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The Joker in the Patriot Movement

Now would seem an ideal time for reflection on the bizarre murders committed by Jerad and Amanda Miller this past Sunday in Las Vegas now that the pundits have had a full week to say their piece. Recluse has been eagerly monitoring the conspiratorial right's response to the murders since they unfolded this past Sunday and much of it was rather predictable. Alex Jones naturally detected a false flag operation at work. Raw Story noted:
"On his Monday radio show, Jones immediately called the shooting a “false flag” operation by the U.S. government.
"'Tens of millions of people are flooding here, hundreds of thousands a month, pouring over the borders, being given driver licenses in California to pull the lever to ban guns,' Jones warned. 'We are in the middle of a globalist revolution against this country right now. And my gut tells me that the cold-blood degenerate evil killing of two police officers and a citizen in Las Vegas yesterday is absolutely staged.'
"The conservative radio host said that his 'mind exploded with hundreds of data points' proving that the incident was staged when he first read about it on Sunday.
"Jones explained that conspirators were using Batman villain The Joker as a 'programming template for mind control' because Jerad Miller had dressed as comic book character while he was in Las Vegas.
"As evidence, the host began yelling that Aurora shooter James Holmes — who killed 12 people at a Batman movie in 2012 — had been part of a mind-control program called 'MK-ULTRA.'
“'[Sen. Majority Leader] Harry Reid comes out and says we’re going to do something about this, these are domestic terrorists at the Bundy ranch, everybody needs to be arrested,' Jones continued. 'I told you they’ve been building this behind the scenes, now they’re rolling it out.'
“'Would they stage this now? The answer is absolutely,' he insisted. 'If they would stage al Qaeda attacks, if they would do all of this, would they do this to get our guns and blame the Tea Party that’s sweeping in every runoff election and every primary right now? Defeating, in almost every case, 90 percent of Republican incumbents are going down! 1776 is happening, peacefully, through the system. They want to start a civil war with the police.'
"Jones speculated that the government had sent CIA 'cutouts' to the Pizza shop to kill the officers."

The Joker meme is one of the most interesting aspects of this case and shall be dealt with in a moment. Before getting there though let us consider remarks made by Vigilante Citizen, a website that's held in shockingly high regard by many conspiracy theorists. Largely echoing Jones, VC stated:
"Was Jerad Miller a government agent used to infiltrate and discredit specific groups? Was he programmed to carry out the murders to then take his own life? Was he just a crazy guy with a gun?  It’s difficult to say. It is however clear that the media spin on the Las Vegas shootings is perfectly in line with a top Agenda element of the elite : To discredit, demonize and lump together various groups that are not welcome in the U.S. anymore. Whether we look at Libertarians, constitutionalists, survivalists, or religious and pro-gun groups, they are all being targeted by the elite.
"While I won’t claim that every person involved in these groups is a kind, balanced, law-abiding citizen, it is clear that most of these groups exist because rights and freedoms are being chipped away in America. The main goal of many of these groups is to preserve the original spirit of the U.S. Constitution, which has been seriously violated in the past two decades. However, as the elite is transforming America into a NWO-friendly police-state, these groups are now perceived as a serious threat. More importantly, the elite needs the public to turn against them."

Essentially Jones and VC are echoing many of the longstanding allegations made by the "Patriot movement", i.e. that their movement is the target of relentless persecution by Federal authorities and that even when followers of their ideology carry out horrendous crimes they should not be criticized because these individuals were government agents, mind controlled patsies and so forth.

By and large these claims are baseless, especially the latter. As I've documented before extensively here, the modern day Patriot movement was largely the creation of the Pentagon and the U.S. intelligence community. As that series and my one on the Oklahoma City bombing should have made abundantly clear to regular readers, government agents within the Patriot movement are not the exception, but the rule. The movement has been dominated by "former" high ranking military officers (many of them with backgrounds in intelligence) for decades. Major movement personalities long suspected of involvement in violent crimes (i.e. William Potter Gale, Frazier Glenn Miller, Louis Beam, etc) have inexplicably avoided any serious legal complications until they commit acts so blatant authorities can no longer suppress them (again, Miller).

William Milton Cooper, one of the most revered figures in the movement and a "former" Naval intelligence officer
The ties between the Patriot movement and the Pentagon/CIA first began to emerge at the onset of the movement, in the early 1960s, when members of the Minutemen were implicated in arming anti-Castro Cubans in the wake of the Bay of Pigs debacle.
"The record suggests that, even if the FBI would carry out raids at the Kennedys' request, Hoover's heart was not into making trouble for Lauchli and his Minutemen. Despite their involvement in illegal bomb-making and sabotage plots, Hoover did not see them as dangerous. In 1965 he told the California Senate committee that 'little real evidence existed that the Minutemen are anything more than essentially a paper organization with just enough followers over the country so that they can occasionally attract a headline.'
"Hoover's remarks are consistent with his career of treating mob financed anti-Communist operators as supportive of, rather than inimical to, his notion of proper law enforcement. In this he was not alone. Mob-backed intelligence operations, such as the New Orleans branch of the Cuban Revolutionary Council, served the purposes of all U.S. interests which hoped to reverse Castro's expropriation of their Cuban assets."
(Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, Peter Dale Scott, pg. 89)
a 1960s era Minutemen poster
Yes, these patriot groups have been implicated in the assassination of JFK, as I noted before here, here, and here. Nor was Hoover's view of these groups atypical of the FBI for decades to come.
"The basic radical-right complaint that it had been the target of COINTELPRO abuses was justified, even if the rhetoric used to denounce the government was steeped in bigotry and exaggerated claims. However, it is difficult to make the case that the Bureau's investigation of the Posse included illegal, COINTERLPRO-style methods. Little evidence exists to support the charge, either in the Bureau's own records, in news reports, or from other sources. Unlike its treatment of dissident groups under J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI seemed to respect the constitutional rights of Posse members. Among other things, it closed investigations early – sometimes too early – as soon as it judged that the targeted individuals were engaged in constitutionally protected activity and were not planning any crimes. This was a far cry from the 'anything goes' mentality of the Hoover era. A more serious problems stemmed from the on-again, off-again investigative approach taken by local offices where agents – out of laziness, sympathy with right-wing groups, or concerns for career advancement – did not appear to take the Posse Comitatus very seriously. The memos from Director Kelly may have clamored for more substantial information from the field, but investigating right-wing hate groups was not a path to promotion in the Bureau – that came more readily to agents who distinguished themselves by working 'real' cases involving bank robbery, kidnapping, and murder. The consequences of this dynamic proved embarrassing two decades later when, in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, the Bureau had to scramble to get up to speed on right-wing hate groups because it had failed to devote sufficient resources to the problem much earlier."
(The Terrorist Next Door, Daniel Levitas, pgs. 137-138)

COINTELPRO was an operation launched by the FBI in the 1960s against the counterculture as the Vietnam conflict began to rapidly lose support. For years Right Wing groups claimed they were subjected to similar tactics. The Posse Comitatus movement, which began to emerge in the early 1970s, is the basis for much of the modern day militia and sovereign citizen movements. It was founded by a "former" military intelligence officer named Colonel William Potter Gale. It succeeded the Minutemen as the chief militant "grassroots" Right Wing group in the nation and was taken no more seriously than Hoover took the Minutemen.

the "Reverend" William Potter Gale
So yes, the claims of persecution by the conspiratorial right are largely frivolous. In point of fact, the Federal government has seemingly did everything in its power to avoid cracking down on the movement until the Oklahoma City bombing. Even then the movement was not dismantled, but simply pushed further underground. A decade later it managed a vigorous resurgence. What's more, it has seemingly more violent than ever. Let us briefly consider some of the violent crime linked to Patriot/white supremacist (I do not think its unfair to lump these two groups together as they and much of the other "grassroots" Right Wing movements are driven by a similar conspiratorial world view) ideology and groups in the past decade:

And now we have the killing spree of the Millers, in addition to a shooting in Georgia involving a sovereign citizen days before the Las Vegas shootings. Needless to say, this constitutes a lot of dead bodies. And these are just some of the major incidents and random shootings Recluse happened to save in his files. I suspect that the number of minor shootings linked to Patriot ideology and such like over the past ten years is quite significant but no one in a position of authority is trying especially hard to keep track of them all.

Are these indications of a broader conspiracy? Maybe, maybe not. As I noted during my initial examine of the Las Vegas incident, the modern day Patriot movement is displaying striking similarities to the Freecorps movement that emerged in Germany in the wake of the First World War and was instrumental in the rise of Nazism. Freecorps were paramilitary bands actively engaged in suppressing communists and occasionally attempting to overthrow the Weimer Republic. They, like the modern day Patriot movement, were driven by a conspiratorial world view revolving around the notion of world government being brought about by a cabal of Communists, Jews and Freemasons. So yes, this present wave of violence has some eerie parallels that likely are not mere coincidence.

Freecorps men
But this researcher finds the notion that the bulk of these murders were committed by mind controlled patsies or even conscious government agents to be ridiculous. Americans are already buckling under the pressure of over three decades of neo-liberal economic policies that have left more than a few of us incredibly desperate if not outright destitute. Throw into this maelstrom the apocalyptic rhetoric and siege-like mentality that Alex Jones and his ilk specialize in and you have a perfect storm.

Thus, this researcher does not feel any hesitation in suggesting that memes being floated by Jones and such like are triggering these incidents of Patriot-related violence on some level. This is most obvious when considering the appearance of the Joker in the latest Las Vegas shooting. Predictably the conspiratorial right have attached much significance to Jerad Miller's apparent fondness for dressing up as the Joker. Probably the most noteworthy examination put forth has been by self-professed revisionist historian (and fascist sympathizer) Michael A. Hoffman II. On his blog Hoffman wrote:
"... The alleged killers in Las Vegas of two policemen at a restaurant, and a bystander at a shopping center, are being variously described as white supremacists, Constitutionalists etc. They may be all or none of those things, but they are most certainly demon-possessed individuals initiated into a devil cult by immersion in the soul-killing Hollywood movies and television and New York entertainment “culture” that permeates the US like the fumo di Satana.
"Examining the photos of the supposed killers of three people, we see the extent to which they have inculcated the Batman meme, which has been occult-saturated since the first, 1989 film in the series, and which reached its apogee with the most notorious and soulless entry ('The Dark Night') starring the late Heath Ledger, who died at age 28.
"On July 20, 2012 James Holmes, a PhD. candidate in the science of the brain (neurology), entered a theatre in Aurora, Colorado that was screening the most recent Batman movie, 'The Dark Knight Rises,' slaughtering 12 people. (The two 'Dark Night' movies have grossed more than $2 billion).
"The establishment media dubbed Holmes 'the Dark Knight shooter' and 'the Joker.' He appeared as a Joker in his first court appearance. His July 2012 massacre was embedded with occult significance (see Revisionist History newsletter no. 63, 'Predictive programming and ritual stagecraft: The Batman movie shooting synchronicities').
"Prior to the attack by Holmes, the name 'Aurora' (i.e. the goddess of the dawn), showed up in the movie trailer for the Dr. John Dee ('007') 'Skyfall' movie. The words 'Sandy Hook' appeared in 'The Dark Night Rises' Batman film prior to the school shootings at Sandy Hook.
"In the case at hand, we have Jerad and Amanda Miller, the putative Las Vegas cop killers leaving behind unmistakable links to the Joker of the Batman genre. No extensive investigation was needed to elicit this clue. It was online for all the world to see on 'Facebook.' The perps themselves revealed it in the Revelation of the Method, part of the pattern of self-revelation which the Cryptocracy permits and encourages in this time in which we live, the last stage of the age-old process of human alchemy, when Satan can walk openly among us and the American people don't give a hoot at any fundamental level of their waking consciousness..."
the Millers
But while the symbolism of the Batman universe has always been fascinating and occultic, it has been changed radically in recent years thanks to the Christopher Nolan films. And this change has been in especially sinister. The great Christopher Knowles astutely noted this in the wake of the Aurora rampage. He wrote then:
"I do know that is just more bad news attached to a Christopher Nolan film. This is a guy who puts forward psychopaths as his protagonists (Following, Memento, The Prestige) and cast a guy previously best known as Bateman, the American Psycho as Batman. He also seems especially fascinated with mindfucking as we've seen in Inception and the first Batman film (how people led Inception slide is beyond me). I do know this is a guy who revels in fascist, brutalizing imagery and themes in his work.
"I do know that he deliberately created a brand new archetype with his Joker, the real protagonist of The Dark Knight. A figure of pure, wanton destruction- the killer that every Jugalo would love to be when they grow up. This was pure psychological manipulation of the worst kind, and has had terrible real world results.
"Of course no one wants to think about that because a lot of the same people who immerse themselves in Conspiratainment want to play their ultra-violent video games and watch their torture porn. And their Batman movies."

But what Knowles does not note (at least not that I've found) is that this Joker-as-wanton-destruction archetype has been heavily reinforced in the real world by the "grassroots" Right Wing. Look no further than the Obama Jokers that sprang up in 2009. The Obama Joker image was originally designed by college student in Chicago, who posted it on his Flickr page during January of 2009. Initially it received little attention, but things suddenly changed. The LA Times reported:
"On Jan. 18, Alkhateeb uploaded the image to photo-sharing site Flickr (shown at right). Over the next two months, he amassed just a couple thousand hits, he said.
"Then the counter exploded after a still-anonymous rogue famously found his image, digitally removed the references to Time Magazine, captioned the picture with the word 'socialism' and hung printed copies around L.A., making headlines."

Soon the image spread to several other cities and was adopted en mass by the Right. Likening Obama, whom the Right perceives as a dictator, to the Joker is something of curious choice, at least in the context of Nolan's Batman films. Batman himself would have been more apt. In The Dark Knight Harvey Dent favorably compares Batman to the Roman institution of dictatorship in which democracy was suspended while a military commander dealt with the "enemies were at the gate." By the end of the film Batman has effectively had to assume dictatorial powers (most notably in the form of NSA-like technological surveillance) to contain the anarchy unleashed by the Joker.

As a kind of archetype for chaos and anarchy Nolan's Joker is a much more apt symbol of the Patriot movement itself and their Red Dawn fever dreams. While no doubt an armed revolt against Obama's America may seem like a romantic idea to any number of Internet tough guys who frequent Infowars the interwar period in Germany tells a much different story. Freecorps gleefully turned their cities into full scale war zones and relished in assassination of various stripes. In theory this was done to contain the spread of communism after the Bolshevik Revolution but more often than not deteriorated into destruction for destruction's sake. This was a crucial part of the much mythologized "Freebooter spirit."
"The accepted authority of the Freebooter mentality suggests another reason why he and his comrades revolted against their class. He argues that since the very raison d'etre of the Free Corps was total destruction, the movement obviously could not draw its rationale from the Weltanschauung of the bourgeois-liberal world. Of necessity, therefore, that world must be destroyed. In a revealing essay von Salomon writes:
"'When we probe into the make-up of the [Free Corps fighter] we can find all the elements which ever played a role in German history except one: the burgerlich. And that is only natural because the peculiar experience of these men... had forged them into one single force of consuming destructiveness. Their purpose could only be accomplished by the emphatic renunciation of what they felt most strongly to be the falsification of true German substance. The spirit of the past centuries [i.e., of bourgeois-liberalism] had not been able to meet the uniquely severe test – that of the hardness of war. This is why the warrior, of necessity, despised the whole system which the spirit had created. The task required of him was not only to build up a new spirit... More than that. The task required... that all ballast, all sentimentalism, all other values must be ruthlessly cast aside so that this whole strength could be set free... Ecstasy and death, tumult and adventure, heroism and excess, cold deliberation and burning idealism, robbery and plundering, arson and murder – a mixture of every passion and demoniacal fury formed... the fighters who dominated the postwar period.'
"The memoirs left by the fighters of the Free Corps movement are a veritable hymn of hate directed against the Weimar Republic, which was the symbol and hence the target of the revolt against bourgeois society..."
(Vanguard of Nazism, Robert G.L. Waite, pg. 56)
scenes from Munich following the overthrow of the Bavarian Soviet Republic
The trauma that the Freebooter spirit inflicted upon Germany during the 1918-1923 period was profound. Germany's economy improved somewhat after that, bringing a brief period of stability in the mid-1920s. But when things began to go sour by decade's end the siren song of Nazism began to work its spell on the German populace. Despite mythologizing the Freecorps movement to the hilt, the movement's stubborn sense of individuality and libertinism had no place in Nazi Germany and many key former Freecorps men, many of whom having joined the SA, were purged during the Night of Long Knives.

Effectively then the anarchist Freebooters were a crucial competent to the rise of Nazism and the authoritarianism it promoted. And it is quite likely that if the violence perpetuated by the Patriot movement continues to grow that something similar will occur in these United States.

Thus the Joker is quite apt for the Patriot movement, a notion I suspect Alex Jones is quite in agreement with. This blatant disinformation agent played a key role in the spread of the Obama Joker amongst the "grassroots" Right. Jones appeared in Joker makeup for a now notorious broadcast and even ran a poster contest on Infowars for the Obama Joker image. Amusingly, when one of Michael A. Hoffman's readers pointed out Jones' promotion of the Joker meme in the comment section of Hoffman's article on the Las Vegas shooting the revisionist historian was quick to insist that "It was Satanic arrogance, not Alex Jones, that dispatched this duo on their mission to play God in the name of saving the Republic."

Of course, in the article itself Mr. Hoffman had no problem blaming "soul-killing Hollywood movies and television" and usual suspects such as abortion, homosexuality and demonic possession for the murders. Really, about anything seems fair game in Mr. Hoffman's mind except Alex Jones and the Pentagon/CIA-created Patriot movement. Nor is Mr. Hoffman alone in this double standard... far, far from it.


  1. I think that these events are being choreographed and that so many of these gunmen have connections to the patriot movement precisely because it is an intelligence front.

    In the case of the massacre at the Safeway, it is clear that the events did not occur as we were told they did.

    The Pima County Sheriff's Department released more than 2,700 pages of documents containing police reports, interviews, and statements from survivors to the Arizona Daily Star in March 2013. However, they were quickly pulled. Some of the eyewitness accounts contained in the documents make it clear why.

    The documents contain numerous reports from eyewitnesses who described a gunman who varied wildly in appearance, was significantly older than Loughner and used a weapon longer than the Glock 19 that Loughner is alleged to have used. Witnesses speak of two different gunmen, including one with security footage of the event. There was indeed an early news report in which it was stated that the witnesses believed Loughner was "acting with someone." There was also an early announcement from the Pima County Sheriff's Office that a rifle had been discovered at the scene. It was also reported to the media that a second suspect had been arrested nearby on Thornydale and Magee Roads, and that a third man was being sought. Interestingly, the files contain a report from a witness who says that she and her husband recognized the cab driver who gave Loughner a ride. They had received several rides from him. They claim that he "listens to right-wing violent talk radio, claims in militia, stated need to get rid of minorities, said straight up doesn't like Obama/Giffords." The witness goes onto say that other cab drivers say that he is "crazy."

    Loughner was the only child of Amy and Randy Loughner, described as "a very private family." Journalists were not even able to determine what Randy's occupation is. Amy worked for the City Parks Department. Loughner had previously been arrested by police on drug charges, and had unsuccessfully attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army. Obsessed with mind control and "conscious dreaming," he had what appeared to be an occult altar in his backyard. It was later explained that this was a Halloween decoration, although it remains to be said why it would have still been set up in January. He complained of voices in his head that told him to do things, and once visited a psychic to tell her about this problem. He sent a letter to the Pima County Attorney's Office "about being controlled by the government." Many witnesses reported that the gunman had a blank, detached expression on his face.

    The documents contain a report from a member of Giffords' staff who says that Loughner received a robo-call from their office on the morning of the shooting. They go onto say that they "reviewed the office files and could not determine why Jared Loughner's telephone number was included in the robo-call." They had "designed the 01/08/2011 robo-call (advising her constituents of the public event) to target persons born prior to 1955 who lived within a specific geographic area." Perhaps this was some kind of trigger. It is certainly not well-known, as this report is the only time it has emerged that Loughner received such a call.

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  3. Tucson, which sits on the 32nd parallel, appears to be a center of military-industrial-intelligence activity. The largest employer in Tucson is Raytheon Missile Systems. The second is the University of Arizona. In January 1991, the University of Arizona hosted the 'NATO Advance Research Workshop on Coherent and Emergent Phenomena in Biomolecular Systems.' A paper entitled "Effects of Gigahertz Radiation on the Human Nervous System: Recent Developments in the Technology of Political Control," concerning electromagnetic mind control, was presented there. The fourth-largest employer in Tucson is the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. The seventh-largest is Army Intelligence.,_Arizona#Top_employers

    The Chief of Trauma Critical Care and Emergency Surgery at the University of Arizona Medical Center is Peter M. Rhee, who was physician to Gabrielle Giffords and other victims of the shooting. Rhee was born in Seoul and later spent several years in Uganda. His father was an anesthesiologist who spent time conducting humanitarian missions for the Peace Corps, a major intelligence cover. Rhee graduated from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU), which is a federal medical school in Bethesda, Maryland. Another of its notable graduates is Nidal Malik Hasan, the army psychiatrist who reportedly carried out a massacre at Fort Hood. Hasan himself was a graduate of Virginia Tech University, a favored recruiting ground for the CIA and NASA that receives generous funding for scientific research from DARPA. On April 16, 2007, there was a massacre at Virginia Tech that left 33 dead, and the gunman, Seung-Hui Cho, graduated from Westfield High School, which has a business partnership with Northrop Grumman and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). The headquarters of the NRO neighbors the school, and attending at the same time as Cho was Michael Kennedy, who later went on a rampage shooting himself. Strange how these "lone nuts" sometimes attend class at the same spooky schools. Returning to Rhee, he later became a Professor of Surgery and Molecular Cellular Biology at USU.

    According to Wikipedia: "Approximately 80 percent of military physicians reaching 20 or more years of military service are graduates of USU. A majority of medical corps leadership positions are occupied by graduates of USU. Graduates of USU also make up a majority of Army Special Forces physicians."

    Rhee traveled to China with President Bill Clinton as his designated surgeon. He served in the U.S. Navy for 24 years and was on hand during the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. He consults regularly with the Office of Naval Research and the Marine Corps War Fighting Laboratory. He was the Director of the Navy Trauma Center at the Los Angeles County and University of Southern California Medical Center.

    Many eyewitnesses reported that there were other shooters and that a high-powered rifle was used, despite the fact that the official narrative holds that Hasan fired two pistols. Two men dressed in military uniforms were arrested soon after the attacks at the scene and a third was arrested on a golf course nearby. There were reports of a search for a fourth suspect.

  4. Many of the eyewitnesses at the Sikh temple said that 3 or 4 gunmen were involved. The temple president, who was one of the first who was shot, died in the hospital. He told his son that there had been three gunmen who carried out the attack with professional skill and may have used gas. His son, it turns out, is the man who co-directed "Sirius," a major UFO film, with Dr. Steven Greer. His other son is an officer of the Milwaukee Police Department.

    Wade Michael Page, of course, was former psychological operations specialist for the U.S. Army. Records indicate that he lived at military addresses for several years after his ostensible retirement, during which time he was involved with white supremacist groups. This might suggest that he was involved in the "infiltration" (control) of the fascist underground.

    The earliest reports stated that Page was shot and killed by Lt. Brian Murphy, who somehow managed to returned fire after being shot nine times, once in the throat. Murphy, who had headed the homicide division, served in the U.S. Marines for years. It was left unexplained why other officers present didn't return fire first. The narrative soon morphed and it was said that another police officer had shot Page. Despite the fact that he took credit for killing Page, the story soon changed again without explanation. Page had now killed himself after being shot by this police officer. How he was able to kill himself in front of a team of police officers who had already shot him once remains another mystery.

    Yet another mystery is the 9/11 tattoo. Witnesses inside the temple said that the gunman had a 9/11 tattoo. Video from the crime scene showed that a man with precisely such a tattoo was present at the crime scene. After a search for the man, police quietly announced that they had interviewed him and cleared him of any wrongdoing without explanation. They also said that Page did not actually have a 9/11 tattoo, despite the fact that his neighbors recall him having one.

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  6. Great work as usual! It's a testament to the pathetic state of conspiratainment culture that this blog hasn't received more attention. Although, I would urge you to consider all the evidence available before dismissing the possibility of govt. mind control programs being a factor in at least some of these mass shootings. Unfortunately, websites like Vigilant Citizen have a very dumbed-down approach to the subject as well as a tendency to promote the same far right political beliefs that characterize the mentality of the people who initiated these programs. In my opinion, "whistleblowers" like AJ and VC are encouraged by the global power structure for the very reason that their "analysis" on the subject is so half-baked that it causes most rational people to dismiss the entire phenomena of Manchurian Candidates and the like as delusion. Meanwhile, the testimony of genuine trauma-based mind control survivors like Kathleen Sullivan is ignored in favor of sensationalistic soundbytes and pop cultural obsession. It's almost enough to make me want to stop researching conspiracies all together, but then again, maybe that's the point of the obfuscation in the first place.

  7. Things will get interesting when these "Patriot" groups realize that they are largely fighting the same war as al Qaeda, ISIS, etc. and either embrace Islam or make a strategic alliance, creating American versions of those insurgencies.

    The mainstream media isn't reporting it, but the big picture is that there are two global projects engaged in a world war: the New World Order vs. the Caliphate. The patriot groups don't seem to have an ideology with enough global appeal to compete with Islam, but they can play a decisive role in the war in the heartland of the Beast, Amerika. China and Russia can also play decisive spoiler roles, as we approach another, perhaps decisive, round in the long war of resistance against international Bolshevism, Zionism, Capitalism and Progressivism.

    The author of this blog is apparently some sort of shill for the latter, since he relentlessly attacks the Resistance and shows little concern for the mass corruption, indoctrination, cultural destruction, usurpation of power and arrogance of the NWO forces. Don't you understand the *pure evil* that lurks in the heart of the NWO project? I have had personal dealings with an NWO ideologue, and she was the darkest, most evil personality I can imagine. These people are pure psychopaths, nihilists and manipulators, and they are greatly amused by the liberals of the world who apologize for them and attack principled anti-NWO resisters.

    It may sound dramatic, but this really is a war for the very soul of mankind. My advice is to think carefully about whether you're fighting for the wrong side. May Allah guide you to the straight path...

  8. I think that Alex Jones and other prominent activists are as programmed as the pop culture icons that Vigilant Citizen keeps track of.

    Dr. Steven Pieczenik is one of Alex Jones' frequent guests. Jones once slipped that they had been friends for around twenty years, which would place Pieczenik at the genesis of the Alex Jones Show.

    "Dr. Pieczenik was drafted into the Vietnam War. He was assigned in the Public Health Services with the rank of Navy Captain (0-6) to run three psychiatric wards at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, D.C., including a ward where serial killers were housed."

    In other words, this man is a programmer. He may well have been helping to program and supervise Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Bush Sr., all of whom he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State. As his online biography notes, he is the only psychiatrist to have ever held this post.

  9. SJCP-

    To my mind, there's little doubt the Patriot movement is an intelligence front. For all sakes and purposes its the American wing of Operation Gladio.

    What makes both the Safeway and Sikh temple shootings so suspect are the victims (or in the case of the Safeway shooting, intended victim) and what they represent. A liberal Democrat like Giffords is rather obvious, but the fact that the father of a close associate of Dr. Steven Greer was murdered by a white supremacist is most noteworthy.

    Greer is a total shill for the Anglo-American wing of the UFO community. His career in this field is largely due to early backing from Laurence Rockefeller (the chief financial patron of much of the New Age movement in general). An interesting examination of Greer's extensive ties to the Anglo-American establishment can be found here (be sure to scrawl down a bit on the page linked to to find the Greer section). Greer's book "Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge" is also worth taking in as well. While I suspect virtually everything in it about extraterrestrial is utter nonsense, it provides an absolutely fascinating glance at the divide that exists between the Anglo-American and Reich Wing establishments even within the UFO field.

    But getting back to the matter at hand: In the case of Sikh temple shooting, you have the father of a close associate of an Anglo-American establishment insider being officially murdered a "former" military man and white supremacist, with the details of the shooting still being contested.

    Now throw in the Giffords shooting and you have the real possibility that someone is being sent a very, very pointed message.


    Thank you.

    I never dismissed the possibility that some of the shooters were subjected to behavior modifications. I just believe that such cases are relatively rare and feel that to often mind control is used as a crutch to deflect blame from the very real psychological manipulations Jones and his ilk have on their followers.

    Just go and look at Jones' now notorious Y2K broadcast. Its not hard to imagine that this was intended as some type of "War of the World" type experiment. Things have now seemingly become far more refined since the early years. The PSYOPs component of Patriot disinformation is very over looked.


    I have no love for the Anglo-American Establishment and recognize its evil. I just don't think the alternative is any better.

    The sway of the Anglo-American establishment has been declining for decades now and has only been propped up this long primarily due to the disorganization of the "resistance", who are primarily united only by their mutual hatred of Anglo-American establishment.

    When the NWO boogieman is finally removed the most likely outcome will be a period of global Balkanization followed by an endless series of wars over natural resources driven by openly fascist/theocratical regimes. Whether this world will be a better palace is highly debatable.

    May foot guide you to the straight path.


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