Wednesday, April 29, 2020

As the World Burns...

In my recent book Strange Tales of the Parapolitical (available in pdf here and in a physical copy here) the 2001 anthrax attacks is discussed at length with a special emphasis the possibility that these was a false flag incident staged by private contractors to provide a pretext for the Second Iraq War. If you haven't read the book or studied the deep politics of the 2001 anthrax attacks, you probably should very soon as this event seems more and more relevant each day. Consider two recent developments in the ongoing feud between the US and China over responsibility for COVID-19:

In other words, the Orange One is planning on demanding reparations from China for COVID-19. That should go over real well, no doubt. Next up, we have this:

Keep in mind, it was the Washington Times that initially reported the call-boy ring of the infamous Republican lobbyist Craig J. Spence back in the late 1980s. These activities were instrumental in what later became known as the Franklin scandal. In other words, the Times has crucial experience dealing with limited hangouts from the intel community, to put it mildly.

Regardless, it seems clear that Trump is laying the ground for an epic lawsuit against the Chinese Communist Party for their responsibility in the spread of COVID-19. No, the US wouldn't dare accuse the Chinese of deliberately releasing the virus (or at least we can hope it won't come to that....). And most likely, the intel report on China's culpability will be suitably ambiguous in regards to whether poor safety procedures were responsible for the virus escaping from the now infamous Wuhan Lab. Basically, it will only reinforce the beliefs of those who blame China for everything while swaying absolutely no one in the other camp. But will provide a pretext for taking "containment" of China to the next level. 

On that note, Trump is throwing the gauntlet down elsewhere as well. Already he is in the process of trying to halt funding to the World Health Organization on the basis of its close ties to China. Incidentally, is also close to many of Trump's rivals in the liberal internationalist order. Major WHO backer Bill Gates is gleefully taking on the mantle of the anti-Christ when he let slip plans to add microchips to the COVID vaccine he is hard at working developing. Establishment mouthpieces are already hard at work trying to downplay these announcements. Or at least in theory, though it sure seems like there's a consorted effort afoot to troll the conspiratorial right in a fashion they've never been trolled before. You've got the whole One World: Together at Home thing, co-sponsored by the WHO.

Funny thing about that broadcast: it managed 20 million in these United States. By contrast, the most recent Super Bowl generated nearly 100 million viewers. And that's with the One World broadcast having a rather captive audience, unlike the most recent Super Bowl. This is probably why we haven't heard more crowing about this most recent spectacle in the aftermath of its broadcast.

And yeah, Marina "spirit cooking" Abramović is back in the headlines. She's made a video for Gates' Microsoft corporation that was soon pulled after such an unfavorable response. She also found the time to posse with a member of the Rothschild family before a painting from the late eighteenth century called "Satan Summons His Legions." No doubt Alex Jones had a hard on the size of Gibraltar when he saw that one.

For more on this epic trolling and the Apocalypse LARP, checkout the latest podcast on The Farm where John Brisson and I break down these developments at length.

Before wrapping up, two recent developments need to be noted. The first has to do with the activation of continuity of government (COG) in the midst of the COVID outbreak. In this capacity, a "secret military task force" has been assembled to "secure the capital" (arrest Congress?). Elsewhere, a alliance between scientists and billionaires (always a wonderful combination...) has been announced to launch what is being described as a "private Manhattan project." As to the latter, here's the real money quote from the Wall Street Journal:
"Dr. Cahill’s primary asset is a young lifetime of connections through his investment firm. They include such billionaires as Peter Thiel, Jim Palotta and Michael Milken—financiers who afforded him the legitimacy to reach officials in the middle of the crisis. Dr. Cahill and his group have frequently advised Nick Ayers, Mr. Pence’s longtime aide, and agency heads through phone calls over the past month."
Mike Pence, the veep under the dominion of a cult (potentially also with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has emerged as one of China's fiercest critics), and Peter Thiel, a crucial cog (har har) in the cabal behind Trump and Brexit as well as a major backer of the Dark Enlightenment? That should already scare the hell out of longtime readers of this blog.

But throwing Michael Milken is the absolute kiss of death. If you've already read Strange Tales of the Parapolitical, then you know Milken's old cronies wield tremendous power in the Trump administration. Milken was also chummy with people like Jeffrey Epstein and Roy Cohn who were major players in elite sex rings. This is especially interesting in light of the fact that Bill Gates, who appears to be leading the "global" scientific response in contrast to this group, just happened to be very close to Epstein.

Milken: "I just got pardoned by my boy bitches!"
And so the world burns dear readers. This is Recluse signing off for now. I'm still bogged down with projects, but the podcast continues each week. Be sure to check me out there if you're missing weekly posts here. Hopefully, we can get back to that soon. Until next time, stay tuned.


  1. You know Recluse, sooner or later, you'll have to choose sides: darkness or Light, no more in between, my friend.

  2. Remember in 2016 when Trump was pushing a massive expansion of the US navy and observers were slightly bewildered at why he wanted to make the world's biggest sea army even bigger? Who would they be fighting? Either Iran or China.

    And here we are. I would guess the next few months will be spun as 'The Democrats are Chinese traitors' while the drums of war are banged ever louder. Is likely that opposition to this will be massive inside the US... hence the reason for those 'open up' guys with guns protests - let the liberals know there's guns pointing at their head if they step out of line.

    Dark times.

  3. I'm guessing the vector for WWIII will be us and China blaming each other for creating the corona virus. China says the team of military athletes we sent to Wuhan at the end of last year to compete in some military games were purposely infected with corona so as to spread the virus. And of course Pompeo stated earlier this week that the virus came from the lab in Wuhan. The more authorities clamp down on reopening, the more I fall in line with commenter Zod's thinking on the Secret Sun. I'd rather perish in an asteroid strike than a global nuclear war.