Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Falcon Has Landed....


Over three years and three thousand miles in the making. From the archives of Hoover to Carlisle Barracks, I looked high and low for everything I could find on the subjects explored here. Behavior modification, data mining, psychological warfare, psychotronics, predictive modeling, life science.... the more I researched, the more evident it became that the whole of modern science had been harnessed to craft a globe-spanning counterinsurgency campaign. Phoenix and Condor, much like MK-ULTRA and ARTICHOKE, are simply nodes in a far more ambitious program.  

Did the war come home? Do we really need to ask that in 2023? 

More pertinent is how does it manifest. Left or right, traps were left everywhere across a variety of "alternative" cultures and movements. Birchers, hippies, Ufologists, New Agers, sovereign citizens and whistleblowers were a part of the illusion, as was Hollywood and the "underground" press. Was there ever a true counterculture? 

And more importantly, what dark agenda lies behind this counterinsurgency? The hall of mirrors shall finally shatter like reality itself. Start the journey now...

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Coming Soon....


The world is getting weirder.

Since 2000, the reality we all know and love has gone the way of the Dodo bird. And what has emerged in its place is more Philip K. Dick and Harlequinade by the day. Various theories have been put forward to explain this state of affairs --Simulation, the Mandela effect, even suggestions the world really did end in 2000, or 2012, or 2020...

Monotheistic religions proclaim the end of the world, as is their wont. New Age gurus speak of a new consciousness. Atheists claim it's all meaningless. All have an echo of truth, but none satisfy.

S. William Snider (alias "Recluse"), host of The Farm podcast and author of A Special Relationship: Trump, Epstein and the Secret History of the Anglo-American Establishment, unknowingly embarked upon a three-year-plus odyssey to understand the times we're confronted with. What began as an investigation into the QAnon operation gradually morphed into a centuries-spanning exploration of "The Art" --the practice of shaping reality.

Since the onset of the Westaphalian era, groups as diverse as the Rosicrucians, Surrealists, Forteans, Discordians, and various occultists have developed the Art into a science. But as the modern era set in, a new player took notice: the national security state.

Throughout the twentieth century, the soldiers, spies and operators of the Soviet Union and the United States embarked upon a competition to weaponize culture and spirituality, the likes of which humanity had not witnessed since Antiquity. Only this time with the aid and support of modern science. In the US alone, a host of bizarre and brutal projects such as ARTICHOKE, MK-ULTRA, Pandora, Camelot and Cambridge were launched with a purpose of predicting and controlling human behavior unimaginable in prior eras. This laid the foundation for a globe-spanning counterinsurgency operation envisioned by one of the most colorful and occulted operators these United State have ever witnessed. Book I is his story and the blood-stained legacy he has bestowed upon humanity.

Friday, September 15, 2023

WACL Redux: The Rise and Fall of Far West Ltd

Over on The Farm podcast, I've recently concluded an epic series concerning the enigmatic private military company commonly known as Far West Ltd. What's more, this endeavor was a continuation of The Farm's storied World Anti-Communist League (WACL) series, which in turn grew out of the original series of WACL articles I wrote during the prior decade. Links to those works can be found here

In this most recent incarnation we consider the evolution of the old WACL network from the end of the Cold War up to current day events. And trust me folks, it's simply incredible how relevant WACL's legacy is in 2023. When Keith Allen Dennis, "Don Diligent," and the rest of the original WACL crew began the podcast series, we saw it as a largely historical undertaking. But as the show we did on Abe's assassination in the summer of 2022 revealed, the old WACL network is still around, still a player, but with a new generation of leaders and institutions that have carried on the work of the OGs.

At the forefront of this revival is another subject as relevant now as ever: private military and intelligence companies. One of the contentions made throughout this series is that modern day PMCs and PICs have effectively taken up the role of WACL and like bodies in the twenty-first century. Whereas during the Cold War, WACL served as a middle ground between Western elites from the Conservative Establishment and the Neo-liberal Order alike to plot with a motley crew of international drug and arms traffickers; aging Nazi war criminals and next generation Black terrorists; and religious fanatics and cultists of all stripes. It was an incredible milieu, both sides of which largely still exiting. But increasingly, PMCs and PICs are where they're doing business, on any number of levels, now.

At the center of it all was Far West. It was an allegedly Russian-controlled PMC. But it was so much more than that. Indeed, it may be the driving force behind the present war in Ukraine and how Joe Biden ended up in the White House. I truly wish I was exaggerating with that claim. But Far West was at the heart of various intrigues from the late 1990s onwards that shaped the world we currently live in: the Great Ruble Scandal; the Moscow Apartment bombings9/11; Project Hammer; its shocking links to the smuggling of nuclear and biological weapons; and its role in Ukraine's Orange Revolution and the 2008 Russo-Georgia War; and even the Boston Marathon bombing and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Needless to say, this was an incredible undertaking and I could not have done it without the invaluable contributions of "Senate" and the great Edmund Berger. Senate is who inspired this series while Ed proved much needed information linking these events and players together. And I like to think the spirit of Ed Coffman, alias Don Diligent, the star of the original WACL podcast series, contributed to the proceedings as well. Regardless, each and everyone of these shows is dedicated to him and his memory. I hope that they have done him justice.

And without further ado, here is the series:

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part I

In the first installment Senate and I unpack the origins of the forces behind Far West an their linkage to the old WACL network.



WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part II

Senate and I finish up the origin story here, with a special emphasis on the presence of Sufism throughout the Far West milieu.

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part III

Edmund Berger joins Senate and myself in this outing for a deep dive into the Great Ruble scandal, its links to such characters as Robert Maxwell and the inevitable presence of Far West. 

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part IV

Here Ed, Senate and myself continue with Far West's ties to the Great Ruble scandal, as well as delving into it's links to 9/11 and it's curious relationship with the PIC Kroll.

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part V

For this outing, Edmund Berger and I begin exploring Far West's links to the purported Project Hammer and that storied conspiracy trope commonly known as Yamashita's Gold

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part VI

Ed and I continue our deep dive into Project Hammer, with a special emphasis on the role South African PMCs had in it and their links to Far West. Yeah, that means the legendary Executive Outcomes is a major point of emphasis in this one. 



WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part VII

Senate rejoins me in this outing for an exploration in how oil politics shapes Eurasia and why Russia is the key to this. Also on tap is a crash course in the history of the "color revolution" and Far West's role in Ukraine's Orange Revolution. 



WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part VIII

Senate and I continue to explore the notion of the color revolution as well as the OUN-B infiltration of Ukraine's government after the orange Revolution. We close by assessing Far West's role in the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, and the PMC's courtship of John McCain and later Biden during the 2008 US presidential election



WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part IX

In this solo outing, I break down Far West's role in the original Russiagate, a late 1990s scandal involving then-vice-president Al Gore; as well as the more-well known Russiagate via their links to Paul Manafort and Fusion GPS. And yes, there may be some links to the Burisma scandal, which I also tackle. 



WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part X

Senate and Ed Berger rejoin me for this outing, which chronicles Far West's alleged involvement in notorious acts of terrorism during the Obama administration, most notably Anders Behring Breivik's shooting spree and the Boston Marathon bombing. 



WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part XI

In the final installment, released on the twenty-second year anniversary of 9/11, Ed Berger and I return to that topic as well as Jamal Khashoggi's links to Far West and how his incredible assassination may have been both Far West's final color revolution and final chapter.