Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TSA, Eat Your Heart Out

Mural from DIA

Yesterday much was made of yet another grotesque display of contempt by the TSA in this video.

Today an even more depraved act committed at an airport was brought to light:

"A woman who missed a connecting flight at Denver International Airport said she was raped in a deserted concourse by a man she met at an airport bistro and that two janitors passed by and did nothing.

"Officers arrested Noel Alexander Bertrand, 26, of Portland, Ore., early Tuesday after other airline employees saw the attack through a window and called for help, Denver television stations KMGH and KDVR reported.

"A woman who said she is Bertrand's grandmother answered the phone at his Portland home Tuesday and said he was in Denver.

"She said her grandson was a former U.S. Marine but declined further comment.

"Bertrand served as a U.S. embassy guard in Dublin, Ireland, and Caracas, Venezuela, according to a 2009 issue of Leatherneck Magazine, a publication for U.S. Marines.

"Another airport spokeswoman, Laura Coale, told KMGH that the airport was investigating whether any employees failed to report the attack."
In conspiracy lore the Denver International Airport plays a major role, with its apocalyptic murals, blue horse, swastika-like design, and persistent rumors of underground bases beneath the airport. Much more information on this facility can be found here.

The suspect in this case is a former a military man, the latest in a recent trend to be linked to bizarre sexual assaults of women. Previously I had covered the bizarre life and times of Col. Russell Williams, a Canadian Air force member convicted of raping and murdering two women in addition to numerous voyeuristic adventures here. More recently I covered 'the Cleveland Strangler,' an another former military man convicted of raping and murdering multiple women.

Russell Williams

I suspect that the alleged perp in this recent case,  Noel Alexander Bertrand, has some kind of deep background based on his time spent on security at the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela. Remember that Raymond Davis, the American arrested in Pakistan for killing two of its citizens in 'self-defense,' was also allegedly in security detail for the US Embassy there as well.

"The US has not commented on the latest claims, but US sources closely following the case said Davis, who is being held in a Lahore jail amid a tense diplomatic dispute, was working as a 'protective officer'.

"Davis's duties as a protective officer - essentially a bodyguard - were to provide physical security to US embassy and consular officers, as well as visiting American dignitaries, US officials who declined to be identified told Reuters."

Pakistani intelligence felt Davis was CIA. From the same article:

"In remarks bound to inflame tensions between Islamabad and Washington, a Pakistani intelligence official told a news agency Raymond Davis was working as an undercover CIA contractor when he shot two Pakistani men who he claims threatened him.

"The anonymous Pakistani official reportedly said it is 'beyond any shadow of a doubt' that Davis was working for the CIA."
At a synchronicitic level, the victim in the DIA rape was 22 years old. 22 is a major number in the Qabala. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 paths on the Tree of life. 22 is comprised of 2 times 11. Two is the number of the ego and the Demiurge while 11 is the number of magic. Combined in the number 22 they represent a kind of completion of imperfection.

Whether this incident represents some kind of bizarre ceremonial performance or several layers of synchronicity is difficult to say. But it does seem to strangely capture the zeitgeist of the times.

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