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Give 'Em Enough Rope?

The ides of the month are once again upon us and you know what that means. In this very special subscribers' episode of The Farm I'm joined by Radix Verum of Patriots' Soapbox. Radix is one of the most controversial investigators active in the alternative media today. She and her husband, Pamphlet Anon, were early players in what became the QAnon phenomena going back to the pre-8chan days. In this exclusive interview, Radix traces the early history of the Q movement from the perspective of someone who witnessed it first hand. She recounts the involvement she and her husband had with Dr. Jerome Corsi (he of World Net Daily, Info Wars, the Swift Boat Vets, the Birthers, and so on...), his ties with the early Q movement, and other shadowy figures lurking in the background. 

From there, we get into who may have been behind Q. Radix lays out the intrigues unfolding in the Middle East and how this led an Israeli private intelligence company known as Psy-Group to ponder some novel psychological warfare techniques. From there, we get into Psy-Group's post-2016 election business arrangements with the infamous SCL Group/Cambridge Analytica network. This led to a host of developments, leading up to many of the strange moves at the Pentagon after the 2020 election, and climaxing with the events of January 6th

Along the way, we have an epic discussion concerning Colonel Michael Aquino, his doctrine of MindWar, and the influences of Jacques Ellul & Giordano Bruno upon it; the overlap between the theory-fictions of The Aviary and QAnon; the use of "twilight language" in psychological warfare; the real foreign influence on the US government; and so much more. 

But that's not all subscribers have to look forward to today. They're getting an additional, two-hours of bonus material! Yes, an complete second interview between Radix and myself is also going up today!

After Radix agreed to appear on The Farm, I offered to return the favor and appear on PSB. She took me up on that offer and the result is two hours of parapolitical/high weirdness gold. After live streaming this interview on Patriots' Soapbox on May 14, 2021, Radix has graciously allowed me to repost it in my subscribers' section.  

The first hour largely focuses on the events of January 6th; the role the Oath Keepers played; the general history of the outfit; and the American stay-behind network. From there, things start getting weird. I delve into the early history of Ufology, the Collins Elite, CIA/Pentagon-engineered cults, Skinwalker Ranch, the Sovereign Order of Saint John, and the Order of the White Eagle. The first half is certainly more coherent, but there are plenty of gems to be found in the second. As always, I hope you guys enjoy. And a big thank you Radix for having me PBS and allowing me to upload this ep. As always, I hope you guys enjoy. 

Radix is the latest in an ever growing roster of guests for these exclusive subscriber shows. Prior guests include Diana Walsh-PasulkaRichard B. Spence Christopher Knowles, Douglas Valentine, Adam Gorightly, Greg Bishop, Walter Bosley, J. Michael "Doc Future" Bennett, Erica Lukes, David Metcalfe, Neil Sanders, the Penny Royal crew, Edmund Berger and Samuel Vandiver. Next up is Dr. Andre Gagne of Concordia University to talk some spiritual warfare and related topics. 

Non-Lethals and SOCOM

Obviously, there are no shortage of current events to discuss at present. Let's begin with a thread we explored during my last postnon-lethal weapons. Yes, they've been back in the news in a big way over the last few weeks. The crickets explanation has quietly been dismissed regarding "Havana syndrome." Sonic or microwave weapons are back on the table. What's more, the Pentagon is alleging that military personnel have been targeted in Syria. Both the CIA and the Pentagon are currently carrying out investigations into these incidents. 

Now, more fuel has been added to the fire, and by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki no less. In May 2021 she acknowledged that suspected attacks have occurred in these United States, including in the nation's capital. The Daily Mail has also acknowledged reports of Havana syndrome in DC. One reported victim was a National Security Council staffer while the other was simply described as a "White House official" in the Trump administration. 

As was noted above, the CIA and Pentagon have already been studying the incidents. But apparently, that's not enough. Biden's National Security Council is now conducting it's own investigation as well

For those of us who have followed the developments of the non-lethal weapons for years now, these last few weeks have been quite eyebrow raising. This is the type of stuff that was largely dismissed as far out conspiracy theories for decades. But in 2021, we've seen numerous mainstream news agencies acknowledge the possibility of these types of weapons being a reality. It's something worth keeping an eye on going forward, especially with the looming UFO Disclosure on the horizon. 


On the subject of things worth keeping an eye on, let us turn our attention to ongoing developments within the special operations community. As regular readers of this blog are aware, a lot has been going on in such circles for the past year or so. On the one hand, the outgoing Trump administration took steps to establish the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as it's own branch of the military during it's final months. On the other hand, a rash of strange deaths over the past year have rocked Fort Bragg, the black heart of the US special operations community. As to the latter, even the mainstream media has begun to take note. No less than Rolling Stone weighed in, gleefully ripping off my research without credit along the way. So it goes. 

While 2020 was certainly a banner year for SOCOM scandals (the extent of which we likely will not know for decades), the warning signs have been evident for a while now. Members of the special operations community have been implicated in drug trafficking and even murder with increasingly frequency in recent years. Reportedly, all the murders linked to Fort Bragg this past year involved drugs. One is left with the distinct impression that SOCOM is little more than a glorified drug cartel, not unlike it's predecessor, the CIA's Directorate of Plans/Operations (DO). But the DO got soft towards the end of the Cold War, playing the role of the American Syndicate to SOCOM's rising Russian mafia

It is Trump's decision to elevate SOCOM to it's own branch of the military that is proving most controversial, however. Politico reports that current SOCOM commander General Richard D. Clarke has been rallying his not inconsiderable resources to push back against the move. Clarke is concerned about encroaching civilian control over SOCOM if the outfit is made into it's own branch of the military. 

General Richard D. Clarke

This is a bit of a surprising development, and adds another level of intrigue to the ongoing saga involving the Pentagon during Trump's final months in office. Shortly after his alleged defeat in the 2020 US Presidential Election, the Orange One abruptly sacked Mark Esper (who had publicly rebuked Trump for suggesting the use of the military to quell riots during the summer of 2020 and oversaw the DoD when the military refused to intervene in the 2020 elections) and replaced him with Christopher C. Miller as Secretary of Defense. Miller, in turn, was quick to elevate SOCOM to it's own branch of the Armed Forces. 

It should be emphasized that Miller himself is a former US Army colonel who spent virtually his entire career in special operations, including a stint with the highly secretive Intelligence Support Activity (note before here). Thus, he should have been as aware of the pulse of SOCOM as well as anyone. And yet he pushed throw this highly controversial move while Trump was theoretically a lame duck? And he continues to vigorously defend Trump's actions regarding January 6th to boot

Christopher C. Miller

What is going on here, especially in the context of the criminal activity at Fort Bragg? Was elevating SOCOM to it's own branch of the military a form of blackmail? Heightened civilian control over SOCOM may well have shown a brighter light on the rampant criminal activity in the special operations community. This is turn could have led to more restrictions, and possibly even prosecutions. Was Trump attempting to force SOCOM to support his attempts to over turn the election by using this as leverage? It was reported that deploying the military was discussed before Trump's advisors opted for the January 6th protests instead. Was General Clarke concerned about the politicization of SOCOM that would have resulted from these moves? 

But would special operations veterans like Michael Flynn and especially Miller have supported such a crass power grab by Trump over a command they, and many of Trump's military supporters, had pledged their lives' work too? 

Curiously, current Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (who also has deep ties to Fort Bragg) made partially reversing SOCOM's status as an independent branch of the military a top priority. Currently a decision remains in limbo as the Joint Special Operations University conducts what is widely viewed as a sham review. In all likelihood, it will recommend SOCOM retains it's present status.

Lloyd Austin

I again return to the bizarre series of events involving General Charles Flynn during the months leading up to and the day of the capital riots. Flynn, the brother of Michael, was nominated for another star on November 30th, shortly after the action involving SOCOM's status. His star was then confirmed by the Senate the day after that faithful meeting in the Oval Office in which the January 6th "protest" was conceived. General Charles Flynn was then in on the discussion to deploy the military in the capital on the day of the riots, despite being outside the chain-of-command. Was the status of SOCOM part of the conversation taking place then? 

General Charles Flynn

Was Trump, as a lame duck, implementing a decision forced upon SOCOM by Congress that no one wanted to see through? Were the riots in turn to ensure that the incoming Biden administration would reverse course? 

I suspect the factors behind January 6th and the moves leading up to it were Byzantine, and the status of SOCOM was thus one of many. But it clearly seems to have been more contested than I originally believed. Maybe in 50 years we'll finally have some indication of how central it was. Clearly, this is a JFK assassination/9/11-type deep event unfolding before our eyes. 

He's Baaaaack

The other headline that's caught my eye is the announcement of the pending divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates. While this is significant on a number of levels, the really intriguing thing is who's name has surfaced in conjunction with the separation: Jeffrey Epstein. Remember that crazy guy? Everyone's favorite VIP sex trafficker? 

Bill Gates surely wishes Melinda didn't. 

The couple has allegedly spent weeks working with PR specialists to frame their divorce. And yet, Melinda Gates' camp is clearly dishing the dirt on Bill's relationship to Jeffrey. And it's not pretty. The Daily Beast reports that the relationship between Gates and Epstein was much closer than originally reported, surprising absolutely no one who has followed this train wreck. 

Bill and Melinda

It was already acknowledged that Boris Nikolić, a biotech investor and former scientific adviser to Gates, was mysteriously named as a back-up executioner for Epstein's will. What's more, Melanie Walker, a former Gates Foundation employee, would go on to become a scientific adviser to Epstein (whom she had known since 1992). Other names have surfaced as well. Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft's chief technology officer during the late 1990s, appears to have had links to Epstein going back to that era. Elsewhere Linda Stone, who worked with Myhryold at Microsoft (where she eventually became a vice-president) during the 1990s, had also had links to Epstein since at least the early 00s. So, the Epstein/Microsoft connection is very much a thing. 

But with a looming divorce, the stakes have been upped. Thus, The Daily Beast has acquired access to such money quotes as this nugget Bill Gates dispatched to the Gates Foundation stuff via email concerning Epstein: "His lifestyle is very different and kind of intriguing although it would not work for me."

Gates' handlers were quick to insist that Bill was only referring to Epstein's "unique décor” and his habit of "spontaneously bringing acquaintances in to meet Mr. Gates.” Sure he was. The décor no doubt played a leading role in Mr. Gates ponying up $2 million to MIT's Media Lab in 2014, alleging with Epstein facilitating the transaction. Perhaps the décor also played a role in Mr. Gates abruptly breaking off relations with Mr. Epstein by the end of that year. 

But more likely, it was Mrs. Gates. Bill Gates' relationship with Epstein allegedly "still haunts Melinda." Reportedly, her decision to divorce Bill was spurred by the Epstein revelations of 2019. If this is as much a sore spot as the nuggets leaked by her camp indicate it is, some real fireworks are probably on the horizon. 

It also brings the long-simmering Epstein scandal back into play in a big way. Gates is the second high profile figure linked to Epstein to become ensnared in a scandal this year already. As was noted before hereAndrew Cuomo is currently fighting for his political life due to his own long-simmering sex scandals. The Cuomo-Epstein links have been kept on the backburner a bit thus far, but with the Gates thing breaking, it's something to keep an eye on. 

Andrew Cuomo

What's especially interesting about these revelations is how visibly linked Cuomo and Gates are to the neo-liberal/Davos response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gates in particular has been leading the charge for mass vaccination since literally onset of the pandemic. How is the "Trust the Science" crowd going to respond to accounts of Gates actively abusing teenage girls with his pal Epstein? 

And what if it doesn't stop there? As I've been emphasizing since 2019, virtually the entire field of celebrity scientists are compromised by links to Epstein. Even Stephen Hawking had ties to Epstein, for God's sake. 

Hawking visiting Epstein's private island

What's more, it's not just the personal lives of these scientists that were compromised by Epstein. For much of the twenty-first century, most of Epstein's efforts revolved around funding scientific research. Incidentally, this is one aspect of the Epstein scandal that no one wants to touch. Little has come out concerning it and the little that has is designed to make these pursuits sound as foolish as possible. Need I remind you of the "revelation" that Epstein wished to cryogenically freeze his penis? 

The MSM efforts to mock Epstein's scientific research when not downplaying it is a dead giveaway as to how serious it really was. And what if people start asking hard questions about such things while the neo-liberal COVID response in full swing? 

That is certainly a very interesting question and raises some additional compelling ones. Most notably, why would the Davos crowd tap someone like Gates or Cuomo to take such a visible lead while Epstein hung as a Sword of Damocles over them? And the same is true of virtually all the other arch globalists backing the Davos COVID response. Seriously, Jeff BezosEric SchmidtGhislaine Maxwell already started talking up her relationship with either men last summer. What else will she have to say in the coming months?

Ghislaine (right) was arrested abruptly in July 2020 after hiding out for nearly a year. When the FBI finally dropped by the arrest her, they found her being guarded by a team of SAS veterans

The use of Gates as the front man for these efforts is increasingly baffling in this context. The Epstein/Gates connection already surfaced in a big way in 2019, to the point that Melinda allegedly began contemplating divorce shortly thereafter. And yet no one foresaw this train wreck unfolding?  It's even more interesting that the looming divorce was kept under wraps until after Trump left office.

While this no doubt aided Biden in getting elected, if more Epstein/Gates revelations are forthcoming, it's not going to make the country any more governable. Further, given the extent to which the Democratic Party embraced figures like Cuomo and Gates during the horrors of 2020, it could cause serious branding issues going forward. The same goes for the Davos crowd. 

Was this simply hubris? A delusional sense of invincibility? A belief that anything would be excused in the name of getting Trump out of office? Well, the Orange One is gone. And it's looking like the chicks are just now starting to come home to roost. 

Or was someone anticipating, even banking, on the Davos crowd reacting in the fashion that they have (read: LARPing every conspiracy theory former Office of Naval Intelligence officer William Milton Cooper ever disseminated to the point of becoming comic book super villains)? There's no question the neo-liberal order has been in decline for some time now and the rise of Trump and Brexit in the Anglo-American heartlands no doubt invoked a sense of desperation amongst the Davos set. All the stops were pulled out in a sad attempt to reverse the course of history. 

The end result is to have made these United States, the linchpin of the neo-liberal order, all but ungovernable and rapidly approaching a massive economic downturn. Large swaths of the country consider Biden to be an illegitimate president and those numbers will only grow as investigations into voter fraud continue. If the Epstein thing is taken to it's logical conclusion, what little credibility the scientific community and leading Democrats have left with the public at large will be gone. Interesting times indeed, and I increasingly suspect that was the plan all along. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Do You Believe in Magic?

It's May Day folks, which means its also the first of the month. And that means, besides celebrating the Rites of Spring in your own peculiar way, you've also got a brand new, exclusive episode of The Farm to add to the festivities. That is if you're a subscriber, of course.  

This is an exclusive installment in The Farm's ongoing "The Secret History of Ufology" series. Joining me for this round is Erica Lukes of UFO Classified. Erica is a former member of MUFON, first working as a field investigator and later becoming a State Director for Utah. She's also been a guest on such TV shows as History's Ancient Aliens and The Travel Channel's UFOs: The Lost Evidence

Erica's background is especially apt for the topic of discussion: the Mutual UFO Network, more commonly known as MUFON. On the surface, MUFON may not seem like the sexiest topic, but that's probably because you haven't been paying attention. MUFON is undoubtedly one of the sleaziest and most corrupt organizations active today. The upper echelons have been deeply implicated in a host of outrages, including pedophilia, sexual entrapment, data mining, and right-wing extremism. And that's just MUFON's "Inner Circle."

Rank-and-file members are routinely exploited by the organization. Simply filing a report with MUFON can lead one to losing the copyright to their encounter account (seriously). Personal data turned over to MUFON has likely been sold to a host of shadowy companies. And if you expect anyone to be qualified who works with MUFON, forget it: Being anything from a field investigator to a member of the Inner Circle is determined by nothing other than how much cash you're willing to pony up. To cap it off, former members who have come forward have often been subjected to gang stalking and other forms of harassment. 

And those are just a few of the topics we touch upon. Also up for discussion are the Mormon mafia, nonlethal weapons, the dark uses of the real estate industry, personality profiling, and the real possibility of a QAnon-style operation breaking out in the UFO field. It's a fascinating talk chalk full of original research and first-hand accounts of the inner workings of MUFON. As always, I hope you guys enjoy. 

Erica is the latest in an ever-growing collection of exclusive shows for The Farm's subscribers. Prior guests include Diana Walsh-PasulkaRichard B. SpenceChristopher Knowles, Douglas Valentine, Adam Gorightly, Walter Bosley, Greg Bishop, J. Michael "Doctor Future" Bennett, David Metcalfe, Neil Sanders, Edmund Berger, and Samuel Vandiver. Coming up soon will be my interview with Radix Verum of Patriot's Soapbox, in which she will provide an insider's account of the origins of Q. 

Plantation Intrigues

Many strange things have happened before, during, and after the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of these United States. Recently, a little more light had has been shed on one of the more notable curiosities surrounding Inauguration Day. It was then that an obscure company in South Florida suddenly announced to the world that it had taken over the management of an enormous chunk of idle space of Internet owned by he Department of Defense. 

In the following weeks, speculation has been rampant concerning this move. The Pentagon was finally forced to clarify matters recently. Reportedly, these moves were made to allow the military to "assess, evaluate and prevent unauthorized use of DoD IP address space" and to "identify potential vulnerabilities" so as to defend against cyberattacks. 

As to the former, the Pentagon has to routinely contend with unauthorized squatters setting up shop on it's Internet space. Chasing off these squatters is likely in play, but the military may also be planning on collecting "a massive amount of background internet traffic for threat intelligence.” The end game could be to set up some type of digital honeypot to draw in hackers, or even set up an infrastructure to scour traffic for suspect activity. 

What no one seems to grok is the company selected for these efforts --Global Resource Systems LLC. Red flags abound, starting with the outfit's name. A prior incarnation of Global Resource Systems operated in the same South Florida city during the first decade of the twenty-first century. The prior incarnation dealt in spam mail and shut down more than a decade ago. The new GRS is an LLC rather than a corporation, but appears to be using the same Internet routing identifier. Naturally, no explanation has been put forth as to why a Pentagon contractor would be taking on the persona of a spam mail outfit.  

GRS Mach II has no online presence as yet. The LLC was originally incorporated in Delaware by a Beverly Hills lawyer, and only seems to exist physically in a shared workspace above a bank. And yet, it reportedly controls more Internet space than China Telecom, AT&T, or Comcast. 

The Beverly Hills attorney is one Raymond Saulino. Previously, Saulino had ties to a company called Packet Forensics. This outfit specialized in selling forged security credentials to government agencies and law enforcement so to make it easier for them to spy on people's browsing history. The company was eventually able to parlay these skills into a DARPA contract. In theory, the capabilities Packet Forensics specializes in would be ideal for staging a cyberattack false flag --something that's been a growing concern in recent years. Of course, only the Russians, the Chinese, or other "rogue" regimes would ever dream of doing such a thing. The US's interest is surely only for "defensive" purposes. 

For me, the most interesting thing about Global Resource Systems LLC is it's location: Plantation, FL. Part of the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, Plantation is not known for much. While somewhat more affluent than other, nearby areas, it's not an especially rich region by the standards of Miami. Nor is it especially economically viable. 

A Magical Place

GRS may have chosen Plantation for it's headquarters because it's such an unassuming location in one of the most economically significant areas of the US. However, there just happens to be another curious company based out Planation. It goes by then name of Magic Leap (ML). 

ML was founded in 2010 by a biomedical engineer named Rony Abovitz. For a time, much effort was put forward to hype up Abovitz as the next bro tech billionaire a la Elon Musk. Almost every profile I've read of him is quick to point out his love of sci-fi. We are also assured he has a unique way of viewing the world, that he builds "wealth through people" (just as every despot throughout human history has....), and that he he values diversity

Circa 2016, with the neo-liberal organ Wired leading the charge, it was proclaimed that Abovitz was engaged in a "Quest to Create a New King of Reality." Abovitz and ML were going to manage this through a "new" type of technology known as "augmented reality." In reality, AR is just a variation of the same type of virtual reality tech that's been available since the late 1980s. The major difference between AR and VR is that the latter attempts to immerse the player in an entirely digital world. In the case of AR, the real world and objects in it are "enhanced" by "computer-generated perceptual information." As with VR, headsets are a requirement of AR, along with other bulky equipment worn over the body so as to more completely immerse the player in the experience. 

Magic Leap's headset and related tech were said to be the best. Numerous accounts of it breathlessly likened it to the Oasis of Ready Player One or the Metaverse of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. In fact, ML dug the Snow Crash comparison so much that the company even hired Stephenson as the company's "chief futurist." 

Nor was Stephenson the only hipster cred ML attempted to attract. Game designer Graeme Devine, creator of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, was brought in as the "Chief Creative Officer." The big catch, however, was surely effects designer Richard Taylor, the founder and head of Weta Workshops. Taylor and his company are best down for providing the bulk of the effects for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. The connection to Taylor and Weta provided ample opportunities for Jackson to drop by ML to observe the future of entertainment, especially when the company happened to be doing a certain type of entertaining involving journalists. 

Remarkably, it worked. During the middle of the past decade, a lot of companies were buying into the hype around ML --literally. During it's big coming out party in 2014, ML raised over $500 million in investment. Among the contributors were Google, Qualcomm, and venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Kleiner Perkins. The most remarkable part is that none of these companies reportedly knew exactly what they were investing in when they opened their wallets. All that mattered was that Abovitz was ready to revolutionize technology any day. 

Of course, it wasn't just the entertainment industry Magic Leap was trying to revolutionize. Amidst much less fanfare, the company also set it's sites (har har) on those plush, juicy defense contracts. Nor is this surprising in the least. Despite all the bold projections about how ML would change the ways stories were told, product roll out has been problematic, to put mildly. The truth is, no one really seems to know if AR has long term commercial viability. 

Military applications are a different story. They already exist and will likely only grow in the coming years. ML appears to have been a little late to recognize this. The only brought in a big shot defense director in 2018. It didn't take long for military interest to pick up after that. By 2019, the US Navy was using ML headsets

ML headsets being used by the US Navy for training exercises

It all appears to have been to little, to late, however. Towards the end of March 2021, rival Microsoft was awarded a sought after contract to deliver AR headsets to the Army. This was one in a string of setbacks ML experienced beginning in 2020. In the spring of that year, it laid off nearly a thousand of its employees and dropped its commercial business. The pandemic was blamed, but it wasn't enough to save founder Rony Abovitz. After several years of media hype, he was unceremonially forced out of the company. In 2019, Magic Leap was valued at $6.7 billion dollars. By September 2020, it had fallen to $450 million, a loss of 93% of its value. The Microsoft deal this year was probably the final nail in the coffin. 

Undoubtedly, we'll never know what exactly happened behind the scenes. No doubt, there were political considerations. The Microsoft deal being green lit months after Biden took office is likely not coincidental. Its also quite ominous. One of the major issues raised concerning the use of AR in the military is the ease with which the tech can be hacked. And of course, Microsoft's security appears to have been greatly compromised by a recent cyberattack. Kind of seems like a recipe for disaster --not that anyone asked me. 

Was Magic Leap simply not as incompetent or corrupt as their counterparts in Microsoft? Possibly, but perhaps their purpose has simply been fulfilled. One of the most interesting names linked to the company is the one of Sean Stewart. Stewart has worn many hats over the course of his media career, but he is principally known for his work in the alternate reality game (ARG) field, where he is considered a pioneer. Stewart was involved in setting up early ARGs such as The Beast and Ilovebees. Stewart co-founded two companies, 42 Entertainment and Fourth Wall Studios, that were among the first to specialize in the commercial applications of ARGs. 


Thus, I found it most interesting that Stewart put in five years with Magic Leap, first as a consultant, and later as a "creative director." Stewart's tenure with the company ended in April 2020, just as the lay offs were kicking in. Certainly, it's interesting to see a guy with this kind of background working for a company based out of what was going to be a highly contested state during the 2020 election. Just saying. 

And what of this Global System Resources outfit springing up as a major force in Plantation just as ML appears to throwing in the towel?  Is it all a feign, with a new, militarized version of ML rising from the ashes after a lifeline or two from GSR? Only time will tell, but it's truly odd these highly secretive, defense-related tech companies ended up in the same obscure Florida city in recent years. These developments certainly warrant keeping an eye on. 


Since we're speculating on tech with military applications, why not cover some non-lethal weapons? This is a subject once again making headlines, and in some remarkable ways. Most notably, how casually mainstream publications are acknowledging directed-energy weapons as a thing. 

It all started with a re-evaluation of "Havana syndrome." Remember that? It occurred several years ago, and involved American diplomats in Cuban and Russia experiencing unusual system. Initially, there were rumblings of some type of sonic weapon being used. Eventually, this explanation was brushed aside in favor of more "reasonable" culprits, such as the sounds of crickets causing the unusual injuries reported. 

Fear the cricket...

Now it turns out, the cricket explanation may not have been entirely accurate either. Reports are coming out that the initial investigation was botched, and that the possibility of non-lethals being used is so probable that the CIA felt the need to create a task force to study the matter. It's interesting to note that the reports of the CIA task force on this matter first began to emerge a little over a month after Biden took office. 

Then in April 2021, the Pentagon massively raised the stakes. It alleged that US forces were targeted with directed-energy weapons in Syria. In the same breath, they blamed the Russians for these attacks. Curiously, these reports started to come out after Congressional lawmakers were briefed on these attacks by "Pentagon officials." When these same lawmakers questioned General Frank McKenzie, the head of CenCom, about these reports, he informed them that he had seen "no evidence" of such attacks against US troops in the Middle East. 

In fairness to General McKenzie, it's probably the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) rather than CenCom that's directing the war in Syria. Thus, McKenzie is not in the chain of command for this one. And the chain of command is so important in the military, unless you happen to be a member of the Flynn family

Politico further hints at a SOCOM link when it noted that the Pentagon's Office of Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict (SO/LIC) initiated an investigation into directed-energy weapons being used against US troops in Syria during 2020. The Assistant Secretary of Defense who heads the SO/LIC is the principal civilian responsible for oversight of the SOCOM. 

This is interesting on a few levels. For one, it further reinforces the interest SOCOM has in non-lethals. But beyond this, there's who headed the SO/LIC during 2020: Eventual Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller; and Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a notorious lackey of Michael Flynn's. We've already explored some of the recent intrigues involving the Miller/ECW duo during the final week's of Trump's presidency. If either or both of these characters are the ones who initiated this investigation, it raises some interesting possibilities. 

Batman and the Boy Wonder: Miller (top) and ECW (bottom)

Effectively both the CIA and SOCOM, the two principal bodies responsible for covert operations in the national security state (and at times, intense rivals of one another), are actively investigating the use of non-lethals on US personnel by "foreign actors" (aka the Russians). This is all quite fascinating in light of the looming UFO Disclosure, which will be unfolding soon. Hype has apparently built to the point that Forbes had pondered whether 2021 will be the year of the UFO

Certainly, there have been a lot of interesting developments during the run up. Shortly before the COVID bill was signed, the bizarre monolith LARP broke out, first nationally, then internationally. But it started in the state of Utah, which is highly significant to modern Ufology due to the Mormon connection. Popular Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson has been flogging the UFO Disclosure narrative on a regular basisJohn Ratcliffe, Trump's former Director of National Intelligence, has been hyping reports collected by the military. And of course, the military played in a role in the hype after it confirmed the authenticity of several dubious videos in the spring of 2020. 

In certain circles, there has been speculation that the UFO Disclosure narrative will be used as a means of rolling out the US Military's new, high tech toys --toys that may (this will surely never be confirmed) be based upon reverse engineered alien tech. I suspect these toys will be based upon concepts that have been researched in the non-lethal field (i.e. directed-energy weapons) for some time. 

In this context, it makes a lot of sense to have the CIA and SOCOM investigating the non-lethal tech of China and Russia. If I'm correct, then it can be claimed their weapons derive from a similar source, further bolstering the claims of the US intelligence community. And just imagine the kind of escalations that could occur with those types of weapons of massive destruction. 

Mind you, I really hope I'm way off base on this one. The temptation is always to chalk UFO Disclosure up as another round of confidence games. But there's just something about this one that seems ever so slightly off. And with recent develops in Ufology (see today's interview with Erica Lukes) that's led to increased fanaticism, a perfect storm-type scenario could be unfolding before our eyes. 

Again, I hope I'm way off base, but stay alert folks and don't buy into the hype during the coming weeks. And with that I shall sign off for now. Until next time, stay tuned.