Friday, April 19, 2019

More Le Cercle With William Ramsey

William Ramsey graciously had me on today to discuss Le Cercle. My luck with podcasts continued. Despite being healthy and well prepared for this one, my Internet was knocked out in the midst of our chat by a rather nasty thunderstorm. Curiously, the topic I was about to delve into concerned the differences between the magickal systems of Aleister Crowley and Julius Evola. That's a fascinating topic that will unfortunately have to wait until another time. At least I didn't lose my power

Topics we did manage to discuss before Mother Nature interrupted included the origins: of the Cercle complex; its links to Bilderberg; the prominence of Knights of Malta and Opusians among the founders, the bizarre sniffer airplane scandal; the role the British contingent played in creating modern private military companies; Le Cercle ties to Brexit; the links the British members had to the Round Table group; the extensive links between the Cercle complex and elite pedophile rings in the US, UK and Belgium; and briefly, its links to Evola's acolytes. 

For those of you looking for more information, it is strongly recommended that you check out my series of Le Cercle:

Le Cercle: Clerical Fascism and the Pedophocracy

The interview with Mr. Ramsey can be found here. A big thank you to him for having me on and others who worked to bring together this meeting of the minds. As always dear readers, I hope that you enjoy and do stay tuned until next time. 


  1. Hi Recluse,

    Glad to see you back after your break. Been listening to your recent appearances on other podcasts, and I need to correct your pronunciation. The Latin "Opus Dei" is /ˌōpəs ˈdā-ē/, or "Opus Day-ee", not "Opus Die". Other than that, you're doing great, keep it up!

  2. Didn't see this until now but I love your podcast interview appearances, they bring your investigations to a larger audience. I can't believe that so few people have done the connecting-the-dots on the secret organizations you mention considering how much power they wield, in a just world this would be all over mass circulation print magazines not obscure blogs and podcasts.

  3. Trump is a black Psychological operation on the American people so the neocons can get their cred back: you know... the anybody (even the neocons are better than Trump) syndrome. They of course we all know were in the doghouse after Bush and the Iraq war disaster. Now you see them all over CNN and MSNBC as welcome guests speaking against the evil ogre Trump.

    This is an easy call. People have forgotten the sinister evil of 911 and those behind it.

    They haven’t forgotten

    1. Or a PSYOP by the Pentagon to make the American populace so disgusted with civilian democratic government that they'll view an eventual military coup as sanity prevailing.

  4. caught the podcast- was great. Keep hammering on this stuff.