Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Sniper in Dallas

Over the last few days the headlines read like something out of a synchro-mystical nightmare. The week began with two more questionable shootings of African-American men (Alton Sterling and Philando Castile) by US police officers under highly dubious circumstances. And then there was Thursday night's main event in which a US Army veteran rained sniper fire down on Dallas police, allegedly as a result of a desire to kill police officers and "white people."

Obviously, there are more than a few parallels to the Kennedy assassination, and in fact the shooting took place mere blocks from Dealey Plaza. Thus, a lot of the twilight language associated with the Kennedy assassination is potentially applicable here. What's more, the shooting took place on 7/7, the date of Britain's most notorious alleged Islamic terror attack. As Loren Coleman noted on his blog, there are also curious overlaps between the life and death of the nation's most recent sniper and Mark Essex, a former African-American Navy man who murdered several police officers in New Orleans with a high powered rifle in 1972.

There is also a deep political implication behind this event as well. The shooting unfolded in the midst of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest. The BLM movement has received much of its financial support from George Soros's Open Society Foundations (OSF). OSF and other Soros foundations have been linked for nearly fifteen years now to a host of "bloodless" "color revolutions", mostly in Eastern Europe:
"... the so-called Orange Revolution which had taken place in Kiev, in the Ukraine, in the late fall and early winter 2004. The Orange Revolution, as informed observers knew very well, had been the result of a cynical destabilization of Ukraine by US and British intelligence --especially by the National Endowment for Democracy, the various Soros foundations, Gene Sharp's Albert Einstein Institute, and other entities that we may refer to for the sake of brevity and clarity as the privatized or quasi-government left wing of the US intelligence community or left CIA in the post-1982 era of President Reagan's Executive Order 12333.
 "The 2004 Orange Revolution was not a unique event, but had been preceded by similar exercises in destabilization and subversion, especially in the former Warsaw Pact and Soviet spaces. These have included the successful so-called Bulldozer Revolution in Belgrade, Serbia in 2000 and the Roses revolution in Tiflis, Georgia in 2003. There had been an attempt at a Cedars Revolution in Lebanon in 2006, but it had been blocked by the organized mass mobilization capacity of Hezbollah. Another attempted coup in Belarus in 2001 had also been defeated by that nation's government."
(Obama: The Postmodern Coup, Webster Griffin Tarpley, pg. 13) 
George Soros, who has also provided a lot of the funding for the modern cannabis and entheogen movements
The coups have not always been bloodless, however. The Open Society Foundations' recent activities in the Ukraine have contributed to the civil war that has destabilized the former Soviet Bloc nation since 2014.

Thus, the appearance of a Soros' funded "mass movement" at an event of this magnitude should always give one pause. Even more curious is the time spent by the shooter, Micah Xavier Johnson, in the US Army. Johnson had apparently been considering a career in the Army prior to graduating from high school. Raw Story reports:
"Johnson graduated in 2009 from John Horn High School in Mesquite, where he participated in JROTC, the high school officer training program, according to the school district. Family photographs on Facebook show him posing in a red mortarboard. 
"He joined the Army Reserve the same year he completed high school, serving with the 420th engineering brigade. His jobs included a stint at Jimmy John's in Richardson. Chris Jennings, who owns the sandwich shop, said in an email that Johnson went to work there in 2011 and 'departed of his own accord in 2012.' 
"The following year, he was deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months. Several soldiers who served with him told The Dallas Morning News that they had been ordered not to discuss him.
"One family friend said Johnson had changed when he returned from overseas.... 
"At some point, Johnson appears to have worked at General Dynamics, a defense company with offices in Richardson. A woman who answered the phone there Friday said he had been an employee. People at the business said employees had been told not to talk to the media. A spokeswoman for the parent company would not confirm or deny his employment.
"Pentagon records do not reveal the reason for Johnson's Army discharge in April 2015. But a military lawyer who represented him said Johnson had been accused of sexually harassing a female soldier and had to leave the service. Bradford Glendening, a military attorney who practices near Fort Hood, said that the Army sent Johnson home from Afghanistan, which was unusual. Discipline for sexual harassment is typically counseling, he said...
"The woman asked that Johnson receive 'mental help' and asked for a protective order for herself and her family, Glendening said, adding that he wasn't sure which type of discharge Johnson ultimately received.
"Johnson's passionate interest in the black power movement began to manifest itself on his Facebook page this year. On April 30, he changed his profile picture to a shot of him with Professor Griff, a member of the hip-hop group Public Enemy known for calling out police brutality."
Micah Xavier Johnson circa 2009
Here's some more from MSNBC about the incident that got Johnson drummed out of the Army:
"For six years starting in 2009, Johnson served in the Army Reserve as a private first class with a specialty in carpentry and masonry, the military said.
"In May 2014, six months into his Afghanistan tour, he was accused of sexual harassment by a female soldier. The Army sent him stateside, recommending an 'other than honorable discharge,' said Bradford Glendening, the military lawyer who represented him. 
"That recommendation was 'highly unusual,' Bradford said, since counseling is usually ordered before more drastic steps are taken...
"According to a court filing Glendening read over the phone Friday, the victim said she wanted Johnson to 'receive mental help,' while also seeking a protective order to keep him away from her and her family, wherever they went. Johnson was ordered to avoid all contact with her.
"Glendening said Johnson was set to be removed from the Army in September 2014 because of the incident, but instead got an honorable discharge months later — for reasons he can't understand.
" 'Someone really screwed up,' he said. "But to my client's benefit.' "
So, to recap: Johnson appears to have been a fairly normal individual with a longstanding dream of being in the Army. He enlists and is in the Reserve for six years. In 2013, he is sent to Afghanistan. He has some type of breakdown there that appears to involve a female soldier. The Army apparently has great concern about his conduct and mental stability, yet they end of granting him an honorable discharge and seemingly take no real legal actions against him.

A little over a year after he has been honorably discharged, he develops an interest in militant black power groups. And then, several months later, he launches an attack on Dallas police that has been described as "well-planned" and "well thought out." He is then killed by Dallas police via a robot/drone, leaving no opportunity to question him and certainly not for a trial (to say nothing of creating a disturbing precedent). And of course, there were the inevitable initial reports that Johnson was not acting alone, since changed to the familiar "lone wolf" narrative.

Bizarrely, another African-American Army veteran was accused of opening fire on passing cars on a highway in Tennessee hours before the Dallas incident. He also alleged that he had been triggered by recent police killings of people of color.

Lakeem Keon Scott, the Tennessee shooter
These are strange times indeed. It seems likely that these events have some ulterior purpose, but it is to early discern. Many will pick up on the Open Society Foundations/Soros link to the BLM movement and reduce to this to a domestic operation by the "liberal CIA" faction. But this researcher believes the possibility exists that BLM and their backers are being set up by some other force, one that sees the mounting opposition to the police state as a direct threat to the national security apparatus.

But only time will tell. Until then, stay tuned and be safe in these interesting times.


  1. "...God is dead, and the war's begun."

  2. Recluse...

    The similarities to Kennedy assassination are very curious. In initial reports by the press, they spoke of multiple gunmen, on rooftops or other "high ground" postitions, situated in such a way as to deliver "triangulated" fire upon police targets... Shades of the "grassy knoll."

    Strange days indeed...

  3. Blaming Soros for the Ukrainian conflict is going a way too far. Obviously, the organizations sponsored by him might have triggered the conflict, but in the end it is Putin's fault and nobody else's. Putin, an ex KGB colonel just can't accept the fact that there is another country by his side willing to have independent politics. What Putin did in the Crimea and Novorossia is just a masterpiece of manipulation and psy-ops. It wasn't even a false flague operation. He blatantly and shamelessly kept denying Russian involvement in the whole affair, although this was obvious from the very beginning. He sent his green men, soldiers who were officially impossible to be identified and connected with Russian army, and while the media concentrated on proving that they were indeed Russians, those guys were just doing their job realizing the set objectives. His PR machine in the West just repeated his story making it just another viable version of the events. Forget about Obama! Putin is a true postmodern dictator. Read about Surikov, the grey eminence behind the staged democracy of modern Russia. They are able to conjure the opposition groups and then control them. They use reflexive control,which is a very sophisticated tool of psychological war. They use Zersetzung developed by Stasi (interestingly enough a similar technique was used by Manson gang). However, first and foremost, they use agents of influence, some acting willingly, some unwillingly. I am quite convinced that the current crisis in Europe is partly due to Russian influence.