Tuesday, January 12, 2021

To Coup or to LARP Part II

Shortly before Christmas 2020, I posted some musings on the looming date of January 6, 2021. I entitled it "To Coup or To LARP?" as it seemed like it was being hyped up for something to happen, but whether it would be serious or spectacle was still left up in the air. A week removed from the actual events of 1/6/21, and I'm still not sure what the answer to that question is. 
Dramatic developments unfolded in the days preceding that faithful Wednesday. On January 3, all ten living former Secretaries of Defense published an op-ed in the Washington Times to effectively remind the military of their oath to the Constitution. What that even means in 2021 was never addressed, but this certainly isn't the type of thing that characterizes "stable" democracies. 

This came just a little after the bizarre Christmas Day Nashville bombing. Remember that? Seems like a million years ago, right? 

As could be expected, the attack was chalked up to a three-named lone nut, one Anthony Quinn Warner. No one saw it coming of course, other than his ex, who reported that he was making bombs to the authorities prior to the attack. There's also the bizarre transactions between Warner, and an AEG entertainment executive than unfolded between 2019 and 2020. Effectively, Warner gave two Antioch, Tennessee-based properties to a certain Michele Swing worth nearly half a million dollars combined. Naturally, authorities have yet to reveal what the relationship was between Warner and Swing.

Nashville on Christmas Day

As should come as little surprise at this point, Warner was also a believer in numerous conspiracy theories, especially those of the UFO variety. His cosmology included moon landing hoaxes, Reptilians, and purported attacks on Earth by an advanced alien species. If this had any bearing on the bombing will probably never been known. Nor will much else, if authorities are to be believed. By far the most interesting thing about this attack were the numerous disruptions that it caused to telecommunications. This is very interesting in light of reported waves of blackouts unfolding in the aftermath of the events of 1/6/21, which we'll get to below. 

While we're on the topic of UFOs, a word must be said about the latest Disclosure initiatives. The massive COVID relief bill passed at the end of 2020 included a provision requiring the Pentagon and various intelligence agencies to reveal what they know about UFOs within 180 days. Predictably, this has been manna from heaven to the usual sources. It's also led bizarre specters such as this:

This is the perfect backdrop for the events of 1/6/21. Did we witness a coup attempt on that day? This is certainly the way much of the legacy media is framing it as. And various European allies (i.e. anti-Trumpers) have also alleged all the signs of a coup were evident. On the other hand, Glenn Greenwald, probably the only mainstream journalist left with any integrity, has compellingly argued that the coup narrative is being oversold

What unfolded could probably best be described as a coup LARP, or maybe a LARP coup. Regardless, it is hardly unsurprisingly. For the last few months, I've been chronicling the use of the alternate reality game (ARG) format in QAnon (see, for instance, here). There are compelling indications that General Michael T. Flynn is one of the principal figures behind the QAnon ARG/LARP. Presently, Flynn's close associate, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, holds one of the most senior posts in the Pentagon. Cohen-Watnick has also been accused of involvement with Q

By now, you've probably heard about pro-Trump activist Captain Emily Rainey, a PSYOPs officer at Fort Bragg, who led a group of Trump supporters to the capital on that faithful Wednesday. Regular readers of this blog know some weird things have been unfolding at Fort Bragg of late. And Cohen-Watnick is currently the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, meaning he controls all military intelligence at present. While it will be interesting to see how this plays out, Rainey is hardly a smoking gun. Still, there were some other peculiarities coming from the Pentagon that day. 

Captain Emily Rainey, the alleged PSYOPs officer who had resigned from the Army prior to the riot

Such as the persistent allegations that acting Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller delayed the deployment of National Guardsmen to quell the riots. This is interesting in light of the mounting evidence that Pence is one who ultimately called in the Guard. We'll return to that possibility in a moment. 

So, a compelling argument could be made that elements within the Pentagon gave tactical approval to the events that transpired on 1/6/21. But clearly, this alleged "insurrection" had no possibility of succeeding. If they were really serious about toppling Congress and preventing Biden's ascension, why not give the rioters a few special operators (either public or private)? Or at least a real paramilitary force like the Oath Keepers to support the QAnon LARPers? 

Where were these guys?

Clearly, the events of 1/6/21 were not a serious coup. And yet, the Pentagon (or a faction therein) may have played a role. The question then becomes, to what purpose? Well, there is the enigmatic disappearance of Pelosi's laptop during the unrest. It will certainly be interesting to see how that plays out. 

What can be said is that there is much confusion within the Republican Party and the broader American Establishment at present. Consider: The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) called on for Vice-President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. This is quite significant. As the great J. Michael "Doc Future" Bennett has illustrated in his must-read Two Masters and Two Gospels Volume I, NAM has been at the forefront of financial support for far right activism since the early twentieth century. While little acknowledged, NAM has been the historic rival of the Wall Street-centric Council on Foreign Relations for decades. NAM coming out this forcefully against Trump so soon after the events of 1/6/21 is quite eyebrow raising. 

Elsewhere, the highly controversial Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos tendered her resignation days after the rioting. The DeVos family has longstanding ties to the far right Council for National Policy (CNP) while DeVos brother is Blackwater founder and former head Erik Prince, a key Trump backer in national security circles. Why DeVos resigned is a matter of much dispute. Betsy claimed it was over Pence's refusal to invoke the 25th Amendment against Trump. Conversely, Democrats alleged that she resigned so as to avoid ousting Trump


Uncertainty reigns internationally as well. A strange series of blackouts unfolded in Pakistan during the weekend following Wednesday's LARP coup. There are also reports Vatican City experienced blackouts, but these reports appear to be false. The possibility that Iran is also experiencing power outages seems far more credible and compelling. 

This comes against the backdrop of the strange moves being made by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The outgoing SoS appears to be attempting to inflict as much damage as possible. Thus far he has normalizing relations with Taiwan and accusing Iran of being the "home base" of Al Qaeda. Pompeo recently canceled a planned trip to Europe. Officially, this was due to leading EU figures snubbing Pompeo, but the time is interesting. 


This is a strange time, even by the standards set by that foal year of Our Lord 2020. The Christmas Day Nashville bombing was likely a stress test on the US's telecommunications infrastructure. And it would hardly be surprising if Anthony Quinn Warner had links to QAnon. Elsewhere, nations the US has long considered antagonistic are experiencing sudden nationwide blackouts. Our European allies appear to be pushing the coup narrative while refusing to meet with the current Secretary of State. The Democrats and much of the Republican Party seem fanatical about driving Trump office even if he only theoretically has a little over a week left in the White House. 

And now word comes that the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) have issued a memorandum to all US forces affirming Biden's victory and reminding them of their oath to uphold the Constitution. Certainly, there are shades of the op ed issued by the ten living former Secretaries of Defense along the same lines shortly before the events of January 6th. 

At this point, a really pressing question needs to be asked. The barometer the CIA uses for determining who is in control of a nation is who controls said nation's military. Thus, it's highly relevant as to who exactly is in control of the military of these United States at present.

This guy?

This recent memorandum by the JCS combined with the events of 1/6/21 seem to strongly indicate that, if push comes to shove, Mike Pence is currently the commander-in-chief. However, there is a distinct possibility that much of the nation's special operations forces are loyal to Trump, or at least the faction of the Pentagon backing him. This may include acting Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller, the Flynn loyalists in the DoD, and possibly good chunks of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). 

Thus, the nation may effectively have two acting commanders in chiefs right now. Or in other words, there is not a clear line of authority as to whole controls the Armed Forces. It probably goes without saying, but this is a very disturbing prospect, and may go a long way towards explaining this last minute push to force Trump out. This is especially ominous in light of events currently unfolding overseas as well. An attack, be it real or false flag, would plunge this nation into utter chaos at present, with the chain of command totally breaking down. 

Strange days indeed dear readers. And with that, I shall sign off for now. If you're looking for more commentary, be sure to check out the latest episodes Farm episodes dealing with the events of 1/6/21 (I discussed them on the day of the riots with Billy Ray Valentine and over the weekend with John Brisson and Erica Lukes). As always, stay tuned till next time. 


  1. That's exactly what I was about to say !

  2. Definitely seems possible that there is a split among the armed forces... they're people like everyone else. Since the dawn of the COVID era, I've felt like one unexpected event could send this house of cards called civilization crumbling. TPTB may be divided but they only have power if there's a system to derive it from. So these games played on the razor's edge are quite dangerous for everyone...

    As Congress debates whether Trump is guilty of inciting a riot, it's clear that if Trump wanted "real" chaos, he could order it at a moment's notice. But like with the pandemic, he's mostly stayed in his lane while trying to appease his base (which will fund the next wave of his business life). But having that potential energy all bottled up... It's tempting to many, especially if they have a bit of the Joker archetype in them. A guy like Aaron Burr would have up and declared himself Emperor by now. Napoleon is probably a better example, but I wanted to cite an "American" for anyone still thinking it can't happen in the USA.

    Napoleon is possibly an insightful example though... he wasn't even leading any troops of circumstance until a couple months before his tour that led him to the Papal States and beyond. Then when he got back to France, with the help of his brother, he blew through what passed for the French Government in a story that reads like a bad Hollywood script.

    Basically, we may not have been introduced to the players that will truly benefit from the destabilization. They can appear, as if out of nowhere...

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  4. Why the orange order flag at the end of the post?

    1. The bottom images on my posts are often teasers for upcoming posts/projects.


    2. Oh! now i get it!Greetings from Brazil :)

  5. Very interesting!

    Anyway, I came here post this in the comments of your previous post, but then I saw you made a new post and it's probably even more relevant here:

    "[Jacob Chansley AKA Jake Angeli AKA "Q Shaman"] appears to be the same man who operates a YouTube channel (which YouTube terminated late Thursday) that had posted a series of conspiratorial videos since the November election. The man in the videos has the same look and build and the same set of distinctive tattoos. He also identifies himself by the same name. In the videos, Angeli presents the standard QAnon belief system, including pedophile rings, a “cabal” of evil liberals and globalists, and a quasi-religious infatuation with Donald Trump — many of which were ideas that emerged from the 1980s satanic panic and were packaged as a right-wing mystery religion by Ancient Aliens star David Wilcock and other conspiracy mongers in the months before QAnon adopted them wholesale.

    In one video posted two weeks ago, Angeli goes still further, claiming that superhero comic books are “soft disclosure” of secret supernatural government programs and that he had been part of a clandestine military “super-soldier” program to use Eastern occult traditions to create analogs of Captain America. He alleges that he participated in a space war whereby he used his psychic occult powers to manipulate “the timelines” and take out the ships of the mind-parasites trying to destroy this world. (Many of these ideas parallel the “work” of David Wilcock and Corey Goode, the latter also claiming to be a secret space warrior fighting the “cabal.”)"


    1. Hobus-

      Of course he would be a super soldier. Lol. Yeah, Wilcock and Goode are about as vile as they come. Same with JZ Knight. It's amazing how many of these old Gaia war horses who turned up backing Q.


    2. Definitely agree that Wilcock and co. are vile people. Although the fact that they back Q is not so surprising considering that they've been pushing a proto-QAnon "mass arrests" narrative since at least early 2012. They even had their own version of Q, an alleged insider known as "Drake":

      "A whistleblower by the name of “Drake”, a former member of the US military who served in Vietnam has emerged recently to act as a sort of quasi-spokesman for the US Pentagon and was interviewed by David Wilcock on March 28, 2012.
      In this extensive nearly three-hour long phone interview, Drake and David Wilcock discussed a wide-range of topics including the impending mass arrests, the military’s role as backing law enforcement and Federal Marshals, and the return of the US to a sovereign nation state.

      Particularly interesting was the final hour of the interview where David Wilcock and Drake discuss some of the suppressed technologies that will be emerging in the very near future, as well as the dimensional shift about to occur."


    3. In that thread what if pelosi's laptop had programming go codes for a faction? This the hype about wanting nuke codes kinda saying it without coming out with it.

  6. Regarding Christoper Miller's background in unconventional warfare:

    The Capitol Riot/Insurrection event had lots of hallmarks of a "Robin Sage" type happening. The US Army Special Operations Qualification Course (SFQC) culminates in an unconventional warfare (UW) exercise known as Robin Sage.

    In the fictional scenario of Robin Sage, Special Forces candidates must help a guerrilla force, which is usually led by retired Green Berets, overthrow the illegitimate government of Pineland.

    The scent of Sage is strong this week.

    1. That's funny I was thinking this week that we really need to sage the white house and pretty much the world. The Indian tradition of burning sage to purify from bad spirits.

    2. I noticed that too! And Robin is a bird traditionally associated with Spring and new beginnings.

    3. 'cept it's Joe Robinette Biden seriously I think I'd rather have spring showers than accept that bird.

    4. Meant to say those new beginnings that bird brings.

  7. I keep thinking about at the Space Force anniversary press conference a few weeks ago when Miller, "off script", thanked Pence for his assistance in helping with "some of the most complex military operations this country has ever conducted."

    https://youtu.be/Owht1y37IT8 - starts at 19:25.

    Can't help but think that a bomb in Nashville and propping up the Horned God at the Capitol is not elaborate enough to qualify... as the Qs like to say, "buckle up!"

  8. Add to this maelstrom of military moves, announced on January 8: "Space Force Designated as Part of Intelligence Community"


  9. When you asked me in private correspondence if I were familiar with Altenate Reality Games, I did some digging, starting with the link you'd sent and...damn but that does seem highly relevant to all this.

    I would add that, if unfamiliar, do some reading on the series of coups and counter coups that took place in Japan in the 1930s. Really, anyone who wants to see a solid example that's been extensively researched of how these kinds of contests can play out when the rubber meets the road should familiarize themselves. This thing won't really be over until there's a letting of blood, I fear. Shutting a bunch of plebs off of social media and turning up the volume on the canned 'centrist' dogma is not going to pacify a working class of some 250 millions who have been atomised, abused, stolen from and then pandered to for half a century to create what Gordon White calls a 'World Without Sin'- the perfect psychic dictatorship. (h/t Alex Constantine)

  10. I have made the comment before, and I reiterate it now. Recluse, your site seems to be the only one that is applying real analytical thought to what is going on. (I know that a lot of crypto-history buffs rave about the Secret Sun blog. But, in my opinion Knowles is highly overrated. While his older posts contained some decent research presented in tandem with his synchro-mystic speculation, this is no longer the case. Now all he does is throw together short posts, with less than convincing references to Mystery Cults, etc.)
    At any rate, I thought I would mention an observation about Trump and his presidency.
    There have been times when it seemed to me that the whole of the Trump phenomenon was some kind of LARP, or other theatrical endeavor. Like some kind of experiment to see what kind of response he evoked from people. To be sure, I don't think this was a real coup attempt. Whatever the real degree of Trump's intellectual capabilities, he has large number of competent military and intelligence personnel at his side. If he had been intent on attempting to overthrow the existing structure, it would not have been handled so badly.

    1. to be fair, the flood of events no longer gives anyone much time for studied analysis. We're all having to pick through what's on our personal library shelves, open source data and go by instinct. As any soldier will tell you, instinct can save your life but it can also lead you into paralysis or an ambush.

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    3. Very true, your observation about the state of things. One of the reasons I do not seek out much in the way of news (mainstream or otherwise) is that I just feel overwhelmed by it all.
      But, I do feel there is something very staged about the Trump/Capitol Hill thing. I absolutely am no kind of fan of Trump. But, the media is referring to this as a "siege"... ahem. Really? I thought a siege would entail a lot more than what actually happened. I know there was small amount of violence entailed in all of this, but a siege would imply a kind of army entrenched before the Hill. Instead we had a lot of cheap theatrics, which the media is blowing way out of proportion.

    4. Agree with you on the quality of visup #1 in my book I'm a long time reader. To be fair to CK at Secret Sun I believe there were health issues, lots of work in the background, editing of the great old topics like Lucifer's tech into publishing opportunities, a novel, etc. What we see now are I suspect the succinct sharp ends of a lot of stuff. There's also the entertainment factor with humorous delivery that people like. Just an alternate lens. Anyway, visup has us covered no need for duplication.

    5. And Ck pointed out some of import that the mainstream calendar holiday dates don't line up. We had the official show for Christmas (nashville) and new years (the space needle show), and the epiphany. What comes on the real dates is not so theatrical, as in hopefully the real show.

    6. I was unaware that C.K. had had health issues, so to Mr. K., and those who are fans of his work, I apologize for any lack of respect my previous post may have implied.

  11. If I may put myself on a limb, my prediction is eventually someone will blink and there will be arrests and careers ruined on one side or another. Or you'll know there was a truce if Trump and Pelosi both just go on as they have for decades. We'll know before the 30th, I think.

  12. Best take yet from one of the best podcasters out there: https://podcastaddict.com/episode/117548807