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Fringe: The Strange and Terrible History of the Far Right and High Weirdness Part IX

Welcome to the ninth installment in my epic examination of far right wing pursuits in high weirdness. Throughout this series I have been using high weirdness as a catchall for a host of arcane topics --psi, human potential, UFOs, the occult, Tesla weapons and so. As for far right, I have primarily presented this grouping through the lens of think tanks closely associated with the American military-industrial complex such as the Committee on the Present Danger Mach I (CPD) and the American Security Council (ASC).

The first installment briefly addressed the possible deep political implications behind the bizarre Sikh Temple shooting of 2012 as well as the general high weirdness present in the 2016 US presidential elections. Part two briefly considered the origins of the military-industrial complex and traced it to a group of middle managers brought into government by Bonesman and Secretary of War Henry Stimson and the emerging technocratic class personified by famed scientist Vannevar Bush, also long linked to the UFO question.

Part three addressed the emergence of the far right as a driving force behind the military-industrial complex. This rise was sparked by a group radical military officers who had served under General Douglas MacArthur in the Pacific Theater of World War II and/or Korea. Many of these military officers have also been linked to the Roswell incident. The fourth installment continued in this vein as well as addressing my theory as to what was behind Roswell.

The fifth installment considered the ASC's extensive links to the National Investigative Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), for decades the premier civilian UFO agency, and the bizarre theories of Peter Beter, one of the most curious prophets of the conspiratorial right. Part six moved along to the role the ASC played in fostering the Hangar 18 mythos/disinformation, as well as the think tank's indirect patronage of Jacques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek and other UFOlogist that developed rather mystical takes on the phenomenon.

J. Allen Hynek (left) and Jacques Vallee (right)
Part seven was a bit of a digression, tracing the extensive influence that far right wing sugar daddy William Penn Patrick had on Werner Erhard's highly controversial est program, an offshoot of the Human Potential movement. With the eighth and most recent installment I returned to the ASC, and considered the bizarre exploits of one of its most enigmatic members, Stefan T. Possony, in the fields of UFOlogy, psi, mind control and Tesla weapons. As I was wrapped up I arrived at the 1980s and the ASC's longstanding obsession with weaponizing space. When its champion Ronnie Raygun came to sit in the Oval Office their dreams were made manifest in the form of the Strategic Defense Initiative, a project long linked to Tesla weapons that Possony is regarded as the chief visionary of.

"Red Rover, Red Rover, Bob Lazar's Coming Over"

While addressing Possony's longstanding involvement in various aspects of high weirdness in the prior installment, I also noted his seeming interest in "zero point" energy. While this fascination appears to have stretched over several decades, Possony became especially keen on it in the 1980s, along with a host of other curious characters, some of whom already addressed, some that have yet to be addressed. 

And that brings me to out next subject. During the late 1980s Ufologists began to buzz about alleged revelations concerning Area 51, a top secret facility in Nevada. I'm sure many of the readers of this blog are well aware of the mythos surrounding Area 51, so I will not delve into it here. For our purposes here, I am most interested in two of the men that played such crucial roles in establishing said mythos in the late 1980s. 

While Area 51 had occasionally be considered by Ufologists prior to the late 1980s, it was not until the efforts of John Lear that it became a staple of the lecture circuits and pop culture in equal measures. Unsurprisingly, Lear possesses a very deep background. The great Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP) notes that Lear came from an Air Force background (his father was the inventor the famous Learjet) and grew up around major deep state figures such as Generals Jimmy Doolittle and Hoyt Vandenberg. Both men were linked to both the far right and Majestic 12.

General Jimmy Doolittle (top) and General Hoyt Vandenberg (bottom)
Vandenberg and Doolittle were not as right wing as some of the military officers we've previously encountered in this series, and both of these men had extensive ties to the traditional conservative/eastern establishment as well. Specifically, both men appear to have been close to the CIA's Frank Wisner, he of the "Georgetown Set," a man much despised by many of the far right. Nonetheless, they had their ties to the gar right as well.

Doolittle, like many of the military officers previously addressed, served under MacArthur in the Pacific. Despite being blocked for a promotion by The Pipe during WWII, Doolittle does not appear to have had any hard feelings over it and later went into business with MacArthur in civilian life. And both Doolittle and Vandenberg were close to the infamous General Curtis LeMay (an American Security Council luminary addressed in parts three, four and six) while Vandenberg appears to have been extensively involved in an early version of what became Operation Gladio:
"The process of integrating ex-Nazi emigre groups into U.S. nuclear operations may be traced at least to early 1947, when General Hoyt Vandenberg became the first chief of staff of the newly independent U.S. Air Force. Vandenberg had commanded the Ninth Air Force in Europe during World War II, then been tapped to head the Central Intelligence Group, the immediate predecessor to the CIA, in 1946. Among the general's responsibilities at the air force was the development of the written plans describing strategies and tactics for the use of America's new nuclear weapons in the event of war...
"The army, air force, and CIA all began competing programs to prepare for the post-nuclear battlefield. This included creation of what eventually came to be called the Special Forces – better known today as the Green Berets – in the army and the air resupply and communications wings in the air force. The job of these units... was to set up anti-Communist political leaders backed by guerrilla armies inside the USSR and Eastern Europe in the wake of an atomic war, capture political power in strategic sections of the country, choke off any remaining Communist resistance, and ensure that the Red Army could not regroup for a counterattack...
" 'The Eastern European and Russian emigre groups we had picked up from the Germans were the center of this; they were the personnel,' according to the retire colonel. 'The CIA was to prepare these forces in peacetime; stockpile weapons, radios, and jeeps for them to use; and get them ready in the event of war....' "
(Blowback Christopher Simpson, pgs. 139-140)
As I'm sure many of my readers are well aware, Vandenberg is widely listed as being a member of Majestic 12 (likely a hoax with a basis in reality, as was noted before here) as well. Curiously, another military figure closely linked to the UFO question, Colonel Philip J. Corso, also appears to have had involvement in Gladio (noted before here). But moving along.

John Lear himself sought alliances with the extreme right of Ufology shortly after making the scene as well. For several years he was a close alley of former Naval Intelligence officer turned conspiracy theorist Milton William Cooper. Lear and Cooper later broke with one another during the early 1990s, with Cooper branding Lear a disinformation asset, but more reputable Ufologists such as Jacques Vallee and Linda Howe described both men as being alcoholics, gun-obsessed, and generally unstable individuals. It is also highly probable they were both deeply involved in spreading disinformation in various alternative research communities.

the legendary William Cooper
Lear would also play a key role in bringing the highly controversial revelations of Robert "Bob" Lazar to the general public. Here's a rundown of those revelations:
"The Knapp interview of Robert Lazar had exploded like a bomb among the ranks of American ufologists. Here was a clean-cut, articulate, educated young man who knew physics and who casually claimed to have seen nine flying saucers inside hangars at Area S-4 in the vicinity of Groom Lake and Area 51. Not only had he seen them, but he had touched them and he had been hired to reverse-engineer their propulsion system, which was based on antigravity and used a stable superheavy element – specifically, element 115 – as part of this field. Lazar had handled element 115 and even had a piece of it at his house for a while. There were rumors that someone had tried to try to kill Lazar because of these revelations, and all kinds of bizarre speculation circulated about those advanced disks in Air Force hangars..."
(Revelations, Jacques Vallee, pg. 204)
A few paragraphs down, Vallee goes on to recount how Lazar was allegedly recruited into Area 51:
"... One day, in December 1987, he had been approached for a job under Naval Intelligence. He was interviewed at a facility of EG&G, a defense contractor, although there is no implication that the company is involved with the project itself."
(Revelations, Jacques Vallee, pg. 205) 
Lazar's apparent ties to Naval Intelligence is interesting. As noted above, William Cooper, who was then a close affiliate of John Lear, was himself an ONI veteran. And Lear is long reputed to have had ties to both the Air Force and the CIA. As such, this seems to strongly indicate that there was some type of intelligence agenda at work surrounding the network crafted by Lear.

John Lear
But I digress. For a much more in depth account of Lazar's revelations, check out one of the earliest and best by someone who knew/knows Lazar. For our purposes here, Lazar's alleged scientific background, or lack therefore of, provides some interesting links:
"...Born in Florida in 1959, Lazar is known to have taken courses in electronics at the Los Angeles-based Pierce College in the 1970s, and to have spent some time employed with Fairchild, a company founded in 1959 by Nobel Prize-winner and co-inventor of the transistor, William Shockley. But that's only part of it. Lazar claims – and continues to claim – that he received an MS in electronics from the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), and an MS in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and also that he worked on some pretty classified stuff in the process."
(Keep Out, Nick Redfern, pg. 19)
Lazar's ties to Fairchild are most interesting. As was noted in part four, the Roswell crash (or Working, if you prefer) has long been linked to the discovery of the transistor. Many alternative researchers believe this is what facilitated said discovery rather than the much despised Shockley. William Shockley himself was not actually involved with Fairchild, but rather a group of researchers known as the "traitorous eight" defected from his Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory in 1957 and went on to found Fairchild, which produced some of the first silicon transistors. As you may have guessed, this was a crucial development in the eventual emergence of Silicon Valley. Thus Shockey is the key link between Roswell and Silicon Valley and Lazar found himself employed in a company closely entangled in this legacy at one point.

Nor was Fairchild the only place Lazar worked prior to Area 51 linked to some curious technologies. He is also reputed to have worked at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility, a part of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Los Alamos National Laboratory of course grew out of the Manhattan Project, more than a few members of which have been linked to Roswell. Funny how incestuous these circles are, eh? And of course Los Alamos has its own links to Ufology, as well shall see.

But back to the matter at hand. Lazar's credentials have long been disputed, with no evidence of his alleged degrees ever turning up. We are on a bit firmer footing with his claims of employment with Los Alamos, however. Here's a breakdown of these controversies:
"...No convincing evidence of any sort has ever surfaced in support of Lazar's claims to have obtained degrees at Cal Tech and MIT. Critics and debunkers gleefully rub their hands together and cry: 'Foul, Bob!' Lazar's response? The government is trying to discredit him by erasing significant portions of his background and life history. On the other hand, it might reasonably be argued that the lack of credible data pertaining to Lazar's educational assertions would be enough to rule out the possibility of his ever having been considered for employment in the world of government-funded, cutting-edge science.
"Lazar's claims to have worked at Los Alamos were also disputed, and viewed with suspicion by certain elements of both the UFO research community and the mainstream media. In fact, his claims were outright refuted by spokespersons of Los Alamos itself. For a short while, at least. Soon, something came along the turn the issue on its head: KLAS-TV's George Knapp found Lazar's name in the October 1982 telephone directory of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. When the evidence was presented to grim, red-faced Los Alamos officials by Knapp, they quickly chose to modify their position. The new version of events was that Lazar had been employed by them after all, but under the umbrella of an outside contract company called Kirk-Meyer. They maintain that Lazar never, ever, not even once, worked on issues of a secret or sensitive nature. However, colleagues of Lazar had informed Knapp that Lazar worked at Los Alamos in matters relative to the highly sensitive Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) – or 'Star Wars' program – that had been grandly envisioned by President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s."
(Keep Out, Nick Redfern, pgs. 27-28)
Ah, that would be the same SDI that longtime ASC luminary Stefan Possony spent decades lobbying for (noted in the prior installment). And here we find Lazar potentially working on Possony's baby. But that's not Lazar's only indirect link to Possony. It just so happens that one of Possony's closest colleagues in the ASC would encounter Lazar during his time at Los Alamos.
"In June 1982, legendary theoretical physicist Edward Teller gave a lecture at Los Alamos, and Lazar attended. As Lazar approached the venue on the day in question, he was amazed to see Teller sitting casually outside on a wall, reading the aforementioned Los Alamos Monitor article on Lazar himself. This was highly fortuitous, so Lazar introduced himself and had a brief chat with the man who was one of the inspirations for the deranged Dr. Strangelove in Stanley Kubrick's classic 1964 movie of the same name."
(Keep Out, Nick Redfern, pg. 20)
Edward Teller
As was noted in the prior installment, Teller had worked closely with Possony in the ASC ever since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1961. By the early 1980s, this collaboration was in full swing as the debate over the SDI was beginning to become a major national issue and both Possony and Teller were among the most vigorous proponents of it at the time. Whether Teller was involved in Possony's more arcane interests is unknown, however.

Still, it is likely Teller had been involved in fringe topics on his own accord for years by this point. He was, after all, a colleague of Vannevar Bush in the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) and appears to have worked closely with Bush for years afterwards. What's more, Teller had been involved in official conferences concerning UFOs since at least the late 1940s. One of the most well known took place at Los Alamos almost thirty-three years prior to Teller meeting Lazar there in '82.
"One 16 February 1949 a secret conference was held at Los Alamos to discuss the UFO phenomenon, in particular the so-called 'green fireballs' which were then being reported in the area. Among the scientists and military officials present where the nuclear physicist Dr. Edward Teller and Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, an astronomer from the University of New Mexico whose expert opinion was called on throughout the conference..."
(Above Top Secret, Timothy Good, pgs. 265-266)
In Lazar's account, it was Teller himself who helped the alleged scientist procure a job at Area S-4, near Area 51:
"Now let's fast-forward to 1988. At that time, Lazar was running a photo lab in Las Vegas, but he was on the lookout for far more gainful employment. He sent out a resume to Teller, who remembered Lazar and his beefed-up Honda. This was very good news. It got even better when Teller agreed to use his contacts to see about getting Lazar back into the world of physics. As a result, Lazar was approached by a representative of Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier, Inc. (EG&G), a U.S. defense contractor. Thus began a strange saga filled with many a cloak, dagger, and hall of mirrors."
(Keep Out, Nick Redfern, pg. 21)

As was noted above, EG&G was allegedly being used as a front for the ONI, who were actually the ones offering Lazar his job at Area 51. Let us then consider the implications of this series of events: Lazar meets Edward Teller, one of the most well-connected deep state players in the scientific field to ever live, at Los Alamos. Despite official claims that Lazar only performed minor functions there, Teller is sufficiently impressed with Lazar to remember him nearly half a decade later when Lazar is trying to get back into scientific-related work. Teller then makes some calls and sets in motion a chain of events that will end up with Lazar working at a facility related to the highly classified Area 51, apparently at the behest of Naval Intelligence.

Despite the fact the officials at Area 51 have long denied Lazar's allegations, Teller himself left open the possibility that Lazar's claims may have been true based on comments he made to journalists in the wake of Lazar's revelations:
"Let's go back to the beginning, to Lazar's claims that he was offered the job of a lifetime as a result of having approached Dr. Edward Teller. When questioned after the murky matter began to take shape within UFO research circles as well as the mainstream media, Teller did not deny having met Lazar. Nor did Teller deny having referred Lazar to additional sources that may ultimately have led him to area 51. In fact, Teller actually squirmed, with distinct uneasiness apparent in his voice, manner, and appearance, when he uttered the following words, after being put on the spot by an enterprising television journalist: 'I probably met him. I might have said to somebody I met him and liked him, after I met him, and if I like him. But I don't remember him.'..."
(Keep Out, Nick Redfern, pg. 27)
Just what exactly the purpose of the Lazar revelations were is difficult to say. Assuming Lazar's story is true, it is difficult to believe that he was brought to Area 51/S-4 for actual scientific purposes. For one, Lazar seems to have spent a good chunk of his time there studying the alleged history of the extraterrestrials and their contact with humanity rather than actually doing scientific research. And when he did do actual scientific research, he did not seem to have the capabilities to perform any type of serious investigation. Consider the comments made during an interview with Jacques Vallee, a computer scientist:
" 'What kind of work were you doing?'
" 'We were back-engineering the propulsion system. They gave me briefings on that. A lot of it didn't make sense.'
" 'What do you mean?'
" 'Well, for one thing, there was no theoretical work at the facility. And much of the physical research was inept. They told us that a team had cut up one of the reactors by sawing it off in two. When they tried to run it, the thing exploded in their faces. That took place in May 1987, before they expelled the Russians from the project.
"Indeed, that was absurd. No one in his right sense would have done this; a project manager would have stopped it. Lazar agreed: it did not make sense. Nor did his own presence there makes sense. He said: 
" 'I'm no research physicist. If those were really alien disk, they should have had the best scientists in the country working on them. Instead they gave us these briefings and just told us to try anything we liked. Nothing was written down. 
 " 'What did you have in the lab, on your workbench?
" 'I had a digital voltmeter,' said Lazar.
" 'That's all?' exclaimed one of my friends.
" ' I also had an oscilloscope. That's it.'
"Where were the x-ray inspection systems, the multichannel analyzers, the signal generators that are the standard tools of the high-tech trade?"
(Revelations, Jacques Vallee, pgs. 205-206)
Bob Lazar
Needless to say, it is not especially credible that Lazar would have been tasked with back-engineering a UFO and only given a digital voltmeter and a oscilloscope to work with. Clearly, Lazar's work at Area 51 or wherever he was at was a piece of theater, pending Lazar is remembering his time there accurately (Lazar has claimed memory loss and was threatened with behavior modification techniques by the security staff).

But to what purpose?  Why would someone like Edward Teller recruit Lazar, subject him to a onslaught of disinformation, then stand back and allow him to "expose" the doings of a highly classified facility that was not on most people's radar prior to his revelations? Clearly something was afoot, but I don't pretend to know what exactly the purpose was.

Before wrapping up, its interesting to note that Teller's presence in the Lazar story clearly links the ASC to both the mythos of Area 51 as well as Hangar 18 (discussed in part six). Both mythos revolve around claims of reverse-engineered flying saucers and alien bodies involving highly secretive facilities. Either these revelations represented a very elaborate, decades-spanning disinformation campaign, or (more likely) some type of "limited hangout." In either case, it is most curious that the ASC was the organization tasked with such endeavors.

"They are the essence of true political power..."

Or maybe not, in light of some of the individuals linked to the think tank by the 1980s. Let us now consider a profile of one such individual:
"[Michael] Aquino is bright and 'well educated.' He graduated with honors from Santa Barbara high school in 1964 and was the National Commander the Eagle Scout Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America 1965-66. He received a Department of the Army scholarship to the University of California and after graduation served his country as a psyops officer in Vietnam where he received the Army Commendation Medal, Air Medal, Bronze Star, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry from the Vietnamese government, an Oak Leaf Cluster to the Army Commendation Medal, and a second Oak Leaf Cluster in 1980.
"Not only is a Aquino a citizen in good standing with the U.S. military (now the reserves), he's a member in good standing in academia. He is, in fact a doctor having obtained his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1980. His dissertation was entitled The Neutron Bomb. His resume says he's qualified in International Relations, Comparative Politics, American Government and Political Theory. For several years he was a consulting faculty member of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas. He's a member of the National Advisory Board of the American Security Council, a member of the World Future Society and the L5 Society and the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. (the 'Magic Castle' of Hollywood.)"
(Operation Mind Control, Walter H. Bowart, pg. 162)
No doubt Colonel Michael Aquino is a familiar figure to many of my readers. A long time bugaboo of the conspiratorial right, Aquino began his occult odyssey in the late 1960s when he became a member of Anton LeVay's Church of Satan (CoS). LaVay was greatly impressed with the highly intelligent, clean-cut Aquino, and by the early 1970s Aquino was made a High Priest in the Church of Satan. By the time he left the CoS, Aquino was a Magister IV, only one grade below LaVay in the CoS's hierarchy. LaVay further honored Aquino by allowing him to craft the "Call of Cthulu" ritual, based upon the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, that were incorporated into the CoS.

Anton LaVay
But by the mid-1970s a growing rift was emerging between Aquino and LaVay. LaVay had become disaffected by Aquino's egotism and "over intellectualism" while Aquino was fed up with LaVay's refusal to relinquish administration powers and his practice of selling priesthoods. Aquino felt that such things should be based upon merit rather than the amount of money one could pay. Needless to say, he also found the professed atheism of the CoS to be sterile as well.

This led Aquino to perform a ritual in 1975 that would set him on the path to founding his own secret order.
"On the eve of the North solstice, June 21, 1975, Aquino performed a magical 'Working' and Satan purportedly appeared to him in the image of Set – the oryx-headed god of death and destruction that Aquino claims is the earliest manifestation of the Christian devil, dating back to 3000 BC. The result was a document, The Book of Coming Forth by Night, in which Set declared the dawning of the 'Aeon of Set.' According to the document, the origins of the new era can be traced back to 1904, when Set appeared to Aleister Crowley in Cairo in the guise of his guardian angel, Aiwass, and declared Crowley the herald for the dawning 'Aeon of Horus.' In 1966, LeVay ushered in the Aeon of Satan, an intermediary phase that symbolized indulgence and that was to prepare the way for the Aeon of Set, which would bring forth enlightenment."
(Satan Wants You, Arthur Lyons, pgs. 126-127) 
This spurred Aquino to break with the Church of Satan and found his own Temple of Set (ToS) the same year. Aquino was followed to the ToS by some CoS defectors, including his wife Lilith Sinclair, though the charismatic LaVay maintained the bulk of the CoS's membership. The Temple of Set's membership was never more than a few hundred members in its peak years, hence it never came anywhere near obtaining the degree of public notoriety as the CoS, at least not until scandals rocked the organization in the late 1980s. But more on that in a moment.

In 1982 Aquino performed an even more bizarre ritual at the notorious Wewelsburg Castle in Germany that came to be known as the "Wewelsburg Working." This ritual would go on to have a great deal of significance in neo-Nazi circles in later years. Wewelsburg was allegedly the location selected by Heinrich Himmler to serve as the cultic center of the SS. In recent years much speculation has emerged concerning the rituals that were performed there. A lot of this centers around the infamous sun wheel located in the North Tower that has been likened to the Black Sun in post-WWII Nazi occultism. It should be noted however, that the origins of said sun wheel are uncertain, though there is no evidence of it in the castle prior to the Nazi era. On the flip side of the coin, there have only been a handful instances in which something resembling the Wewelsburg sun wheel have been found on Nazi paraphernalia.

the Wewelsburg sun wheel to the left
Aquino does not appear to have specifically addressed the sun wheel until much later (now appears to wear an variation of it as a necklace), but he did provide one of the first accurate accounts of the north tower.
"... Aquino was interested in National Socialism as a case study in rhetorical, symbolic and psychological warfare and had wanted to visit Wewelsburg ever since first reading popular accounts about it... After conducting extensive research, he concluded (similar to the present author) that writers were all reproducing the same descriptions of the castle taken from Schellenberg (1956) and Hohne (1967). Aquino first visited Wewelsburg in October 19, 1982 and immediately realized that all previously published descriptions of the castle's interiors and furnishings were widely inaccurate. He sent a detailed account of his visit in a letter to the ToS priesthood dated November 8, 1982... which was subsequently published in the February 1983 issue of Scroll of Set. Aquino's description of the North Tower was among the first accurate accounts published; he was unaware of the groundbreaking volume of Huser (1982) which it appeared earlier that year. At that time security arrangements at Wewelsburg were considerably more lax than they are today an elderly museum guide left Aquino alone in the North Tower for an extended period of time... 
"Aquino remained in the Gruft from 3:00 – 4:30 PM and performed a magical rite that has come to be known as the 'Wewelsburg Working.' The purpose of the ritual was three-fold: 1) to aid in understanding an ongoing crisis in the ToS dating to June/July of that year, 2) to energize the upcoming year and 3) to summon the Powers of Darkness at this powerful locus. Before leaving the museum, Aquino signed the visitor's log providing tangible evidence of his visit to Wewelsburg (reproduced in... 2011...). Aquino came away from the ritual feeling rejuvenated and inspired to reform the ToS Order of the Trapezoid on a new theoretical basis in order to explore the National Socialist magical current. News of Aquino's ritual spread throughout the worldwide occult community spurring interest in Wewelsburg and its mysterious sun wheel. Occultists in increasing numbers began visiting Wewelsburg. In 2010 the Kreismuseum Wewelsburg contacted the ToS concerning the inclusion of a narrative about the Wewelsburg Working and the Order of the Trapezoid in a new exhibit."
(The Black Sun Unveiled, James Pontolillo, pgs. 55-57)
the infamous North Tower of Wewelsburg
Aquino certainly appears to have become quite obsessed with National Socialism in the wake of his experience at Wewelsburg (and while still remaining deeply involved with the US Army). Soon he would be making such brazen proclamations as:
"We are fortunate that the Auschwitz taboo prevents people from looking too closely at. . . Nazi Germany, or from experimenting with any of its regular governmental doctrines. Because they work. They are the essence of true political power. Anti-Semitism is irrelevant to them... It is ironically true that a right-wing backlash in the United States – which is what the neo-Nazis are hoping for – would wipe them out first. If an American Fuehrer does appear, he won't be wearing a uniform with a swastika armband. He will wear a business suit, and he will be calling popular attention to the patriotic virtues in 1776." 
(Michael Aquino, taken from Arthur Lyons' Satan Wants You, pg. 174)
Certainly Aquino's musings in the 1980s seem eerily prophetic in these United States in 2017, amidst the era of The Donald. Aquino was of course an intelligence officer specializing in psychological warfare in the US Army for many years and there are a host of speculations revolving around what type of psyops he was involved in and to what extent they were used in the United States. In 1981 he co-wrote the infamous "From PSYOP to Mindwar" paper with Colonel (now General) Paul E. Vallely that effectively argued that America's defeat in Vietnam had been brought about by the inability of psyops to condition the public for victory.

"Incidentally," Vallely has come out as a Trump backer of late. He's also a member of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), in many wars the true post-Cold War continuation of the ASC network. Unsurprisingly, the CSP has been playing a key role in the infant Trump administration, as was noted before here.

General Paul E. Vallely
Of course, a psychological warfare barrage by Aquino is hardly the extent of conspiratorial musings concerning the colonel. I'm sure many of you are well aware of the Presidio day-care child abuse allegations that have dogged him for decades after first being exposed in 1987.
"... A three-year-old girl, reportedly molested at the Army's Presidio day-care Center in San Francisco, had fingered Aquino as the same 'Mikey' who photographed her in the nude and sexually abused her in a black-painted room with a cross on the ceiling. On August 14, 1987, Aquino's home was raided by police detectives, FBI agents, and members of the Army's Criminal Investigation Division. Several carloads of 'evidence' were seized and what Aquino called a 'modern witch-hunt in the most classical sense,' but no charges were ever filed against Aquino or any member of his church. In April 1989, Aquino filed formal complaints against to SFPD detectives involved in the raid, and police commissioners sustained the complaints in November 1990. Detective Sandi Gallant was 'counseled' to avoid derogatory comments on Aquino's church or lifestyle, while Detective Glen Pamfiloff got a written reprimand for his conduct on the 1987 raid."
(Raising Hell, Michael Newton, pgs. 19-20)
There have also been longstanding allegations that Aquino was deeply involved in running disinformation in the New Age and UFOs communities as well. Some have even are argued he played a key role in crafting the mythos surrounding Roswell and birthing the modern UFO movement that emerged from its rediscovery during the early 1980s (special thanks to "V" for point out these allegations to me). Just how credible these claims are is highly debatable as they're based solely on heresy, but I can not totally dismiss them in light of Aquino's alleged presence on the ASC's National Advisory Board. As was noted before here and here, many members of said board were closely linked to Roswell while other members would repeatedly turn up in the UFO field.

Certainly Aquino would be in the presence on many key figures linked to the UFO question in national security circles had he been a member of the National Advisory Board. As I have demonstrated throughout this series, the ASC's National Advisory Board appears to have been quite obsessed with the UFO question, among other arcane topics. The real question, however, is if Aquino was in fact a member of the ASC.

Aquino and the ASC?

Aquino has been linked to the ASC since the 1980s, but it appears by the 2010s he was hotly contesting the extent of his membership. The great ISGP was able to contact Aquino and seek clarification on these points. Aquino's responses can be found here and here for the curious.

Colonel Michael Aquino
ISGP did not find Aquino's responses to very believable and neither does this researcher. Beyond the points raised by ISGP, there's also the question of why the ASC would arbitrarily list Aquino in its National Advisory Board if he had only signed up for a newsletter. Its not like Aquino --then only a major --would have brought the organization any real prestige. Whatever recognition Aquino had by that point came from his exploits with the CoS and ToS. And such affiliations wouldn't exactly have been to warmly received by the ASC's rank and file.

In fairness to Aquino, I tend to find many of the more extreme allegations commonly leveled against him such as his involvement in pedophilia to be rather dubious. Aquino never attempted to hide his occult exploits and does not ever seem to have shied away from publicity. His profile just seems far too high profile for something life a pedophile ring, which surely would be carried out in the strictest secrecy by individuals avoiding the limelight at all costs.

Aquino playing mind war games on various alternative communities seems far more plausible. He has been involved on the fringes of various New Age-centric groups since the late 1960s and seems to have embraced the allegations leveled at him by the conspiratorial right with ample gusto over the years.

But was there something more to Aquino's connections to the ASC than disinformation and psyops? Another military man linked to the ASC who would later befriend Aquino may indicate that there were some very strange projects being perused by the National Advisory Board indeed by the 1980s. This figure shall be considered in the next installment. Until then, stay tuned dear reader.


  1. The children involved at the Presidio Day care had physical signs of abuse including VD and could describe the inside of Aquino's house.

    The man literally communed with Satan by his own words.

    He is almost certainly guilty, and most likely continues influencing US politics covertly to this day.

    1. Aquino is truly loathesome, but it's more complicated than that... always is.

      "Consider this: what if a highly visible, loathesome, visually distinct and unforgettable cartoon villain like Michael Aquino was conveniently onsite to draw fire away from a Baptist minister and the priests who ran Boy's Town, ensuring that the boat would not be rocked and that business would carry on as usual?

      "Meaning of course that the supply chain of vulnerable children to abusers would not be disrupted. After all, most Satanists don't have ready access to kids. Clergy do.

      "Nothing much would come of the accusations against Aquino and he'd later shrug it all off as the product of scapegoating and witch-hunting. Remarkably effective diversionary tactics, when all is said and done. You'd almost think it was the brainstorm of someone involved in psychological warf…


      "Speaking of diversionary tactics, we will see in a future post that the widely-controversial "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s and 90s directly coincided with a growing panic within the Catholic Church over priestly abuse.

      "In fact, a decades-long study had produced a 1985 report within the Church alerting leadership that they were sitting on a timebomb.

      "The Satanic Panic not only helped to divert attention away from the abuse cases that were beginning to emerge in local media in the 80s and 90s, it would also discredit the use of hypnosis and recovered memory in treatment of adult survivors of childhood abuse and intimidate many individuals into silence.

      "Cui Bono?, indeed."

      From Chris Knowles Secret Sun blog

  2. the reason for constructing a backengineering of UFOs story might be to scare the Russians into thinking we were way ahead of them in something that standard technology wouldn't resist effectively.

    also, this kind of thing the stories put out there, could be used to persuade legislators and so forth to support military industrial complex ripoff games like SDI as defense against aliens.

    that said, there is something to the dark side stories given what comes from the abductees, not all of who need hypnosis to get much information.

  3. The SDI appears to me as a done deal. Like using lasers or electric magnets to negate any missile threat. In real time, all the time. No more shooting wars, just neutron bombs and defensive electronic, space based, defensive weapon systems. 87

  4. The career of Jimmy Savile would seem to demonstrate that no profile is too high to preclude systematic abuse.

  5. The passage concerning Aquino from pg.162 of Operation Mind Control, doesn't corospond to my pdf copy of Bowart's book. Page 162 in my copy discusses Lt.Comdr Thomas Narut. Pretty sure I've read that somewhere, but not finding it, and don't remember it from OMC. What chapter was that from?