Monday, October 18, 2010

Going Postal Goes to Little Egypt

A potential spree shooting broke out at a Post Office in Henning, Tennessee today leaving two female Postal Workers dead and he small town of barely a thousand residents in tatters. MSNBC reports:

Two post office workers were killed Monday in a shooting at a post office in West Tennessee during a possible robbery attempt, authorities said.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department said two female employees were killed around 8:30 a.m local time in what may have been a robbery at the Henning post office...

One man said his sister-in-law told him the shooting happened during a robbery attempt. The sister-in-law, a postal service employee, was assigned to the Henning office Monday but escaped unharmed...

Yulanda Burns, an inspector with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in Atlanta, said it was too early to determine a motive. The FBI and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are helping  investigate.

Henning, about 45 miles northeast of Memphis, is best known as having been the hometown of "Roots" author Alex Haley.
Even if these murders prove to be the result of a robbery, this is a remarkably violent crime for this type of community. Or at least it would appear so. Yet when I observe Henning through the vision of 'twilight language', the hidden meanings of dates, locations, symbols, etc, all kinds of red flags go off.

For starters Henning seems to be located amidst America's 'Little Egypt' section which primarily encompasses southern Illinois, but also parts of north-western Tennessee and a few other areas in neighboring states. Of course Egypt was hugely important to the ancient Mystery Schools as well as the Freemasons and other secret societies of the modern era. Some believed Egypt to be the actual birthplace of the Mysteries rather than just the Hermetic studies from which alchemy derives. Many of the ancient Egyptian cities for which these teachings derived such as Memphis, and Thebes, are well represented in America's Little Egypt.

Henning is located almost directly south of Cairo, IL between Cairo and Memphis, TN. I'm note sure if this is significant in anyway, but it is interesting. Memphis, TN, in general seems to be a lightening rod for odd happenings. Like several major US cities it has a vast underground tunnel system that was built prior to the 20th century. The generally given explanation is that they were quickly erected during the Civil War for some unknown military purpose, but the scale and quality of the work tends to discredit this explanation. Prior to the arrival of Europeans the area was inhabited by the mound-building 'Mississippi culture' and featured some kind of Cahokia-like temple around Memphis. Apparently someone felt the area was significant.

However, there a far more oddities about Henning than simply its location between Cairo and Memphis. For one it's situated on the southeastern edge of the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which has produced some of the most powerful earthquakes along the central-eastern US. Further, the New Madrid has long puzzled scientist by its general lack of land movement despite causing extremely violent quakes for this area of the country. Geological oddities are thusly well represented.

Henning also has a long, checkered history of death.

The Battle of Fort Pillow was fought here during the Civil War and resulted in a Confederate victory. This led to the massacre of nearly 200 black Federal troops after they had surrendered. The tradition continues to this day with the presence of the West Tennessee State Penitentiary, complete with its own death row facility.  Increasingly I am finding that death row facilities are built in or around areas with geographical significance to occultists. I have already written briefly on this topic here and here.

In general Henning seems to be an area amidst many negative forces, which intern have been kept well fed over the years by the various cults that operate out of the Little Egypt area. Were the shooters of those two poor postal workers performing some kind of Masonic ritual?

Almost surely not. They probably had no idea whatsoever of the things I've mentioned in this post. Yet the forces that inhabit these areas of negativity need not the awareness of potential pawns to have an effect. As Dr. Loren Coleman, whose written extensively on spree shootings and the copycat effect, notes:

But two elements of this "twilight language" are becoming rather clearer as we examine this whole arena. The copycat effect can work through the power and pull over vulnerable and angry human beings through specific locations where these incidents happen as well as the timing of them. Place and time, location and dates, milieu and moment are hiding in plain sight.
The Copycat Effect, pg. 237-238
In other words areas of great negativity can push already unstable individuals over the edge, especially if they're exposed to them for extended periods of time. Sadly, the tragedy in Henning today seems to highlight this. As Robyn Hitchcock once sang, "Ah, we all get messed up by forces that we just don't understand."


  1. This is an extremely interesting posting, and well-done.

    Thank you for your thoughtful insights.

  2. Mr. Coleman!!!!

    Thank you very much for posting on our blog. I'm a big fan of your work, especially your Twilight Language blog and "The Copycat Effect," as evident by all the citations of the later on this blog.:)

    I can't wait till your next work on twilight language comes out.