Friday, January 14, 2011

MK Culture

I'm losing my edge.

A week has gone by and I'm still struggling to put fingers to keys concerning one of the most bizarre shooting sprees in this nation's recent history. Given the type of topics this blog normally deals with this is surely a fitting topic, one that may actually provide whatever readers we have with some insight on a current event rather than more obscure historical details.

But alas, I can't shake a certain unease whenever I consider the plight of one Jared Lee Loughner. Perhaps its just the name, but I feel as though I'm being laughed at even as I dive head long into this absurdity.

So, where to begin? Synchronicity oozes from every orifice of this incident, so the beginning isn't nearly as important as addressing as many of the details as possible. I will surely miss some as this event seems to reinvent itself daily, but I shall try.

For starters, the shooting occurred in Tucson, AZ. Tucson resides along the 32 north latitude. Many of the holy sites of the ancient Mideast and Mediterranean were built between between 31 N and 39 N latitude. In the United States countless bizarre Native America sites have been found along these latitudes as well. In Freemasonry the 32nd degree, known as the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret, is the second highest behind only the honorary 33rd. Much tragedy has happened in this nation, as well as the world, along the 33rd north latitude. More on the 33rd can be read here. 32 reversed is 23, which also plays into Robert Anton Wilson's whole  '17 23 phenomenon.' More on this topic can be read here.

The city of Tucson has its own bizarre history, especially in regards to a series of artifacts unearthed nearby. Fortean researcher William Grimstad notes:

"At a place called Nine Mile Waterhole (6.5 mi. NW of Tucson on Silverbell Rd.) Charles E. Manier found a large lead cross while knocking about one day in 1924. The cross was buried in an embankment where the roadway had been cut through. Nearby were five large cylindrical brick ruins, of unknown age and reminiscent of the five 'beehive' kilns at the Silver Bell Mine near Florence, Arizona. A further coincidence is the Silverbell name of the road running through this bluff on the west side of the Santa Cruz River. It was here that 30 of the most peculiar archaeological objects ever found in North America were dug up.

"The first, cross-shaped item had two halves bound together with rivets. When separated, they were found to be covered with dense lines of inscriptions, primarily in Latin but of an oddly confused style and with a smattering of Hebrew characters. There were also numerous religious and mystical symbols, among them the square and compass and other emblems of Freemasonry. One cross has nothing but a line drawing of what can only be a dinosaur. In fact, most of the objects are of a decidedly bizarre character, with much more of the flavor of certain arcane cults of the Near East than of any sort of mainstream Roman culture.

"This is particularly true of one of the lead crosses, which has a long snake coiled around it, an arrow-point top, and a number of engraved Hebrew letters and indecipherable symbols. That such an artifact would have been made by ordinary Romans seems highly doubtful. Of course, in another sense this sheer uncouthness is a strong point in favor of authenticity: The unusual combination of Hebraic-Latin-esoteric elements hardly seems like one that would occur to the teen-aged boy of Mexican-Catholic culture who some archaeologists claim was the 'forger' and deep-burier of the artifacts."
(Weird America, pg. 13)

The victims of the shooting spree totaled six. In Pythagorean mathematics the six, or hexad, represented the creation of the world. The hexad was sacred to Orpheus as well as the Fate, Lachesis, and the Muse, Thalia. The hexad was also the symbol of marriage.

"Among the Greeks, harmony and the soul were considered to be similar in nature, because all souls are harmonic. The hexad is also the symbol of marriage, because it is formed by the union of two triangles, one masculine and the other feminine. Among the keywords given to the hexad are: time, for it is the measure of duration; panacea, because health is equilibrium, and the hexad is a balance number; the world, because the world, like the hexad, is often seen to consist of contraries by harmony; omnisufficient, because its parts are sufficient for totality (3+2+1=6); unwearied, because it contains the elements of immortality.
(The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P Hall, pg. 219)
Probably the most tragic victim of the shooting spree was Christina Taylor Green, a nine year old who was born on 9/11/01, and died in the eleventh year of the 21st century hours before the ninth day of the new year. Loughner himself was 22 at the time of the shooting, double 11.

Christina also has in her name a Christ, a Green, and a Taylor, which is close to Tyler. In Masonic jargon a Tyler is someone appointed to guard the lodges. The Egyptian god Osiris, who shared characteristics with Christ, was also referred to as the Green Man.

The most famous almost victim is obviously Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the first Jewish Representative from the state of Arizona. This is an especially odd synchronicity when considering the bizarre artifacts that were unearthed near Tucson that possibly bore Hebrew letters. Loughner himself has been accused of both rampant anti-Semetism (one of his favorite books was allegedly Mein Kampf) as well as being of Jewish decent himself. There's even an Internet rumor that the Loughner family attended the same synagogue as the Giffords.

One of the strangest aspects of Loughner is the skull shrine found in his backyard:

"A sinister shrine reveals a chilling occult dimension in the mind of the deranged gunman accused of shooting a member of Congress and 19 others.

"Hidden within a camouflage tent behind Jared Lee Loughner's home sits an alarming altar with a skull sitting atop a pot filled with shriveled oranges.

"A row of ceremonial candles and a bag of potting soil lay nearby, photos reveal.

"Experts on Sunday said the elements are featured in the ceremonies of a number of occult groups."

Skull cults are in fact among the earliest and most primitive forms of religion.

"We have already viewed the earliest unmistakable archaeological evidence of man's religious thought, in the burials and bear sanctuaries of Homo neanderthalensis. We now add, to complete the picture, the observation that a number of the Neanderthal skulls found at Krapina and Ehringsdorf provide evidence also of his ritual cannibalism. They had been opened in a certain interesting way. Furthermore, every one of the unearthed skulls of Neanderthal's Javanese contemporary Solo Man (Ngangdong Man), had also been opened. And finally, when skulls opened by the modern headhunters of Borneo for the purpose of lapping up the brains are compared with those of Solo and Neanderthal -the skull having served, handily, as the bowls for their own contents -they are found to have been opened in precisely the same way."
(The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology, Joseph Campbell, pg. 373)
"...a particular stress is given in these secret men's societies to a skull cult that is often associated with the headhunt. Ritual cannibalism and pederasty are commonly practiced, and there is a highly elaborated use made of symbolic drums and mask."
(ibid, pg. 321)

Finally I would like to point out Loughner's striking appearance at the time of his arrest in which his head was entirely shaved of hair. He looked remarkably like a series of mysterious reoccurring characters on the TV series Fringe referred to as 'Observers.' These Observers dress like Men in Black and seem to fulfil a similar mythology on the series. 'Real life' men in black are often described as dark skinned or 'foreign' yet the series retained the bizarre behavior often associated with the MIB. Further, both real life Men in Black as well as the Fringe Observers seem to fulfil the role of the Trickster. This is also a role Loughner may be quite apt for.

Readers of this blog are certainly aware that I am a believer in MK-Ultra, and the so called 'Manchurian Canidate' premise. Some of these views are outlined in this piece. By all accounts Jared Lee Loughner fits the profile of an MK victim to a T -the bizarre and unstable behavior leading up to the shooting that was largely ignored by authority figures, his library collection, a criminal history, possible links to Gifford, etc. He even initially sported the three word name in the press, ala Mark David Chapman, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, etc. 

Yet nothing so far seems to stand out as firm ties to MK programming. For instance, in the case of the bizarre murder involving actor Michael Breas, which I chronicled here, there was at least a tie to an occult organization. I've yet to see firm documentation of this for Loughner. His backyard rituals, which seem rather amateurish, appear to be something he devised on his own, likely with the aid of the Internet.

Loughner tried to join the Army, but was rejected. He had a criminal background, but didn't seem to have experienced much exposure to the legal system -he wasn't incarcerated or institutionalized, but was subjected to a diversion program. The diversion program is seemingly the only institution I can see of where he may have been programmed, but it doesn't seem like a likely candidate.

Yet the signs are all there.

So I must wonder, is there something else at work? As this blog has addressed before, much of the CIA and DoD mind control experiments had precedence before in alchemy, the occult, the Mystery Schools, etc. Historian Peter Levenda notes:

"All of these techniques -hallucinogenic drugs, hypnosis, acts of terrorism, disinformation -share an ontological purpose: to manipulate perceptions, to re-create reality... As the men of the OSS, CIA, and military intelligence developed from armchair scholars and academics that most of them were before the war years into soldiers fighting the Cold War on fronts all over the world, they became -in a very real sense -magicians... the CIA mind control projects themselves represented an assault on consciousness and reality that has not been seen in history since the age of the philosopher-kings and their court alchemists."
(Sinister Forces, pg. 144)

The great difference (at least publicly) between today's CIA man and yesterday's magician is the view of the paranormal. Contrary to popular belief a true magician employed all of the tools of an intelligence officer -entheogens, hypnosis, terrorism, disinformation, spying, etc. But he also firmly believed in the supernatural as part of his bag of tricks. And the beings that sought out the great magicians of yore were certainly Tricksters indeed. For this reason Hermes is the patron of the Mystery Schools.

"Like Coyote, Raven, and Hare -those North American Indian clowns-cum-culture-heroes -Hermes is a Trickster. It is as difficult for us to countenance Trickster as it is daimons: our monotheism, whether of Christianity or Science, has excluded them. So Hermes is forced to operate from the Underworld, to shadow Christianity in esoteric, 'occult' Gnostic and Hermetic philosophies. As his Latin counterpart, Mercurius, he is the soul of alchemy. He returns to torment scientism with paranormal phenomena and maddening anomalies -all daimons are tricksters, as the fairies are; all are in the pay of Hermes-Mercurius. He unsettles our lives with all manner of impish tricks and pixilations; the more we ignore him, the more he bedevils us, until his tricks begin to look sinister. He becomes, in fact, the Devil."
(Daimonic Reality, Patrick Harpur, pg. 166-167)

While Loughner may not have had any contact with actual intelligence spooks his history of psychedelic drug use makes it extremely likely that he contacted the Trickster or the like at some point in recent years. For more on the links between entheogens, UFOs, elementals, MIBs, etc, check here.

This article is not the place to discuss whether these beings exist, what thy are, or where they come from. In fact, there's not much else I can add to this piece, except an observation. That is concerning the remarkable effectiveness of this 'MK-Culture' that has transformed our reality so much over the past 60 years. For these types of incidents to have occurred in the past they would have required actual programming. But now the programming has gone mainstream. For instance, both drug use and childhood sexual trauma were used even amongst the secret societies of tribal cultures as part of the initiation rites. Now the common American teen experiences these kinds of rites as part of the stereotypical high school experience without any of the spiritual or philosophical training tribal societies, the Mystery Schools, and the like, provided.

Thus they are totally at the mercy of the Trickster.


  1. Jared Lee is as programmed as they get. His YouTube page was a joke. True, the mass psychology inputs are turning minds to mush, but Jared's crime was such a transparent, Illuminati set-up- just breathtaking. The NASA connection, immigration problem, 9-11 kid, the independent judge that just happened to be there- they are trying to freak out the awake and traumatize the sleepers. Even the "hero" figures at the shooting are plants.

  2. The Artifacts, I believe their validity; The conspiracy theory, there is more that is not here. The spirituality concepts, man's opinion's. Satan will use governments, civilians, and the media to all work together for him, but if you have Jesus in your heart, you have nothing to be afraid of, because you know you will go to Heaven when you die.