Thursday, April 20, 2017

4/20 Musings

After some uncertainty, it has now be announced today that The X-Files will be returning to us for an eleventh season. Even better, it is slated for a ten episode run this time around. As good as the revival was, I felt like it was hindered by the six episode count that left Chris Carter and company between a rock and a hard place trying to appease fans who preferred the story arch-centric episodes to the monster-of-the-week ones and vice versa.

That the announcement would come on April 20th is most amusing. While this date has a certain significance in drug culture, it has far more sinister implications as well. And the announcement just so happens to occur a month and a day before Twin Peaks rises like a Phoenix from the ashes on May 21st. And ten days before the premier of American Gods to boot.

This is most fortuitous for in these dark days we need stories such as these, both for the mind and the spirit.

And in the hopes of leaving you with a good laugh in the spirit of the day, I give you Alex Jones latest musing on the evils of George Soros.

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