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The Brothers Flynn in Conjunction

It's the first of March, which means it's time for another subscribers' episode of The Farm. And the guest for this episode is a heavyweight in multiple fields. Walter Bosley is a counterintelligence specialists who worked for the FBI during the final days of the Cold World, and later, with the Air Force Office of Special Investigation, or AFOSI. After retiring from national security in the early twenty-first century, he took to writing and publishing. His works include The Empire of the Wheel trilogy, Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom, and Shimmering Light: Lost in an MKULTRA House of Anu in addition to numerous fictional works. 

This is a wide ranging conversation. We cover Walter's take on the metaphysics of latitude lines, with a special emphasis on the 37th parallel, the so-called "UFO Superhighway." Inevitably, we touch upon West Virginia, which the 37th runs through. From there, we discuss transgenderism, its links to high weirdness, the tradition of hermaphroditic angels, and William Blake. One of Walter's favorite subjects, C.V. Wood, comes up, as well as Wood's possible connections to Andrija Puharich.

Walter's books can be found here

For the second half, we delve into the spy games played out in the UFO community between Russian and US spooks; the Bennewitz affair and the AFOSI's role in it; To the Stars Academy; the state of the secret space program; and the COVID Disclosure. We even get into Hellier and QAnon. And there's about a dozen or so other topics we also touch upon, like the metaphysics of schizophrenia. It was certainly a fun time for myself, and as always, I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

This is the latest addition in The Farm's ongoing collection of exclusive content. Other guests have included Christopher KnowlesRichard B. Spence, J. Michael "Doc Future" Bennett, Neil Sanders, David Metcalfe, Greg Bishop, and Adam Gorightly. Upcoming shows include the return of Douglas Valentine on The Farm and the first appearance of Diana Walsh-PasulkaSign up now. 

Brothers Flynn

All right, with that out of the way, on to current events. One of the most interesting developments in recent months is the rise of General Charles Flynn. As I'm sure will come as no surprise to any of you who read this blog, Flynn is the younger brother of General Michael Flynn, the former head of the DIA under Obama and Trump's first National Security Advisor. Predictably, he's also a brother-at-arm to General Stanley McChrystal

General Charles Flynn

The younger Flynn has arguably had a more interesting 2021 thus far than his older brother. Remember that "tense" phone call between Capitol Police and DC officials on the one hand, and the Pentagon on the other, on January 6th, amidst the rioting? Remember how the former allegedly asked for more National Guardsmen from the latter?  

Well, it turns out Charlie Flynn was present for at least a portion of that chat. At the time, he was serving as the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Training, and Planning. That put him just underneath the Army's Chief of Stuff, the most senior uniformed military figure in the Department of the Army. A plush post to be sure, and one he had been entrenched at since June 2019. 

The end of 2020 was certainly interesting for General Flynn as well. As his brother questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election, Charlie Flynn was nominated for another star on November 30th, five days after his brother received a presidential pardon. The Senate confirmed that star on December 20th. This just happened to be the day after that faithful meeting at the White House in which Michael Flynn advocated martial law. It was reportedly shot down, but the protest for January 6th was announced during the immediate aftermath of the meeting. 

Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn has of course been one of the most senior military figures to lend support to QAnon. And he gave a vaguely inflammatory speech on January 5th in Capital. So, it's certainly interesting, if hardly surprising, his brother was present during the request for National Guardsmen. The Pentagon initially denied Flynn's presence, but the general was eventually forced to acknowledge his role. The Washington Post was quick to assure it's readers Flynn's presence there was perfectly natural, all the while conceding he was out of the chain of command. 

The Biden administration apparently found nothing improper about Flynn's actions either. Shortly after assuming office, Charlie found himself promoted to head of US Army Pacific Command. This will likely prove to be a choice posting. As was noted here recently, the Biden administration seems poised to take the pivot to China even further than his predecessor. His recently nominees have only continued to insist on a tougher line regarding China

Hence, General Charles Flynn could find himself overseeing a command that will soon be seeing a great deal more action. Indeed, it may supersede CENTCOM as most choice command in the Army. It also indicates Flynn may be being groomed for one of the top slots in management. Is a vice-chairmanship or even a chairmanship in the works? Certainly the trajectory seems to fit. Not bad for a guy whose brother many believe is attempting to overthrow the Biden administration. 

Before moving along, it's interesting to note the presence of veterans of the 82nd Airborne in the upper hierarchy of the national security establishment of late. This has been the case for nearly 15 years now. David Petraeus, McChrystal, Michael Flynn, General Keith Kellogg (a key national security advisor throughout Trump's tenure who, along with Flynn, was one of the few senior military officers to back Trump in 2016), and Lloyd Austin (Biden's Secretary of Defense) all held significant commands in the 82nd from the late 1970s through the early Naughts. I already noted before here that Austin had served under Kellogg when he headed the 82nd from 1996 till 1998. It turns out Petraeus was also on Kellogg's staff during that time as well. Austin and McChrystal likely served together in the 82nd during the late 1970s. 

The Brothers Flynn both have deep ties to the 82nd. Michael Flynn was first commissioned as an officer with 82nd upon joining the military in 1981. He deployed with them to Grenada in 1983. Keith Kellogg's wife, also a paratrooper (and presumably a member of the 82nd) also deployed to Grenada, but not Kellogg himself. Reportedly, neither Flynn or Kellogg encountered one another despite both men having served multiple tours in the 82nd. 

Keith Kellogg

Charles Flynn also served multiple tours in the 82nd, eventually becoming it's Deputy Commanding General during the Obama era. Charlie and McChrystal served at Fort Bragg together during the late 90s. As was noted above, Kellogg, Austin, and Petraeus were all serving with the 82nd (which is based out of Fort Bragg) during the mid-to-late 1990s. I've been unable to determine if this overlapped with the time Flynn and McChrystal were also stationed at Fort Bragg, but it would hardly be surprising. This whole network is extremely incestuous.  

Charles Flynn and McChrystal were re-teamed again during Operation Enduring Freedom. Flynn was a part of the 82nd during the initial invasion of Afghanistan while McChrystal was the chief of staff for the XVIII Airborne Corps, which the 82nd is a part of. Michael Flynn surely served with McChrystal prior to their time in JSOC together as well. The Flynn and McChrystal families are very close, as Michael Hastings' The Operators emphasizes. It's likely the Flynns rubbed elbows with Austin at some point as well. 

This again illustrates the extent to which Fort Bragg has come to dominate the national security apparatus since at least the Obama years. Besides housing the 82nd and the XVIII, it also garrisons the Joint Special Operations Command JSOC), Army Special Operations Command, the Army Forces Command, and the celebrated Army Special Forces, more commonly known as the "Green Berets." JSOC overseas most of the nation's special operations forces. The major component not tied to JSOC are the Green Berets, who are also based out of Fort Bragg. Elsewhere, the XVIII is arguably the most elite of the Army's conventional troops due to it's role as a rapid-response force. These troops have effectively been the Pentagon's spear tip for much of the twenty-first century, and now they're solidifying their hold on upper management.

What is interesting is what this potentially says about the state of civilian government in these United States in 2021. As Hastings made clear in The Operators, there was no love lost between McChrystal and the Flynns on the one hand, and the Obama administration on the other. In particular, McChrystal was especially contemptuous of then-Vice-president Joe Biden. This contributed to McChrystal's sacking in 2010. Fast forward eleven years, and one of MyChrystal's closet allies is now taking over the Pacific Command in a Biden administration, and may be on the fast track for a chairmanship, vice or otherwise. 

It's a funny old world sometimes. 


Elsewhere, more reports continue to come out concerning the riots of January 6th and they further illustrate the hazy nature of the event. Brian Sicknick, the Capitol Police officer who allegedly died from injuries sustained during the rioting, was a veteran who had deployed to Afghanistan as well as a QAnon follower. Naturally, no one seems to know just how Sicknick died, just that it was a result of injuries suffered during the rioting. Originally, it was reported he was struck by a fire extinguisher. Now the argument is that he was killed by pepper spray, or something to that effect. One can only imagine where this drivel is going. 

Two other Capitol police officers present at the rioting have also died, each from suicide. The rash of deaths among Capitol Police present at the riot will likely only continue. Certainly, there are a lot of questions, least of all why law enforcement appeared to deliberately stand down for rioters. Explanations have been floated about an absence of manpower. But why was there a lack of manpower in the first place? There was clearly a major push leading up to the riots to make them into a major event. 

a police officer allegedly taking a selfie with the rioters

One of the players in the Jan 6th riots were the Proud Boys, a senior member of whom was recently revealed to be an FBI informant. Another group present were the Oath Keepers, who are wholly comprised of current or former military and law enforcement personnel. Several Oath Keepers were present for the riots, one of whom alleged to be in contact with the Secret Service shortly before the riots began. Supposedly, this was provide "security" to lawmakers. 

And of course, there's the anti Trump "activist" present at the riots and later arrested. This, along with the recent Proud Boys revelation, has been red meat for the conspiratorial right and their false flag narratives. But things are a little more complicated than that. Said activist, one John Sullivan, is a resident of Utah, a state long at the heart of the military-industrial complex and with a legacy of many strange experiments

And that brings up another bizarre development in the QAnon saga. With the movement in disarray at present, some even more cultic players are stepping in to fill the void. A few are operating under the banners of Shawunawaz and Sabmyk. Shawunawaz is a mythological sword awarded to Persian Princess Ameli Achaemenes by George Soros in 1992. The benevolent Achaemenes destroyed it before it could do further harm, however. 

Elsewhere, Sabmyk is the preordained ruler of the world. He came into being on December 21, 2020. Yes, the date that witnessed the Great Conjunction. How exactly Sabmyk relates to the Sword of Schwunawaz, I'm not entirely clear on. And frankly, I don't really care. Obviously, whoever is running this op/ARG is taking their DMing a little too seriously. 

the "Owl Cave symbol" from Twin Peaks

All right, I can't resist. There is some overlap between the above symbol of the Sabmyk folks an the one found in Owl Creek initially during the second season of Twin Peaks. It's later revealed that this symbol is crucial to opening a portal to the Black Lodge in Owl Cave. And the portal can only be opened.... during a Great Conjunction. Har har.

Closing Thoughts

During the first decade of the Global War on Terror, there was an increasing divide between the entrenched military hierarchy at the Pentagon and the Bush II administration. Many of the generals during that era had entered the military either during, or shortly after, the Vietnam era. Hence, they implicitly remembered the unpopularity the military suffered by the 1970s and were determined to prevent it from reach that nadir again. As such, the upper brass tended to be weary of anything that could damage the military's image. 

This mindset frequently clashed with the more aggressive foreign policy sought by Dick CheneyDonald Rumsfeld, and many of the leading neo-cons surrounding the administration. This made Young Turks like David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal, as well as the broader Fort Bragg/special forces culture that had produced them, all the more appealing in their eyes. Both commanders were brash and aggressive. Under their charge, torture and targeted killings proliferated in Iraq. The media hyped this up into a major success, paving the way for Petraeus to enter into the Washington bureaucracy and McChrystal to be tapped to lead the surge in Afghanistan. 

David Patraeus

While Petraeus was a Republican, McChrystal, the Flynns, and many of other officers surrounding them were Democrats. Despite this, McChrystal and company got on famously with the Bush inner circle. As Hastings reports in The Operators, McChrystal at times reported directly to Cheney. 

Things did not go as smoothly under Obama. Officers like McChrystal who had enjoyed free reign during the Bush II years suddenly found civilian intervention to be a major concern. Entrenched politicians like Joe Biden even publically questioned the policies being put forward by men like McChrystal. This ruffled some feathers and it ended with McChrystal, Patraeus, and Michael Flynn being drummed out of government in disgrace. 

At the onset of the Obama administration, these men had been considered among the finest military minds of their generation. They were poised to become entrenched figures in the national security apparatus. That all changed with Obama. 

Stanley McChrystal

2016 found Flynn firmly in the Trump camp while McChrystal and Patraeus largely sat on the fence. The military achieved great gains under Trump, especially for JSOC (noted here). But I suspect Trump fell out of favor, much like Obama before him, because of his reluctance to use military force and because of the (perceived) undo influence civilians (most likely members of the president's family) had on military policy. 

As such, figures like McChrystal and Patraeus drifted into the anti-Trump camp while Flynn kicked QAnon into high gear. The latter created a tailor made insurgency, and one that seems to have genuinely unsettled policymakers.  While it's fashionable to perceive Michael Flynn as a buffoon nowadays, a little less than a decade ago he was considered one of the most brilliant intelligence officers of his generation, the man who had crafted a deadly effective global Phoenix program for the War on Terror. Was January 6th the best such a figure could muster? 

I seriously doubt that, and most likely, so to does Biden, and any number of other officials. And do any of these people want to see what a serious, Phoenix style operation would look like domestically? I seriously doubt that either. Hence the reason Charlie Flynn's career is back on the fast track.

Which brings us back to my question about civilian government in 2021. Obama and Trump attempted to restore some vestige of civilian control at different points in their respective administrations and faced serious pushback from elements of the military. And now comes along Biden, who may well have barely avoided a military coup before he was even inaugurated. To say that he is on shaky ground is probably an understatement. 

Biden has a military hierarchy, especially those centered around Fort Bragg, that holds him in contempt while vast segments of the populace consider him to be an illegitimate president. And Michael Flynn, a key cog in that Fort Bragg hierarchy, has spent that last four years setting up a diehard contingent within that segment of the America populace. Biden will have to toe a very fine line to appease those Prussian elements, or else they will likely make the country ungovernable for him.  

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Hack Attack?

All right, before I get going, a little housekeeping: It's the middle of the month, which means a new, exclusive interview is available on The Farm's Subscribers' Section. In this episode, I'm joined by the great Adam Gorightly. He is the author of numerous works, including The Prankster and the Conspiracy, The Shadow Over Santa Susana, James Shelby Downard's Mystical War, Caught in the Crossfire, and the forthcoming work Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks. He's also edited and contributed to a few books as well, including the Historica Discordia and the upcoming project involving James Shelby Downard. Finally, he has contributed to Adam Curtis' most recent documentary, Can't Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World.

As many of your are probably aware, Adam Gorightly is the foremost authority on Kerry Thornley and Discordianism active today. He is also a Discordian and the keeper of their archives, which makes him the perfect candidate for a wide-ranging conversation involving the history of Discordianism and it's enduring legacy. And it's a far-reaching one, to be sure. Besides the influence on the broader counterculture that Adam detailed in The Prankster and the Conspiracy, Discordianism has also has a tremendous influence on neo-Paganism, conspiracy theories, hacker culture, and the rise of the Internet on the whole. 

Adam Gorightly

These are just a few of the Discordian related topics we covered. Also addressed were QAnon, the rise of the alt-right, and a sneak peak at Adam's forthcoming book, Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks. Even without delving to deeply, Adam drops one or two UFO-related names many of you are probably not familiar with. 

Adam Gorightly is the latest to join the ever-growing roster of exclusive guests in The Farm's Subscriber's Section. Past guests include Christopher KnowlesRichard B. Spence, Greg Bishop, J. Michael "Doc Future" Bennett, Neil Sanders, and David Metcalfe. Upcoming guests include Walter Bosley and the return of Douglas Valentine to The Farm. Please considering signing up. 

China Hands

All right, with that out of the way, let us move on to parapolitics. It probably goes without saying, but there have been many interesting developments of late. One that should surprise no one who reads this blog regularly is the Biden regime's China policy. 

I've long maintained that one of the principal purposes of the Trump administration was to reorient America foreign policy towards the Great Powers struggle, with a special emphasis on China. This process really into into overdrive in the final months of Trump's administration, with one final push to wind down the Forever Wars in the Middle East. Biden has seamlessly continued course by announcing a winding down of US support in Yemen

And despite the inevitable right wing fear mongering over Biden's China policy, early indications are that it will be even more militant than Trump. Remember Trump's trade war with China, which drew so much ire from the neo-liberal order? Well, it doesn't look like Sleepy Joe plans on ending it anytime soon

Far more eyebrow raising was the recent posture by the Atlantic Council (AC). This particular think tank is at the heart of the Anglo-American neo-liberal order. In particular, the Council has been one of the major proponents of Russiagate. Among others things, it partnered with Facebook to weed out Russia disinformation on social media and has modestly suggested that any political party or movement in Europe and the US that doesn't toe the neo-liberal order line is a tool of Putin.

With Trump out of office, one would think a formal olive branch would be extending East. Instead, a curious document entitled "The Longer Telegram: Towards a New American China Strategy" recently appeared on the AC's official website. Published anonymously, the title is a play on the famed "Long Telegram" issued by diplomat and foreign policy VIP George F. Kennan from Moscow in 1946. While Kennan later disputed his intention with this missive, it is generally credited with laying the foundation for the policy of "containment" in regards to the Soviet Union. It was also a major step towards initiating the Cold War against said Evil Empire, in other words.

George Kennan

With this kind of provocation right in the title, the content is about what one would expect

  • China is the greatest rival to US power in the twenty-first century
  • the US must use all means available to it, including it's control of the world's reserve currency; technology and telecommunications; and military might; to curtail China's rise
  • the US must draw numerous red lines past which the US will "directly intervene"
  • it advocates regime change so that, by 2050 (the year in which China hopes to reach military parity with the US) the nation will be under more "moderate control."
In case one mistakes the Atlantic Council's hawkish stance towards China as showmanship, consider Biden's leading national security advisor regarding China: Ely Ratner. Ratner is the kind of guy who called Trump "weak" on China this past spring. Predictably, Ratner has already been put in charge of policy review concerning China at the Pentagon. The most likely outcome of this review will be for the Pentagon to take a more direct role in containing China, which is in keeping with the Atlantic Council's thoughts on the matter. 


Already this is putting Biden on much more militant footing with China than Trump. Despite all the bluster, Trump largely tried to impose his China policy via the Treasury Department. Under Biden, it would seem that the Pentagon is poised to take a more active role. Hence, the reason why the Pentagon is in the midst of freeing up as many combat ready forces as possible in the Middle East for redeployment in the "Great Game." 

Solar Intrigues

But even as the US prepares for a new Cold War with China, TPTB are still floating the ludicrous Russia narrative. The latest whopper comes from a former KGB officer and associate of Alexander Litvinenko, a spook by the name of Yuri Shvets. Yuri helped frame the current narrative concerning the poisoning of Litvinenko while also posing as a source for journalist Craig Unger, who has a special relationship with the Russian narrative. In this case, Shvets alleges that the KGB cultivated Trump for 40 years as an asset. The claims serve as the backdrop for Unger's latest book, American Kompromat

state sponsored conspiracy theory

Talk about red meat for left wing QAnon. Far more interesting is the narrative being framed around the SolarWinds hack. For much of the following rundown, I'm greatly indebted to this fantastic article by Whitney Webb. The attacks appear to have begun in earnest during the fall of 2019, but it was not until spring 2020 that several federal agencies were breached. Among those who have acknowledged breaches are the Departments of Commerce, Energy, and Treasury. There are suspicions that the Departments of Defense and State, along with the Federal Reserve, NASA, and NSA were also affected. Interestingly, the CIA appears to have come out of this fairly unscathed. At least, officially. If so, it would be the only major component of the national security apparatus not compromised. 

Beyond government or quasi-government agencies, numerous corporations were affected as well. They included all of the ten major US telecommunications companies; the top five US accounting firms; major contractors like General Dynamics and Booz Allen Hamilton; and perhaps, most intriguingly, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Microsoft. So yeah, much the entire US "Overworld" is vulnerable, in other words. 

Predictably, the usual suspects have already implicated the Russians. Elsewhere, Trump (much to the ire of the legacy media) blamed China. Naturally, no one has suggested Israel, though Webb certainly makes a compelling case. 

It's also interesting to note that the company at the center of the hack, SolarWinds, is based out of Austin, Texas. And is just so happens that Austin and the surrounding area in central Texas has witnessed a groundswell of tech-related investment in recent years. The impetus for this appears to be the launch of the Army Futures Command in Austin during 2018, which brought in even more dollars for the already growing slew of tech start-up companies there. Also present in Austin are some spooky companies such as Stratfor as well as the heart of Alex Jones' InfoWars empire. So yeah, interesting place for such a pivotal hack to use as a launching point. 

Even more interesting is the recent slew of cyber attack snivelry by the neo-liberal order. Klaus Schwab, founder and head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), has recently suggested that a major cyber attack would make the COVID-19 crisis appear as a "small disturbance in comparison." Energy, transportation, and health services to could brought to a halt in the blink of an eye, along with society at large. Or so the story goes. 

Of course the WEF, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted Event 201 in October 2019. This exercise simulated a global coronavirus outbreak. According to Webb, the WEF ran a similar simulation in 2020, but this one involved a "digital pandemic" brought about by a major cyber attack. Curiously, one of the participants in this simulation, along with VIPs like Schwab and Tony Blair, was Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin

Mishustin is an interesting guy. He assumed the post of prime minister in January 2020, shortly before the COVID situation started making headlines. Previously, he had served as head of the Federal Tax Service, which is somewhat akin to the Russian equivalent of the IRS. He gained a reputation there for his tech savvy approach. Among other things, he utilized digital surveillance to collect data on virtually every transaction in Russia and AI to search for tax evaders. This is in keeping with a reportedly longstanding interest Mishustin has in tech, which stretches back to the 1990s. 

Mikhail Mishustin

He seems like a sound choice to deal with a cyber attack at an executive level. It's understandable why the Russians would want him in his current post and at the WEF's simulated cyber attack. But would the neo-liberal order really want him there if they were planning on laying the blame on Russia? 

This is why I opened with the Biden administration's early moves regarding China. Even with the Russia hysteria at a fever pitch, moves are quietly being made to institutionalize the new Cold War with the PRC.  

Concluding Thoughts

To me it at least, the most intriguing aspect of the SolarWinds hack thus far is the close proximity the company has to the Army Futures Command. The AFC is involved in some interesting work, to put it mildly. This particular command is tasked with not just modernizing the US Army, but specifically for future readiness against peers who have achieved near parity. In other words, the AFC is the command tasked with retooling the Army for the forthcoming Great Powers (China) struggle. 

To achieve this, no stone has been left unturned. The AFC is throwing money at everything from hypersonic missiles to combat robots and even "super soldier" technology. Yes, the latter is increasingly a part of the Great Powers struggle. Not only is China pursuing them, but so to is France.

Army Futures Command insignia

For our purposes here, most intriguing are the AFC's efforts to develop "The Network." While the concept is vague, hypothetically it would be a secure network with "offense and defensive cyber capabilities, using artificial intelligence...". In other words, the AFC is at the forefront of beefing up the Army's cyber attack capabilities. 

So yeah, it's pretty interesting the company at the forefront of the Great Hack of 2020 is based out of Austin, at the heart of the budding tech industry there the AFC is integrating itself with. And given that the AFC is taking the lead in getting the Army on footing for the coming conflict with China, a compelling narrative could thus been spun if TPTB opt to go the Chinese hacker route. 

But it's also interesting that, as noted above, the CIA was comparatively unaffected by the hack. I've been chronicling the ongoing power struggle between the CIA and Pentagon for a while, both in my debut book Strange Tales of the Parapolitical and more recently on this blog. Does the SolarWinds hack belong in that context? There are no such indications thus far, but if the CIA did play a role, it could potentially provide them with glimpse into what their rivals in the Pentagon up to as an added bonus. But this is purely speculation on my part. 

Let us return to Webb to wrap up. She proposes that Microsoft will by the target. Given how widely used Microsoft products are, there's no question such an attack would be devastating to the global economy. Such a scenario would be far worse the downturn brought about by COVID-19, to put it mildly. If you haven't done so already, I'd advice giving Mr. Robot viewing in the near future.  Certainly it seems more and more like a docu-series by the day.