Sunday, May 10, 2020


I knew this discussion would be timely when I asked my brilliant research assistant, Mr. Keith Allen Dennis, on for a show based around Fourth Generation Warfare. But Mr. Dennis' amazing discussion on the weaponization of conspiracy culture could not come at a better time. Just observer the above image.

remember this old trope?
In order to explain things like neo-Minutemen on Masonic squares, Mr. Dennis embraces an approach reminiscent of "twilight language." Highly symbolically charged imagery that reverberates at a subconscious level merged with epic provocation is never a good combination. But in the context of nearly seventy years of continuous psychological warfare (derived from MK-ULTRA no less)? Be afraid friends, be very afraid.

These types of armed protests, increasingly prevalent in the age of COVID-19, may signal the final end game of conspiracy culture. Trump has decades of continuity of government (COG) powers at his disposal now. Mainstream liberals are just now coming to the realization that that is a scary prospect while Trump's most die-hard (and militant) supporters believe this may be the final putsch against the Pedocracy, or some such shit. The fact that references to the latter have been all but scrubbed from the web is a nice touch and will further rally the troops. All that's needed is for the bullets to start flying. Its the least Trump's most fanatical followers can do for him before they go the way of the Brown Shirts.

Elsewhere, the trolling continues. None other than George W. Bush was recently brought forth to deliver a message of unity in these highly partisan times. No other commentary is necessary...


Nor is the US alone in these endeavors. In the UK, for instance, 77 (har har) cell phone towers have been set on fire of late. This was reportedly done due to the linkage of 5G to the spread of COVID-19. As was discussed here, there are legit health concerns from 5G and it may even weaken the immune system, making those near the towers more susceptible. But actually spreading it? This is not so compelling and burning the towers are bad optics, to put it mildly. This is only going to make it more difficult to mount serious opposition to 5G, which was surely the point all along.

But why should the Anglo-Americans have all the fun? On the international stage, yet another gauntlet was recently thrown down: a "German intelligence service" has accused the Chinese of leaning on the WHO to cover up the extent of the COVID outbreak. Are the Germans now ready to kiss the Trump/Brexit/China-containment ring? Note that this report was leaked through a Taiwanese newspaper. Regular readers of this blog are of course familiar with the Apartheid state of Taiwan, a long time favorite of the American far right.

On a lighter note, be sure to check my most recent podcast with the great Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun. Q: Can you go wrong with nearly two hours of Mr. Knowles discussing the mind-bending films of Panos Cosmatos? A: No, you can not!


  1. Re: 4GW
    John Robb - Brave New War

    I've been followjng his work for several years now. A genius work worth reading and re-reading. Just check out his ridiculous CV.

    1. Forgot to paste the link

  2. support the lefty lockdown? Medical martial law for meaningless mismanaged flu bug threat? Really?

    no mention of it here so i cant help but wonder

    1. you seem lost.Have you ever heard any of the shows? This is not one of those sites for simplified left/right puppet shows mate.

  3. Here's another bit of propaganda you may be interested in. Since Germany is a key part of the globalist schema, it didn't surprise me that an effort would be made there to demonize Russia amongst the bovine German populace which was quite literally brainwashed by American academics in the post WW2 era. Naturally, the US occupation left actual Nazis in charge of administration. They just had to bleat out the 'free market/anticommunist/freedom democracy and liberty' noises on cue. Sociopaths will do whatever it takes to stay in power, so it's no surprise they went at it with gusto.
    But someone calling themselves 'Ben Franklin' on Twitter was pushing the idea that Russia is supplying weapons and explosives to the 'far right' in order to stage a coup against the current government. Then Russia will launch its long feared Cold War invasion of Western Europe.
    The thinking behind this is straight repackaged cold war fantasizing. The trope of a final glorious contest between totalitarian slav subhumans and anglo-saxon defenders of liberal values is something you will surely recognize.