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Close Encounters of the PSYOPs Kind Part IV

Much of the new UFO mythology that emerged in the 1980s can seemingly be traced back to a series of documents known as the Aquarius documents. Like many things in the Bennewitz Affair, it began small, like a butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the world:
"On 17 November, AFOSI's new recruit, Bill Moore, was summoned to their offices for the first time and asked to tell the team what he knew about the state of UFO research. Following the meeting, Richard Doty showed Moore a teletype display for classified internal AFOSI communications on which a new document had appeared. Labelled 'Secret', it contained an analysis of three photographs and two strips of 8mm film shot by Bennewitz. At the bottom of the document was a reference to Project Aquarius.
"In February 1981 Falcon and Doty asked Moore to hand a document to Bennewitz. At first glance it appeared to be the same one that he had seen on the teletype in November, but on closer inspection he noticed that it had been subtly altered. The document read:
"(S/WINTEL) USAF no longer publicly active in UFO research, however USAF still has interest in all UFO sightings over USAF installation/test ranges. Several other government agencies, led by NASA, actively investigates [sic] legitimate sightings through covert cover. S/WINTEL/FSA)
"One such cover is UFO Reporting Center, US Coast and Geodetic Survey, Rockville, MD 20852. NASA filters results of sightings to appropriate military departments with interest in that particular sighting. The official US Government Policy and results of Project Aquarius is still classified top secret with no dissemination outside official intelligence channels and with restricted access to 'MJ Twelve'. Case of Bennewitz is being monitored by NASA, INS, who request all future evidence be forwarded to them thru AFOSI, IVOE...'
"Falcon and Doty were insistent that Moore pass the Project Aquarius document to Bennewitz. This was the first time they had asked him actively to deceive somebody else and initially Moore refused to cross the line: he and Bennewitz were now in regular contact and were becoming friends. But his handlers made it clear that if he wouldn't play the game, then their relationship would end then and there."
(ibid, pgs. 121-123)
William Moore


It is generally believed that this faked document represented the first ever reference to 'MJ 12' or 'Majestic 12', which would go on to become one of the cornerstones of UFO mythology in the 80s and 90s.
"Here, near the bottom of this wordy message in late 1980, was the very first time anyone had seen a reference to the idea of a suspected government group called 'MJ Twelve' that controlled UFO information. Of course, no one suspected at the time the colossal role that this idea would play in 1980s and 90s UFOlogy, and it eventually spread beyond its confines to become a cultural mainstay.
"According to the 'mythos' that now surrounds this subject, there is a high-level group, close and answerable only to the president, which since 1947 has fielded reports on all important and hard-to-explain UFO incidents. The group is (or was) known as MJ-12, and was called into existence in 1947 by President Truman -at the time, the only man in the world who had his finger on the nuclear button, and the only one who has ever pushed it. One of MJ-12's first members was supposedly Adm. Roscoe Hillenkoeter, who Truman also tapped to run the National Intelligence Agency, which soon changed the 'National' to 'Central' and eventually used an obscure loophole in their charter to justify all sorts of meddling in foreign and domestic affairs. Allegedly, MJ-12 was formed to deal with the possible threat from flying saucers and their pilots. MJ-12's assignment was to create an official policy on how to spin the saucer stories to the public -foreign and domestic.
"Although it has been almost conclusively proven beyond a reasonable doubt that a group by that name did exist in the time frame of the late 1940s and 50s, no one has yet completely shown that MJ-12 had anything to do with UFOs, though the debate rages to this day. The counterintelligence string-pullers had done their homework, and had used the name of an obscure but significant group as the grain of sand that started a landslide."
(Project Beta, Greg Bishop, pgs. 127-128)

The Aquarius documents went into overdrive in 1984.
"On 11 December 1984, a manila envelope with an Albuquerque postmark dropped through the door of Jamie Shandera, a TV producer working with Bill Moore on his UFO investigations.
"Inside was a roll of 35mm film containing photographs of a paper, dated 18 November 1952, prepared by the first CIA director Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoeter, briefing incumbent President Dwight Eisenhower on the existence of Operation Majestic 12. The Majestic 12 or MJ-12 group consisted of twelve specially selected scientists, military and intelligence specialists brought together following the 1947 Roswell UFO crash to study the wreckage and its occupants. Projects Sign and Grudge, the document stated, had been set up to collect data to aid the group's work. The document referred to the upsurge in UFO sightings that took place in 1952 and concluded that the MJ-12 project should continue into the new president's administration with the 'imposition of the strictest security precautions'. A list of attachments was included with the briefing document, along with a note signed by Harry Truman, dated 24 September 1947, instigating the project...
"Moore decided that the best thing to do with the documents was to sit on them, though he did give copies to a select few fellow ufologists, including fellow Roswell researcher Stanton Friedman and Lee Graham, an aerospace defence contractor. Perhaps this delay frustrated the source of the original package because, over the following months, Moore and Shandera received a series of postcards, this time postmarked New Zealand, with a return address of Box 189, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The cards bore short phrases like 'Reeses Pieces' and 'Suitland' that meant nothing to either of the recipients. Then, in what seems like a remarkable moment of serendipity, Friedman, a Canadian resident, asked Moore and Shandera to visit a collection of recently declassified US Air Force documents at the National Archives. The archives were based at Suitland, Maryland. The head archivist there was called Ed Reese.
"Sure enough, in Box 189 of the new document collection, Shandera and Moore found what appeared to be confirmatory supporting evidence for the MJ-12 papers. The smoking gun was a memo, dated 14 July 1954, in which Robert Cutler, Executive Secretary of the National Security Council, advised Nathan Twining, the Air Force Chief of Staff and alleged MJ-12 member, of a rescheduled MJ-12 meeting...
"Moore, Shandera and Friedman kept MJ-12 close to their chests, though word of its existence began leaking out to the inner circles of the UFO community. And somebody wanted it to go further. In 1986, Britain's best-known UFO researcher, Jenny Randles, was approached by an anonymous source offering her evidence of an American government conspiracy to cover up evidence of UFOs. Wary of being taken for a ride, she declined the material.
"In early summer 1987, another up-and-coming British UFO researcher, Timothy Good, was less picky and took the bait, presenting the MJ-12 papers as an appendix to his book Above Top Secret, due to be published that July. Word filtered back to Bill Moore, who decided that it was time to go public, which he did at the National UFO Conference on 13 June. The mainstream press immediately picked up the story, which within days had featured on ABC TV's high-profile Nightline news programme, and in the New York Times.
"Like the KGB's AIDS hoax, MJ-12 had taken three years to travel from remote obscurity to the national news. Timothy Good's Above Top Secret, meanwhile, became an international bestseller and put UFOs once more on to the public agenda. This was disinformation as it is supposed to happen. The MJ-12 papers caused huge fractures across the entire UFO community, pitching those who believed the documents to be the evidence they had all been waiting for against those who felt that they were just another hoax. Twenty-five years later the battle lines are still intact, while reams of further alleged MJ-12 documents continue to surface, creating new dissensus and confusion."
(Mirage Men, Mark Pilkington, pgs. 213-215)
It is quite possible that the leaking of the Aquarius documents took longer than three years to develop. It seems that many of the most noted UFO researchers since the late 1970s were approached with some version of the MJ-12 jive at some point or another. Further, the mid-1980s saw the rise of several UFO researchers with intelligence backgrounds such as John Lear (a pilot for a CIA controlled airline), Bill English (who served as an information analyst at a listening post north of London) and the legendary (or infamous, depending on your point of view) Bill Cooper (formerly of Naval Intelligence) who all made claims similar to those surrounding the Bennewitz-Moore-Doty circle. In the case of Cooper and English, both men claimed to have seen documents while working in intelligence capacities. In the case of Cooper, he claimed to have seen these documents in the early 1970s.
"Someone who worked for the public relations branch of the Air Force dangled the carrot of extraterrestrial proof before Emenegger in 1974. The same carrot was dangled before reporter Linda Howe. Curiously, the man who offered this opportunity to her worked for the same branch of the Air Force and was closely associated with Bill Moore, a UFO researcher who has stated that he had been recruited by Air Force Intelligence as an informer. The same game was played for Hynek and for me in 1985.
"The result of Linda Howe's acceptance of the bait was the sinking of her UFO documentary. Her serious work on such topics as cattle mutilations was also partially and unjustly discredited. And Doty's so-called proof -the Majestic 12 revelation -spliced into the credulous channel of UFO believers by Bill Moore who had previously established his credentials by publishing (under Charles Berlitz's auspices as co-author) a book about the Roswell mystery that claimed it proved extraterrestrial intervention.
"It is very curious to find that a similar scenario unfolded in England at the same time. Researcher Jenny Randles told me that she was discreetly approached to leak out certain revelations about the alleged alien presence on earth. Like Allen Hynek and me, she refused to do it unless she could check the facts and identify the source. As a result she was dropped and another channel was found -the much less demanding Timothy Good, who rushed into print with the information in a book entitled Beyond Top Secret, which supported the Majestic 12 deception without any critical analysis, claiming the governments of several nations were now cooperating with the aliens.
"Another step in the effort to confuse and to destabilize serious research into UFOs was taken when John Lear came into contact with the claims of Paul Bennewitz
(Revelations, Jacques Vallee, pgs. 178-179)
William Cooper
John Lear

Whether Cooper and company were actively working as disinformation agents or simply unwitting dupes in spreading the Majestic-12 mythos will probably never be known. But it does illustrate in fine fashion how an effective disinformation campaign works. Now, we shall consider some of the extreme measures the disinformation campaign took in regards to Bennewitz. One such incident involves yet another highly reputed UFO researcher.
"In mid-1981 Bennewitz received a distinguished visitor, Professor J. Allen Hynek, the famed astronomer and UFO researcher, who had brought a new computer with him. This was a visit from UFO royalty and, once again, would only have confirmed to Bennewitz that he was on to something important. Hynek had been closely involved with UFOs since he was hired to assist the US Air Force's Project Sign in 1948. Initially dubious of the subject, Hynek became convinced that the phenomenon represented something real and unknown, and in the late 1960s he turned against the Air Force. In his 1972 book The UFO Experience Hynek denounced Project Blue Book as a sham and introduced his own system for categorizing UFO encounters, which included 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' to describe encounters with beings on board a UFO...
"At the time of his visit to Bennewitz, Hynek was running the Center for UFO Studies while holding a professorship at Evanston University and, allegedly, receiving a $5,000-a-year honorarium from the Air Force campaign against Paul Bennewitz? It would certainly shoot holes in his image as the Colonel Sanders-lie kindly 'godfather' of scientific ufology. But Bill Moore claims that Hynek himself told him that the Air Force instructed him to deliver the computer, which contained their own special software, to Bennewitz, and not to tell him where it came from.
"Bennewitz set up the new computer and began feasting on the vastly 'improved' decoded messages that it delivered to him. A sample of these new texts reveals how consumed Bennewitz was by his alien fantasy: 'VICTORY OUR BASES OBTAIN SUPPLIES FROM THE STARSHIP METAL TIME IS YANKED TIME IS YANKED MESSAGE HIT STAR USING REJUVINATION [sic] METHODS GOT US IN TROUBLE SIX SKY WE REALIZE TELLING YOU ALL MIGHT HELP YOU.' There are pages and pages of this material. Moore thought that the new computer assigned 'entire words, sentence fragments, or sometimes even entire sentences themselves to the various individual pulses of energy' being transmitted into Bennewitz's home..."
(Mirage Men, Mark Pilkington, pgs. 124-125)
J. Allen Hynek

By now I'm hoping that those of you reading this will be grasping the true futility of taking anything anyone involved in the UFO field says at face value. Hynek has about as clean an image within the UFO field as you can find -he was in the vanguard of 'scientific UFO research' for decades. Undoubtedly many of his colleagues will deny his ties to the Bennewitz affair, and not without good reason: The only source for this allegation is Bill Moore himself, an admitted disinformation agent. On the other hand, Hynek has long been associated with Dr. Jacques Vallee, who has been cited extensively in this piece.

Jacques Vallee

Regular readers will know that I'm quite a big fan of Vallee's theories surrounding UFOs. On the other hand, Vallee also became closely associated with the whole Nine circle centered around Puharich and Geller and others in the mid-1970s, as noted in part III of this series. While I tend to believe that Hynek and Vallee were too sharp to allow themselves to be manipulated to the extent as individuals like Moore or William Cooper, both rubbed shoulders with more than their fair share of spooks and military men over the course of their legendary careers. Despite Vallee's denials above, its quite possible either or both had to deal with the devil from time to time in exchange for the access they sought.

Anyway, back to the campaign against Bennewitz. One of the most truly striking features was that of a fake alien underground base, built around Dulce, NM, for the sole purpose of drawing Bennewitz's attention away from the base at Kirkland.
"...AFOSI began 'set-dressing' the Archuleta Mesa to look more like the underground base that the physicist believed it to be. At night, old military equipment was hauled up the long winding tracks to the top of the Mesa. Shacks, broken-down vehicles and air vents were tactically arranged to give the impression of an active location, while patches of scrub were cleared to look like landing pads for helicopters and, perhaps, UFOs. Doty claims that his team also set up a system for projecting lights on to the clouds above, generating new UFO reports to keep Bennewitz, Valdez and others coming back for more.
"An underground base also needs staff, so Kirkland's Special Forces unit was sent out to the area to look busy. AFOSI also contacted Fort Carson Army Base on the Colorado side of the Mesa and suggested that they use it for training exercises. According to Doty, AFOSI even subsidized these Army exercises, explaining that their manoeuvres would be part of an anti-Soviet counter-intelligence operation; which in a strange way, they were. On one occasion Gabe Valdez and a TV crew were shooting a news segment about local UFO sightings with Bennewitz when a Blackhawk helicopter buzzed their own chopper. Panicked, the news crew landed, followed by the Blackhawk. Valdez angrily confronted the blackclad Army men on board, pointing out that they were within his jurisdiction as Highway Patrolman. Before being warned off, Valdez got a close look at one of the soldier's patches and noted that they were from Fort Carson's elite Delta Force unit.
"Bennewitz, himself a skilled pilot, would regularly fly over the Mesa looking for entrances to the alien base, and on at least three occasions was given guided tours by Rick Doty and Colonel Edwards, Kirkland's security chief, who showed him the vents and other paraphernalia that had been placed there by AFOSI. Encouraged by AFOSI, Bennewitz distributed regular reports about the base to the UFO community, incorporating his own photographs of blurry 'UFOs' and indistinct surface features on the Mesa. These gave rise to an elaborate mythology about Dulce's alien base that would incorporate detailed drawings of its interior and dramatic accounts of showdowns between the US military and the base's ET inhabitants."
(ibid, pgs. 159-160)

Those of you familiar with the various players in the UFO field will recognize the name Gabe Valdez. For those of you who haven't kept track, Valdez was a New Mexico Highway Patrolman based out of the Dulce area who began investigating a rash of cattle mutilations in the area in the mid-1970s. He would eventually come into contact with Bennewitz, bringing the cattle mutilation mythos into the affair. It went something like this:
"The New Mexico State Police office in Cimarron received a strange telephone call on May 6, 1980. The desk sergeant heard a frightened and confused voice on the receiver describing a weird experience the night before. All he could understand was something about incredibly bright lights and herds of cattle and the female caller's fear that she might have seen some strange 'people.' The officer asked her name for the report. 'I'm Myrna Hansen,' she replied. 'Can you help me?' The woman had no idea at the time that her story would help Paul Bennewitz usher in a new and frightening age of alien interventions.
"The cattle mutilations by aliens that Hansen would end up describing is a story that actually began years earlier with not a cow but a horse. In 1967, rancher Harry King of Amalosa, Colorado, found his prized horse 'Lady' missing. Saddling up another horse, he soon found Lady's carcass on a nearby mesa. The animal looked like it had been deliberately killed. The throat was cut and some of the hide on the head and neck was removed. The brain and stomach were missing as well. Circular 'exhaust marks' around the body, as well as a substance that burned the skin when touched, only added to the mystery. In an effort to make sense of the senseless act, King connected Lady's disappearance and death with mysterious floating lights that were seen in the area. It was to be the beginning of an uneasy era.
"As the phenomenon spread throughout the West in the early 1970s, the FBI became involved, even though the killing and mutilation of livestock was not specifically a federal crime. In Minnesota, Agent Don Flickinger of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacoo, and Firearms investigated the possibility that satanic cults were involved. Even though he received anonymous threats and once found his front door daubed with blood, his agency never found the culprits. Hundreds and then thousands of reports continued to flood in from Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Texas, and New Mexico. Some were misidentifactions of natural deaths, but a core of cases convinced law enforcement that an organized and well-financed group was responsible. The mutilations were simply too difficult to perform in secret without access to surgical instruments and heavy equipment that could lift the carcasses and drop them in remote areas, leaving no footprints or other evidence on the ground.
"Many had heard of the cattle mutilation phenomenon, and most UFOlogists had assumed for years that something from Out There was responsible. Bennewitz was keenly interested in the problem, and developed his own theories as to their origins. He was utterly convinced that the extraterrestrials were responsible, but he needed incontrovertible evidence. In May of 1980, Myrna Hansen's encounter delivered it literally to his doorstep, and the UFO link to animal mutilations would be forged."
(Project Beta, Greg Bishop, pgs. 9-11)

Incidentally, the cattle mutilation/UFO connection was initially by a peculiar source.
"Soon afterwords it looks as if an attempt was made, via the faked Ellsworth documents sent to the Enquirer in 1978, to identify the events with ETs and UFOs, perhaps a ploy to keep the nationals from investigating further. For reporters on the major papers, taking an interest in the ICBM incidents would have allied them with the kooks, the UFO conspiracists and, worse, the National Enquirer."
(Mirage Men, Mark Pilkington, pg. 156)
Anyway, back to Valdez, Bennewitz, and Myrna Hansen:
"The Cimarron officer who had taken the call from Hansen knew Valdez as the 'cattle mutilation guy,' and called the Dulce office to ask hm what to do. When Valdez heard Myrna Hansen's story, he immediately got his new friend, Paul Bennewitz, on the line. Yes, Bennewitz could get a sympathetic party who knew about UFO entity encounters, and was a professional psychologist to boot, but the witness had to come to Albuquerque for the procedure. With a few phone calls, Valdez arranged for one of the Cimarron officers to drive Hansen and her son 200 miles to the Bennewitz home."
(Project Beta, Greg Bishop, pg. 15)
Gabe Valdez

The 'smoking gun' Bennewitz extracted from Hansen was a hypnotic session under the direction of University of Colorado psychologist Leo Sprinkle, whose intelligence ties I've discussed before here. Under the direction of Bennewitz and Sprinkle Hansen recounted mutilations of both people and animals as well as being abducted on May 6th and taken off to an underground base where she witnessed the mutilations. And thus, several of the most enduring features of modern UFOlogy were born.

Before leaving the cattle mutilations, I would like to briefly mention the first meeting between Bennewitz and Valdez.
"On 20 April 1979... Senator and former moonwalking astronaut Harrison Schmitt convened a very unusual conference in Albuquerque. Present at the all-day meeting were ranchers and law enforcement officials from New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Arkansas, Nebraska, all seeking answers to one question: who, or what, was killing and mutilating their cattle? Also in the audience were Paul Bennewitz..."
(Mirage Men, Mark Pilkington, pg. 149)
Gabe Valdez was also in the audience and it was here that he and Bennewitz would first meet. I find the dating of this event most curious. Regular readers know that the date of 4/20 is of keen interest on this blog. It is notorious as both an unofficial cannabis holiday, as well as the birthday of Adolf Hitler. More information can be found on it here. As mentioned in part two of this series, it was also the date, in 1950, when the CIA began its first psychological warfare operations under the auspices of notorious former CIA director and UFO buff Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoeter.

Roscoe Hillenkoeter

I find it most interesting that cattle mutilations were also initially linked to satanic cults. I covered this topic a bit in my series on Satanic Ritual Abuse, which can be viewed here, here, and here. I concluded that while cult-like organizations such as the Finders have been involved in child sex trafficking, there did not appear to be a vast network of 'satanic cults' at play across the country. What there does appear to be is a vast underground network dedicated to the trafficking of children for the the sexual needs of the wealthy and influential. This network largely functions under the auspices of various military and intelligence groups that use it as a means of fundraising, blackmail, and even terrorism (do not forget the scale of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic of the 1980s and early 90s). At times various cult-like organizations have been used as part of this network, adding to the mythos. This is of course strikingly similar to what we have encountered during this investigation into the modern UFO phenomenon. More on that in a little bit.

One final thing I would like to address before leaving the Bennewitz affair is its truly bizarre reaches into pop culture via The X-Files and series creator Chris Carter. Once again, we find Richard Doty working tirelessly behind the scenes.
"Years after his AFOSI involvement with saucer researchers, Doty's career reached an apotheosis of sorts when he was actually invited to become a consultant for The X-Files, a position he says he held from 1994 to 1996. In time, he also wrote the screenplay for an episode, 'The Blessing Way,' which aired on September 22, 1995, although producer Chris Carter received writing credit. Doty also appeared as an extra in two episodes: 'Anasazi,' which aired on May 19, 1995, and 'Paper Clip,' shown on September 29 of the same year. He tried to write another, but says that it was 'killed' by a government agency that he was required to run everything past before turning any of it in for production. After the final season of the show, X-File producer Chris Carter was reportedly spotted at the Los Angeles FBI shooting range, which makes one wonder who was courting whom."
(Project Beta, Greg Bishop, pgs. 82-83)

Doty is of course far from the most reliable source on the face of the Earth. But consider one of his prior projects, a novel inspired by Doty that was supposed to have been written by Bob Moore and National Enquirer scribe Bob Pratt:
"The book, as plotted by Pratt and Moore, would tell the story of D, a patriotic American soldier who returns from a devastating tour of duty in Vietnam feeling betrayed by his country. D is recruited into the intelligence field, where he is tasked with feeding false UFO information to one Dr Berkowitz (a thinly disguised Paul Bennewitz), before being called in to investigate a case of an unknown object tampering with a nuclear missile in a South Dakota silo (a play on the Ellsworth hoax). D gradually discovers that there is a high-level, super-secret UFO programme buried deep within the US government. This is Project Aquarius and the organization that acts as its custodian is Majestic, or MJ-12
"As D is drawn deeper into the UFO conspiracy he learns that historical figures including Jesus Christ, Muhammad and Adolf Hitler were all in the control of extraterrestrials. Reflecting information supplied to Moore by Doty, D learns that there are three alien species interacting with the Earth: the beatific Nordic-looking humanoids (like George Adamski's Orthon) had originally seeded human life here and were discreetly guiding our development; the malevolent Greys were abducting humans and mutilating cattle as part of a genetic harvesting programme, while a third species wanted to plunder Earth's natural resources. The US government knew all about these aliens, and through MJ-12, kept tabs on them, occasionally negotiating with them in exchange for advanced technologies. But MJ-12 was ultimately powerless to stop the aliens, hence the need for a cover-up. How does a government tell its citizens that their genes and the planet's resources are in alien hands without inducing a state of total chaos? After getting too close to the truth, our hero D decides that the people deserve to know what's really going on. He starts leaking genuine UFO material to researchers -like Bill Moore and Bob Pratt -but is assassinated by MJ-12. His body is handed over to one of the alien races and flown back to their planet in a downbeat twist on Close Encounters of the Third Kind's grand finale."
(Mirage Men, Mark Pilkington, pgs. 141-142)
Obviously several of these plot threads are quite similar to story lines that later appeared in The X-Files. Doty apparently joined the show as a consultant at some point during the tale end of season one or early in season two, when the show's mythology begins to take shape. The episode that Doty claims to have written, "The Blessing Way," was extremely important in the show's mythology. It was the season three premier and featured the introduction of the native American shaman Albert Hosteen, a reoccurring character that would play a small but significant role in the series. It was also the first time the show overtly addressed the religious overtones of the UFO experience. The Hosteen character would later appear in the season six finale "Biogenesis" and the second part of the season seven premier, "The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati" in which extraterrestrials are revealed to be behind all the world's religions. Doty had left the show by then, but one can't help but wonder to what extent he influenced this particular storyline.

Albert Hosteen in "The Blessing Way"

Well dear reader, we have come a long way. I will wrap things up with a few closing thoughts: As noted in part three of this series while discussing the Nine, I do believe that there is something else at play in the UFO phenomenon other than the military and intelligence communities. On the other hand, I seriously doubt that this something is extraterrestrial. For more on my thinking on this topic, check here, here, and here, for starters. Further, I find it most perplexing that there is such an obsession with convincing the public at large that this something must be extraterrestrial. That such a colossal effort has been put forth to this end is highly suspicious in and of itself.

Finally, I will point out again the specter PSYOPs has played in various fringe groups and cultures across American society since the post-WWII era. In this piece I examined the role the intelligence community played in creating the drug culture. Here and here I covered the deep background behind the Manson Family cult and the broader serial killer phenomenon that went into overdrive in modern America. As previously noted, Satanic Ritual Abuse and child sex trafficking, and there links to the military and intelligence community, were addressed here, here, and here.

In all three cases, and now in the UFO phenomenon, we can see the specter of PSYOPs in full bloom. These various threads have enabled the powers behind the throne to track and even use various fringe movements and individuals to their own ends while spreading a general wave of terrorism across America that is only now beginning to come into full view. Extraterrestrials have become the new creators, Manson is a kind of messiah, pedophilia is a ritual now thinly endorsed in popular culture while conventional dope was attempted as a new sacrament before painkillers and anti-depressants provided a more potent means of control. And behind all of these threads we find a similar source.


  1. Hi
    Great post as always.

    I would like to refer to your assumptions about connecting UFO to entheogens. I've read your posts on that, but I did not find too much information on psilocybin mushrooms. You've wrote only about Amanita Muscaria.

    My latests research about the entheogens led me to believe that the entities hiding behind these psychoactive substances can be ultimate manifestation of battle between good and evil.
    For now I'm writing this only from theoretical level. Supposedly the good side (God himself) is represented by psilocybin mushrooms.

    Let's take for consideration these quotes from Bible

    Exodus 16, 14
    And when the dew that lay was gone up, behold, upon the face of the wilderness there lay a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost on the ground.

    - For me it's perfect description of mushrooms which are small, round and appears on a ground in high humidity.

    Exodus 16, 19-20
    And Moses said, Let no man leave of it till the morning.

    Notwithstanding they hearkened not unto Moses; but some of them left of it until the morning, and it bred worms, and stank: and Moses was wroth with them.

    - You will find worms in psilocybin mushrooms if you don't pick them early enough, because flies will lay eggs on them.

    Check out Cappadocia (Turkish region) most famous attraction, the Göreme Open Air Museum, a complex of medieval painted cave churches carved out by Christian monks.

    I see psilocybin mushrooms on the inside and on the outside

    Even Hindu culture confirms this.
    It's very likely what Vedic texts describe as soma-rasa juice is psilocybin mushroom tea (which is the real meaning behind 'blood of Christ')

    In Hinduism, people who have depth of character and the capacity to fight evil are depicted as blue skinned with blue eyes.

    Blue man holding a mushroom in his hand.

    Psilocybin-containing mushrooms bruise blue when handled or damaged due to the oxidization of phenolic compounds.

    So after seeing how much confusion is put to this topic I'm more than sure that psilocybin mushrooms are the real heavenly manna, body of Christ, the tree of life according to Bible.

    Catholic church interpreted them as quail meat.
    One of the hermetic teachears Franz Bradnons in his "Initiation Into Hermetics" gaves us a following perversion of this Jesus quote “Take and eat, for this is my flesh; take and drink, for this is my blood”

    It goes like this: "Desires impressed on food have a considerable influence on the material plane, where they are exposed to the most material emanations of the elements. Therefore the magician will do well to consider this aspect if he wants to achieve anything concerning his body or other material desires [...] "Whoever in the conscious reception of food takes example in the eucharistic mystery, will find an analogy to it here, and remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ; he will seize their true and primary meaning"

    The same with Gnostics, they are mixing Jesus with Satan (Santa) saying that Amanita muscaria is the holy grail (which is in fact the biblical tree of knowledge)

    The opposite malevolent side is also represented by Morning Glory (pentagram, eye of ra, eyes of Buddha) and Opium (cobra, acanthus leaf).

    All the best

  2. Peter-

    Apologies for taking so long to respond, my computer has been acting up lately.

    Your response is very fascinating. Eventually I wish to write more on entheogens and their links to religion, especially Christianity, but at present I'm still gathering material.

    But I think your theory has much merit, based mainly on some of my own personal experiences. I especially like your notion of linking mushrooms with the positive side of things, and opiates and the like with the negative.

    The concept Jesus Christ as a mushroom, or closely relating to one, is of great interest to me. I would recommend the book "Astrotheology and Shamanism" by Jan Irvin and Andrew Rutajit to you for more information on this subject. Irvin and Rutajit are themselves totally blinded by the whole 'Age of Aquarius' nonsense, but they do provide some fascinating and obscure information within the book.


  3. Just discovered your writings and I am fascinated. I have recently been re-discovering and re-connecting with my own experiences of Ufology and your posts have reinforced my views.

    I'm off to read more!

    aka Marty

  4. Marty-

    Thank you for your response. If you enjoyed this series, check out my series on Latin American UFO encounters, which can be found here, here, and here. Enjoy.:)


  5. On MJ-12:

    Tim Cridland* alleged in an interview with Greg Bishop (Radio Misterioso) that Phil Klass was behind writing the MJ-12 documents, and may have been the guy who stuffed the Cutler-Twining Memo in the "wrong" place within the National Archives. Why? To discredit Bill Moore, whom he disliked. Cridland reminds Bishop in the interview that Klass was the one who discovered that the documents were fake by comparing the signature of President Truman on one MJ-12 document with some other government paper or letter. Klass had access to the archives, knew UFOs inside and out, and knew bureaucratic history. Cridland says that James Moseley (now-deceased editor of "Saucer Smear") told him that Klass was too much of a "boy scout" to fake the doccuments, but Bishop tells a story of how Klass called Moore wanting to set up a meeting at the Phoenix, Az. airport. Moore lived in Prescott, and drove three or four hours to meet him, but there was no Klass. Went home, called Klass, who told Moore that he asked him to go just to see if he would. Did I mention that they disliked each other? (It's the May 2, 2013 episode, about one hour, thirty-seven minutes in.)


    * Aka "Zamora the Torture King", also the editor of the unfortunately-defunct "Off the Deep End" `zine and writer.

    1. I want to make it clear that I am suggesting that Klass ought to be a suspect, not that I have any overwhelming overwhelming evidence that he is the culprit; just that he had a lot of the qualities that the person who wrote the documents would have to have. He is also the person who happened to find the "smoking-gun" (his words) Truman signature show the documents to be fraudulent. He also lived in Washington DC which would have made easy for him to have slipped an bogus document into the National Archives. The purpose of all of this would be to embarrass and discredit Moore, who Klass was suggesting was the forger, and Friedman-- two people who had annoyed him for years.

  6. You state that Dr Leo Sprinkle worked for the University of Denver, CO; but I've only ever seen him listed at U of Wyoming. Am I missing something here?