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A Moorish Citizen -Updated 7/23/16: The Munich Connection

As I'm sure many of you are aware now, three more police officers were killed in the United States on Sunday, in Baton Rouge, in what appears to another ambush-type assault. This attack unfolded roughly two weeks after a similar event in Dallas in which an African-American veteran with a murky service record (noted before here) killed five police officers and wounded several others in a sniper attack.

The shooter in the latest incident was also African-American and a veteran and said to have been radicalized by the epic killings of frequently unarmed African-Americans in these United States. There was, however, something of a twist to this latest incident: the shooter, one Gavin Eugene Long, was apparently a "Moorish Sovereign Citizen." reports:
"While Long says in the video he is not affiliated with any groups, CNN is reporting police found a membership card appearing to show he belonged to a black sovereign citizen group, the Washitaw Nation of Mu’urs...
"The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote about the Washitaw Nation in 1999. Sovereign citizens believe they are exempt from federal and state laws, including those requiring them to pay taxes. The FBI has classified them as a domestic threat.
"Long declared himself to be a sovereign citizen in court documents, obtained by the Kansas City Star, which were filed last year in Jackson County, Missouri...
" 'No doubt at all, He’s 100 percent sovereign citizen,' J.J. MacNab, an expert on anti-government extremists, told the Star, saying he fell into the Moorish Sovereign category, which includes the Washitaw Nation of Mu’urs. 'This group believes that they are indigenous to the continent and therefore above all federal, state and local laws. These documents show Long’s attempt to separate his flesh and blood ‘indigenous’ self from his legal entity self.'
the banner of the Washitaw Nation of Mu'urs
Raw Story provides some more details concerning these developments:
"The anti-black sovereign citizen movement’s teachings turned out to be highly adaptable to the black nationalist teachings of Noble Drew Ali, who founded the exclusively black Moorish Science Temple of America in the early 20th century.
"He taught that black 'Moors' had been America’s original inhabitants, so they were entitled to self-governing status as a nation within a nation – giving them rights that predate the Constitution, just as sovereign citizens believe.
"The Nation of Islam arose from the Moorish Science Temple movement after the death of Noble Drew Ali, which splintered the organization...
 "Moorish sovereign citizens often cite treaties signed more than 200 years ago between the U.S. and Barbary Coast states, which a retired judge – who studies history in his time away from the bench – said were no longer valid."
Moorish Science Temple members
The Moorish Science Temple had its origins in the early twentieth century. It included a host of esoteric traditions largely derived from Freemasonry as well as a fascination with Islam, especially Sufism. It should be strongly emphasized, however, the the Moorish Science Temple's brand of "Islam" bares little resemblance to the mainstream version and is considered deeply heretical to most "pious" Muslims. Here's a brief account of the system's origins:
"According to Peter Lamborn Wilson in Sacred Drift, 'Moorish Science represents a more serious meditation on the Islamic current within Masonry. According to my informant M.A. Ahari, Nobel Drew Ali was a Pythian Knight, a Shriner, a Prophet of the Veiled Realm, and of course a 32nd Degree Mason, He suggests that Masonic catechisms may have been the model for the Moorish Catechism...'
 "Giving a sense of history back to displaced people was perhaps Noble Drew Ali's greatest accomplishment. After his death in 1929, the Moorish Science Temple splintered over questions of succession, but this religion still exists and remains one of the first expressions of American-based Islam.
"And what if Noble Drew ALi was right? As Wilson suggests in Sacred Drift, Morocco was indeed an early supporter of pre-Revolutionary America and worked closely with Thomas Jefferson and Freemason Benjamin Franklin to achieve the Moroccan Treaty of 1787. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin worked closely with the Moors in the Continental Congress to secure this treaty..."
(Ritual America, Adam Parfrey & Craig Heimbichner, pg. 65)
Noble Drew Ali
Presumably this formed the basis of the "treaties" referenced above. This concept of sovereign citizenry was a much later addition, however, and had nothing to do with Freemasonry or the mainline Moorish Science Temple. In point of fact, the sovereign citizen movement had a rather peculiar, though nonetheless occultic, origin: the Thule Society.

Segments of the Thule Society firmly believed that Germany's jurisprudence had been usurped, replacing their ancient Aryan legal codes with Roman law. An entire study section of the Thule Society was dedicated to researching this tragedy.
"... Johannes Hering's ring studied proposals to replace Germany's Roman-derived civil code with the imagined laws of ancient Northern Europe. One of the law ring's members was a young student, Hans Frank. Frank later shaped Nazi jurisprudence in his capacity as president of the Association of German National Socialist Jurists. After 1933, he was Bavarian minister of justice and, in an example of the Nazi penchant for creating long-winded titles for unprecedented public offices, Reich Commissioner for the Standardisation of Justice in the States and for the Renewal of the Legal Order. During World War II, Frank served as governor-general of Nazi-occupied Poland, where his role in the Holocaust and in terrorizing the Polish nation led to the gallows at Nuremberg."
(Hammer of the Gods, David Luhrssen, pg. 80)
Hans Frank, Nazi and early "sovereign citizen"
This concept of an earlier German law suppressed by the Roman one so inspired the Nazi Party that it was enshrined as the nineteenth point of the 25 Point program of the Nazi Party. Specifically, it read: "We demand that the Roman Law, which serves the materialistic world order, shall be replaced by a German common law."

The Posse Comitatus is often cited as the originators of the sovereign citizen movement in the United States, but this is not entirely accurate. As I explained during my examination of the Thule Society, it appears that the ideology of the Thulists was transferred to these United States via a secret society eventually known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John (SOSJ, noted before here). SOSJ, in turn, had very close ties to the Posse Comitatus movement and may even had pushed Posse founder (and "former" military intelligence officer) William Potter Gale into starting the movement in the first place. Given the number of military men behind the Posse and the sovereign citizen movement in general, there is a strong possibility that these movements constituted some type of covert op. All of this was addressed on this blog before here. Certainly more than a few veterans have found a certain appeal in the ideology, Mr. Long being only the latest.

a depiction of Posse founder William Potter Gale
And as for how a fraction of the Moorish Science Temple ended up knee deep in the sovereign citizen movement, I think I have an explanation for this as well. It involves another offshoot of the Moorish Science Temple, known as the "Moorish Orthodox Diocese of Ong's Hat and Montclair, New Jersey." In Sinister Forces Book I, the great Peter Levenda notes that a certain Bishop, Michael Francis Augustine Itkin, had ties to a most peculiar church:
"... the American Orthodox Catholic Church; in fact, a successor to Stanley --one Bishop Michael Francis Augustus Itkin... --was consecrated by him in November of 1960..."
(Sinister Forces Book I, Peter Levenda, pg. 279)
The American Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC) is quite a notorious sect that has been linked to the Kennedy assassination, among numerous other outrages (noted before here). It also had ties to the Sovereign Order of Saint John, as I noted before here. It is possible then that Bishop Itkin first picked up on sovereign citizen ideology while with the SOSJ and brought a more politically correct form of it to the Moorish church, which later spread to other Moorish Science Temple offshoots, including the Nation of Islam.

This is of course all highly subjective and speculative, but surely more probably than many of the Byzantine Masonic conspiracy theories being floated around the Internet concerning this incident. And with that I shall wrap things up for now. Stay tuned dear reader for possible updates.

UPDATE 7/23/16:

Suddenly Nazi synchronicities are everywhere. Yesterday, July 22, a German-Iran opened fire in Munich, resulting in nine deaths as well as the suicide of the gunman himself. Here are some more details concerning the attack:
"But the attack did appear to have been meticulously planned. Authorities said they were investigating the possibility that the killer had lured his intended victims to a local McDonald’s by hacking into a Facebook account and offering free food. The McDonald’s was later a center of the carnage, with at least four people dying there.
"Friday's attack played out on the fifth anniversary of a Norwegian massacre by right-wing extremist Anders Breivik that claimed the lives of 77 people. Andrä said the anniversary 'played a role' in the timing of Friday's attack, given the killer's apparent obsession with mass murder."
Apparently the causalities were almost entirely teenagers who had been lured there by the shooter's Facebook posting. Early accounts hold that they were entirely immigrants, mostly Turks and at least one Greek.

Multiple accounts hold that the shooter was inspired by the Norwegian right wing extremist Andres Breivik. The Munich shooting took place on the five year anniversary of Breivik's attack, which left 77 people dead. But this is not the only synchronicity this latest incident has to Nazism.

Andres Breivik
Throughout the 00s the right wing terror network commonly known as the National Socialist Underground (NSU) carried out a series of murders, bombings and armed robberies across the whole of Germany. At least two of the murders linked to this network took place in Munich while the trail for one of the group members, Beate Zschape, took place in Munich during 2013 and 2014. Curiously, the Defense Intelligence Agency was suspected of having some ties to the NSU (it also potentially recruited neo-fascist gangs in Belgium during the 1980s, as noted before here).

three alleged members of the NSU, including Zschape (left)
The present Munich shooting took place mere blocks from the site of the 1972 Summer Olympics, in which eleven Israeli Olympic team members were taken hostage and ultimately killed by five "Black September" Palestinians. Recently information revealed to the public indicates that the Black September network was assisted  in this endeavor by German neo-Nazis.

And of course Munich was the site from which the Nazi Party built itself into a national movement. 1923 would witness the failed Beer Hall Putsch and for years afterwards Munich would remain a major center for the Nazi Party.

But Munich was also the city that housed the Thule Society. In 1919 the Thulists played a key role in raising several private  patriot militias known as Freikorps to take back the Bavarian Soviet Republic. They key battle took place in Munich, were the communists were thoroughly routed by the Thule-backed Freikoprs. Much more information on this can be found here.

As I noted above, the Thule Society is where the modern sovereign citizen movement originated from. Thus, it is most unnerving that five days after Eugene Long's attack on US police officers that was partly inspired by Thulist ideas that the birth place of the Thule Society would be in the news in such a striking incident. The portents are not good friends.

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