Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Tidings II

Hat tip: Denim, Ed, and Brisson

Update: Human remains apparently have been found near the RV that blew up in downtown Nashville. Most likely they are tied to who left the RV, though it is unknown if whomever the remains belong too were killed by the blast or already dead. 


It seemed inevitable Christmas 2020 would be every bit as strange as the rest of the year, and thus far it has not disappointed. One could feel it in the air all week. A veritable omen unfolded on December 20th, a Sunday. 

Regular readers of this blog know I've been chronicling the strange rash of deaths unfolding at Fort Bragg, located outside of Fayetteville, NC. This includes a paratrooper being beheaded earlier in the year and the recent murder of a pair of special operators in what maybe a drug-related hit. Another notch was added to the body toll on the 20th. 

It was then that Staff Sgt. Keith Lewis shot his pregnant wife at their home in Fayetteville. Lewis then turned the gun on himself as the couple's three-year old daughter bore witness to the tragedy. Lewis was pronounced dead on the scene while his wife, Sarah, later died at the hospital. The couple's unborn baby also departed with her. 

The child was due to be born on Christmas Day. 

Sarah and Sgt. Keith Lewis

Naturally, Sgt. Lewis had some kind of ties to the special operations community. Fort Bragg houses the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which overseas much of the nation's elite units. In the 21st century, JSOC has largely usurped much of the CIA's covert operations responsibilities. Of late, the final putsch maybe on the way. This unfolds against the backdrop of the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) effectively becoming it's own branch of the armed forces and the special operators taking over the Pentagon in what are theoretically the final days of Trump's presidency. 

As for Sgt. Lewis, it has been reported that he was a member of the Army Special Operations Command, though what role he performed therein remains unknown. His wife was also a veteran in an as yet undisclosed military unit. 

The Bombing

But if you happen to be reading this on Christmas Day or shortly thereafter, you're probably tuning in for the bombing in Nashville that unfolded during the early morning hours of that holiday. I'm often hesitant to weigh in so early on these types of events, but the strangeness of it is self-evident. 

Clearly, causing causalities was not the intention of the blast. If it were, one could hardly have picked a worse time than the early hours of Christmas Day, one of the few times of the year when much of the country is not working. 

And then there's the curious YouTube video that appeared online shortly after the blast struck. The video appears to show the street in which the blast unfolded with a female voice coming through a PA instructing people to evacuate the street post haste. Judge for yourselves:

The video was posted by an account called "S McG." This account was created in 2014 and thus far this is it's only video. More on that in a moment. 

Okay, so the bombing occurs at one of the few times when this normally-busy downtown district of Nashville would be deserted on the one hand, and on the other, a voice over the PA is even telling people to clear out. Whoever did this appears to have gone out of their way to avoid deaths, and thus far it does not appear as the though there will be any related to the bombing. 

So, if causalities were not the purpose, what was? 

Thus far, the most likely target appears to have been the telecommunications grid. The blast unfolded near an AT&T building. Reportedly, this has caused massive disruptions to wireless and Internet services as well as 911 access. And of course, flights have been grounded. The disruptions have occurred not just in Nashville and the surrounding area, but as far as Alabama and Kentucky. 

the hot spots represent the area of the outages caused by the blast

It's quite possible something significant may have unfolded during the onset of those disruptions while authorities were distracted by the blast. Only time will tell. 

It's also entirely possible that this is a test run for something even bigger. As chaotic as this blast has been for families effected by it, things no doubt would have been far worse had it unfolded during a normal Friday morning. But again, only time will tell  if this is a prelude to something bigger. 

One thing that is very interesting that I wanted to point about before wrapping up is the compelling research done intrepid sleuth on Twitter. A certain "Ford Fischer" has pointed out the similarities between the "S McG" account that posted the Nashville bombing video and another created this year called "S Mc G." However, the "S Mc G" account has posted five videos (though two are the same video) in the span of about three weeks. All of the videos are quite bizarre and none longer than a minute. The one that ends at a minute, and is double posted, is quite disorienting:

The videos on the "S Mc G" account are in keeping with some of the more recent alternate reality games (ARG) launched on YouTube. These efforts frequently feature disturbing and/or disorienting, brief videos. Here's an example of such an ARG centered around the infamous Finders cult:

YouTuber Nexpo has quite a few excellent videos on these type of YouTube-centered ARGs. 

At this point, I need to emphasize this is all highly speculative on my part. But as we've recently explored here, there is a distinct possibility that members of the special operations community have been using ARGs for psychological warfare methods. Presently, the ultimate manifestation of this is QAnon

Is the Nashville bombing the next stage of this LARP? General Michael T Flynn is the figure most closely connected with the QAnon ARG as well as the de facto Secretary of Defense at present. As such, the possibility is there, but again, this is highly speculative on my part. Still, it's something to keep an eye on going forward.


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And with that I shall sign off for now. Thank you so much dear readers for all your incredible support throughout this trying year. You guys are such an inspiration. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Stay tuned till next time.


  1. Another detail that's being reported about the Nashville bombing is that it occurred near "The Melting Pot" restaurant. Interesting sync or choice of venue, with so many right wingers holding extreme anti-immigrant and anti-multicultural viewpoints.

  2. The Fayette effect again.

  3. I can't see the example of the finders ARG you mentioned. Sounds super interesting

  4. So, how far back does your "Ft. Bragg murders" file go back? From CNN in 2002 (from Cryptogon's archives):

    "WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The killings of four military wives in the past six weeks -- allegedly by their husbands who are based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina -- have led commanders to take a new look at whether combat deployments may be causing undue stress.

    Sources at Fort Bragg, home to the Army Special Operations Command, say there's no common thread among the cases, and suggest it may simply be an "anomaly" that so many incidents have occurred so close together.

    Benjamin Abel, an Army Special Operations Command spokesmen, gave these details on the four incidents:

    On June 11, Sgt. 1st Class Rigoberto Nieves, 32, and his wife, Teresa, were found shot to death at their residence in a suspected murder-suicide. Nieves was assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group. He was deployed to Afghanistan in early January and returned in mid-March.

    On June 29, Jennifer Wright, the wife of Master Sgt. William Wright, 36, was found strangled. Wright was charged with first degree murder. He was assigned to the 96th Civil Affairs Battalion. He was deployed to Afghanistan in mid-March and returned in mid-May.

    On July 9, Marilyn Griffin, wife of Sgt. Cedric Griffin, 28, was stabbed to death. Griffin is charged with first degree murder. He was assigned to the 37th Engineer Battalion, 20th Engineer Brigade. He had not been deployed to Afghanistan and no such deployment was planned.

    On July 19, Sgt. 1st Class Brandon S. Floyd, 30, and his wife, Andrea, were shot at their home in an apparent murder-suicide. Floyd was assigned to Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He was deployed to Afghanistan in November and returned in January".

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  6. Sorry, Recluse. I initially didn't see the link to the post from a couple weeks back where you covered murdered/murderer Delta operator Lavigne in more depth.


  8. Trump's FBI is seeking to identify and arrest everyone involved with storming the Capitol... everyone of course except Trump who egged them on to do it.

  9. It would seem that Democraticunderground and some other "lefty" blogs are being overrun by agent provocateus trying normalize among the left the shooting and mass incarceration of rioters/protesters/terrorists such as the lady that broke into the capitol. That or the far left deep down has the same fascist tendencies as the far right.. Rachel Maddow has gone all fever pitched lately to lockup and identify everyone at the capitol march even if they were just somewhat stupid but harmless trespassers caught up in the moment. There is no distinction being made... the far right media such as Fox News has been effectively neutered.. while the nutty side of the far left has been emboldened. Fascism thru never ending lockdown has been fully bought into by left. The left has no interest in understanding why people are angry. The economy stupid.. California has one of the highest death rates for Covid in the world and some of the most stringent of lockdowns. Yet no one is allowed to ask any questions. The loony left vs. the psycho far right. Round one. Fight!

    1. Does it not 'feel' as though oppositional 'tendencies' left or right are being systematically infiltrated and used to inflame artificial tensions. Kind of a 'Let's you and him fight' sort of thing. If you were a 'cabal', this would be an ideal way to identify and defang any gelling of opposition from the masses before it could coalesce into an actual democratic (small d) pressure group. All the heinous deeds 'Q' archly accuses the Democrats of being involved in are thoroughly also a part of the Repulican Party (systematic blackmailing of pedophilic authority figures, intel- operated honeytraps, drug money laundering, bizarre satanic groups buried in the weeds of Georgetown)