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Killing a King

Today marks the 47 year anniversary of the alchemical Killing of the King rite that was performed against the American public in Dallas, Texas all those decades ago. James Shelby Downard, along with Michael A Hoffman, have been the chief researchers along these lines and it is from Hoffman that I shall now quote to better explain the alchemical concepts:

"Fabled alchemy had at least three goals to accomplish before the total decay of matter, the total breakdown we are witnessing all around us today, was fulfilled. These are:

*The Creation and Destruction of Primordial Matter

*The Killing of the Divine King

*The Bringing of Prima Materia to Prima Terra"
(Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, pg. 80)

The first of these goals was accomplished at the Trinity Site in New Mexico on July 16, 1945 with the explosion of the first atomic bomb, while the third goal was accomplished with Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969. I briefly touched on the first working here while I went into the third in more depth here.

The second goal, the Killing of the Divine King, was accomplished on November 22, 1963 with the JFK assassination. Continuing with Hoffman:

"The Killing of the King rite was accomplished at another Trinity site located approximately ten miles south of the 33rd degree of north parallel latitude between the Trinity River and the Triple Underpass at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Dealey Plaza was the site of the first masonic temple in Dallas. In this spot, which had been known during the 19th century cowboy era as 'Bloody Elm Street,' the world leader who had become known as the 'King of Camelot,' President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was shot to death.

"A widely publicized image which has become perhaps the key symbol of the enigma of the Kennedy hoodwink, emerged immediately in the wake of the assassination: a photograph of three 'tramps' in official custody, who were later unexplainably released and never identified, though speculation about who they really were has reached fever pitch among investigators.

"This photograph is a ritual accompaniment of the Black mass that was the ceremonial immolation of a king, the unmistakable calling card of the masonic murder, the appearance of Jubela, Jubelo and Jubelum, the three 'unworthy craftsmen' of the Temple burlesque, 'that will not be blamed for nothing.'"
(Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, pgs. 83-84)

I've written more on the 'Bloody Elm' angle and its connections to the Freddy movies as well, here. Also, if you haven't already read it yet, be sure to check out James Shelby Downard's tour de forceKing Kill 33.

Besides the bizarre occult connections surrounding the Kennedy assassination, there's also the equally strange UFO crossovers. I already tackled a little bit of that in a recent essay concerning the Nine and Arthur Young's link to alien Egyptian gods and the Kennedy assassination that can be read here.

In the spirit of the occasion, I shall now pass along some more of the occult and extraterrestrial connections that I am aware of in relation to the Kennedy assassination.

The beginning of the modern UFO era kicked off on the summer solstice -June 21, 1947 -in Maury Island, Washington, when Harold Dahl, a harbor patrolman, witnessed six UFOs. One of the objects seemed to rain hot metal that injured the arm of Dahl's son and killed his dog in addition to leaving some metallic slag which he collected as evidence in addition to shooting some pictures. After getting his son's arm treated Dahl went to turn over his evidence to his boss, one Fred Lee Crisman.

This was the same Fred Crisman that had been an OSS officer during WWII and seemingly maintained close contact with the CIA for years afterwards. This was also the same Fred Crisman who was the first person Clay Shaw phoned after being arrested for the Kennedy assassination. It's also the same Fred Crisman suspected of being one of the three tramps. This was also the same Fred Crisman who New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison would subpoena to testify against Shaw during his trial. Peter Levenda states:

"No matter on what side of the Kennedy assassination one finds oneself -a believer in the Warren Report, or a believer in a conspiracy -the Fred Crisman element strains credulity. More than twenty years after this event, Crisman will be subpoenaed by District Attorney Jim Garrison as a suspect in the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Crisman, a former OSS officer, a man with a CIA file, man friendly with Clay Shaw... in at the birth of the twentieth century's UFO experience?"
(Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, pg. 169)

Kenneth Arnold of the Mount Rainier sighting, later became involved with Crisman via Dahl, when the two witnesses tried to compare notes. After the disastrous meeting Arnold became convinced Crisman was some kind of disinformation agent.

Another player in the Kennedy assassination sniffing around the UFO phenomenon at the time was FBI agent Guy Bannister. Bannister, who would go on to become a private investigator by the early 1960s, would be running an office out of the same building Lee Harvey Oswald was conducting his 'Fair Play for Cuba Committee' when he was residing in New Orleans. This is most baffling as Bannister was running an anti-Castro Cuban operation from his investigator's office at the same exact time. Of course, Bannister had a long history of odd operations. To continue with Levenda:

"A look at recently declassified FBI files for the period in 1947 show a number of telexes from Bannister, some with his initials 'WGB,' all pertaining to UFO phenomena, as well as other FBI documents with the designation 'Security Matter -X' or simply 'SM-X,' the origin -the author supposes -of the 'X-Files,' which, at least in 1947, did exist at the FBI and was concerned with UFOs..."
(Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, pgs. 173-174)
So, to recap... Oswald, in addition to possibly hanging with Arthur Young, a man who believed he was channelling extraterrestrials posing as the gods of ancient Egypt, was also associated with a former FBI agent who worked on the real life X-Files.

Finally, we come to the enigmatic figure of David Ferrie.

Officially Ferrie was a member of the Civil Air Patrol and a private investigator who frequently worked with Guy Bannister in the 1960s. He has also been long suspected of involvement with the CIA due to his relationship with Sergio Arcacha Smith, head of the CIA-backed Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front, an organization committed to overthrowing Castro. He also had a longstanding relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald, who joined Ferrie's Civil Air Patrol squadron in 1955 at 15. Ferrie, Oswald, and Bannister were all hanging around the later's office in New Orleans during Oswald's eventful time there.

Ferrie left, Oswald right

Ferrie was also apparently well versed in the dark arts, of which he may have initiated other key players in the Kennedy assassination in to. Continuing with Levenda:

"Ferrie's interest in occultism is hinted at by the people who knew him. It is known that he considered himself something of a hypnotist as well as a psychotherapist... or at least used these dubious qualifications as a lure for potential sexual partners. According to Perry Russo -one of Jim Garrison's witnesses during the Clay Shaw trial, and not necessarily the most reliable or credible of those witnesses in the eyes of many investigators -Ferrie conducted the equivalent of Black Masses in his apartment at the appropriately-numbered 3330 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, New Orleans. James Kirkwood... conducted his own informal investigation in New Orleans during the Clay Shaw trial... Kirkwood was unequivocally pro-Shaw and anti-Garrison, so although his lengthy study makes for entertaining reading, his conclusions are not always above reproach, but it is worth quoting his transcript of Perry Russo's description of Ferrie's weekly Black Masses:

"The chalice featured animal blood, the wafer consisted of some kind of raw flesh, instead of cake or bread. 'He wore a little black toga, solid black. He wore nothing underneath... he called it the American Eastern Catholic Orthodox Church... after all the ritual, shouted ritual... it ends up and it's a brutal thing, a sadistic quality to it -bloodletting, chicken killing, stuff like that...' "
(Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, pg. 281)

Levenda gives credence to the possibility that Ferrie practiced black magic on account of the homosexual's life long quest to become an ordained Catholic priest. In order to perform a proper Black Mass it's essential that it be conducted by an ordained priest with Christian relics that in many cases only a priest can produce. Levenda states:

"The Black Mass which Ferrie was accussed of performing is a ritual that mocks those of the Catholic Church; essentially, it is an attempt at organized blasphemy, an attack of rebellion, political as well as theological. It is also designed to attract demonic influences, evil spirits and the souls of the angry dead. Yet, this ritual carries very little weight if performed by a lay-person. It is potentially quite powerful, however, if performed by an ordained priest...

"Further, many rituals of ceremonial magic prescribe the use of relics and other articles that could only be sourced from the Church, thus giving rise to a great deal of theft and subterfuge. A priest, however, has immediate access to all of this and possessees the power to create more: holy water, holy oil, a consecrated Host, etc. Inasmuch as many grimoires -cookbooks of ritual magic -insist on ivoking God, Jesus, Mary, the Saints, etc, the use of genuinely blessed religious artifacts would, of course, give the ritual that much more authority."
(Sinister Forces -Book One: The Nine, pg. 287)

Keep in mind Hoffman's earlier description of the Kennedy assassination as a Black Mass and now put it in this context: One of the chief figures centering around the conspiracy was alleged to perform weekly Black Masses leading up to the deed -Black Masses that both Oswald and Shaw were rumored to have participated in.

It has been speculated that the wave of UFO reports that kicked off in 1947 were a result of the alchemical working that had been performed at the Trinity Site with the atomic bomb -that some kind of portal had effectively been opened. Strangely, we see the same attempts to create a stargate, admitedly on a much smaller scale, here amongst Ferrie and his crew leading up to the Kennedy assassination...

Or a brilliant psyop wanting us to believe some kind of stargate was being opened...

Either way, I doubt the mystery surrounding Kennedy assassination -which includes Black Masses, UFOs, secret societies, intelligence agencies, soothsayers, and magicians -will end any time soon.

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    I am extremely happy that I've found this blog, and even happier that it is still regularly updated.

    The strange nexus of secret societies, anomalous phenomena, government corruption, and hidden history, all glued together with a synchronicitous occult dimension, is rarely addressed in a complete fashion.

    Only visionaries like James Shelby Downard have been able to show us just how weird reality really is. I'm always thrilled when I find another blog or site by someone on this wavelength. Yours appears to be very good, and I will spread it!