Friday, July 29, 2022

A Farm Exclusive: Assassination & False Flag Monday

On the first Monday in August (fittingly, 8/1/22), The Farm has a triple-header in store. For the public show, a deep dive into the assassination of Shinzo Abe is on tap. This event is quickly turning into Japan's very own JFK assassination and for good reason. By now, many of you are probably aware the "shooting" involved a longstanding VISUP/Farm trope: the Unification Church (alias the Moonies). 

A lot of people are either re-discovery this monstrosity after decades if not encountering it for the first time. But I've been exploring this subject for nearly a decade now, first in the context of VISUP's famed World Anti-Communist League (WACL) series and, later, through The Farm's equally acclaimed WACL series (both of which can be found here). As far as Abe and his assassination is concerned, there's a lot to the Moonies that has yet to be addressed. The Farm's Abe investigation is going to totally blow the legacy media narratives out of the water and paint a whole new picture of the Moonie origins. The origins are important in understanding why such a group turns up in a JFK-like assassination. 

And that's not all! On The Farm's Patreon, the second installment in the Society of Cincinnati series will be up (part one is presently available to the public here). For this outing, I'm going to explore several of the powerful Massachusetts and New York Dutch families behind this outfit, and a few that are still with us. Shockingly, this has a bizarre connection to the JFK assassination as well. The main event is a deep dive into the United States' first great false flag: Shay's Rebellion. This is the event that gave us the storied American Constitution and it was entirely designed and directed by the Cincinnati to ensure this outcome. Nor are these the only Cincinnati intrigues on tap. To wrap up, I explore their role in the French Revolution and reveal the covert war the Cincinnati was then waging against one of the most notorious secret societies of them all. 

The Farm's All Access Patreons can look forward to both of those shows in addition to a third one: An Exclusive deep five into Captive Nations Summit 2022. The cult-like nature of the Victims of Communism Memorial will be explored along with the rise of the Atlantic Council (AC) in these circles. The AC is the modern day Trilateral Commission (which really hasn't bee a force for decades) in the US while the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) is the true successor to WACL. The unholy alliance developing between these two entities (effectively a merger of neo-liberal and far right factions) genuinely threatens the future of humanity. I say that in all seriousness after sitting through two of their meetings. Captive Nations 2022 featured a discussion on the assassination of a prominent world leader that would surely put the survival of humanity in the cross hairs. And that was hardly the only thing discussed along those lines. 

This trio of pods is going to totally up end how you think about both the origins of these United States as well our role in the current geopolitical nightmare unfolding across the globe. You don't want to miss these, so head on over to The Farm's Patreon.


  1. TBH,, I think the Moonies angle in the recent Dishonest Abe assassination is a cover up. His shooter professes to be a member of the "Fair Play For the Anti-Moonies Committee".
    State leaders of Abe's caliber will have fingers in many networking pies, so there are always plenty of misdirections to choose from when picking the patsy.

    1. To clarify, I think the assassination may have more to do with Japan's reluctance to go (fully) along with the recent Covid lock downs. If so, Abe wouldn't have been the first head of state to be bumped off for this reason (e.g. John Magufuli of Tanzania).