Monday, April 20, 2020

It Is Happening Again

Physical copies of my debut book Strange Tales of the Parapolitical are now available on Amazon! This collection of essays explores a host of topics including the infamous Mellon family of Pittsburgh, their influence on the counterculture and the Christian right, and their ties to MKULTRA; the notorious South American Nazi colony known as Colonia Dignidad, its ties to the fascist underground, Le Cercle, and an international network of pedophile rings; the secret history of the private military industry, neo-East India Companies, the power shift in the national security state during the Bush II years and the incredible reach mercenaries have made into the Trump regime.

As the pandemic drags on and battle lines drawn, Strange Tales will provide you with a compass for this terrain. And perhaps most importantly, it will outline how trauma has been used by the media manipulate the public on a mass scale. These methods are routed in MKULTRA, and were initially targeted at "alternative communities" (i.e. the conspiratorial right and the UFO community) but gradually went mainstream. Now, they are the dominion of powerful private intelligence and military firms.  

On that note, also keep in mind that Strange Tales can be had in PDF format for $6 less than a physical copy, and you get a copy of my co-author Frank Zero's debut book Contact: Them or Us included in the purchase. That's two great books for the price of one physical copy, and we don't have to split the royalties with Amazon! If you're interested, head on over to The Farm's official store!

If you're still not convinced that you need a copy of Strange Tales, maybe these recent podcasts will convince you:
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I also recently made my triumphant return to The Liminalist with Jasun Horsley and The Up is Down podcast

A big thank you again to all my readers! And I apologize for the lack of content of late here, but big things are in the works. I'm closing in on finishing the first draft of A Special Relationship, my Epstein book, which is going to be epic and ready in time for the 2020 election. I'm also going to be involved in the upcoming Penny Royal podcast, which is tied in with Hellier. There may be some other big announcements in the works by the time I get back to blogging regularly next month as well. For the time being, I shall sign off with one last, big thank you. Stay tuned until next time dear reader and remember to keep an eye on The Farm podcast (which I co-host with Strange Tales co-author Frank Zero) for new weekly content. 


  1. Trump regime?
    When is the next installment of the history of the Obama regime?
    Any day now, I'm sure.

    1. That would be a good fit. The thing about Obama is that he's such a deep state homunculous, the deets about him are spread all over the place. His parents are both clearly CIA and they were probably paired up deliberately to create a (somewhat) 'black' figure who could advance agendas that a doofus like Joe Biden simply could not. Remember how during the Obama presidency, incidents of police getting trigger happy with folks of african ancestry over seemingly trivial things were commonplace. With a Republican who likes to throw off a John Wayne swagger like Trump in office, suddenly this sort of thing stopped entirely. Many other striking things...

  2. I'm looking forward to your Epstein book! VISUP blog is about the only place where I've seen Epstein's New Mexican connections detailed and discussed, thanks again for the investigative work you do.

  3. I'm reading your book now (physical copy). Good work. Quigley-esque in terms of the complexity of following the cast of characters and the overlapping circles of intrigue.

    (however, whatever you paid your editor was too much. some glaring typos!)

  4. Plan on buying a copy pretty soon here.

    also, Recluse, did you ever end up with a twitter account?

    1. No, still no Twitter. I'm on FB however, if that counts.:)