Saturday, August 13, 2022

Coming 8/17/22: An Exclusive Dive Into Family Aquino

Colonel Michael Aquino is one of the most notorious military officers in the history of these United States. His acknowledged operations constitute nothing less than an assault on consensus reality itself. And the longstanding allegations against him point to a depravity at the heart of the national security state nearly unspeakable. 

As such, Aquino's career has generated a lot of attention. Less so his background, especially has family. That's a subject that's been carefully guarded and for good reason. But at long last, the truth is starting to come out.

Both The Farm and Subliminal Jihad have been hot on the trail of Aquino's background throughout the year. We've already uncovered some incredible things and just had a major score: a collection of private correspondences from the colonel's mother, Betty Ford Aquino, located in the archives of the Pacifica Foundation. Few know what is in these files. 

But that's going to change on 8/17/22. The Farm's monthly Zoom Party is going to feature a sneak peak from Recluse and Subliminal Jihad, plus a few other Aquino family revelations. 


  1. Recluse, absolutely fascinating show as usual and I appreciate the input of your guest which gives access to local perspectives from Japan. Your panel leaves open the possibility that the assassination was another staged event for the hard core conspiracists, (like yours truly). But also addresses the karmic aspect of the bizarre back story to this event. One thing that I would like to add from my extensive discussions with Don Dilligent, is the history of ethnic Koreans involvement in the Japanese Yakuza underworld. Rev. Moon perhaps stands prominent in this respect due to his early involvement with Japanese intelligence during WW2. This is subjective, of course and derived from circumstantial evidence provided in part by Moon's own bombastic accounts. Supported also by the apparent role of the Unification church as a lobbying group for the LDP more so even than that of the KCIA. One thing is certain to all concerned and that is the fact that the Unification church's role in political patronage is effectively over for what ever reason. Hopefully resulting in the further emancipation of cult members everywhere from their dreadful mental bondage. One other thing I would like to add is that the assassin was not a church member himself but the source of his grudge was the fact that his mother was actively grifted by the church leading to his impoverishment. The disclosures by the police about his motives is interesting also and tends to support the theory that this was indeed a random event quite out of the control of all the players. Destined as it were, to be woven into our common historic narrative. Keep up the excellent commentary, I am an avid fan of your work.

    1. Ooh, Frank, your comment reminds me of a topic I've wondered about from time to time since originally learning of it years ago, but it's never reported on (in the English language at least). Is that crazy feminist cult that had basically control of South Korea's government for a number of years, still relevant or holding power over there? I've also had to wonder if they were somehow a kind of sub cult cooked up by the Moonies, or some suspected shadowy figures who may've helped in creating the Moonies' original recipe?