Saturday, November 4, 2017

Recluse on the Opperman Report

Recently I appeared on the Opperman Report to discuss a host of topics. The interview was roughly centered around infamous cult leader Adolfo Constanzo, the Cuban-American drug trafficker and occultist who became a player in the Mexican drug scene during the late 1980s. It was a fitting topic as the interview was conducted on November 1, Constanzo's birthday and the Day of the Dead in many Catholic countries.

Also discussed were various Mexican right wing cults that grew out of the Los Cristero movement, including the Legion of Christ, the synarchists and Los Tecos. We also found the time to touch upon the West Memphis Three, Trump's organized crime ties, the Sovereign Military Order of MaltaJohn Podesta, and elite pedophile rings.

Enjoy and a big thanks again to Ed Opperman for having me on the show. The interview can be found here.

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  1. Have you seen the allegation that the two Finders cult members arrested in Tallahassee in 1987 had a map in their van with Matamoros marked? I haven't been able to verify this, but the US Customs report substantiates that the Finders men did have maps in their van, and the men claimed that they were taking the 6 children with them to a "school for brilliant children" in Mexico.

  2. "The book, titled The Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story, tells of Henry's indoctrination into a nationwide Satanic cult. Lucas claimed that he was trained by the cult in a mobile paramilitary camp in the Florida Everglades in the fine art of killing, up close and personal." -- There's Something About Henry by David McGowan

    And apparently before that, as I just learned from you on the show, it could very well have been connected to the staging area used by the CIA/Cuban Bay of Pigs operatives.

    How much you want to bet it's also directly connected to the "Contra training camp in the Florida Everglades" that Douglas Valentine talks about here (also involving, of course, the CIA and Cubans).

    "The CIA’s use of the DEA to employ terrorists would continue apace. For example, in 1981, DEA Agent Dick Salmi recruited Roberto Cabrillo, a drug smuggling member of CORU, an organization of murderous Cuban exiles formed by drug smuggler Frank Castro and Luis Posada while George Bush was DCI.

    The DEA arrested Castro in 1981, but the CIA engineered his release and hired him to establish a Contra training camp in the Florida Everglades.

  3. Opperman and Recluse is a powerful lineup!