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Witch Trafficking Part III

But what about the Satanism, you may be asking? It just doesn't seem right to discuss international pedophile rings without delving into Satanism, now does it? In part one and two we didn't find much evidence of Satanism. So, let us consider one more curious figure with ties to both Spence and King. First, though, we must briefly consider the US Military's rash of Satanic-themed abuse that broke out in the 1980s on daycare centers at some of the nation's most revered military bases.

"As the Mercury News reported, 'by November, 1987 the Army had received allegations of child abuse at 15 of its day care centers and several elementary schools. There were also at least two cases in Air Force day care centers,' and another in a center run by the U.S. Navy. In addition, 'a special team of experts was sent to Panama [in June 1988] to help determine if as many as 10 children at a Department of Defense elementary school had been molested and possibly infect with AIDS.' Yet another case emerged in a U.S.-run facility in West Germany.

"These cases erupted at some of the country's most esteemed military bases, including Fort Dix, Fort Leavenworth,  Fort Jackson, and West Point. Many of those making the accusations were career military officers who had devoted their lives to unquestioning allegiance to the U.S. armed forces. Many would resign their posts in outraged protest.

"As the Times Herald Report reported in June 1991, the 'incidents [at the West Point Child Development Center] unfolded against a backdrop of satanic acts, animal sacrifice, and cult-like behavior among the abusers, whose activities extended beyond the U.S. Military Academy borders to Orange County and a military base in San Francisco, parents charged...' As the Mercury News reported, 'by the end of the year, 50 children had been interviewed by investigators. Children at West Point told stories that would become horrifyingly familiar. They said they had been ritually abused. They said they had had excrement smeared on their bodies and been forced to eat feces and drink urine. They said they were taken away from the day care center and photographed.'

"Despite abundant medical and psychological evidence and literally dozens of child witnesses, and despite '950 interviews by 60 FBI agents assigned to the investigation,' the investigation, 'led by former U.S. Attorney [and future mayor] Rudolph Giuliani' produced 'no federal grand jury indictments,' according to the Herald Record. 'In 1987, Giuliani said his detailed investigation showed only one or two children were abused.' Giuliani's contention was directly contradicted by an independent investigation, as the Herald report divulged: 'a still-secret, independent report -produced by one of the nation's top experts on child sexual abuse -confirms the children's accusations of abuse...'

"The Herald Record revealed that, in a suit brought  by the parents, 'lawyers for both the government and the 11 child plaintiffs agreed that some children were sexually abused at the center two years ago.' The government, however, claimed that it would not be held responsible, due to the 'assault exemption in the Federal Tort Claim Act.' As the New York Times explained, 'under federal law the government cannot be held liable for assaults committed by its employees and thus cannot by sued for assault.' In other words, the Army did not dispute the allegations; it just rather cavalierly maintained that it was exempt from being sued for what occurred at one of its daycare centers."
(Programmed to Kill, David McGowan, pgs. 43-44)

As a quick side note, a certain rock star whom I've written on before here was attending West Point around the time the child abuse allegations were going down.

Anyway, the most notorious of the alleged military daycare centers to host sexual abuse was the Presidio Child Development Center in San Francisco.

"Allegations of abuse being perpetrated at the center first emerged in November 1986. Alarmed by accusations made by her child, a parent sought a medical examination that confirmed that her three-year-old boy had in fact been anally raped. The boy identified his rapist as 'Mr. Gary,' a teacher at the center named Gary Hambright. Even with this conclusive medical evidence, however, 'it took the Army almost a month to notify the parents of other children who had been in Mr. Gary's class that the incident had taken place.'

"Within a year, at least sixty additional victims had been identified, all between the ages of three and seven, and further 'allegations would be made by parents that several more children were molested even after the investigation had begun.' Amazingly enough, the center remained open for more than a year after the first case of abuse was reported, although, as noted by the Mercury News, 'day care centers under state jurisdiction are routinely closed when an abuse incident is confirmed.' And this was considerably more than a simple abuse incident that had been confirmed. The children told stories that implicated many other perpetrators in addition to Hambright. They also told of being taken away from the center to be abused in private homes; at least three such houses were positively identified. And they told of being forced to play 'poopoo baseball' and the 'googoo' game -'games' that involved the children being urinated and defecated upon, and being forced to ingest urine and feces. Many of the children also spoke of having guns pointed at them and of being told that they and/or their parents and siblings would be killed if they told anyone what had been done to them.

"Despite the mounting number of victim/witnesses, and the numerous crimes alleged by these children, only one suspect, Gary Hambright, was arrested -on January 5, 1987 -and he was charged with abusing just a single child. Even then the charges were dismissed just a few months later, in March 1987.

"There is little doubt that literally dozens of children were in fact severely abused at the center. There undeniably was medical evidence to document that fact. Five of the children had contracted chlamydia, a sexually transmitted disease; many others showed clear signs of anal and genital trauma consistent with violent penetration. Authorities chose to ignore such evidence. One mother complained to the San Francisco Chronicle that the FBI never interviewed her or her son, even after doctors confirmed the boy's abuse."
(ibid, pg. 40) 

Again with the FBI taking a rather lackadaisical approach to some very serious allegations. This likely had to do with a rather curious individual named Michael Aquino -Lt. Col Michael Aquino, specifically -being implicated in the molestation ring along with Mr. Gary.

"One child positively identified Aquino and his wife, Lilith (known to the kids as 'Mikey' and 'Shamby'), and was also able to identify the Aquinos' private home and to describe with considerable accuracy the distinctive satanic interior decor of the house. On August 14, 1987, a search warrant was served on the house. Confiscated in the raid were numerous videotapes, photographs, photo albums, photographic negatives, cassette tapes, and name and address books. Also observed was what appeared to be a soundproof room. Neither of the Aquinos was charged with any crimes, nor have they been to this day -a fact that Aquino points to as proof of his innocence."
(ibid, pg. 41)

Ah, but things are never as cut and dry as they may seem with this topic. As mentioned above, Lt. Col. Aquino is a rather curious figure with interests in some very fringe topics. Two of these topics include Satanism and Nazism.

"In 1970, Aquino found himself stationed in Kentucky, where he began a Church of Satan grotto and corresponded heavily with members and prospective members of the Church. LaVey authorized him to write the Lovecraftian 'Call to Cthulhu' ritual for use by the Church and, indeed, Lovecraft's idiosyncratic metaphysics has been exploited more than once by Aquino over the years...

"Aquino eventually obtained a master's degree in political science from the University of California (at Santa Barbara) and ultimately a doctorate from the same university. Thereafter, he began to report directly to the Joint Chiefs of  Staff as a lieutenant colonel with top-secret clearance. In the meantime, Aquino -tired of LaVey's grandstanding an what he perceived to be the founder's anti-intellectual bias -had split off from the Church of Satan to form his own organization based on a personal revelation, the Temple of Set.

"To Aquino, Set is representative of a certain force in nature that is not necessarily identical to the Satan with which most Christians believe they are familiar. That is, Set is not the personification of evil but of ideas in opposition to those of Christianity; a separate, personal theology that transcends Judeo-Christian metaphysics to include this 'Dark Lord.' Thus, while Christians may view Set as evil owing to its opposition to their own religion, Set (according to Aquino) is not evil in any objective sense.

"Aquino took a decidedly intellectual approach to satanism, and issued a fifty-page 'required reading' list. He reorganized what was essentially a Church of Satan command structure and staffed his Circle of Nine with former COS members...

"Consistent with Aquino's decision thoroughly to explore the Dark Side of human experience is a fascination with Nazi occultism. Aquino believes that he can divorce the occult aspects of the Third Reich from its political, social, and criminal aspects. To that end he performed the Wewelsburg Working, a magical operation in which occult essence of Wewelsburg -and thus of Himmler's SS cult center with all its mystical resonances -is distilled into an engine of power that can be used by Aquino to effect a satanic renaissance.

"He visited Wewelsburg in the early eighties and was duly impressed by Himmler's occult fantasy, some of which was still intact. On one of his visits he performed a magical ritual in the North Tower of the castle, a ritual designed to unleash the power of Wewelsburg on the rest of the world: to jump-start the next phase of human evolution."
(Unholy Alliance, Peter Levenda, pgs. 339-340)

When Lt. Col Aquino wasn't busy founding his own satanic cult or performing Nazi magical workings in the former abode of Himmler, he worked on his day job with the U.S. Army: psychological warfare officer. In 1980 Aquino coauthored a rather striking paper called From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory. In this piece, which can be read here, Aquino advocated putting the entire US media at work on 'MindWar' operations:

"To this end MindWar must be strategic in emphasis, with tactical applications playing a reinforcing, supplementary role. In its strategic context, MindWar must reach out to friends, enemies, and neutrals alike across the globe -neither through primitive 'battlefield' leaflets and loudspeakers of PSYOP nor through the weak, imprecise, and narrow effort of psychotronics -but through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth.

"These media are, of course, the electronic media -television and radio. State of the art development in satellite communications, video recording techniques, and laser and optical transmission of broadcasts make possible a penetration of the minds of the world such as would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. Like the sword Excalibur, we have but to reach out and seize this tool; and it can transform the world for us if we have the courage and the integrity to enhance civilization with it. If we do not accept Excalibur, then we relinquish our ability to inspire foreign cultures with our morality. If they then desire moralities unsatisfactory to us, we have no choice but to fight them on a more brutish level.

"MindWar must target all participants if it is to be effective. It must not only weaken the enemy; it must strengthen the United States. It strengthens the United States by denying enemy propaganda access to our people, and by explaining and emphasizing to our people the rationale for our national interest in a specific war."

In an introduction to the piece written in 2003 Aquino scoffs at the 'lunatic fringe' that latched onto his work as evidence of occult indoctrination within the armed forces. He asserts that the paper was never meant for official publication, and that it was meant only to stimulate dialogue amongst the PSYOP folks. He does, however, acknowledge:

"While in the 1980s I had no reason to think that this paper had had any official effect upon U.S. PSYOP doctrine within or beyond the Army, it was with some fascination that I saw specific of its prescriptions applied during the first Gulf War, and recently even more obviously during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In both instances extreme PSYOP was directed both against the object of attack and upon U.S. domestic public perception and opinion, in 2003 to the extent of 'embedding' journalists with military units to inevitably channel their perspectives and perceptions."
Our dear colonel is being far to modest if this report is any indication to lengths of which the military has grasped the sword Excalibur:

"The U.S. Army has used local television stations in the U.S. as training posts for some of its psychological-operations personnel, The Upshot has learned. Since at least 2001, both WRAL, a CBS affiliate in Raleigh, N.C., and WTOC, a CBS affiliate in Savannah, Ga., have regularly hosted active-duty soldiers from the Army's 4th Psychological Operations group as part of the Army's Training With Industry program. Training With Industry is designed to offer career soldiers a chance to pick up skills through internships and fellowships with private businesses. The PSYOPS soldiers used WRAL and WTOC to learn broadcasting and communications expertise that they could apply in their mission, as the Army describes it, of influenc[ing] the emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of foreign audiences.'"

When Aquino hasn't been busy devising MindWar strategies and organizing cults, he seemingly likes to unwind with children. In addition to the accusations at Presidio, there was speculation that the West Point molestations were linked.

"The West Point case, among others, was alleged to be linked to the Presidio case. As the Times Herald Record reported in June 1991, the 'incident [at the West Point Child Development] center unfolded against a backdrop of satanic acts, animal sacrifices and cult-like behavior among the abusers, whose activities extended beyond the U.S. Military Academy borders to Orange County and a military base in San Francisco, parents charged.'"
(Programmed to Kill, David McGowan, pg. 43)
Paul Bonacci, one of the children who alleged molestation in the Nebraska-based Franklin affair, made a curious statement as well:
"Bonacci also told me about a high-ranking military officer who was in cahoots with King and Spence's pedophilic blackmail enterprise -he said that the military officer in question was a Satanist and a pedophile. The military officer Bonacci alluded to is an admitted Satanist, and he was implicated in the molestation of several children. I have the search warrant that police executed on his home during a molestation investigation -a child who was purportedly molested gave an apt description of the officer's house, which was detailed in the search warrant. After local police executed the search warrant, they found corroboration of the child's account, but the feds usurped the case and dropped the charges against the officer -a familiar theme."
(The Franklin Scandal, Nick Bryant, pgs. 503-504)
John DeCamp, via an essay by investigative reporter Anton Chaitkin, is a bit more direct as to the identity of this officer:

"Paul Bonacci and other child victims have given evidence in great depth on the central role of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in this depravity. Aquino, alleged to have recently retired from an active military role, was long the leader of an Army psychological warfare section which drew on his 'expertise' and personal practices in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homosexual pedophilia and murder."
(The Franklin Cover-Up, pg. 328)

Aquino, Sammy Davis Jr., and Anton LaVey

If Aquino was in fact linked to King and Spence, this would imply a literal coast-to-coast pedophilic ring stretching from California to Washington, DC. In the mix is also the CIA front known as the Finders, who operated in close proximity to the DC operations of King and Spence. There's also the specter of a vast narcotics network closely related to this pedophilic ring. I've only touched on this briefly, but given King's ties to Lt. Col Oliver North and his position as manager of a suspect S&L during the 80s, it seems likely drug money was heavily involved in this operation. The link between the trafficking of drugs and children, who are frequently used as 'mules,' is well known.

"These individuals [pimps] 'participate actively in the international trafficking of children -including American children and children who are nationals of other countries. Typically, these pimps also are connected in some way... to international drug networks.' The close connection between the international trafficking of children and the international trafficking of drugs is significant in that, as a number of researchers have documented, America's Central Intelligence Agency plays a central role in the international drug trade. It would seem then to logically follow that that same organization would be deeply involved in the equally lucrative international trade in children."
(Programmed to Kill, David McGowan, pgs. 30-31)
And why not, given that the chief domestic institution charged with monitoring the trafficking of children, the FBI, can't even be bothered to keep statistics on the number of kids that go missing in the US in a given year. The FBI clearly has far more important things to worry about, such as debunking absurd claims such as Satanic Ritual Abuse.

"I recall the 'satanic panic' that emerged in the 1980s, but I didn't give it too much credence because it was so off-the-wall. The FBI, though, responded to the escalating brouhaha with a 11 report authored by a supervisory special agent at Quantico, Virgina's venerated Behavioral Science Unit. The report essentially debunked all the wacky innuendo about ritual abuse and reassured the American public that it as virtually non-existent and they could sleep soundly at night. Though the FBI report yielded scant evidence concerning ritual abuse, several studies and articles on the subject have been published in academic, peer-reviewed journals. The strength of their findings lies in the fact that the victims who claim to have been ritually abused are from disparate geographic locations and socioeconomic strata; yet they describe the same improbable, horrific events."
(The Franklin Scandal, Nick Bryant, pg. 499)

So, what about the Satanism? Obviously, this is a tricky subject for reports of Satanism are typically what make people file allegations of an elite pedophilic ring under the 'utterly insane' banner rather than the merely 'far out' one. Worse, the topic tends to inspire extreme dogmatism -one said effectively refuses to believe any notion of a 'satanic conspiracy' while the other side is totally convinced.

Other explanations of satanism have been offered, of course. Some researchers believe that, while something in fact happened to the children in question, their memories of ritual abuse are implanted memories to cover up the actual abuse. Others speculate that ritual abuse does in fact occur, but it is used not because of religious significance, but because its presence will make the concept of a national pedophilic ring all the more unbelievable.

Those of you already familiar with the Franklin affair are probably aware that I have neglected to mention a major player -namely, Boy's Town, the legendary Catholic orphanage based out of Nebraska. Many of the kids alleged to be part of Larry E. King's pedophilic ring were recruited from Boy's Town. Given the ever mounting evidence of a vast pedophile network within the Vatican, the legacy of Boy's Town is clearly significant, especially as it seems to be closely linked to the CIA/DoD ring.

I chose to avoid Boy's Town in this piece not because I wanted to downplay the massive responsibility Christians have for these sex rings, but because I felt it would border on information overload. Pedophilia within the Vatican is a major problem, and something that I plan on addressing in a later piece that will also focus on Boy's Town.

However, as we are now considering the role occultists play in these pedophilic rings, its important to remember that another major player is the Vatican. There is not a great deal of evidence that has emerged that the participants in the perverted events described in this series were Satanists outside of Lt. Col Michael Aquino. On the other hand, Aquino seems to have had some major mojo to the point of effecting US intelligence doctrines. How much a part his religion played in this direction is something we will likely never know.

As I look to wrap up this blog, I shall bring it all back home, to Salem circa 1692.

"Compare this historical event with satanic cult survivor syndrome, and wonder if the stories of a network of satanic cults breeding children for human sacrifice -along with confessions of persons who claim they were breeders, or had been pressed into cult service while children -are in any way different from those of the Salem case. Then wonder a little further, and ask: if there was smoke in the Salem case -and evidence of at least a small fire -and if some clergymen, politicians, and scientists in New England in 1692 were involved in serious occult studies and research, then perhaps there was a fire beneath all the smoke of the satanic cult hysteria of three hundred years later, and perhaps some of our own clergymen, politicians and scientists in America of 1992 were also involved in serious occult research. Is it simply a recurring phenomenon, or is there a link between the events of 1692 and those of present-day America?"
(Sinister Forces Book One, Peter Levenda, pg. 20)

Indeed, the links are quite clear. In both cases minors displayed bizarre signs of abuse. Eventually this abuse led the populace at large to hysteria in search of a scapegoat. In both cases, the occult was blamed, and not without some legitimacy -Various powerbrokers in the America of both 1692 and 1992 were engaged in some rather dark occult workings. And in both cases, tragically, either the innocent or minor occultists were then punished for the crimes of their peers. In the Salem case, even the individuals involved in the 'occult' didn't practice much beyond traditional folk magic. In the 1990s, 'Satanic' rituals were reduced to dressing in black and listening to some heavy metal albums. Consider the case of the West Memphis Three, which may in fact have involved a ritual murder, but will forever be known for the gross miscarriage of justice due to the hysteria the murder inspired.

And therein is where true evil lies -when the innocent are continuously made to be the victims. In Franklin, this was clearly the case. Many of the child victims that attempted to step forward were persecuted by the legal system and media. Countless films and TV shows have been made to glorify the FBI, an institution seemingly charged with covering up some of the most horrendous crimes in modern America. They should be making films on Alisha Owen, one of the female Franklin victims that over came years of sexual abuse, two plus years of solitary confinement in the Nebraska penal system, and a vicious media smear campaign for the sake of truth. Sadly, there's probably no money in such a project.

So what is the witch trafficking of the title? It is Alisha and all of the other children that did not emerge from the pedophilic underground in remotely as good of shape. It is the West Memphis Three and their ancestors roting in Salem holding cell. It is the scapegoat that is frantically sought after while the true monsters remain unacknowledged.


  1. "John Mark Byers, sometimes known as Mark Byers, was born on March 8th, 1957 in Marked Tree, Arkansas. Mark is described as being 6'5" and approximately 238 lbs. He is one of four children: Marilee Simpson, Beth Cossey, and George Byers. His parents, George W. Byers and Auvergne Dye Byers, are both deceased. Mark's father was described as a 32nd degree Mason and a member of the Scottish Rite. Mark himself was a Master of Ceremonies at the Masonic Lodge he belonged to in 1991."

    He also belonged to some neo-Nazi prison gang called GFBD, which stands for "God Forgives, Brotherhood Doesn't" or "God Forgives, Brothers Don't."

  2. SJCP-'

    That's very interesting about Byers. This is a topic I hope to revisit at some point.


  3. I found it strange that I am the great granddaughter of the first cousin of Auschwitz Chief of construction. Ss officer Karl Bischoff who built and dedicated Auschwitz hospital also. And by chance the direct grandchild of Edward Bishop of the Salem's witch trials. Then the grandchild of general Sherman of Sherman's March his little sister. And the Puritan army. And related to Benjamin Rush Singer of the declaration of Independence. And my direct grandfather was friends with Thomas Jefferson. Ect... My Bischoffs side dedicated a eugenics hospital. And had a famous bar in Schniedermuil Prussia and were Chief apostle of the apocalyptic church in nazi Germany. I feel like a lost and forgot eugenics experiment.

    1. I since found I am descent from tuetonic Knight's and my grandfather in the Puritan army was accused of witchcraft in Oliver Cromwell military and my grandfather's services in the Prussian military service are from it's first breath to it's last and being lol born to the Bishop's of the Salem witch trials on 3/6/66