Sunday, January 12, 2020

Programming Notes

For those of you keeping track, its been a bit of a VISUP media blitz for the past few weeks. Earlier this particular week I was back on We've Read the Documents with the great John Brisson. We had a great discussion that began with the Mellon family and then branched off into several other fascinating topics. It can be found here.

Elsewhere, things are really starting to heat up on The Farm, my official podcast with Frank Zero and Jeremy Knight. We were not able to post podcasts for a few weeks there due to technical issues, but kept recording them anyway. Fortunately, we seem to be past that and have posted a slew of interviews we had in the can in addition to some more recently recorded material. Interviews currently available include:

  • Just myself and the great Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun discussing Chris' brilliant debut novel He Will Live Up in the Sky. Podcast can be found here.
  • Frank, Knowles, Colin Reid, and myself have an epic discussion loosely related to the similarities to Appalachia and Scotland, with a special emphasis on Indian and Fairy mounds, the feyley lines, and the bizarre, mystical heritage of the Scots-Irish in both the Old Country and North America. That one can be found here.
  • Frank, the great Jasun Horsley of Auticulture, and myself discussing Manson, Holyweird, and a host of other parapolitical and metaphysical topics. Check for that one here
  • Frank, Knowles, and myself discussing the ancient aliens zeitgeist present throughout both incarnations of Doctor Who.
  • The most recent, featuring just Frank and myself discussing the synchromystical classic Hellier and all of the bizarre synchs we've both had both while viewing it and afterwards. 

Be sure to check them and please subscribe to our channel and like the episodes. While there were a few weeks delay there, we should now be having new podcasts posted practically every week.

For more information on some of the topics discussed in these podcasts, check out the following posts/series:

The House of Mellon series
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The New World? (deals with Indian Mounds and the curiosities of Appalachia)

Man's Son
Part one
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Man's Son or the Children of the Son

As always, I hope everyone enjoys. Apologies for the lack of new material on the blog of late, but be assured I'm hard at work. My debut book will hopefully be out in the coming weeks while I've already made a good dent on my second book. It will deal with the network that spawned Jeffrey Epstein and will be called A Special Relationship. I'm doing everything I can to have it ready for publication in time for the 2020 US presidential elections, which will probably effect that amount of material I'm able to post here in the coming months. Apologies again, but I think all of you will agree that the Epstein book was worth it when it finally drops.

Of course, there are the weekly podcasts to tide you all over in the meantime. And once my debut book drops in the coming weeks, there will be some other projects unveiled to work in conjunction with it. Please be patient and subscribe to the Youtube channel. I promise dear readers that your patience and support will be rewarded in the coming weeks and months as some of these projects come to fruition. Until then, stay tuned until next time.   


  1. "Doctor Foreman" was twinned with a final "classic series" "companion" in the form of "Ace" ("Dorothy McShane"). Her bomber jacket was adorned with various badges & patches including a "Blue Peter" shield (gifted most deservedly to worthily behaved viewers of the show of the same name) & on the wrist end of the left sleeve a prominent gold bordered 5-pointed red star with a gold hammer & sickle in the centre (the "CCCP / USSR Soviet Star Patch"), the latter didn't raise any objections from "The Doctor" too busy "bashing the fash"... same old story, the only 1 the show knows ("Ace" would even go on to have a romance with a Soviet army officer in the penultimate final season story "Curse of Fenric" in which the phrase "workers of the world unite" would be uttered by one of his underlings as a plague of vampires from pre-history emerged from the sea & beseiged a chemical weapons & code breaking army base, that also included a replica of Hitler's office on its grounds).

    "White kids" had firebombed the home of Ace's best friend "Manisha", but actual flesh & blood "Manishas" would have been, & are, far more likely to be the victims of inbreeding (& its associated deformities), "arranged marriage", genital mutilation, vitriolage & murder (frequently by being set alight) & other life-ruining/ending acts practiced by their fellows - or they live in fear of being subject to such - yet "Doctor Who", nor any other televisual institution in "Great Britain", has ever once wagged its finger & tut-tutted at these actual & continuing obscenities.

    Andrew Cartmel, script editor for the last three seasons of the "classic series" stated:

    "My exact words were, "I'd like to overthrow the government" ... I was very angry about the social injustice in Britain under Thatcher and I'm delighted that came into the show."

    & Sylvestor McCoy, the "7th Doctor" was enthusiastically in on the act too:

    "The idea of bringing politics into Doctor Who was deliberate. We were a group of politically motivated people and it seemed the right thing to do."

    Yet silence, not a word to say about real horrors just a drip-drip-dripping of propaganda aiming to inculcate guilt & self-hatred in those without whom "Manisha" & co. wouldn't have a home away from their actual home to come to.

    & what is "The Doctor" as first seen in "An Unearthly Child": alien, aloof, beligerent, furious that those among whom he has secreted himself want to know what is going on in regards to his mysterious "Granddaughter"... hmmnnnn quite some potential subtext there & this is something that the "regenerated" series made a fundamental part of its ongoing narrative when every teenage girl the 700yr+ (at least) "Timelord" "took off with" fell in love with the thrill-seeking "madman with a box"...

    The supposed turn to "wokeness" in "nu-Who" is nothing of the sort, the show is doing what it has always done: attempting to pass off something, at the very least, suspect as that deserving of admiration & emulation, what is the essence of the show but 'the alien who knows best, the alien without whom we mere human beings cannot survive', best turn a blind eye then?

    Patrician BBC is more informally referred to as "Auntie", this dual identity of confused & unified opposites is just one of the clues pointing to what's going on "behind the sofa" at "television centre" & what's going about its alienating business obscured by something comforting.

    1. A correction:

      The vampires, "Haemovores" (that emerge from the sea), are the final chemical weapon (its toxin sourced from a spring of poison within a secreted underground room beneath a church) mutated form of humanity from "the future" of the post-WW2 storyline "time storm" warped to the past in service of a "Great Old One".

      Poison, "thinking machines" ("ULTIMA", "whose thoughts will they think?"), pre-historical entities manipulating human being like pieces on a chessboard (the game plays a prominent role in CoF), the future (threatening/)saving the past... "accelerationist" elements at work in a TV series "for children of all ages" - a bridge between worlds - a vector through which "hyperstition" acts spookily from a distance inspiring notions of righteousness & destiny that must not be queried, submission is victory but for who/hat?

  2. Is there a secret to finding these in mp3 format. I am drooling right now!

  3. There's a brief reference to the Mickey Mouse club in the movie 'Angel Heart' starring the then massive actor Mickey Rourke, something to do with 'On Wednesdays, anything can happen'. He in more recent years has given a few interviews talking about being from a very abusive background.

    As you and the other people rightly said in that podcast, we need to careful of joining dots overly, but it is a fact that both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake - both massive pop stars, at least for a while - started off in the Mickey Mouse club.

    1. The quote from the movie uttered by Rourke's character "There's too many dead bodies floating around, even for Louisiana", may be seen as darkly prophetic, given Hurricane Katrina in 2005.