Saturday, August 13, 2022

Coming 8/17/22: An Exclusive Dive Into Family Aquino

Colonel Michael Aquino is one of the most notorious military officers in the history of these United States. His acknowledged operations constitute nothing less than an assault on consensus reality itself. And the longstanding allegations against him point to a depravity at the heart of the national security state nearly unspeakable. 

As such, Aquino's career has generated a lot of attention. Less so his background, especially has family. That's a subject that's been carefully guarded and for good reason. But at long last, the truth is starting to come out.

Both The Farm and Subliminal Jihad have been hot on the trail of Aquino's background throughout the year. We've already uncovered some incredible things and just had a major score: a collection of private correspondences from the colonel's mother, Betty Ford Aquino, located in the archives of the Pacifica Foundation. Few know what is in these files. 

But that's going to change on 8/17/22. The Farm's monthly Zoom Party is going to feature a sneak peak from Recluse and Subliminal Jihad, plus a few other Aquino family revelations.