Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Men in Black: Discussing the Knights of Malta on Conspirinormal

Since you kids can't seem to get enough of the Maltese knights, I was enlisted for another discussion on them, this time with the good folks at Conspirinormal. For those of you unaware, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) has a nearly thousand year history stretching back to the Crusades. SMOM claims to be the legitimate descendants of the Knights Hospitaller, later known as the Knights of Cyprus and Rhodes and a host of other names.

Over the centuries, the Maltese knights have found themselves at the center of a host of intrigues, including the capture of Jerusalem and the suppression of the Knights Templar. In more recent years they've turned up frequently in deep events and the occult underground of the twenty and twenty-first centuries.

But in these United States, they've also faced a challenge since the 1950s from various Sovereign Orders of Saint John (SOSJ) that claim to be the legitimate successor to the Knights Hospitaller from the Russian line of descent. In this podcast we address the infamous Charles Pichel version of the SOSJ (sometimes referred to as the Shickshinny Knights of Malta) and a more recent manifestation of the group that features the infamous General William "Jerry" Boykin as a Grand Chancellor. Needless to say, these groups appear to have been at the heart of much domestic terrorism in the US for several decades now.

General William Boykin (left) in his SOSJ getup
The podcast can be found on YoutTube here.

Additional background on the topics discussed can be found here:
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I hope everyone finds this discussion and the links provided informative. Before wrapping up, a brief note on programming: I know new posts have been a bit scarce of late, but be assured I'm hard at work. Presently, several of the topics I'm looking into are extremely research heavy. As such, it might be a few weeks until one of them is ready to start working on. When I've had this problem in the past, I've usually focused on current events. But as it stands, making sense of current events nowadays is a bit daunting, to say the least. Still, I'll keep my eyes peeled for recent developments that I feel I can add insight too.

In other words, please be patient. There are some exciting projects in the works around here and the wait will be worth it. And with that I shall sign off for now. Say tuned dear readers.


  1. Damn the shortest post by Recluse ever. Shine forth brave spider. 87

  2. Not to shine you on too much, buddy, but it ocured to me today that you are rather uniquely placed to make sense of what's going on lately. I've tried steering people here via Twitter comments here and there; when people want to go off on Trump regarding the ridicule-worthy Russian angle, I can't help but say, "Why don't you fools stop working on behalf of an Atlanticist cabal trying to gin up a great power war when you have copious evidence Trump has deep state practically tatood all over him. I reference Resorts International. Occasionaly someone gives my twit a little heart. But I suspect few really know what that is. But I'd like to think a couple people out there will look into some of this stuff.
    But possibly connect some dots. We know Hillary is crooked as an upstate NY highway. My memory of things is that Manafort also did a lot of work for Her. Supposedly Trump is guilty of the major crime of paying off some bim to keep her mouth shut. But she turned nose in order to cash in on her fifteen minutes' fame. Also this Cohen lawyer guy. These allegations aren't exactly new. But I'm wondering what all the angles are that Rachel Maddow isn't crowing about. Becuse she's one of he loudest voices in favor or launching some kind of blitz against Russia (and those never end well). So what's going on backstage. What connections have yet to surface. All the "Q" mavens seem to think Trump is sitting on a kajillion secret indictments and will launch some master stroke 'auto-golpe' style take-over at some point. If that's the game, I don't see what the hedging is all about. IT's not like by doing things 'by the book' and all legit is going to impress Trump haters when the 82d Airborne seizes DC and rounds up folks in the basement at Langley. We're in for a shiticaine no matter what, I think.

  3. @Paul von Hindenburg...LOL... good post.

    As far as this Q Anon goes, hasn't anyone noticed that there exists an exclusive (by invitation only) branch of freemasonry called The Order Of The Q? JFK Jr back from the dead? You've having a LARP, aintcha?