Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Death and Osiris

The 13th of November corresponds to the 17th of Athyr in the ancient Egyptian calender, a date of great significance to those ancient peoples. It was on this date that the grain was planted for the spring harvest and it was on this date the death of Osiris, the god of the Dead, was traditionally reckoned. The cult of Osiris was one of the most powerful Mystery Schools of antiquity -many Greeks believed the Mysteries themselves were handed down by the Egyptians and indeed, there is much overlap between the cults of Osiris and Isis (the big O's wife/sister) and the Greek Mysteries, as well as Christianity. Osiris was a dying and resurrected god, hence his association with the grain.

The first half of the Festival of Osiris was celebrated in Egypt in the city of Abydos along with the planting of the grain on Athyr 17th/November 13th. It was a solemn affair, commemorating his death.

Meanwhile in modern America, the week leading up to the death of Osiris has been marked by its own procession of death. Insurance company Ambac went chapter 11 on Monday.

Also on Monday a Connecticut man was sentenced to death for taking part a series of especially gruesome murders inflicted upon a yuppie/professional class family a few years ago:

"A Connecticut man was condemned to death Monday for a night of terror inside a suburban home in which a woman was strangled and her two daughters tied to their beds and left to die in a gasoline-fueled fire.

"Jurors in New Haven Superior Court voted unanimously to send Steven Hayes to death row after deliberating over the span of four days. Judge Jon Blue will impose the sentence on Dec. 2"

I find this whole sorted affair to be especially interesting. Apparently it even became an issue in the Connecticut governor race. Typically these types of stories are highlighted by the media when the perpetrators are non-white. Yuppiedom is seemingly being sent the meme that now they must fear lower income whites as much as those scary ethnics. Yuppiedom has already gone about as far into the bunker as they can go and with looming financial ruin on the horizon I daresay the collective sense of isolation this group feels is reaching critical mass. Perhaps that's why several Obama advisers openly dreamt of another Oklahoma City Bombing in the wake of last Tuesday's election as a way of 'rejuvinating the base.'

Also on Monday one of the greatest war criminals of the modern era broke nearly two years of silence and began his book tour. The American people rejoiced:

"Gallup just announced that Americans' favorable opinions of George W. Bush have risen. This comes as the Obama presidency ages, and now their favorable views of the Republican nearly match their feelings about the Democrat.

"Gallup now finds that 44% of Americans have a favorable view of the 43rd president, up about 10%, or four points since the end of his second term in January 2009. Obviously, the former chief executive no longer has a job approval rating."

These are complex feelings to say the least. On the one hand a certain portion of the country will contemplate the need for tougher prisons and longer sentences to deter situations like the Connecticut murders. One thing that won't be considered is whether the US prison system itself led to the murders -the perp was a drug addict that had no history of violent crime but had spent a life time in one of the most violent institutions in America. Few that emerge from this nation's prisons are ever the same, as the Petit family found out in 2007. But inevitably only tougher sentences and prisons will be allowed into the national debate; the same debate that increasingly sees George W Bush, a man responsible for deaths of over half a million peoples in Iraq alone, as a kind of misunderstood genius.

If this wasn't enough to make things suitably disorienting, then Tuesday's mystery missile surely should have done the trick:

"U.S. officials said Tuesday they couldn't say what might have created a mysterious plume that set off an Internet frenzy after it streaked across the Southern California sky Monday night. But they said they were confident there was no threat to the United States.

"Speculation immediately arose that some sort of rocket or missile must have been fired after Los Angeles television station KCBS videotaped the spectacular trail from one of its traffic helicopters.

"But a Federal Aviation Administration official told NBC News that there were 'no reports of unusual sightings' and that a review of radar replays 'did not reveal a fast-moving object in that area.'"
The most shocking thing about the government denials is how few people seem to believe them nowadays.

LA in general seems to be a lightening rod for Fortean events of late, more so than usual. Besides the missile, they've also had some minor earthquakes and recent sightings of a giant butterfly that sounds like a Mothman:

"A reader from Los Angeles County recently had an amazing sighting of a giant creature that flew over his home.

"He describes the creature as having an appearance of a 'giant butterfly'.

"But it gets even stranger.

"It looks like the giant butterfly has been seen before by perhaps thousands of witnesses during the Battle of Los Angeles. The 'Battle' took place just after World War II."
All in all LA is not sounding like an idea place to be in at the moment. It's technically located along the 34 North Latitude, just slightly north of the infamous 33rd that I've written at before here. The 33rd parallel is a favorite staging ground for the alchemical workings of the Cryptocracy and LA itself was used before during the RFK assassination. A repeat may perhaps be in the works.

All the while the death of Osiris looms on Saturday...

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