Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Road to Elohim Part VI

Welcome to the sixth and final installment in my series revolving around the notorious Christian Identity compound Elohim City, the broader Christian Identity movement that spawned it in the extensive ties both had to the Oklahoma City bombing. In order to understand the deep politics surrounding these things I have employed former Students for a Democratic Society president Carl Oglesby's concept of the Yankee/Cowboy war within America's cryptocracy.

Roughly speaking the Yankee/Cowboy war has its origins in a post-World War II split in the American power elite, facilitated In no small part by the emergence of "new money" from the southern and western states. The Yankee faction (which comprises Carroll Quigley's Round Table group, the Rhodes Scholars, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and numerous other favorites of the conspiratorial right) had dominated the American power structure since the end of the Civil War until the LBJ administration. It is largely centered around the Northeast and is chiefly concerned with banking and trade.

The Cowboy faction is more diverse economically but has always been roughly centered around the military-industrial complex. Defense and other closely associated industries such as aerospace and technology that benefit tremendously from defense contracts have comprised the backbone of the Cowboy faction since its emergence. Indeed, one could argue that the Cowboy faction was largely an unintended consequence of the astronomical amount of defense spending the federal government embarked upon beginning with World War II and continuing on with the Cold War.
"...the economic impact...  nowhere greater than in the Southern Rim. This is a region that was transformed, and brought into modernity, by World War II, when the defense establishment moved in to take advantage of its benign climate, vast open spaces, extensive and for the most part protected coastline, abundant and cheap labor, and nascent shipping and aircraft industries, altogether pumping in an estimated 60 percent of its $74 billion wartime expenditures into these fifteen states. And as the defense installations and contractors continued to grow with growing defense budgets even after the war --$13 billion in 1950, $50 billion in 1960 --they continued to build up the substructure of the whole economy, in practically every state from North Carolina to California. Indeed, if anyone industry can be said to be the backbone of the Southern Rim, it is defense."
(Power Shift, Kirkpatrick Sale, pgs. 24-25)

Thus, very loosely speaking, the Yankee/Cowboy war can be seen as a conflict between the international banking elite and the American military-industrial complex. Of course there are any number of sub-factions and overlap between these two groups -- there are Yankee arms barons and Cowboy bankers; old-moneyed Yankee banking dynasties who have thrown in with the Cowboys and Cowboy turncoats that have served the interests of the Eastern internationalists.

Nor is this to imply that the Yankees are not imperialistic. It's just that the Yankees prefer to achieve their imperial objectives via covert operations, economic terrorism and psychological warfare (among other things) managed by various branches of the US intelligence community such as the CIA and NSA. Above all things they like to keep conflicts small so as to maintain a certain amount of global stability, which is essential to their overriding objective: international trade.

The Cowboy faction by contrast revels in conflict -- the bigger the war the bigger the government contracts. It is no coincidence that the largest American military buildups since World War II (Vietnam and Afghanistan/Iraq II) have both occurred under the Cowboy-dominated presidencies of LBJ, Nixon and Bush II. For more on this topic the reader is advised to consult parts four and five of the series.

In the third part of this series I argued that parties based out of Elohim City and active in the broader Christian Identity movement were chiefly responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. From there I argued that the Christian Identity movement and the sitting president at the time of the attack, one William Jefferson Clinton, were of opposing factions in the Yankee/Cowboy conflict. The Christian Identity movement and more broader Patriot movement (both of which used to fall under the banner of "radical right") have long been associated with the Cowboy faction, which I extensively documented in part five. Clinton, by contrast, seems clearly to be a creature of the Eastern Establishment despite his southern pedigree. He was a Rhodes Scholar who even cited semi-official Yankee historian Carroll Quigley as a significant influence upon his life and who had married a woman (who he met while they were both attending Yale Law School no less) who had cut her political teeth working for Nelson Rockefeller.

These things and other topics discussed in prior installments are what led me to believe that neither Clinton nor the Yankee establishment were the ones behind the Oklahoma City bombing, a stance I know that is in stark contrast to the bulk of other conspiracy theorists who have considered this topic. To my mind, the strongest indication that Clinton was not involved in the plot was his response (or lack therefore of) to the bombing. While Clinton did severely crack down on the militia movement and other fringe right groups his overall response was rather toothless, in stark contrast to how the Bush II regime dealt with 9/11. For most Americans life more or less went on as it always had in the wake of Oklahoma City while 9/11 had immediate real-world fallouts: Everything from the Afghanistan (which began less than a month after the 9/11 attacks) and Iraq Wars to the degrading TSA checks at our nation's airports. The Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26, 2001, just slightly over month after the September 11 terror attacks. By contrast, the chief piece of antiterrorism legislation that came out of the Oklahoma City bombing, the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, was not signed into law until just over a year after the events of 4/19/95 and was nowhere near the power play that the later Patriot Act was.

Beyond this, the nationwide shift to the right that had begun in earnest in 1994 (addressed in much greater depth in part four) continued largely unabated in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, with Clinton himself following suit. All of this seems to indicate one of two possibilities: that either Clinton was grossly incompetent (highly unlikely considering his political nine lives) or that he was not prepared for the Murrah Federal Building to be destroyed on that fateful day. This is not to suggest that Clinton was not aware that the attacks were planned --Indeed, circumstantial evidence seems to suggest the Clinton or someone within the federal government had foreknowledge of the attacks. For instance, consider the alleged actions of the BATF (who had an office in the Murrah Federal Building) on the day of the bombing:
"Several witnesses claim that ATF employees were advised to stay home on that fateful Wednesday morning. While ATF denies such accounts, the grim fact remains that there were no ATF employees among the 168 dead."
(Conspiracies and Secret Societies, Brad and Sherry Steiger, pg. 354)
There were also reports that the FBI was aware of a potential plot as well.
"Nurse Toni Garrett recalled talking to several people who said there had been bomb threats two weeks prior to the bombing. 'The FBI and the ATF knew that these bomb threats were real, and they did nothing about it.'

"Terrorism expert Dr. Randall Heather confirm these reports, adding, 'I know that there had been a threat phoned into the FBI last week, but I don't know what the nature of that was.'

"According to the Oklahoma City fire department, the FBI phoned in a warning on April 14, almost a week before the bombing...

"When asked during a press conference if the FBI had received a warning, FBI SAC Bob Ricks said, 'The FBI in Oklahoma City had not received any threats to indicate that a bomb was about to take place.'"
(The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, David Hoffman, pg. 33)

Such an assertion is highly debatable, to say the least. But for reasons noted above and throughout this series, it seems highly unlikely that the Clinton faction within the federal government was behind the attacks. If anything, the evidence seems to indicate that they were double-crossed. Andreas Strassmeir, a German national who was Elohim City's chief of security at the time of the attacks and a man often fingered as one of the principal architects of the Oklahoma City bombing, subtly confirmed this in his infamous interview with British journalist Ambrose Evans- Pritchard for the Sunday Telegraph, stating:
"The ATF had an informant inside this operation. They had advance warning and they bungled it. What they should have done is make an arrest while the bomb was still being made instead of waiting till the last moment for a publicity stunt."
Such "publicity stunts" have become all too common since the War on Terror officially began in the wake of 9/11, a topic of which I've written more on before here. What's more, both the ATF and the FBI had recently been under fire for their handling of the Ruby Ridge standoff and the Waco siege. It goes without saying that a high profile terror bust would've helped their respective public relations departments immensely in reforming their images. Given how smoothly these operations typically go for the FBI, and the immense experience it has in such things, it seems most probable that someone at an operational level double-crossed them (or that they or the BATF were ordered to stand down). David Hoffman, whose The Oklaholma City Bombing and the Poltics of Terror is easily the most thorough account of the bombing, believed that a double-cross was a strong possibility.
 "Somewhere along the line in Oklahoma City, the FBI and ATF lost control of the situation, and the bombers were able to make their move. As in the World Trade Center case, someone had infiltrated the operation in Oklahoma had substituted a real bomb for a phony one, or had placed a redundant timer on the bomb, or simply provided false information to the agents in charge, preventing them from stopping the attack."
(The Oklaholma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, David Hoffman, pg. 353)

This, combined with the fact that the Christian Identity movement that had spawned Elohim City had long been associated with the Cowboy faction, seems to strongly indicate that Clinton and his Yankee backers were caught unaware on the morning of April 19, 1995. Thus, the temptation is to argue that the Oklahoma City bombing was a Cowboy move against a Yankee presidency. But, as I noted in part five, there is not an overly compelling reason for the Cowboy faction to move against the Yankees in such a fashion. After all, their politicall cronies were already in the midst of a comeback thanks to the 1994 "Republican Revolution" that had already effectively both neutralized the Clinton presidency in addition to moving it rightward. Though the Cowboys were almost certainly involved in the Oklahoma City bombing, likely even giving tactical approval to it, these things would seem to indicate that another faction ultimately ordered the attack.

And that faction was almost certainly German, possibly with ties to the Nazi party itself. Consider the following points that have already been made over the course of this series:

Item: As noted in part five, the Christian Identity movement had its origins in various fascist groups from the 1930s, most notably those associated with Father Charles Coughlin and most especially with William Dudley Pelley's Silver Shirts organization (which produced such leading Identity figures as Wesley Swift and Richard Butler). Pelley was in turn on the payroll of German agents working to infiltrate the United States, eventually being convicted of charges relating to treason and serving nearly a decade in prison.

Pelley and his Silver Shirts

Item: It has long been alleged that the Christian Identity movement maintained ties with "former" Nazis and their fellow travelers in the post-war Fascist International. For instance, there were reports that the Silent Brotherhood (a 1980s Christian Identity paramilitary outfits involved in a series of bank robberies and other unsavory activities and closely associated with Butler's Aryan Nations compound) received funding from wealthy "German families" based out of the Southern Cone region of South America (a popular destination for former Nazis and their fellow travelers in the wake of World War II), as noted in part one of this series.

the Silent Brotherhood banner

Item: Andreas Strassmeir, Elohim City's chief of security at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing and a man fingered by many as one of the chief architects of said bombing, was a German national who had served as a lieutenant in the German Panzer Grenadiers and who had had formal military intelligence training. What's more, Strassmeir was from a highly politically connected family and whose grandfather had incidentally (or not) been an early member of the Nazi party. Many more details on Strassmeir, his time at Elohim City and his role in the Oklaholma City bombing can be found in parts two and three of this series.


Item: Dennis Mahon, a sometime resident of Elohim City who is said to have plotted the Oklahoma City bombing with Strassmeir (as discussedin part three), and traveled extensively in the European neo-Nazi underground during the early 90s where he had made some interesting contacts.
"In September 1991, Dennis Mahon, chief of the White Knights of the KKK in Tulsa, Oklahoma, embarked upon a nine-day, twenty-five-city tour of reunified Germany...

"The crowning moment of Mahon's propaganda tour was a cross-burning ceremony in a dusky forest clearing near Berlin. Flanked by Nazi, Ku Klux Klan, and Confederate flags, sixty white-robed German youths attended the ritual. 'Forward for the Aryan race!' a Klan supporter shouted to a cheering audience as a ten-foot cross burst into flames. Wearing a green silk gown and hood, Mahon punctuated a brief speech with a boisterous 'Sieg Heil!..'

"Mahon's main contact in Germany was the Nationalistische Front (Nationalist Front), a neo-Nazi group that sponsored the cross-burning ceremony outside Berlin. Bernd Schmitt, the fascist martial-arts instructor in Solingen who two-timed as a government spy, was an important member of the Nationalist Front. In addition to directing 'battle games' at a Front conference in August 1992, he provided protection for visiting dignitaries who made the rounds of the German neo-Nazi circuit."
(The Beast Reawkens, Martin A. Lee, pgs. 335-336)

Bernd Schmitt had some interesting contacts as well.
"Schmitt was a person of some consequence in unified Germany's neo-Nazi underground. Well-connected to several ultranationalist groups, he counted among his allies Bela Ewald Althans and other ultra-right-wing leaders. Schmitt's martial-art school supplied 'security personnel' to guard meetings with visitors such as Ernst Zundel, Althans's Toronto-based sugar daddy, lectured in Germany. Schmitt also maintained ties with a handful Third Reich veterans, including Major General Otto Ernst Remer, who was registered as an 'associate member' of the Hak Pao sports club.

"Fifty years old at the time of the Solingen bombing, Schmitt had chalked up seventeen criminal convictions (some for violent assaults) during a checkered neo-Nazi career that dated back to the late 1960s. In an effort to stay out of jail, Schmitt began supplying data on the neo-Nazi scene to the Verfassungsschutz, the German equivalent of the FBI. One of his many task was to keep his secret service handlers abreast of what the Brown brats were going in Solingen. Over the years he carried out intelligence chores for the neo-Nazis as well as for the secret service, which shared a common enemy --the radical Left. Schmitt filmed antifascist demonstrations and distributed photos of left-wing activist, which had been supplied by his secret-service contacts."
(ibid, pgs. 333-334)
Thus, two men who potentially played a significant role in the Oklahoma City bombing have possible ties to German intelligence. It's also possible that both men (Strassmeir due to his family's ties to the Nazi party, Mahon via Schmitt's Nazi contacts) were in contact with the postwar Fascist International. All of these things make the long alleged involvement of an Islamic terror network in the Oklahoma City bombing especially intriguing as compelling evidence has emerged in recent years indicating that much of the modern Islamic terrorist movement had ties to the Nazis and their fellow travelers, before, during and after World War II.
"The connection between Muslim fanatics and Nazis, according to John Loftus, began with Muslim brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, who  formed a group of Egyptian youth dedicated to social reform and Islamic morals. He was a devotee of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, the eighteenth-century Muslim who founded the Wahhabi sect that teaches that any additions or interpretations of Islam after the tenth century are false and should be eradicated, even by violence.

"'In the 1920s there was a young Egyptian named al-Banna. And al-Banna formed this nationalist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Banna was a devout admirer of Adolf Hitler and wrote to him frequently. So persistent was his admiration of the new Nazi party that in the 1930s, al-Banna and the Muslim Brotherhood became a secret arm of Nazi intelligence,' said Loftus, who had unprecedented access to secret U.S. government and NATO intelligence files...

"After World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood and its German intelligence handlers were sought for war crimes, as they were not considered regular military units. Following arrests in Cairo, captured Brotherhood members were turned over to the British Secret Service, who hired them to fight against the infant state of Israel in 1948...

"In 1979 the CIA drew fanatics from the Saudi Brotherhood members and sent them to Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Russians. 'We had to rename them,' said Loftus. 'We couldn't call them the Muslim Brotherhood, because that was too sensitive a name. Its Nazi cast was too known. So we called them the Maktab al Khidimat, the MAK... we left this army of Arab fascists in the field of Afghanistan.' Once out of Afghanistan, the mujahedin became known as al-Qaeda, or the base. While many people still think that the term 'base' refers to some central headquarters, former British foreign secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons the term actually referred to a computer database containing the names of Muslim activist, mujahedin, and others long used by the CIA."
(The Rise of the Fourth Reich, Jim Marrs, pgs. 207-208)

Some researchers, especially those affiliated with the neocons, believe that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were recruited into an Al Qaeda cell. Ties between McVeigh/Nichols and Iraqi intelligence have also been documented as well.
"The leading Iraqi suspects in helping McVeigh in Oklahoma City and Nichols in Kansas was Hussain al-Hussaini, who had been brought to the U.S. by President George H.W. Bush with the knowledge and help of CIA director James Wolseley...and his deputy Admiral William Studeman. Witnesses later identified al-Hussaini as being escorted by a well-dressed man named Khalid from Boston to Oklahoma City in November 1994. Other witnesses say that Khalid Mohammed, along with al-Qaeda leader Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, and FBI/CIA informant Ali Mohammed, were in Oklahoma City in 1995.
(Conspiracies and Secret Societies, Brad & Sherry Steiger, pgs. 352-353)
Hussain al-Hussaini

Al-Hussaini and Khalid are not the only Iraqis suspected of being involved in the Oklahoma City plot. Indeed, their presence has been alleged to be quite considerable.
"Jayna Davis, an Oklahoma City television reporter, arrived at the Murrah Building thirteen minutes after the bombing and has been working on the case ever since. Davis discovered that six thousand Iraqis sought political asylum after surrendering during the first Gulf War. After being given asylum in the United States, the Iraqis were not tracked. Some among them were false defectors whose mission was to infiltrate the United States and form terrorist cells. Of the six thousand defectors, eighty were in Oklahoma City by the time of the bombing. Davis believes that eight of those eighty were fully involved in the bombing plot, and she has fully documented the testimony of twenty-two Arabs who witnessed that subversive activity."
(ibid, pg. 354)
The presence of so many Iraqis in the Oklahoma City plot is especially interesting in light of Germany's dealings with Saddam Hussein in the years leading up to the first Gulf War.
"With the full knowledge and cooperation of the federal government and its BND spy apparatus, dozens of German companies were instrumental in helping Saddam Hussein developed one of the worlds most diversified unconventional-warfare arsenals. Several of West Germany's biggest firms supplied equipment and expertise to set up entire plants for the production of nuclear, chemical, and biological weaponry. Other countries, including the United States, cashed in on the macabre bonanza that created Iraq's high-tech death machine during the 1980s, but Bonn's role far outstripped the international competition. In addition to constructing Saddam's underground bunker and extending the range of the Scud missiles to be able to hit Israel, German engineers concocted new delivery systems for poison gas and dispensed advice on the most efficient way to enrich uranium into weapons-grade fuel for a nuclear bomb."
(The Beast Reawakens, Martin A. Lee, pg. 250)

Thus, we have a situation in which the two terror networks typically fingered for the Oklahoma City bombing, the Christian Identity paramilitary network and various Islamic factions (but especially those linked to Saddam Hussein), had ties to Nazi Germany's intelligence apparatus dating all the way back to the 1930s. In the postwar years both groups likely stayed in close contact with Third Reich veterans and their fellow travelers. Then, in the years leading up to the Oklahoma City bombing, we have compelling circumstantial evidence indicating that both groups were in contact with German intelligence.

Would it then be totally outlandish to suggest that Oklahoma City was a plot of German intelligence, specifically of a Nazi faction within German intelligence? While many will undoubtedly dismiss such notions, the fact remains that a Nazi presence within Germany's intelligence services in the post-World War II era is well documented. Specifically, the Nazi presence was referred to as the Gehlen organization (named after former German Wehrmacht Major General Reinhard Gehlen, the outfit's commander), and it would effectively run Germany's intelligence (as well as the US and NATO intelligence in Eastern Europe) for years after the war. When considering the Org (as it was known as) conventional histories typically portray Gehlen and his organization as either puppets of the CIA or buffoons who were effortlessly manipulated by the KGB (it was later revealed that the Org was riddled with Eastern German intelligence assets) but as the years roll along increasing evidence emerges that the Org was neither a tool of the CIA nor the KGB, but in fact was pursuing its own agenda.
"With Germany looming as a pivotal battleground of the Cold War, Gehlen had a mandate from the Americans to revive his old Foreign Armies East department -- or what was left of it -- as quickly as possible. Upon returning to Germany in July 1946, he immediately pulled together the makings of a sophisticated espionage apparatus known as 'the Org.' Supported by regular subsidies from U.S. taxpayers and wealthy German industrialist, he set up his base of operations inside a mysterious, high-walled compound near Munich that had once housed the staff of Rudolf Hess and Martin Bormann, Hitler's deputies. Gehlen's most urgent task was to gather up-to-date information from the East. His American sponsors were particularly hungry for details on troop movements and other military matters in the Soviet zone of occupation in Germany.

"Although Gehlen was ostensibly under U.S. Army supervision, the Org quickly threw its doors wide open to the Gestapo, Wehrmacht, and SS veterans, despite his solemn promise to U.S. officials that he would not employ hard-core Nazis. Even the vilest of the vile -- the senior bureaucrats who ran the central administrative apparatus of the Holocaust  -- were welcome in the Org...

"The growing dependence on Gehlen's network for data about Soviet forces and armaments turned American spy agencies into sitting ducks for disinformation. Much of what Gehlen passed along was tailored to whip up fears about Russian military intentions. At one point, he succeeded in convincing General Lucius Clay, the military governor of the U.S. zone of occupation, that a major Soviet war mobilization was in progress in Eastern Europe. This prompted Clay to dash off a secret telegram to Washington in March 1948, warning that war 'may come with dramatic suddenness.'

"Although it proved to be a false alarm, Gehlen continued to dispense tainted information to his avid American patrons, who needed little prodding to think the worst of Russian ambitions. By consistently exaggerating the Soviet threat, the Nazi spymaster played a significant role in exasperating tensions between the superpowers and fostering paranoia in the West about a world Communist conspiracy. 'The Agency loved Gehlen because he fed us what we wanted to hear,' a former CIA officer admitted. 'We used his stuff constantly, and we fed it to everybody else -- the Pentagon, the White House, the newspapers. They loved it, too. But it was hyped up Russian bogeyman junk, and it did a lot to damage this country.

"Was Gehlen merely improvising as his fabricated dire reports about Red Army machinations? Or was this part of a conscious effort to bind U.S. foreign policy to the Cold War for his own purposes? Gehlen's strategy was based on a rudimentary equation -- the colder the Cold War got, the more political space for Hitler's heirs to maneuver. He realized that the Org could flourish only under Cold War conditions; as an institution it was therefore committed to perpetuating the Soviet-American conflict...

"Was Gehlen really on America's side, as Dulles glibly asserted?... It seemed to work as long as Gehlen's objectives coincided with the CIA's, but being on the U.S. payroll did not guarantee abiding loyalty. While Gehlen sought to satisfy his sponsor's craving for details on their mutual enemy, he also pursued another agenda, which entailed running interference for the legions of war criminals who flocked to Org for cover. By coopting the CIA's anti-Communist bias, Gehlen was able to neutralize the immediate threat posed by U.S. intelligence, which otherwise might have pursued a more rigorous denazification program.

"The CIA eventually found out that the Nazi good old-boy network nesting inside the Org had a dangerous and unexpected twist to it. By bankrolling Gehlen, the Agency had unknowingly laid itself open to manipulation by a foreign intelligence service that was riddled with Soviet spies. Although far more Nazis gravitated to the West, some went over to the Soviets, who took advantage of every opportunity to infiltrate the Gehlen network. Certain Third Reich veterans collaborated with the Russians while also pawning secrets to the Americans, the British, and the French, depending who offered more money."
(The Beast Reawakens, Martin A. Lee, pgs. 35-39)

If indeed Soviet German spies remained loyal to the Fatherland, as their Western counterparts seemingly had, this then could explain the rapid speed with which a recently reunited Germany was able to fill the power vacuum in Eastern Europe left by the former Soviet Union in the wake of its collapse.
"... Soviet hard-liners launched an abortive putsch against Mikhail Gorbachev and his government. Although the coup attempt proved to be a fiasco, it served notice that the Soviet Union was terminally ill. By the end of the year, Russian president Boris Yeltsin shoved Gorbachev aside and declare the once-mighty USSR dead and gone. The precipitous implosion of the Soviet Union into fifteen separate countries left a huge power vacuum on the Continent -- a vacuum that a reunified Germany, by virtue of its pivotal location and economic might, was poised to fill. No longer confined to the perimeter of the Atlantic system, Germany would once again become the arbiter of Mitteleuropa, a geopolitical construct that lay dormant while the Federal Republic bode its time as a frontline state during the Cold War. German hegemony throughout the region, whether consciously pursued or otherwise, appeared to be a fait accompli...

"Some U.S. intelligence experts felt that Germany was inherently expansionist-minded, that it's destiny was rooted in a geography. Reflecting this school of thought, a CIA analyst predicted that by the end of the century Germany would not be able to resist the temptation to break free of its Western moorings and embark upon another round of Bismarckian adventures. In the past, Germany's Drang nach Osten (drive to the east) entailed armed conquest. But the prevailing sentiment among German nationalists early in the post-Soviet era was that the deutsche mark would accomplished what the Wehrmacht had failed to achieve...

"Because of the high cost of reunification, Germany invested strategically, rather than profusely, in Eastern Europe, focusing on crucial areas such as energy supplies, transportation, telecommunications, and mass media. German economic gains translated into greater political clout. A bossier manner was evident as Bonn demanded a United Nations Security Council seat and insisted that German be elevated to the status of an official language within the European Community."
(ibid, pgs. 283-284)

All of these things -- reunification, the push towards the east, and a distinctly rightward shift in mainstream German politics (as discussed in more detail in part four) seem to indicate that there were some type of coordinated plan by either the government of Helmut Kohl (who Chancellor of Germany from 1982 till 1998) or a faction within said government that had prior knowledge of a pending Soviet collapse. As indicated above, if some version of the Org was still active at this time, then it certainly would've been well-positioned to know such things. What's more, this would indicate that some type of second (or, in the case of Andreas Strassmeir, third) generation Nazi faction existed within Germany (and other major world nations).


Then there's the figure of Gunther Strassmeir, the father of Andreas, who played a pivotal role in Kohl's government, a topic that was discussed in much greater depth in part two. Suffice to say  the senior Strassmeir was a major figure in Kohl's government and was instrumental in the German reunification process. And then, shortly after Germany is reunified and expanding aggressively economically in Eastern Europe (and other parts of the world, as the Iraq example indicates), Gunther's son is seemingly involved in a major terror attack in the United States.

At this point we need to step back for a moment and consider how the Nazis fit into the whole Yankee/Cowboy war perspective that we've be using throughout the series.

Historians as diverse as Anthony Sutton and Edwin Black have thoroughly documented that Yankee interests were major backers of Hitler's rise to power and that many of them continued to support the Nazi regime even as American soldiers were dying in Europe. After Germany's defeat it was the Yankee-dominated OSS (and later, the equally Yankee dominated CIA) that rushed to save countless Nazi and other fascist war criminals from the Nuremberg trials so that they can be put to good use in the Cold War. And it was the Yankee-dominated government of the immediate postwar era that opted to rebuild German industry (at great expense to the US taxpayer) so that it could serve as a bulwark against the Soviet Union.

In many ways the Yankees and Nazis were natural allies. As discussed in part four and to a lesser extent in part five, the Yankee faction was highly European-centric, seeing a close relationship between the Old World and the United States as crucial in maintaining American power. To this end, they were willing to do almost anything to ensure Europe's revival, even allowing some of the worst elements of the Nazi regime to survive the war and achieve positions of power both inside Germany and internationally. Beyond this, many of the Yankees were not unopposed to the ideology of fascism even if they shied away from some of the grosser extremes of Nazism.

And yet the postwar Fascist International seems to have had a rather cozy relationship with the Cowboy faction from very early in the postwar era. There are several compelling explanations for this, most notably in terms of ideology, but there was also a very practical economic interest that both factions were immensely concerned with: Arms.

Several of the most well-known and notorious Third Reich refugees such as Otto Skorzeny and Klaus Barbie became major arms traffickers in the postwar years, frequently with the aid of the BND (the German equivalent of the CIA, which was completely dominated by the Gehlen Organizatiion for years).
"Skorzeny became a major arms supplier for the Salazar regime in Portugal. He worked for several firms, including the Virginia-becased Interarms Co., run by former CIA agent Sam Cummings. Skorzeny was behind the formation of Bonn-based Merex Co., which was closely linked with the BND, Germany's postwar intelligence organization. Skorzeny's partner in Merex was Gerhard Mertens, a former Wehrmacht officer and an advisor to Nassar in the 1950s. Merex was a worldwide arms dealer. His principal contact in South America was Klaus Barberie, who escaped to Bolivia aided by the Vatican ratline, where he served as a security advisor to the military regimes."
(The Nazi Hydra in America, Glen Yeadon & John Hawkins, pgs. 575-576)
Otto Skorzeny

It wasn't just the Nazi underworld that were major players in the international arms trade. The German overworld was also deeply involved in the arms industry, to a staggering degree by the end of the Cold War. By the early 1990s Germany emerged as the third-largest arms supplier in the world, a position that it still maintains to this day. Indeed, business has been booming for German arms manufacturers for much of the past decade. Spiegel reports:
"Germany is in third place among the world's biggest weapons suppliers, behind only the big guns of Russia and the United States and in front of France and Great Britain. Its arms are coveted around the world: tanks from Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall; submarines from ThyssenKrupp; fighter jets, helicopters and drones from EADS; missiles and munitions from Diehl; rifles from Heckler & Koch; torpedoes from Atlas Elektronik; and telescopic sights from Carl Zeiss.

"The United States military is generally only allowed to order armaments from domestic suppliers. But even it makes an exception when it comes to Germany: For their tanks, they order the smooth-bore guns made by Rheinmetall because they are more precise than those developed in the US.

"The international arms industry doesn't face crises; crises are its business. In 2010, global arms expenditures rose to $1.63 trillion (€1.14 trillion). This represents a growth of 56 percent over the last decade, according to SIPRI. Indeed, almost one-tenth of all the money generated by global weapons exports ends up in the pockets of the German defense industry."

Such a development did not seem possible in the early 90s with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but then the specter of terrorism began to rear its ugly head  --a specter that had been closely linked to the Nazis both during and after the Second World War. Beyond that, the dissolution of the Soviet Union led to a massive outbreak of civil wars the world over, as hostilities that the Soviet regime had managed to keep bottled up now came to a boil. And Germany was at the center of it, fanning the flames. This was especially evident in the Bosnian war that came about after the breakup of Yugoslavia.
"Whereas the United States and the rest of the European Community tried to prevent the breakup of Yugoslavia, Bonn unilaterally recognize Croatia as an independent nation at the end of 1991 and twisted arms to get other countries to comply with its wishes. American officials subsequently charged that Bonn was responsible for provoking the crisis in Yugoslavia, which had existed as a single country since 1919, except for the gruesome interlude when Hitler created a Croatian client state.

"Reunified Germany's preemptive diplomatic maneuver led to a major escalation of the civil war in the Balkans, which took hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced more than a million people. Bonn exasperated the conflict by supplying Croatia with large quantities of weapons. Between 1992 and 1994, Germany exported $320 million of military hardware -- including MiG fighter jets, surface-to-air missiles, and late-model tanks -- to Croatia, despite a United Nations arms embargo forbidding such commerce. Convoys of up to fifteen hundred military vehicles from former East Germany were discovered en route to the Balkan farrago. Germany also trained Croatian pilots and provided intelligence reports in an effort to vanquish their mutual enemy."
(The Beast Reawakens, Martin A. Lee, pg. 299)

The United States, or at least the sitting Yankee regime, was not pleased with Germany's actions in the Balkans, or its growing aggression in general. Beyond this, the United States had historically had good relations with Bosnian Serbs both during World War II and the Cold War under Tito's regime. Conversely, both the Croats and Bosnian Muslims had had close ties to the Third Reich during the war with some of the most extreme members (such as Ante Pavelic and Hussam ad-Din Jarallah respectively) becoming major figures in the postwar Fascist International.

And yet the United States under Clinton would throw in with the Croats and Bosniaks by 1995 when NATO would bring the war to a conclusion decisively in their favor. This decision was made, incidentally, mere months after the Oklahoma City bombing.

In a way, the Balkans can be seen as a preview of the widespread global instability that has broken out across the world since 9/11. And while this instability has produced unimaginable horrors for many the world over it has been a boom for the international arms industry of which both the Cowboy faction and Germany are major players in. With both of these factions deeply involved in the Oklahoma City bombing I must conclude that they worked in coordination to ensure that their vision of the post-Cold War era prevailed over that of the Yankee international traders. That Germany would so brazenly take part in a terror operation on United States soil sent a distinct message: That a reunited Germany had both the capability and the audacity become a major global player once again.

The United States' involvement in the Bosnian conflict in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing seems to represent a concession by the Yankee faction to the Cowboy/German Nazi faction. With this and all the other events that played out in the 1990s, the stage was set for the rise of the neocons and the global War on Terror that  would soon follow --a war without end, thus ensuring a never ending stream of defense contracts. With this state of affairs the economic vitality of the Cowboy and German/Nazi factions was secure for a generation.

Beyond this, it ensured that German imperial interests in Eastern Europe had become a fait accompli, a prospect surrounded by some uncertainty in the early 1990s.
"France was similarly tepid in support for the eastward expansion of the European Union. Here the lead was taken largely by Germany, with American support but without the same degree of US engagement as in the case of NATO expansion. Even though in NATO France tended to argue that the EU's expansion would provide a more suitable umbrella for the former Communist states, as soon as Germany started pressing for the more rapid enlargement of the EU to include Central Europe, France began to raise technical concerns and also to demand that the EU pay equal attention to Europe's exposed Mediterranean southern flank. (These differences emerged as early as the November 1994 Franco German summit.) French emphasis on the latter issue also had the effect of gaining France the support of NATO's southern members, thereby maximizing France's overall bargaining power. The cost was a widening gap in the respective geopolitical visions of Europe held by France and Germany, a gap only partially narrowed by France's belated endorsement in the second half of 1996 of Poland's accession to both NATO and EU...

"Germany -- safely anchored in Europe and rendered harmless but secure by the visible American military presence -- could now promote the assimilation of the newly freed Central Europe into the European structures. It would not be the old Mitteleuropa of German imperialism but a more benign community of economic renewal stimulated by German investment and trade, with Germany also acting as the sponsor of the eventually formal inclusion of the new Mitteleuropa in both the European Union and NATO. With the Franco-German alliance providing the vital platform for the assertion of a more decisive regional role, Germany no longer needed to be shy in asserting itself within an orbit of its special interest.
(The Grand Chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinski, pgs. 67-69)

The above is a rather startling revelation by notorious Yankee geopolitical strategist Brzezinski. It essentially acknowledges that by the mid-90s Eastern Europe had become the chief concern of the United States as far as Eurasians affairs went, much to the benefit of Germany. This effectively set the stage for the incorporation of the bulk of Eastern Europe into the EU (an event that occurred on May 1, 2004, a major holiday in Nazi paganism no less) ensuring German hegemony over the whole of Europe. It's interesting to note that both the Eastern European expansion of the EU and the nucleus for NATO's missile-defense system (which is just now being implemented) both occurred under the Cowboy-centric regime of George W. Bush. The NATO missile defense system effectively ensured that German expansions into Eastern Europe over the past two decades was now blanketed by a state-of-the-art weapon system that effectively caged the Russian bear in Asia.

Thus, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to state that Germany's political fortunes seemed secure in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing. While the attack was not necessarily essential to the political objectives of the Cowboy faction, which were already well underway, it was crucial in ensuring that Germany would have a place at the table -- and a choice place, at that.


Before leaving this topic I would be remiss if I did not point out the remarkable similarities between the Christian Identity movement and numerous theories (many of them originating from the conspiratorial right) of an underground Satanic cult network involved in a host of nefarious activities such as drug and sex trafficking, snuff films, and potentially even terrorism. Many of the more popular theories revolve around the so-called Monarch Program but for my money accounts of a cult sometimes referred to as the "Four-P Movement" or "the Children" (chronicled by researchers as diverse as Ed Sanders, Maury Terry, David McGowan, and Peter Levenda) are far more compelling.

"The Children" theory holds that various notorious serial killers such as Charles Manson (of whom I've written on before here and here) and David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz were part of an underground cult network involved in the after mentioned illegal activities as well as highly ritualistic killing sprees (i.e. the Manson Family and Son of Sam killings) and possibly even assassinations. Henry Lee Lucas's alleged Hand of Death cult has also been linked to this outfit, as has Adolfo Constanzo's Matamoros cult (a topic I've adressed here, here and here) and even Jim Jones' Peoples' Temple (of which I've written on here and here). This researcher has also considered the links between San Francisco's "Zebra killings" and such groups (which can be found here, here, here, here and here).

Manson (top), Berkowitz (middle) and Lucas (bottom)

What first alerted me to the potential link between the Christian Identity movement and this alleged cult was the strange and terrible saga of bank robber and serial killer Israel Keyes. Keyes was involved in at least three murders (and suspected of committing five or more others) and also confessed to a host of other offenses including arson, burglary and bank robberies before allegedly committing suicide on December 2, 2012 in an Anchorage, Alaska jail cell. He was both raised in the Identity theology and associated with individuals within the movement that were potentially involved in the Oklahoma City bombing. Slate reports:
"A confessed serial killer and bank robber who took his own life in an Alaska jail cell on Sunday was exposed to the racist and anti-Semitic beliefs of Christian Identity theology during his childhood in a rural corner of Washington state, Hatewatch has learned. 
"Israel Keyes, 34, now linked to at least eight murders throughout the United States in the past 11 years, was a childhood friend and neighbor in Stevens County, Wash., of terrorists Chevie and Cheyne Kehoe — two racist brothers now serving lengthy prison sentences for murder and attempted murder.

"'The two families, the Keyeses and the Kehoes, were neighbors and friends and lived about a half mile apart off Aladdin Road north of Colville' in Stevens County, Wash., a source with direct knowledge of the situation said. 'The kids in both families were home-schooled and they sometimes attended a Christian Identity church called The Ark, just up the road from their homes, the source said.

Chevie Kehoe was a sometime Elohim City resident who was convicted (in 1999) of murdering gun dealer William Mueller and his family in 1996. Mueller has long been alleged to have known something about Strassmeir, something that potentially linked him to the Oklahoma City bombing.
"Tragically, Mueller, his wife, and their eight-year-old daughter, Sarah, were found murdered on June 28, 1996. Their bodies were pulled from the Illinois Bayou after a fisherman discovered a portion of a leg. The family had been handcuffed, their heads covered with plastic bags wrapped with duct tape. They were found in 20 feet of water, tied to a heavy rock.

"Unaccounted for was $50,000 the Arkansas Gazette reported that the Muellers were believed to have received only days before they disappeared.

"...Michael Brescia, and his friend and roommate Andy Strassmeir met Bill Mueller at a Fort Smith, Arkansas gun show earlier that year. As reported in the McCurtain Gazette:
Mueller then told [Gene] Wergis that he remembered the two because he believed they might be connected with his home's burglary -- for even the ATF. Wergis also reported that Mueller showed him a spiral notebook where the exhibitor had gone so far -- so great was his concern -- as to write down the two men's names.
(The Oklaholma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror, David Hoffman, pg. 112) 
Chevie Kehoe

Mueller's spiral notebook was never found.

To recap, this would link the Elohim City crowd to bank robberies, arms trafficking, drug trafficking (these connections which were discussed in much greater detail in part three), at least one significant act of domestic terrorism, and now a bona fide serial killer operating on a national scale. This is very much akin to how alleged cults such as the Four-P movement, the Children, and the Hand of Death have been reputed to operate.

The Manson family is almost universally considered to be the first significant manifestation of this cult. Researchers such as Ed Saunders and Maury Terry have argued that Manson was under the control of the Process Church of Final Judgment, or some type of offshoot of it. The Process, a notorious counterculture cult that emerged in the 1960s first in England and shortly thereafter in the United States, is almost universally considered to be the originator of this cult. But as more former Process members have come forward to recount their time in the cult this premise seems increasingly flimsy, though such a topic is far beyond the scope of this article.

a Process temple

For our purposes, what is interesting to point out is that William Potter Gale (co-founder of the Posse Comitatus and other right wing paramilitary groups in the 1960s in addition to being an early Identity minister) was extremely active in California, specifically the southern part, in the 1960s at the same time that Charlie and the Family were active in LA. As was noted in part five of the series, Gale was alleged to have been creating a "secret guerrilla" network of paramilitary forces.

While I've found absolutely nothing linking Gale to Manson and his Family, it is interesting to note the remarkable similarity between the theology Manson preached to his cult and that of the Identity movement, both of which arguably having their origins in the Third Reich.
"... the Nazi ideologist of the Third Reich had reinterpreted the Bible in such a way that the God of the Israelites was Satan. This has become standard theology in such racist organizations in America as the Christian Identity movement.

"Lucifer was the 'light-bringer,' and intent on delivering humanity from the clutches of the evil Jehovah. This is also a Gnostic belief, as demonstrated in the scriptures uncovered at Nag Hammadi in Egypt in 1945. In the system, the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was the true God, who wanted to deliver the human race from the blind creator God, the Demiurge who wanted Adam and Eve as his personal slaves. This deity is equivalent to the H.P. Lovecraft creature, the 'blind idiot god of chaos,' for it was he who created material forms with reckless abandon and who -- in his blindness -- believed he was the superior being and demanded that Adam and Eve worship only him. According to Gnostic legend, this being --Samael -- was then chastised by the other gods for his vanity in assuming the mantle of Supreme God...

"...This form of Gnosticism also influenced Charles Manson, and he began to identify himself with Abraxas, a famous Gnostic deity whose numerological equivalent is 365, the same as the number of days in the year and thus representative of time itself. With the Nazis, the neo-Nazis, and the Christian Identity movement in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, we are experiencing a strange resurrection of first and second century Gnosticism: Gnosticism with a vengeance."
(Sinister Forces Book II, Peter Levenda, pg. 175)

Levenda also compellingly argues that Jim Jones incorporated this type of ideology into his supposedly Marxist Peoples Temple (a church mainly comprised of African-American followers that was nonetheless dominated by an overwhelmingly white ruling council).
"... Jones gradually abandoned any pretense at standard Biblical terminology or theology. Jones began to speak of revolution, and of Jesus as a socialist. He began to gradually mock and vilify the God of the Jews, the 'Sky God' as he called him, and to identify Jehovah with Satanic forces bent on the destruction of humanity. It was pure neo-Nazism, except it was so consulted that most of his followers would never have recognized it for what it was."
(ibid, pg. 175)

As noted in part five of this series, Jones and his Peoples Temple got their start in Indianapolis in the early 1960s. William Dudley Pelley, the founder of the Silver Shirts and one of the earliest proponents of Christian Identity theology, lived in Noblesville, Indiana (a town a few miles north of Indianapolis) from the 1940s until his death in 1965. Again, I've found no evidence whatsoever that either was aware of the other but given the metaphysical inclinations of both it would hardly be shocking if if they were aware of, and even possibly had contact with, one another.

During his time in San Francisco Jones and the Peoples Temple would forge ties with the Nation of Islam. The Nation, a black separatist cult with a theology not unlike the race-based Gnosticism of some of the groups discussed above, would also forge ties with various Christian Identity adherence over the years. The San Francisco branch of the Nation was involved in the notorious Zebra killings in the early 1970s in which rogue members targeted Caucasians throughout the Bay Area.

And it is here that I shall finally wrap things up. The above is a very rough outline of possible links between the Christian Identity movement and the long rumored cult underground of numerous conspiracy theorists that I felt warranted being mentioned in light of recent trends. The Identity network is still active as the figure of Israel Keyes makes clear. But beyond that Keyes shows that this network is capable of a whole host of evils, some of which are only now being revealed, but are in line with long alleged activities of the Four P Movement/Children. With the nation now seemingly in the firmest Yankee domination that it has experienced since the early 1990s, and the Cowboy-backed Tea Party movement failing to spur another Republican Revolution in recent elections, the Identity movement may once again be coming to the forefront, but on a scale one could not imagine during the feel-good Clinton years. With the resurgence of both paramilitary groups and white supremacists in recent years the possibilities are infinite.


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