Wednesday, April 17, 2024

The Monolith Has Landed....


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Stanley Kubrick is the most written about filmmaker in the English language. But few biographies have been produced by orthodox Kubrick scholars, and conspiracy theorists now contribute even more ink to his discourse than his historians. This subcategory, known as "Cryptokubrology,” fueled by endless viewings of Room 237 and Reddit boards, believes to have uncovered the secrets of the universe in the director's films, scarcely reading—let alone citing—a single book on the filmmaker. Neither Cryptokubrologists or historians have accounted for the true mysteries of Kubrick's life.

That is, until now.                                                                   

Whether it be the influence of surrealism and The Realist, his strange cousin, the exploitation of Sue Lyon by his former business partner, his presence in Ireland amidst the Troubles and Operation Clockwork Orange, the Profumo-inspired masked ball in Eyes Wide Shut, or the specter John F. Kennedy and his assassination cast over the director's life and career, this volume promises a number of unique insights into Kubrick’s life and work.

Forget all the classic Kubrickian misdirection. Forget the moon landing hoax. Forget the endless Reddit posts.  Forget Room 237. Forget everything you ever knew about Stanley Kubrick. In these pages, the true mysteries of one of the 20th century's greatest enigmas will finally be revealed.

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