McChrystal to be tapped to lead the surge in Afghanistan. 

David Patraeus

While Petraeus was a Republican, McChrystal, the Flynns, and many of other officers surrounding them were Democrats. Despite this, McChrystal and company got on famously with the Bush inner circle. As Hastings reports in The Operators, McChrystal at times reported directly to Cheney. 

Things did not go as smoothly under Obama. Officers like McChrystal who had enjoyed free reign during the Bush II years suddenly found civilian intervention to be a major concern. Entrenched politicians like Joe Biden even publically questioned the policies being put forward by men like McChrystal. This ruffled some feathers and it ended with McChrystal, Patraeus, and Michael Flynn being drummed out of government in disgrace. 

At the onset of the Obama administration, these men had been considered among the finest military minds of their generation. They were poised to become entrenched figures in the national security apparatus. That all changed with Obama. 

Stanley McChrystal

2016 found Flynn firmly in the Trump camp while McChrystal and Patraeus largely sat on the fence. The military achieved great gains under Trump, especially for JSOC (noted here). But I suspect Trump fell out of favor, much like Obama before him, because of his reluctance to use military force and because of the (perceived) undo influence civilians (most likely members of the president's family) had on military policy. 

As such, figures like McChrystal and Patraeus drifted into the anti-Trump camp while Flynn kicked QAnon into high gear. The latter created a tailor made insurgency, and one that seems to have genuinely unsettled policymakers.  While it's fashionable to perceive Michael Flynn as a buffoon nowadays, a little less than a decade ago he was considered one of the most brilliant intelligence officers of his generation, the man who had crafted a deadly effective global Phoenix program for the War on Terror. Was January 6th the best such a figure could muster? 

I seriously doubt that, and most likely, so to does Biden, and any number of other officials. And do any of these people want to see what a serious, Phoenix style operation would look like domestically? I seriously doubt that either. Hence the reason Charlie Flynn's career is back on the fast track.

Which brings us back to my question about civilian government in 2021. Obama and Trump attempted to restore some vestige of civilian control at different points in their respective administrations and faced serious pushback from elements of the military. And now comes along Biden, who may well have barely avoided a military coup before he was even inaugurated. To say that he is on shaky ground is probably an understatement. 

Biden has a military hierarchy, especially those centered around Fort Bragg, that holds him in contempt while vast segments of the populace consider him to be an illegitimate president. And Michael Flynn, a key cog in that Fort Bragg hierarchy, has spent that last four years setting up a diehard contingent within that segment of the America populace. Biden will have to toe a very fine line to appease those Prussian elements, or else they will likely make the country ungovernable for him.