Sunday, September 30, 2018

Discussing "Goodfellas" on Opperman

I'm back on the Opperman Report, this time discussing the various highlights from my "Goodfellas" series.

Topics broached included the curious history of Resorts International, a gaming interest with extensive ties to the US intelligence community and organized crime that Donald J. Trump became CEO of in 1986; Trump's sinister political mentor, attorney Roy Cohn; Cohn's links to the Profumo Affair and how this scandal disgraced globalist elements of the Tories while sparing those eventually linked to the Pinay Circle/Le Cercle; the presence of so many descendants of key figures of the Round Table movement figures, especially those linked to the Cliveden Set, in Le Cercle; Roy Cohn's links to the long reputed Son of Sam cult; the overlap between said cult and various Christian Identity terrorists; the possibility Manson was a follower of identity "theology"; the far right connections of the Process Church of the Final Judgment; the credibility of Maury Terry; the many sex scandals Cohn's longtime private detective Thomas Corbally appears in; the Mueller probe as an instrument to silence Cohn's former associates; Roger Stone and NXIVM; and of course the Company and Kentucky Derby days. In other words, its quite an epic chat that Ed and I have.

The interview can be found here.

The articles that this interview is based upon include:

Goodfellas: The Hidden History of Resorts International
Goodfellas: The Dark Tower and Beyond Part I
Goodfellas: The Dark Tower and Beyond Part II
Goodfellas Part III: Viva Las Vegas
Goodfellas Part IV: Lavender Mafia Edition
Goodfellas Part V: The Bedroom Dick
Goodfellas Part VI: Cliveden Games
Goodfellas Part VII: Jack and Bobby
Goodfellas Part VIII: Sons of Cohn

A big thank you to Ed for having me back on. I hope everyone enjoys the chat. As always dear readers, stay tuned.


  1. Mr. Recluse, I want to call your attention to this Twitter thread about Luis Kuttner, co-founder of Amnesty International, a character that seems to have been connected with some of the stuff you covered, ans some other sinister deal you didn't. Hope you find this interesting.

    1. What was the twitter account? I would like to read this.

  2. Great blog. The really compelling 'link' between the American far right and the Occult underground scene was manifest that of James H. Madole and the 'National Reniassance Party' - a blatantly Fascistic, as well as cultic/occultic, outfit that had links to genuine National Socialist elements (men who actually served the NSDAP I mean in various capacities and who later found their way to Strasserist parties in the Federal Republic etc.)

    I'm surprised this has not yet been mentioned.