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The 11/9 Days and the Weiner Surprise

Here in these United States, many Americans are looking forward to November 9, 2016 and for good reason: This will be first day after the 2016 US Presidential Election. This election has easily been the ugliest and most divisive in modern American political history. Some have tried to find parallels to the '64 and '68 contests, but there is really no comparison in recent years.

While nearly three quarters of US voters see the country as being on the wrong track, there is nothing resembling a general census as to what exactly is wrong with country. One individual's answer can vary radically from another depending upon one's age, race, religion, economic status, education and a host of other factors. There was far more unity in the turbulent 1960s. Nowadays practically the only thing uniting these United States are Star Wars and NFL football, and even NFL ratings have been tanking of late.

This makes the emerging hope of the US populace for things to get back to "normal" after the elections conclude an utter pipe dream, even if one doesn't factor in all the geopolitical shenanigans being played out right now. Putin has recently issued a warning to the West concerning the dangers of nuclear war. Further bolstering this point is the deployment of Russia's largest naval force since the Cold War to Syria. During the third and final presidential debate, front runner Hillary Clinton was directly asked if she would shoot down a Russian jet if violated the no-fly zone US policy makers have been obsessed with initiating in Syria of late, and she opted not to answer the question. This should send a cold chill down the spine of all Americans, even taken out of the context of the power struggling unfolding between the State Department and the Pentagon over the no fly zone question.

These developments alone ensure that the American public will continue to be confronted with tough decisions even after the 2016 election ends. And this of course assumes that the election itself will not drag on after the votes have been cast. To hear the mainstream media tell it, a landslide victory for Hillary is all but assured. But if the election ends up being close, things could get very interesting indeed.

Both Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump have invested a considerable amount of time in parading voter fraud memes in front of the American public for the past few weeks. Clinton and the Democrats have sounded the alarm over Russian intervention in US elections while Trump and his allies have accused the Clintons of rigging the elections in multiple states. Not to be outdone, Clinton backers are now speculating that Russia could plant evidence of voter fraud to steal the election from Hillary. Adding fuel to the fire were Russian calls to place "monitors" in the US to observer the election for evidence of voter fraud.

In other words, the stage is set for one candidate or the other to refuse to accept the results of the vote on November 8. If such a scenario plays out, it is difficult to see where things will go from there. There is already much speculation that the 2016 US Presidential election will be decided by the Supreme Court, but there is one hitch: The Court is currently composed of eight justices, four appointed by Democrats, four appointed by Republicans. Typically a ninth judge sits on the Court to resolve ties, but the vacancy left by the murky death of Antonin Scalia has yet to be resolved. This could constitute a doomsday scenario for the Court if its asked to decide the election but instead offers split 4-4 decision.

Needless to say, the day after Election Day on November 8 could be very, very interesting. And it just so happens the date of 11/9 already has an extensive legacy of political intrigues and shenanigans stretching back to the nineteenth century. 11/9 has especial significance to Nazism:
"And so it was the day of the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923, a day that Hitler commemorated forever after with speeches and festivities, and sanctified with the creation of the Blood Order: a society of those men who marched with him on that fateful day, and symbolized by the Nazi flag that they carried and with which all other Nazi flags were 'blessed' by being touched with it in impressive ceremonials presided over by Hitler himself. It was the day of a failed assassination attempt in 1939 on Hitler's life at a meeting commemorating the Putsch... And it was also the day of Kristallnacht, when roving Nazi gangs went on a rampage in 1938, smashing shop windows and destroying Jewish homes, businesses, and temples. If anyone in Hitler's Germany believed in numerology, they would have spent considerable time in analyzing this most pregnant of dates for the Third Reich." 
(Unholy Alliance, Peter Levenda, pg. 142)
an image of the failed Beer Hall Putsch
Johann Georg Elser's assassination attempt on Hitler actually occurred on November 8, 1939, but otherwise Levenda is correct. In addition to the significance the date had to the Nazi Party, there are other curious events linked to the date, many of them with much significance to various fascist ideologies:

It also interesting to note that the November 9th Society was the name of a British neo-Nazi group that eventually launched a minor political party known as the British First Party. The November 9th Society, which took its name from the date of the end of the Beer Hall Putsch, had been launched in 1977, but did not become politically active until the mid-00s. But in 2010 the party was disbanded and the movement went underground.

the flag of the November 9th Society
Eventually the much more successful Britain First Party was founded in 2011 and played a key role in spurring Brexit, a political movement Trump's campaign has frequently been compared too. This researcher has been unable to find any connection between the two parties, both had close ties to the British Nationalist Party.

Regardless, Trump now hopes to be presiding over a similar "upset" as Brexit on the morning of November 9. But there may well be even more strange and terrible things unfolding on that day. One such scenario is the beginning of a protracted legal battle over the outcome of the vote. Another, if Trump manages to defeat Hillary, is the possibility that foreign policy elites, who increasingly seem hellbent on a war with Russia, may do something rash to ensure such an outcome. Thus, while 11/9/89 witnessed the end of Cold War 1.0, 11/9/16 could witness the moment that Cold War 2.0 turns hot.

Even if Hillary wins by a landslide, domestic civil unrest could be an immediate response from the Right. The Oath Keepers already predicted a civil war back in April of this year if Hillary was elected. October 28, 2016, eleven days before Election Day, witnessed the acquittal of Ammon and Ryan Bundy and their followers for their role in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge standoff. The Bundys are of course darlings of the "patriot movement" after their role in the Bundy standoff orchestrated by the Bundy brothers' father, Cliven.

the recently acquitted
This recent acquittal against the allegedly all powerful federal government will no doubt embolden the patriot movement in much the same way the results of the 1988 Fort Smith Sedition trial did to the movement several decades ago. In the latter case, this ensured that many patriotic Americans such as long time FBI informant and multiple murderer Frazier Glenn Miller (one of the government's star witnesses in the case no less) escaped the clutches of ZOG and were able to continue their noble mission among the general public. The Bundy acquittal may ensure that similar "talent" will be on the streets in the aftermath of Election Day.

Frazier Glenn Miller during his younger days
And in fairness, a Donald Trump victory --contested or otherwise --would likely spur similar unrest. There are already indications that the Black Lives Matter movement, which has received ample funding from Hillary-backer George Soros and his CIA-connected (more information hereOpen Society Foundations, is being manipulated towards similar ends. Militant identity politics increasingly appears to be one of the end games of this election cycle.

It would seem that regardless of whether Hillary or Trump pull it out chaos is inevitable and such a curious date looming over the conclusion of this psychodrama is not a good omen. By weary dear readers.

one big, happy family...

Appendix: Enter the Weiner

Just as I was readying this post for publication another interesting development in this strange and terrible election cycle unfolded: The FBI announced they were reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email leaks. These events were spurred by the discovery of addition emails on a "non related" case. And the case? The investigation of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner's latest sexting scandal. At present Mr. Weiner stands accused of sending illicit texts to a fifteen year-old girl.

Weiner is also the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, a long time Hillary aid currently serving as vice chairwoman of Hillary's 2016 campaign. The computer on which these latest emails were discovered on was owned by both Weiner and Abedin. 

Anthony and Huma
Just how much of an effect these revelations will have on the race is debatable, but even the mainstream media is grudgingly acknowledging that these latest developments could be a real blow to Clinton's bid for the presidency with only eleven days till the election. The public may have a short memory, but a week and a half may not be long enough for this latest scandal to die down. Coupled with the ongoing Wikileaks revelations that remain a thorn in Clinton's side, the public will likely receive daily reminders for the next week and a half of all the reasons why they despise Hillary. 

As I've noted before here, Trump appears to have power deep state backers of his own and they may well have just made their move. Early reports indicate that the Clinton camp was blindsided by these allegations. It seems inexplicable that the FBI would reopen this can of worms eleven days before the election unless they were feeling some powerful pressure. This has all the makings of a textbook October Surprise.


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