Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Spring's Model

I stumbled upon this striking case a few nights ago while doing some other research:

"Luke Armstrong thought his mother was the devil, “who had to die for mankind.”

"On the night of April 30, 2010, the trouble 18-year-old Caledon high school student repeatedly stabbed Krystina to death while driving his Jetta — and then nearly decapitated her afterwards...

"Krystina had been stabbed more than 100 times, including 26 wounds to her face, 12 to the back of her neck, 11 to her chest and five to her abdomen. There were also 13 defensive wounds to her right hand."

As startling as this murder may seem the sentencing of Armstrong, which occurred a few days ago, may go down as then even greater act of madness:

"On Friday, Justice Bruce Durno accepted Armstrong’s plea of being not criminally responsible to second-degree murder because he was suffering from a profound psychotic mental disorder at the time of the vicious and relentless attack."
Essentially he's being released on a temporary insanity plea. This is odd given that Mr. Armstrong demonstrated violent tendencies well before the actual murder -in fact, his parents may have been separated over the mother's unwillingness to discipline her son:

"Court heard how Krystina and George separated in 2007 after 13 years of marriage, partly over parenting issues involving their son's discipline. Krystina had just moved into a new home on the day of the tragedy.

"Armstrong had a history of violent outbursts, once breaking his mother’s finger during in a March 2009 in an argument over his lunch while she was driving.
"He was diagnosed with ADHD at 14. Had uncontrollable temper outbursts and had set fires."
I can't help of being reminded of one of the most notorious serial killer of the 20th century, Henry Lee Lucas, who was also inexplicably released early after killing his own mother:

"The first big break for Henry came in June 1970, when he was released early from a sentence he was then serving following his first murder conviction. Sentenced to 20-40 years, Henry was released after serving ten, just after he appeared before the parole board and explained to them that he was not ready to return to society and would surely kill again if released. As Henry told it, the question went something like this: 'Now, Mr. Lucas, I must ask you, if we grant you parole, will you kill again?' Henry: 'Yes sir! If you release me, I will kill again.'

"Nevertheless, the board decided that ten years was an adequate amount of time to serve for the crime of killing his mother."
(Programmed to Kill, David McGowan, pg. 73)

Good ole Henry was hardly the first budding serial murderer that received a shockingly early parole. He was also not the first ceral killer to warn the parole board that he would be up to no good if released either -Charles Manson had made a similar statement shortly before his release in the late '60s. I'm not aware if Mr. Armstrong made such a statement, but his release back into society after such a heinous crime that followed years of violent, telltale behavior is consistent with the lives of many high profile killers and assassins.

Researchers such as the previously sited McGowan or Alex Constantine have speculated that the early release of violent individuals is a deliberate policy of the US and other Western governments in attempt to terrorize their peoples. After all, individuals such as Manson and Henry Lee Lucas are often held up as examples of why tougher sentencing with less judicial oversight is necessary to keep violent criminals off the street. What's never explained is why there always seems to be some kind of loophole that allows the dregs to get out while countless non-violent offenders rot away.

Finally, there's the bizarre occult aspects of this crime. The most obvious would be that Mr. Armstrong saw his mother appear as some kind demon during the actual attack and had spoken about occult societies and such prior to the murder:

"During a ride with friends, he said he hated women and mumbled “everyone is in danger and “people are going to die.” He also talked about conspiracies and was acting paranoid.

"In the days before the tragedy, Armstrong asked his mother if he had been named after Lucifer and if she knew anything about the Illuminati, a rich and power full group that ruled the world."

Why did he ask his mother if she knew anything about the Illuminati? I noted in the article that Mr. Armstrong had been diagnosed with ADHD which is a convenient way for the state to induce drug abuse at very early age to children. I suspect Armstrong was no different. There's also indications that Armstrong had a strained relationship with his family, but few details have been made public. I've known people from this type of background that developed psychological problems over the years -ADHD-induced drug use, frayed relationships with the parents, etc. Was Armstrong being groomed for some purpose of a nefarious nature? That may explain why there's shockingly little information out there about this case given the sensationalism of it.

Another occult connection is when the murder occurred -on the night of April 30th. In Germany the night of April 30th to May 1 is known as Walpurgisnacht, Walpurgis Night in English, and is reputed to be the night witches hold their celebration to usher in the spring.

James Frazer states:

"The time when the witches are particularly dreaded is Walpurgis Night, but they play their pranks also on Midsummer Eve, St. Thomas's Eve, and Christmas Eve. On these days they try to make their way into a neighbour's house and to borrow or steal something from it; and woe betide the man in whose house they have succeeded in their nefarious errand! It is on Walpurgis Night and Midsummer Eve that they ride through the air astride pitchforks and churn-dashers. They also bewitch the cattle; so to protect the poor beasts from their hellish machinations the people on these days chalk up three crosses on the doors of the cattle-stalls or hang up St. John's Wort, marjoram, and so forth. Very often, too, the village youth turn out in a body and drive the witches away with the cracking of whips, the firing of guns, and the waving of burning besoms through the air, not to mention shouts and noises of all sorts."
(The Golden Bough, pg .574)

Frazer saw the Medieval Walpurgis festivals, which also frequently included massive boon fires in which witches (in the form of straw) were ceremonially burned, as being a variation of the ancient scapegoating ritual. Scapegoating was essentially the transference of evil, in which the 'sins' of the community were placed upon an animal or something such a strawman that was then punished. It's possible that in ancient times this scapegoating rite was performed with an actual human sacrifice, such as a condemned criminal, rather than with an animal or a strawman. In Mr. Armstrong's case, he murdered his mother, who he believed was some kind of demon, on Walpurgis night.

Finally, I would like to briefly mention the similarities between this case and the Michael Breas murder, which I already wrote extensively on here, that occurred this past November 23rd.

Most notably, both Breas and Armstrong seem to have envisioned their mothers as the devil. Breas stated:

"When I looked at my mother, I saw the devil."
Armstrong had a similar response when he was arrested:

"Is she dead? She’s the devil...,” Armstrong told the officer. “She tried to stab me. I killed the devil.”

Both men repeatedly stabbed their mothers, then inflicted numerous wounds around the head that may have been an attempt to decapitate them. In Masonry, decapitation is used as a ritualistic form of death. I've written on this before here. Both men also were engaged in rants about secret societies, Armstrong before the killing, Breas during. Armstrong's murder occurred on an extremely important occult date while Breas murder occurred just over an hour after November 22nd ended, the date JFK was assassinated, which some researchers believe was a highly ritualistic assassination.

So, what do these two events mean? Is Breas merely some kind of copycat? Was he overwhelmed by the synchronicity of it all? Or were Armstrong and Breas groomed by the same people toward the same ends? Are Armstrong and Breas nothing more than this year's model of an assassin certain factions have been trying to perfect for a very long time?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Haitian Lodge

Loren Coleman's Twilight Language blog as well as Vigilant Citizen have already tackled the bizarre account of a bit actor and low-level Freemason that murdered his own mother yesterday with a Masonic ceremonial sword, but I'll try to add a bit here. But first, the incident:

"A hardworking Brooklyn mother was hacked to death early this morning allegedly by her sword-wielding, bit-actor son during a bizarre religious meltdown in which he screamed Bible passages and made obscure references to Freemasonry, police and witnesses said.

"Greg Clare, who lives downstairs from victim Yannick Brea, 55, shared with her son Michael Brea, a 31-year-old actor and low-level Freemason who had roles in 'Ugly Betty' and the movie 'Step Up 3D,' said he first heard screams about 1 a.m...

"Another neighbor said Brea kept calling for the 'architect of the universe,' a term used by Freemasons to refer to a supreme being. And a police source said the murder weapon was a three-foot ceremonial Masonic sword..."

Reports are also emerging that the victim could have been saved had the police acted sooner:
"Clare said the police kept asking him if he had a key to the Brea’s apartment, and eventually left to call for backup. When ESU arrived, they knocked down the door about 2:20 a.m. and found a gruesome scene, with Yannick kneeling in the bathroom with multiple stab wounds to her head.

"Yannick Brea’s family was furious with the police response.

" 'When I heard what happened I went crazy,' said Yannick’s sister Gina Bumond, a nurse who lives in Flatbush. 'I heard police didn’t knock the door down. Are you serious? She could be alive today.' "
Miss Brea also had a link to 9/11:
"She once worked at the Marriott at the World Trade Center but left after the hotel was destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, neighbors said."

Most interesting to me, however, is that fact that the Brea family seems to originally be from Haiti, a country with a very rich and complex history of secret societies -more on that later.

For now, let us recap the various synchs this tragedy dealt:

*The assault began a little after one in the morning on the 23rd of November, the day after the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, which many have theorized was carried out as part of a Masonic conspiracy.

*23 is a significant number in the occult, and November 23rd is exactly a month before the end of the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia that ran from December 17th to the 23rd.

*The victim had worked in the Twin Towers, the destruction of which has also been suspected as Masonic plot.

*The attack was characterized by blows to the victim's head with a Masonic sword. Was Brea trying to behead his mother? Beheading is used in Masonic ritual murder and seems to be a meme the public is getting a lot of exposure to of late.

Finally, there's the connection to Haiti, a nation whose modern history has largely been shaped by secret societies. Ethnobotanist Wade Davis in his classic The Serpent and the Rainbow (which is a serious study of the Haiti voodoo culture, unlike the self-same named Wes Craven film) describes these societies thus:

"There were, according to these informants, secret societies in all parts of the country, and each maintained control of a specified territory.... Membership was by invitation and initiation, open to men and women, and was strictly hierarchical. Laguerre verified the existence of passports, ritual handshakes and secret passwords, banners, flags, and brilliant red-and-black uniforms, as well as specialized body of spirits, songs, dances, and drumbeats...

"... he described them [the secret societies -Recluse] as the very conscience of the peasantry, a quasi-political arm of the vodoun society charged above all with the protection of the community. Like the secret societies in West Africa, those of Haiti seemed to Laguerre to be the single most important arbiter of culture. Each one was loosely attached to a hounfour whose houngan was a sort of 'public relations man' acting as a liaison between the clandestine society and the world at large. In fact, so ubiquitous were the societies that Laguerre described them as nodes in a vast network that, if and when linked together, would represent a powerful underground government capable of competing head-on with the central regime in Port-au-Prince."
(pgs. 211-212)

Davis, like Laguerre, insists on an African origin for the Haitian secret societies yet their organizational structure is similar to European secret societies. For instance, many of the Haitian vodoun societies carry out secret tribunals to sit in judgement of members of the community like the German Vehm of Westphalia during the Middle Ages. 

Filmmaker and anthropologist Richard Stanley came to similar conclusions about an Old World origin for the Haitian vodoun societies while filming his excellent documentary White Darkness there. In the special features section he gives an interview that's arguably even more interesting than the actual movie itself. Here's a choice statement Stanley makes from a transcript of the interview:

"Most books consider voodoo to be a combination of Roman Catholicism and African mythology. There are elements of voodoo that have nothing to do with either. There is a huge amount of Old World Masonic imagery - for example, pentagrams - which suggests that perhaps three or four hundred years ago slaves were initiated by previous imperialists. That's something that hasn't been talked about. I was told about the various handshakes and rituals that I would need to know. Altes Paul (sorcerer) warmed to me after I gave him a third-degree masonic handshake, convinced that I was a fellow mason. Also, possession was a very real physical phenomenon. The Baptists in Haiti also experience something very similar - the talking in tongues, for example."

In much of the 'New World' colonial regions on the 18th century I've been left with impression that the underlining factions behind the wars fought there were often Freemasons and Jesuits. In many cases, such as our very own French-Indian War, its very hard to find evidence of this suspicion. Luckily Haiti seems to be a fine example of this in which the Masonic lodges attempted to throw off the shackles of Catholic-centric France.

Haiti in fact attracted one of the most radical French Masonic lodges of the 18th century, known as the Nine Sisters, who founded a lodge there known as the Circle of Philadelphians. The name derived from the city of Benjamin Franklin, a member of the Nine Sister who was initiated into the Nine Sisters in Paris in 1776. Historian, Rhodes Scholar, and former head of the Library of Congress James Billington elaborates of the Haitian affair:

"In occult circles of this lush colony it was easy to contend somewhat patronizingly that 'France needs a revolution. But... it must be enveloped in mystery.' The Philadelphians became revolutionary leaders in Cap-Francais during the 1789-91 before the blacks rose up in July 1791, and other white colonists turned against them. They later reminisced that 'We took the intoxicating cup of novelty without realizing that it contained poison that would tear up our own intestines.'"
(Fire in the Minds of Men, pg. 109)

So it would seem the Masonic revolt preceded the slave uprising, which was likely nurtured at every step of the way by the Circle of Philadelphians. This leaves us with another interesting synch between the Breas and the Kennedy assassination. Some have interrupted Kennedy's death as infighting amongst the Cryptocracy, specifically between the Masonic and Jesuit factions, much as the Haitian revolution may be viewed.

So, what ultimately are we to make of this bloody business? I do not believe that Michael Breas killing his mother was intentional. With the vast legacy of secret societies in Haitian culture, it's possible Michael Breas may have been initiated into some form of advanced programming either by the Masons or a Haitian society. The programming in turn seemingly backfired and lead to one of those shocking acts of violence that still conveniently spurs the public toward giving the authorities more police state powers.

If Breas was being programmed a good indication will be whether or not he even remembers attacking his mother. Typically assassins working through an alter will have no memory of the actual killings that they commit. Inevitably the media spectacle is already gearing up.


This story just gets weirder and weirder. From the Examiner:

"According to sources close to Ugly Betty actor Michael Brea, the 31-year-old accused of hacking his mother to death with a sword-like knife Tuesday, Nov. 23, was stressed about money and was speaking in tongues the night he was arrested for the crime...

"Other sources, including Clare’s daughter and Brea’s aunt, said Michael had been acting slightly unusual before the gruesome slaying of his mother.

"Gina Dumond, sister of the victim, thinks Michael suffered a breakdown, which could have explained the severe headache he spoke of Monday, Nov. 22. Dumond said Brea went to bed Monday evening without dinner, hours before his alleged rampage.

"Dumond also said Brea had been attending meetings held by a group he said was associated with area Freemasonry. However, it was later learned Michael had no assocation with Freemasons in Brooklyn."

"Freemason officials said Wednesday that many clandestine groups claiming to be part of an official Freemason lodge exist, however, are not officially recognized."

Sudden, bizarre behavioral changes, speaking in tongues, not involved with the Freemasons, but some kind of similar organization...Something most certainly isn't on the up and up here.
More information on this case, specifically in relation to a possible copycat from earlier in the year, can be read here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Killing a King

Today marks the 47 year anniversary of the alchemical Killing of the King rite that was performed against the American public in Dallas, Texas all those decades ago. James Shelby Downard, along with Michael A Hoffman, have been the chief researchers along these lines and it is from Hoffman that I shall now quote to better explain the alchemical concepts:

"Fabled alchemy had at least three goals to accomplish before the total decay of matter, the total breakdown we are witnessing all around us today, was fulfilled. These are:

*The Creation and Destruction of Primordial Matter

*The Killing of the Divine King

*The Bringing of Prima Materia to Prima Terra"
(Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, pg. 80)

The first of these goals was accomplished at the Trinity Site in New Mexico on July 16, 1945 with the explosion of the first atomic bomb, while the third goal was accomplished with Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969. I briefly touched on the first working here while I went into the third in more depth here.

The second goal, the Killing of the Divine King, was accomplished on November 22, 1963 with the JFK assassination. Continuing with Hoffman:

"The Killing of the King rite was accomplished at another Trinity site located approximately ten miles south of the 33rd degree of north parallel latitude between the Trinity River and the Triple Underpass at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Dealey Plaza was the site of the first masonic temple in Dallas. In this spot, which had been known during the 19th century cowboy era as 'Bloody Elm Street,' the world leader who had become known as the 'King of Camelot,' President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was shot to death.

"A widely publicized image which has become perhaps the key symbol of the enigma of the Kennedy hoodwink, emerged immediately in the wake of the assassination: a photograph of three 'tramps' in official custody, who were later unexplainably released and never identified, though speculation about who they really were has reached fever pitch among investigators.

"This photograph is a ritual accompaniment of the Black mass that was the ceremonial immolation of a king, the unmistakable calling card of the masonic murder, the appearance of Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum, the three 'unworthy craftsmen' of the Temple burlesque, 'that will not be blamed for nothing.'"
(Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, pgs. 83-84)

I've written more on the 'Bloody Elm' angle and its connections to the Freddy movies as well, here. Also, if you haven't already read it yet, be sure to check out James Shelby Downard's tour de forceKing Kill 33.

Besides the bizarre occult connections surrounding the Kennedy assassination, there's also the equally strange UFO crossovers. I already tackled a little bit of that in a recent essay concerning the Nine and Arthur Young's link to alien Egyptian gods and the Kennedy assassination that can be read here.

In the spirit of the occasion, I shall now pass along some more of the occult and extraterrestrial connections that I am aware of in relation to the Kennedy assassination.

The beginning of the modern UFO era kicked off on the summer solstice -June 21, 1947 -in Maury Island, Washington, when Harold Dahl, a harbor patrolman, witnessed six UFOs. One of the objects seemed to rain hot metal that injured the arm of Dahl's son and killed his dog in addition to leaving some metallic slag which he collected as evidence in addition to shooting some pictures. After getting his son's arm treated Dahl went to turn over his evidence to his boss, one Fred Lee Crisman.

This was the same Fred Crisman that had been an OSS officer during WWII and seemingly maintained close contact with the CIA for years afterwards. This was also the same Fred Crisman who was the first person Clay Shaw phoned after being arrested for the Kennedy assassination. It's also the same Fred Crisman suspected of being one of the three tramps. This was also the same Fred Crisman who New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison would subpoena to testify against Shaw during his trial. Peter Levenda states:

"No matter on what side of the Kennedy assassination one finds oneself -a believer in the Warren Report, or a believer in a conspiracy -the Fred Crisman element strains credulity. More than twenty years after this event, Crisman will be subpoenaed by District Attorney Jim Garrison as a suspect in the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Crisman, a former OSS officer, a man with a CIA file, man friendly with Clay Shaw... in at the birth of the twentieth century's UFO experience?"
(Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, pg. 169)

Kenneth Arnold of the Mount Rainier sighting, later became involved with Crisman via Dahl, when the two witnesses tried to compare notes. After the disastrous meeting Arnold became convinced Crisman was some kind of disinformation agent.

Another player in the Kennedy assassination sniffing around the UFO phenomenon at the time was FBI agent Guy Bannister. Bannister, who would go on to become a private investigator by the early 1960s, would be running an office out of the same building Lee Harvey Oswald was conducting his 'Fair Play for Cuba Committee' when he was residing in New Orleans. This is most baffling as Bannister was running an anti-Castro Cuban operation from his investigator's office at the same exact time. Of course, Bannister had a long history of odd operations. To continue with Levenda:

"A look at recently declassified FBI files for the period in 1947 show a number of telexes from Bannister, some with his initials 'WGB,' all pertaining to UFO phenomena, as well as other FBI documents with the designation 'Security Matter -X' or simply 'SM-X,' the origin -the author supposes -of the 'X-Files,' which, at least in 1947, did exist at the FBI and was concerned with UFOs..."
(Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, pgs. 173-174)
So, to recap... Oswald, in addition to possibly hanging with Arthur Young, a man who believed he was channelling extraterrestrials posing as the gods of ancient Egypt, was also associated with a former FBI agent who worked on the real life X-Files.

Finally, we come to the enigmatic figure of David Ferrie.

Officially Ferrie was a member of the Civil Air Patrol and a private investigator who frequently worked with Guy Bannister in the 1960s. He has also been long suspected of involvement with the CIA due to his relationship with Sergio Arcacha Smith, head of the CIA-backed Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front, an organization committed to overthrowing Castro. He also had a longstanding relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald, who joined Ferrie's Civil Air Patrol squadron in 1955 at 15. Ferrie, Oswald, and Bannister were all hanging around the later's office in New Orleans during Oswald's eventful time there.

Ferrie left, Oswald right

Ferrie was also apparently well versed in the dark arts, of which he may have initiated other key players in the Kennedy assassination in to. Continuing with Levenda:

"Ferrie's interest in occultism is hinted at by the people who knew him. It is known that he considered himself something of a hypnotist as well as a psychotherapist... or at least used these dubious qualifications as a lure for potential sexual partners. According to Perry Russo -one of Jim Garrison's witnesses during the Clay Shaw trial, and not necessarily the most reliable or credible of those witnesses in the eyes of many investigators -Ferrie conducted the equivalent of Black Masses in his apartment at the appropriately-numbered 3330 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, New Orleans. James Kirkwood... conducted his own informal investigation in New Orleans during the Clay Shaw trial... Kirkwood was unequivocally pro-Shaw and anti-Garrison, so although his lengthy study makes for entertaining reading, his conclusions are not always above reproach, but it is worth quoting his transcript of Perry Russo's description of Ferrie's weekly Black Masses:

"The chalice featured animal blood, the wafer consisted of some kind of raw flesh, instead of cake or bread. 'He wore a little black toga, solid black. He wore nothing underneath... he called it the American Eastern Catholic Orthodox Church... after all the ritual, shouted ritual... it ends up and it's a brutal thing, a sadistic quality to it -bloodletting, chicken killing, stuff like that...' "
(Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, pg. 281)

Levenda gives credence to the possibility that Ferrie practiced black magic on account of the homosexual's life long quest to become an ordained Catholic priest. In order to perform a proper Black Mass it's essential that it be conducted by an ordained priest with Christian relics that in many cases only a priest can produce. Levenda states:

"The Black Mass which Ferrie was accussed of performing is a ritual that mocks those of the Catholic Church; essentially, it is an attempt at organized blasphemy, an attack of rebellion, political as well as theological. It is also designed to attract demonic influences, evil spirits and the souls of the angry dead. Yet, this ritual carries very little weight if performed by a lay-person. It is potentially quite powerful, however, if performed by an ordained priest...

"Further, many rituals of ceremonial magic prescribe the use of relics and other articles that could only be sourced from the Church, thus giving rise to a great deal of theft and subterfuge. A priest, however, has immediate access to all of this and possessees the power to create more: holy water, holy oil, a consecrated Host, etc. Inasmuch as many grimoires -cookbooks of ritual magic -insist on ivoking God, Jesus, Mary, the Saints, etc, the use of genuinely blessed religious artifacts would, of course, give the ritual that much more authority."
(Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, pg. 287)

Keep in mind Hoffman's earlier description of the Kennedy assassination as a Black Mass and now put it in this context: One of the chief figures centering around the conspiracy was alleged to perform weekly Black Masses leading up to the deed -Black Masses that both Oswald and Shaw were rumored to have participated in.

It has been speculated that the wave of UFO reports that kicked off in 1947 were a result of the alchemical working that had been performed at the Trinity Site with the atomic bomb -that some kind of portal had effectively been opened. Strangely, we see the same attempts to create a stargate, admitedly on a much smaller scale, here amongst Ferrie and his crew leading up to the Kennedy assassination...

Or a brilliant psyop wanting us to believe some kind of stargate was being opened...

Either way, I doubt the mystery surrounding Kennedy assassination -which includes Black Masses, UFOs, secret societies, intelligence agencies, soothsayers, and magicians -will end any time soon.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ireland Goes Banana

Ireland becomes the second European nation to go down the path of Banana Republic this Sunday when they opted to accept a joint EU/IMF bailout. MSNBC gleefully reports:

"Ireland on Sunday became the second European nation to ask for a multibillion euro rescue loan to help stabilize its debt-ridden banks and Europe's finance ministers scrambled to talk about ways to relieve the country's debt crisis.

"Ireland's Finance Minister Brian Lenihan refused to give a precise figure on the fund, saying only that it would reach tens of billions of euros. He denied the figure would top euro100 billion ($136.7 billion), as some had speculated.

"The U.K., which is not in the eurozone but has a big exposure to Irish banks, reiterated Sunday that it was ready to support Ireland in 'the steps it needs' to stabilize its banking system.

"Britain's Treasury said that a stable and successful Irish banking system was in 'Britain's national interest' and that 'the UK will be closely involved in discussions on the scale and type of assistance as they develop.'"
Translation: Ireland will be saddled with decades of interest payments on a massive loan that will primarily be spent on propping up the banking system, much of which is foreign-owned.

The question then becomes, who in Ireland is going to be the one paying down this debt? MSNBC drops a strong hint as to who won't be paying off the loan:

"Both Cowen and Lenihan stressed that Ireland's 12.5 percent rate of tax on business profits — its most powerful lure for attracting and keeping 600 U.S. companies based here — would not be touched no matter what happened. France, Germany and other eurozone members have repeatedly criticized the rate as unfair and say it should be raised now given the depth of Ireland's red ink."
Essentially this means that the Irish public at large will be saddled paying off the EU/IMF loan that will largely be used to sustain the banking system and other politically connected industries such as insurance. Thus, not only will the Irish have to contend with years of stagnate economy, but also crushing tax burdens and inflation combined with massive cuts in social services.

As an interesting twilight language side note, the current Prime Minister of Ireland is Brain Cowen. In Freemasonic jargon a cowan is defined thus:

"This is a purely Masonic term, and signifies in its technical meaning an intruder, whence it is always coupled with the word eavesdropper."
In other words, a cowan is something of a traitor. That would certainly be an apt description of Brain Cowen in relation to the Irish public. It's also interesting to note the actions of another Cowan that's been in the news of late in association with Bristol Palin. Loren Coleman notes on his blog:
"According to court documents, 67-year-old Steven Cowan of the small town of Vermont in Dane County, Wisconsin, became enraged while watching Palin dance on Monday evening, November 15, 2010. He felt Palin was not a good dancer and he was fed up with politics. He went to his bedroom and returned to the living room with a shotgun and blasted his television, then reportedly pointed the gun at his wife, who managed to escape and call police. A SWAT team surrounded the couple's Wisconsin farmhouse and officers were able to talk Cowan out Tuesday, after an all-night standoff."

Bristol is also a major historic port city in England. This leads to a bizarre name association where one Cowen sells out his nation to the Anglo-American banking interests while another Cowan sells out his sanity over the dance moves of a Bristol. Don't ask what it means because I have no idea...

Anyway, back to the bailout.

Naturally the Irish public at large may not be entirely pleased with this state of affairs as the bailout lacked widespread popular support. They may even respond in a fashion similar to the Greeks.

That's why the next stage will be one of dehumanization, in which the Irish will be pampered as welfare trash leeching off of the lifeblood of the noble bankers and their cronies.  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Nine

On June 27th, 1953, nine individuals plus a medium gathered at an isolated cabin in the woods outside of Glen Cove, Maine to conduct a seance in which they would claim to make contact with the Great Ennead, the gods the ancient Egyptians had worshipped in the sacred city of Heliopolis. These gods, who were nine in number as well, were part of one great, creator god known as Atum. The other gods consisted of Shu, Tefnut, Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys, and sometimes Horus. Communication with these entities was handled by the medium, an Indian gentleman referred to as Dr. D.G. Vinod, who slipped into a trance state at 12:15 AM and began speaking as 'the Nine' by 12:30. Afterwards Dr. Vinod would claim to have no memory of the conversation that preceded between the Ennead Nine and their human counterparts. During the course of the seance the mystical Nine informed the human nine that they would be in charge of bringing about a mystical renaissance on Earth. From there the Nine ventured into quasi-scientific, philosophical constructs that eventually led to the acknowledgement that they, the Grand Ennead, were in fact extraterrestrial beings living in an immense spaceship hovering invisibly over the planet and that the assembled congregation had been selected to promote their agenda on Earth.

Rationally the above scenario must be dismissed as a flight of madness by any who wish to make a claim upon sanity -Surely only the flakiest of New Age flakes would even consider such acts, live alone believe that they were possible. And that's exactly what is so disturbing about the above mentioned seance for the people that attended it may have been many things, but insane is not a strong possibility. Let us simply consider the names of the nine humans who spoke with the Ennead that night:

Henry and Georgia Jackson, Alice Bouverie, Marcella Du Pont, Carl Betz, Vonnie Beck, Arthur and Ruth Young and Andrija Puharich.

For those of you familiar with American high society one name should immediately standout: Du Pont. Marcella Du Pont was in fact a member of the fabulously wealthy clan, but the Du Ponts were hardly the only blue bloods in attendance.

There was also Alice Bouverie who was born Ava Alice Muriel Astor, a descendant of John Jacob Astor, and the daughter of Colonel John Jacob Astor IV, who had died aboard the Titanic when it sank. Her first husband had been an officer in the Czarist Army, Prince Serge Obolensky, who would go on to become a major operator in the OSS during WWII. Needless to say, Mrs. Bouverie was no stranger to the workings of the US intelligence community.

There was also Ruth Young, who had been known as Ruth Forbes Paine of the Forbes family, before marrying Arthur Young. Mr. Young was a famous inventor, working for the Bell Corporation, and had been instrumental in the creation of the Bell Helicopter. But the sway of this couple went well beyond the military-industrial complex. In fact, the enigmatic Arthur Young may be one of the most significant figures of the later 20th century. He was the chief financial patron behind the Nine for many years and a major influence on the New Age movement in general via his mystical writings such as Consciousness and Reality.

Then there's the bizarre connection Arthur and Ruth have to the Kennedy assassination via Michael Paine, Ruth's son from a previous marriage who married a woman also named Ruth.

This Ruth -previously Ruth Hyde before becoming Ruth Paine, was the daughter of a man employed by the Agency for International Development which, according to Peter Levenda in his Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, was a well known CIA front. By 1963 Michael and Ruth Paine had produced two children, but were separated while living in Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. On February 22 1963 Ruth met Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife, Marina at a party being thrown amongst the emigre White Russian community. In fact, the Oswalds had been invited to the party by George de Mohrenschildt, a White Russian and a petroleum engineer with suspected ties to American intelligence who committed suicide in 1977 shortly before he was scheduled to appear before the House Sub-Committee on Assassinations.

Ruth Paine allegedly built an immediate bound with Marina Oswald and invited her to move into her home in Irving, Texas with her child while Lee Harvey Oswald went to New Orleans to seek work. When he returned to Dallas, Texas it was Ruth Paine who helped Lee get his job at the Texas School Book Depository while Marina and child continued to live with her. When the assassination occurred it was the Paines who led the police to the place where Oswald hid his rifle. In fact, much evidence used to damn Oswald was provided by Ruth Paine such as some of the famous photos of Oswald posing with his rifle, the 'spy camera,' the fake Alex Hidell documents, and so forth.

Peter Levenda, in the previously mentioned book, even goes so far to suggest that Ruth Paine may have taken Lee Harvey Oswald with her up to Philadelphia in 1963 when she stayed with her parents-in-law during her testimony to the Warren Commission:

"...Ruth Paine admitted that at one point Lee Harvey Oswald was considering going to Philadelphia. As soon as she mentions Philadelphia, Allen Dulles [former head of CIA -Recluse] chimes in and opined that it was presumably to find work, to which Ruth replied in the affirmative. This is what is known as 'leading the witness.' Philadelphia, of course, is where Arthur and Ruth Young lived, and Ruth had a habit of going up there every year in the summer... as she did in the summer of 1963. Did Arthur Young invite the young Marine defector to his wooded estate in Paoli?"
(Sinister Forces, pg. 268)
What interest could the man who straddled the line between war profiteer and New Age guru have in the man that would go on to be framed for the assassination of JFK? Why were his children-in-laws seemingly instrumental in the frame built up around Oswald? Perhaps we can gain some further insight into these question by considering the chief architect behind the Nine.
This brings us to the figure of Andrija Puharich, the man that had arranged the 1953 meeting in the first place.

Dr. Puharich had had previous contact with the Nine. His first encounter was also channeled via Dr. Vinod in the Maine woods near Glen Cove, only New Years Eve, 1952. This was part of his work with the Round Table Foundation, a research institute specializing in all kinds of arcane subjects such as cybernetics and ESP. It was founded in 1948 by Puharich with funding from a variety of individuals, most notably former Secretary of Agriculture and later Vice-President Henry Wallace. Wallace, a high-ranking Freemason, served under FDR and is the one responsible for placing the Great Seal with the Masonic capstone on the back of the dollar bill.

After both his first and second sessions of channelling the Nine via Vinod Puharich was drafted into the Army, the second time for nearly two years in which he served as a Captain at Edgewood Arsenal working on research into hallucinogenic drugs and psychic abilities.

Specifically Puharich was attempting to find a drug that would stimulate psychic ability, according to Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince in their marvelous The Stargate Conspiracy. It's also highly likely Puharich began what become a life time association with US intelligence. Prince and Picknett state:

"Ira Einhorn, Puharich's close associate in the 1970s, told us recently that, although Puharich had worked for the CIA during the 1950s, he was no longer doing so twenty years later. However, the evidence points very much in the other direction. Puharich's relationship with intelligence agencies almost certainly did not end in the 1950s. Uri Geller told us at a meeting in his home near Reading in England in 1998 that: 'The CIA brought Puharich in to come and get me out of Israel.' Jack Sarfatti goes further, claiming: 'Puharich was Geller's case officer in America with money provided by Sir John Whitmore.' And according to James Hurtak, via his Academy For Further Sciences, Puharich 'worked with the US intelligence community.' By implication this was during the early 1970s when he, Hurtak, was also working with him."
(The Stargate Conspiracy, pg. 206)
Picknett and Prince speculate that much of Puharich's work as a private citizen on things such as the Round Table Foundation and his research in Mexico on magic mushrooms may have also been on behalf of the US intelligence community.

In was during the trip, in 1956, that Puharich had his next contact with the Nine. He and Arthur Young along with psychic Peter Hurkos were down in Mexico searching for hallucinogenic drugs when they ran into an American couple from Arizona known as the Laugheads. The Laugheads claimed to be in contact with the Nine via a medium back in Arizona and to prove this, they sent a letter to Puharich the next month with detailed descriptions of what was discussed in Puharich's second seance with Vinod in 1953.

Puharich would not again had direct contact with the Nine until 1970 when he became involved with the Israeli stage magician and psychic Uri Geller. In November 1970 Puharich hypnotised the young Israeli and again made contact with the Nine after being informed of their great plans for Geller. The next year Puharich returned to Israel for a longer visit with Geller during which they were in almost frequent contact with the Nine, either channelled through the hypnotised Geller or appearing spontaneously on audio tapes, which then either erased themselves or vanished in plain sight. Ample paranormal activity constantly bombarded Geller and Puharich during this time as well.

Puharich brought Geller back to the US in 1972 so that he could be studied at the Sanford Research Institute. The high weirdness followed them there. The Geller experiments at SRI perfectly coincided with the first CIA experiments in psychic ability there, leading Picknett and Prince to speculate that Geller may have been a part of the SRI remote viewing research.

By 1973 Puharich and Geller went there separate ways. The chief figures in Puharich's communications with the Nine now became Sir John Whitmore and Phyllis Schlemmer, who formed an organization known as Lab Nine. Schlemmer would become the chief medium of the group during this time, after the brief involvement of the Daytona cook Bobby Horne, who I already discussed here. Schlemmer had become convinced of her psychic abilities at a very young age and founded the Psychic Center of Florida in Orlando in 1969 as a kind of school for developing psychics. She would go on to publish The Only Planet of Choice in 1992 that compiled various channellings with the Nine since 1974 and which became a runaway New Age bestseller.

Even by the mid-1970s the Nine had become big business. They had several wealthy backers such as members of the Bronfmans clan, Canada's richest family, and Italian nobleman Baron DiPauli. They would also gain celebrity backers such as Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. Roddenberry would go on to incorporate references into Star Trek via The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

Puharich would drop out of the Lab Nine circle in 1980 and would seemingly have no more contact with the Nine from there on out. But by then it wouldn't matter. With wealthy and famous patrons the Nine were well on their way to developing a devoted cult following.

So to recap, we have a brilliant doctor and research scientist drafted into the US intelligence network for which he would continue an on again, off again relationship with till at least the 1970s. Much of his working during this time revolved around psychic ability and drugs and that would help unlock this ability. In the same time he was also channelling entities that claimed to be both the gods of ancient Egypt as well as space aliens, with the backing of wealthy and powerful patrons with deep ties to the military-industrial complex.

You also have the bizarre figure of Arthur Young, New Age guru and war profiteer who's legal relations were closely involved with the man framed for the assassination of JFK. By all accounts Young was a major player in the whole Nine affair, providing much of the funding up till the early 1970s.

So, what are we to make of the Nine and the powerful individuals that have flocked to them?

Picknett and Prince suggest two hypothesises. In the first one, the messages from the Nine are some kind of mass psychological experiment with broader psychological warfare application. In the second hypothesis the Nine are a reality but their message and/or motive may be much different than what the public is being told. The stargate of the title of the Picknett and Prince book alludes to their belief that Puharich was searching for some kind of drug that would open up mental contact with some form of non-human entity. Traditions of this have existed in various cultures for centuries, as I have written of here, concerning the communications that are possible in entheogen induced states.

I have also written extensively on the CIA's involvement in the spread of entheogens here. There are many mainstream explanations for this, eg the chaos and control these drugs can invoke in the wrong hands. But I have often wondered if there was a faction within the intelligence community that promoted the spread of entheogens for something far more mystical, such as mental contact with non-human entities that shamans have often spoken of in conjunction with these drugs.

Puharich was heavily involved in the spread of entheogens to the masses in the late 1950s, even writing a book on the subject entitled The Sacred Mushroom. Is it possible that he and some of his colleagues in the intelligence community sought to spread entheogens to the masses at the urgings of the Nine?

If so then the question becomes, to what purpose would the intelligence community want the masses to experience contact with such entities?