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William Dudley Pelley, International Fascism and the Sirius Tradition IV

And so we arrive at the fourth installment of my examination of the life and times of Silver Shirt fuehrer William Dudley Pelley. Over the course of the first two installments I mainly considered the founding of the Silver Shirts (part one) and Pelley's broader ties to the fascist underground, both before and after World War II (part two). In the third installment I began to focus in on the metaphysical aspects of Pelley's life.

As was noted there, these aspects were quite extensive. While Pelley is generally viewed as a marginal figure in metaphysical circles in this day and age he was something of a celebrity in said circles in the late 1920s and early 1930s, with ties to a host of esoteric groups across the country. What's more, Pelley remained active in metaphysical and occult currents from at least the time he experienced his famed "seven minutes in eternity" in 1928 until the time of his death in 1965. Indeed, a considerable portion of Pelley's life was dedicated to metaphysical and occult pursuits, much more than the decade he spent as an activist for fascism (a state of affairs partly necessitated by the terms of Pelley's parole in the early 1950s, which prohibited him from such activism).

Up to this point I've mainly focused on the aspects of Pelley's metaphysical system that were largely lifted from Theosophy, Spiritualism, Rosicrucianism, Pyramidism, and so forth. Now I would like to delve into the truly original aspects of Pelley's system. With that in mind, let us consider where Pelley's theology stood in the early 1930s.
"Pelley's writings and lectures from this period were represented a formidable, albeit flawed, theology. He read widely in metaphysics, and his Liberation Doctrine possesses a clear spiritualist undergirding. Upon this foundation Pelley added layers of Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, pyramidism, Jainism, and harmonialism, all topped with a peculiar Christocentric millenarianism. Claiming all his writings were dictated to him clairaudiently by 'Masters,' Pelley declared that his religious system reconciled creationism with evolution, free will with predestination, and Christ with eastern teachings.
"Pelley posited three significant forces in the universe. First and foremost was the Universal Spirit, 'from which all things proceed and which is of all things the substance.' Second was the Spirit of the Group, responsible for animating all the lower forms of creation. Finally, there was man, consisting of mind, body, and soul. The 'Divine Mind' created every soul twenty-eight million years ago. Pelley noted that 'there is now in each human soul a separate and distinct development of Universal Spirit which has a body for expression and which is yet able to be aware of its kinship with Divine Essence, [so that] there must be an instrument for this awareness, and this instrument is Mind.'
"Pelley's system included the Christian God, but only as one god among many. While he (and to Pelley God was always 'he') may meet in counsel with other gods, God was a very old spirit living on a distant planet who was responsible for our solar system. While souls were not directly accountable to him, the Great Avatar (Jesus) visited God for instruction. Pelley noted that there was 'no God in the sense in which the mortal theologian uses the term... [because] to name and personify Infinite Spirit would be to limit It.'
"Pelley's theology was also Christocentric. He noted that Christ was spirit 'made manifest for the moment.' His status as 'Pure Spirit' was significant, as 'Spirit is the one Law and Force and Harmony that is Love.' Pelley staunchly maintained that he was a Christian (and the Jesus dictated messages directly to him), but that his beliefs must be separated from the 'man-made dogma' termed religion that men 'ignorant of these great psychical fundamentals' had developed since Christ death. Like the sixteenth-century cleric Thomas Muntzer before him, Pelley had little use for the 'Bible thieves' who, for their own ends, buried the truth that Christ was 'the greatest psychic who ever trod the earth' and who corrupted his teachings. Although the New Testament had been corrupted for materialistic ends, Pelley considered it far superior to the Old Testament. He noted that the Old Testament 'is the record of the lives and works of the Negative Introvert Element in the human race, the effeminate manifestation of human nature in the social state, the New Testament is the record of the lives and works of the Positive Extrovert Element, the masculine exposition of aggressive and constructive spiritual accomplishment.' Pelley believed it was his responsibility to instruct humanity in an accurate understanding of this 'Positive Extrovert Element.' Once the truth was disclosed, the true orthodoxy of Pelley's version of Christianity would be revealed.
"According to Pelley, in the beginning there was only Holy Spirit (or Consciousness). The solar system was made 'for purposes of Love by Vibration.' This Love was an attempt by Holy Spirit to comprehend its own limitless existence. Matter, then, was a corruption Pure Spirit intended only as a learning tool. Ultimately, all matter (including those fragments of spirit known as souls) would revert to pure Spirit. There were numerous universes, each with its own gods and conscious life forms. These systems all followed a similar evolutionary pattern, however. Initially, life on each planet was vegetable (assisted by Over-Spirit, or the region's god). Then lower animals developed with the assistance Group Spirit. Planets eventually evolved human forms, and, ultimately, purely spiritual beings.
"Pelley believed human life on earth had developed in a particularly unusual manner. One group of souls in another planetary system, Sirius, migrated to earth thirty to fifty million years ago. The 'star guests' incarnated in certain animal forms. Initially they incarnated in a creature form with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle (the Sphinx is a tribute to this form). In lion form procreation was by thought. The 'guests,' however, switched to an ape-like body, causing the difference between human and primate 'species.' This shift to ape form led matter to become primates' 'fetish and shibboleth,' and they lost control over 'thought-generation.' They then 'gradually became the races of man as society now recognizes them.' Believing his system reconciled creationism with evolution, Pelley posited that the Genesis 'daughters of men' were apes, and the 'Sons of God' were 'star guests.' Hence, man was 'half-monkey and half-angel,' and the missing link not been discovered because it was spiritual, not biological.
"Pelley argued that this type of creation also explained religion on Earth. The mysteries and apparent falsehoods of Christian scripture made sense once one understood that extraterrestrial material was both involved and forgotten. He noted that man built his incomplete faith in gods out of his longing for the 'spiritual home from which so many long eons before he had started out on this cosmic journey.' Pelley also persisted that, following an erroneous, established form of Christianity – Roman Catholicism, for example – indicated a very young soul.
"This evolutionary system also explained the different types of people on Earth. According to Pelley there were three castes of mortal life on this planet. At the bottom of the spectrum were the beast-progeny of the ape-mothers. Above them were the reincarnated spirits from the original Sirian migration. And, finally, there was the Goodly Company, the 144,000 souls who followed the Great Avatar here to promote his teachings and put humanity on the path of righteousness."
(William Dudley Pelley: A Life in Right-Wing Extremism and the Occult, Scott Beekman, pgs. 70-72)

So, to recap dear reader: Pelley's theology had trappings of Christian Gnosticism, but also incorporated a bizarre extraterrestrial angle that posited that humanity had evolved from spiritual beings from Sirius, the Dog Star, who had migrated here millions of years ago. But there was more: these "Star Guests" from Sirius also had access to different planes, or dimensions, of existence (of which more will be said in a moment). Further, he claimed to have received this information from "Hidden Masters" he was in contact with, frequently via automatic writing.

And he devised this theology as early as 1932, possibly even sooner.

As I'm sure many of my regular readers are well aware, the Dog Star Sirius plays a crucial role in a host of esoteric traditions the world over, but most notably in Ancient Egypt and amongst the Dogon tribe of West Africa. What's more, extraterrestrials from Sirius have become a staple in one of the most compelling ancient astronaut theories that has emerged in recent decades. Further, it is important to note that the significance of Sirius was not widely until the 1970s with the publication of books such as Robert K.G. Temple's The Sirius Mystery, Kenneth Grant's The Magical Revival and Robert Anton Wilson's The Cosmic Trigger I: The Final Secrets of the Illuminati. Prior to this point the significance of Sirius had been overlooked by many occultists and was likely only known by the most adept mages such as Crowley. Grant indicates that the Great Beast became aware of the significance of Sirius early in the twentieth century.
"Crowley identified the heart of the Thelemic current with one particular Star. In Occult Tradition, this is 'the Sun behind the Sun,' the Hidden God, the vast star Sirius, Sothis, which opened the zodiacal year of 365 days as well as the Great Year of approximately 26,000 years.
"According to Herodotus (Bk. II, 58), the Egyptians celebrated the annual return of the Star, or God, with obscene rights characterized by bestial copulation. Thus, the Dog-Star. Crowley knew that no right of antiquity was without a magical purpose. He performed exhaustive experiments with this formula (see The Diaries of Aleister Crowley) and found it more effective, in many ways, then the formula of normal sexual magick which Theodor Reuss, following Kellner, had incorporated in the O.T.O. (Kellner had received initiation at the hands of Oriental Adepts versed in Tantric ritual).
"The Hidden God, Set (represented astronomically by Sirius, the Dog-Star) typified the peculiar formula of the Eleventh Degree of the O.T.O., which could be applied to the male or the female. It is in this sense that we must understand the symbol of the Phoenix, the title which Crowley assumed in secret conclave with Frater Achad in 1915 in connection with the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Order. 
"The Phoenix or Ibis is the bird of Cyclic Return and an apt symbol of the God who administers to and by himself, his own clyster. He is thus the Double-Wanded one in a physical as well as in a mystical sense. 
"Dion Fortune notes that Venus is ultimately transcended in Sirius; and the only physical explanation of this phenomenon is as explained above. That Fortune was acquainted with this formula is evident from her references to the later Graeco-Roman degradation of it.
"In The Book of Law appears a reference to the Egyptian god Hrumachis or Hor-Makhu. The name means Horus of the Star and Hrumachis is described by Aiwaz as being beyond the present Aeon, as Sirius is beyond the Sun, for this can be interpreted in terms other than those involving the sequential flow of time. It is probable that in this concept Crowley saw an adumbration of the Hidden God, who will not therefore eventually 'assume my thrown and place,' as is written in The Book of Law, but who is already throned, has been, and will be, forever. 
"This resumes the Formula of the Phoenix, already described in Chapter 1. The Star of Horus is also the Star of Babalon – the seven-rayed star of the planet Saturn (or Set), which rules Aquarius, the eleventh house of the zodiac. Aquarius is the constellation through which the influence of Horus (the Sun) reaches man during the present Aeon. Saturn, therefore, is the power behind Venus, as Sirius is the power behind the Sun. These two great stars (Set and Horus) are therefore symbolically identical, and in this way also is being is Venus transcended in Sirius, in a celestial sense."
(The Magical Revival, Kenneth Grant, pgs. 50-52)   
And here was Pelley hailing "Star Guests" from Sirius decades before it became a staple of ancient astronaut theories. Both Venus and the Age of Aquarius will also appear in this saga, as shall be examined in a moment. I have been unable to determine whether or not Crowley and Pelley were aware of one another, but I find it curious certain elements appear prominently in either man's system despite quite a different philosophy underpinning either. Of course, both men claimed to be in contact with a "higher" intelligence for their revelations, though one suspects the message was quite a bit more jumbled in Pelley's case. But I digress.

For the time being, let us consider where Pelley's system stood after he was paroled from prison in the early 1950s and began incorporating elements of post-WWII Ufology into his system. Pelley would dub this new theology (which was virtually unchanged from his "Liberation Doctrine" of the 1930s) "Soulcraft." Pelley jumped into this new field relatively early in the game.
"... After the war, he started an occult group, Soulcraft, and published a racist magazine called Valor. He also wrote the book Star Guests in 1950, a compilation of automatic writing reminiscent of the Seth Material."
(Dimensions, Jacques Vallee, pg. 250)

Pelley's biographer, Scott Beekman, gives many more details about Soulcraft and its use of the UFO phenomenon:
"Pelley posited that the fundamental force in the universe is Divine Thought (also referred to as Holy Spirit, Universal Spirit, Over-Spirit, and the Godhead), which is 'self-functioning, and out of it in its non-physical state comes all Matter and all Substance and all Protoplasm, being the author and creator of these in the atomic and material sense.' All creation arises out of Divine Thought, which fractures into Spirit Particle to create souls. These souls are found on various planets across the universe, and also in several nonmaterial planes of existence.
"The various planes of existence are at the heart of Soulcraft doctrine. Pelley taught that all souls go through earthly incarnations, usually one every five hundred years or so, to increase their spiritual awareness. During discorporate periods, the souls (or Spirit Particle) inhabit purely spiritual planes. There are six or seven of these planes 'Beyond the Veil' (here Pelley waffled a bit) that correspond to a soul's level of spiritual development. Each soul, then, undertakes a Platonic development that eventually leads to assignment as the deity over a distant planet.
"Pelley posited that earthly existence was solely for the educational purpose of 'developing the individual consciousness to complete [the] realization of itself and of its source.' After souls reach the Fourth Plane (the 'idealized earthplane' or 'Summerland'), they realize their deficiencies and reincarnate in order to improve their spiritual development and obtained the requisite amount of knowledge to progress to the Fifth Plane (the 'Plane of Radiance'). After a soul achieves Fifth Plane status, earthly reincarnation is strictly optional. A few highly developed souls, however, willingly choose to return to material existence to serve as mentors for humanity.
"These earthly mentors are, according to Pelley, the 144,000 members of the biblical 'Goodly Company.' They return to earth periodically, following the lead of Jesus Christ (the 'Great Avatar'), from the Sixth Plane (the 'octave of amalgamation with one's spiritual affinity') to direct human affairs along a proper spiritual path. Most humans need this spiritual assistance because they are unwitting victims of spiritual ignorance owing to the peculiar nature of human creation.
"Pelley taught that humanity developed on this planet sometime between thirty and fifty million years ago is the result of 'Star Guests' material forms arriving on earth and mating with primate life-forms. These 'beast-progeny' became humans. While they are part of the constant oscillation between the Earth-Plane and the Thought-Planes, humans need assistance from the mentors because they are prone to irrational behavior, thanks to the 'dormant racial and sodomic heritage' within the physical body.
"Pelley argued that the different races reflected different planetary origins for the original 'Star Guests.' He claimed that the progenitors of the white race came from Sirius, but he never explained from which planetary system the ancestors of other races arrived. Race proved to be a problematic topic in the Soulcraft system. Pelley staunchly maintained that Whites formed the top of the racial pyramid, but he found it difficult to explain why the souls of people of color had not evolved to the point where they also reincarnated as Whites. At times he claimed that those incarnated in yellow-skin bodies forsook spiritual development to focus on wholly material pursuits, but Pelley frequently contradicted this position by noting that the yellow race was second only to the white in the racial hierarchy...
"Whereas most of the Soulcraft doctrine simply an expansion of Liberation teaching, Pelley did add several new elements to his system. Pelley not only began making increasingly outlandish claims concerning his extrasensory communications, but also introduced discussions of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) into his metaphysical system. His decision to involve UFOs in Soulcraft partly derived from difficulties he faced in utilizing his traditional prophetic backing – pyramidism. The Great Pyramid time line reached a critical prophetic date of August 20, 1953. On that date the pyramid time line reached the south wall of the King's Chamber. Most pyramidists, seeing this as an indication of cataclysmic events for humanity, predicted a momentous event for that year. Pelley, for example, had earlier posited this date would be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Faced with the eternal problem of explaining a failed prophecy, Pelley latched upon the novel explanation that the arrival of UFOs represented the fulfillment of pyramid predictions for 1953, and that the occupants of the spacecraft would provide humanity with new knowledge and help usher in the Aquarian age.
"Pwlley attributed enormous power and intelligence to the 'spacemen' but, characteristically, had trouble deciding exactly what they were doing on Earth. He claimed they were mentors for humanity, but that Earth residents might scare them away with our warlike tendencies (exemplified most distressingly, in Pelley's unique perspective, by the violence of motion picture westerns). Pelley also posited that the 'saucer men... constitute the advance guard of the Christ Cohorts, prefacing the Second Coming,' yet these 'semi-angelic people' were not permitted to 'alter earth destiny.' Pelley also speculated that the saucers may serve as vehicles to 'lift the Christ people off earth to leave the planet to the purely materialistic souls.' Despite his confusion over the role of the space beings in human affairs, Pelley steadfastly maintained that 'no other happening that has occurred in the world within historic time matches it in importance.'
"Just as he did with metaphysical materials, Pelley read widely in the burgeoning field of ufology. Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sightings and the reported Roswell, New Mexico, crash during the same year sparked a wave of public excitement, government investigations, and hastily published saucer accounts; the UFO mania crested in the early 1950s with publications by Donald Keyhoe, Gerald Heard and Frank Scully and the legendary Washington, D.C., sighting of 1952. Pelley demonstrated familiarity with all the leading ufology works of the period and frequently cited them in his publications. Apparently desperate to prove the validity of his 'Star Guests' theory, Pelley accepted all the UFO sighting accounts he encountered and refused to retract his support even after specific works (such as Scully's Behind the Flying Saucers) were demonstrated to be hoaxers."
(William Dudley Pelley: A Life in Right-Wing Extremism and the Occult, Scott Beekman, pgs. 151-154) 

Clearly Pelley's system, flawed as it may have been, had incorporated currents that many occultists would only begin to become aware of several years down the road and had featured several of these elements for decades.

Now comes the point at which some interesting lines of speculation become possible, most notably the possibility of whether or not some element of the American national security apparatus became interested in Pelley's work around this time. After all, said apparatus would invest a considerable degree of time and money in all things high strangeness related beginning in the 1950s via both Overworld projects such as Grudge and Blue Book and far more nefarious and hidden programs such as Artichoke and MK-Ultra (which had far stranger and more incredible objectives than merely mind control ,as we shall see in the next installment).

This researcher believes that at least three groups, all of them possibly related, within the national security apparatus did indeed develop a keen interest in Pelley's work. The existence of one of these groups is still highly controversial while the other two are a matter of public record.

The first of these groups that I would like to briefly consider is what I refer to as the Sovereign Order of Saint John (SOSJ)-American Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC) network. This network was always briefly touched upon in the second and third installments of this series, but in brief: the SOSJ was a self-styled military order that claimed descent from the Medieval Knights Hospitallers via the Russian line of succession. The SOSJ seems to have been active as early as the 1930s when it was possibly in contact with a close Pelley associate as well as Nazi Germany. It was not until the 1960s, however, that the SOSJ reached the peak of its power. During this era it featured numerous "former" high ranking military officers (several of whom with a background in military intelligence) and even a few CIA assets amongst its members.

During this time the SOSJ also seems to have had relations with the AOCC, a fringe Orthodox denomination that was officially founded in 1964. This group also had ties to the US intelligence community as well as some type of involvement in the JFK assassination (as did the SOSJ). Beyond this, the AOCC played a role in two key events within metaphysical circles: the "discovery" of the Necronomicon (the Simon version, that is) in the 1970s and the incorporation of the notorious Process Church of the Final Judgment a decade earlier.

I do not wish to address the occult aspects of the SOSJ or the AOCC and their possible adoption of Pelley's ideology in this series as such topics will be significant in a future series I will hopefully begin some time later this year. The curious are advised to consider the prior articles I wrote on the SOSJ (which can be found herehere and here) and the AOCC (which can be found here) and start putting the puzzle pieces together for themselves for the time being.

But moving along. The next group I would like to consider is the one whose existence is still highly debatable. According to the great Nick Redfern, this network refers to itself as the Collins Elite. It came into being during the early 1950s when a group of individuals largely comprised of military intelligence officers became concerned over the implications of various bits of high weirdness that exploded across both the American and international landscapes in the wake of World War II, most notably the great wave of UFO sightings that unfolded in 1947.

the book in which Redfern initially revealed the Collins Elite
Both the Kenneth Arnold sighting as well Roswell were of special interest to this group (and most Ufologists, for that matter), but so to were the works of occultists Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons. The Collins Elite became concerned that the magical workings of these two mages, especially Parsons' "Babalon Working" of 1946, were somehow related to the UFO phenomenon, a prospect Parsons himself was more than happy to promote. What's more, the military had picked up indications during their investigation of Parsons that he may well have had some type of contact with both Arnold as well as someone in Roswell around the time of the famous incidents either was involved in.
"... since Parsons still possessed a security clearance at that time, engaging him in a debate on matters of a somewhat sensitive nature was not seen as being problematic, providing he towed the proverbial line. And, when confronted and pressed for answers, a somewhat uncomfortable Parsons conceded that there probably was a connection, that the UFO wave of 1947 probably was linked with his door-opening actions, and that it was not down to chance that he knew Arnold, or that he had a tangential link to the town of Roswell. Of course, whether this was merely a case of Parsons carefully massaging his own ego, or the absolute truth, was a matter of some debate among officials. 
"... As a result... a small project – 'probably just two or three [people]' – was established at Wright-Patterson that made subtle and secret approaches to experts within the fields of demonology, ancient religions, and occult practices who could hopefully provide some answers with respect to what it was the Parsons might have set in motion, wittingly or not, and which the military was now struggling to comprehend."
(Final Events, Nick Redfern, pgs. 36-37)
According to one of Redfern's informants, a "Richard Duke", it was these initial inquiries that led to the founding of the Collins Elite, a kind of private group that functioned within the US national security apparatus.
"... the Collins Elite was formed, a truly historic event that is unsurprisingly forever etched in the memory of Richard Duke. 'What happened,' Duke recalled, 'was that we got a pleasant invite. Fifteen or sixteen of us [were] flown to the Pentagon and where an offer was made; which was probably no more than about a week after Parsons got killed, maybe a bit longer, but not much. The Air Force was having problems with the UFO project [Blue Book], and a lot of these reports were [similar to] ghost [reports]: they couldn't catch them, fading away, vanishing from radar, but not attacking us. So, they kind of puzzled the Air Force on how to handle it, which is why, eventually, they gave up on it. The UFOs didn't act like an aggressor – not a military aggressor, anyways, and just came and went, they thought.
"'We were asked – this was people like me, a couple of G-2 [Army Intelligence] boys, two fellows from Naval Intelligence, several of the Air Force fellows in on the early Parsons thing at Wright, and a few more – if we would look at running an op to continue where the old Parsons project stopped. We were ready for it because of the interest that had come with watching [Parsons] – but a bit amazed the Pentagon was ready to fund what was, really, a study on if the disks had devil beginnings.
"'And this is exactly why it was all kept so secret in the beginning. Everyone – particularly the Pentagon boys – knew the hammer was going to come down on all this if Congress found out good U.S. dollars were being used to pay for [a study of] demonology and flying saucers. Maybe a little more mundane than you might want to hear. But that really was the first reason for the secrecy with us. Not a big conspiracy about what we were doing, but a lot of anger and probably a hell of a lot of ridicule that would come tumbling out if anyone else found out.
"We all got an offer to relocate, with our families, to the D.C. area. The funding, we were told, was going to start coming through in a few months, after everyone was settled in D.C. The money and resources wasn't [sic] going to come exactly to us, but onto us through the [CIA's] Directorate of Plans [which was created a few months later, on August 1, 1952] to keep it all out of everyone's eyes – Congress. This wasn't really the Directorate's area at all though. It was more along the approach of flowing the money through them to us, a group no one would think to look at to find us.'"
(ibid, pgs. 39-41)

Thus, the project the Collins Elite was founded to perform was effectively one created by the Pentagon, but which was hidden within the CIA's Directorate of Plans. The Directorate in turn had its origins in the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), a department that was originally separate from the CIA and became a kind of CIA-within-the-CIA after the two were merged. The OPC was dominated by former OSS (the predecessor organization to the CIA) officers, many of them with close ties to the Allen Dulles. The OPC/Directorate (now known as the National Clandestine Service) features the legendary Special Activities Division (SAD, hardy-fucking-har), effectively the military arm of the CIA.

While this department is mainly known for its use of U.S. special forces (and now drones), it has employed a whole host of mercenaries and "freedom fighters" for decades. This private army was both highly expensive to maintain as well as a frequent political liability, thus a whole host of off-the-books funding was established for such purposes. According the great Peter Dale Scott, this nefarious network was originally forged under the auspices of the National Security Council (NSC).
"Within a year the NSC was authorizing covert operations overseas through CIA. In fact, these operations were being implemented by an even more secret group within CIA, the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). The CIA at least had been publicly empowered by the 1947 National Security Act, even though it contained a 'loophole' through which CIA launched covert operations in a way Congress had 'not intended.' In June 1948 the National Security Council secretly launched OPC, without any congressional authorization at all.
"The decision to create OPC was 'based on what was seen as a CIA success in Italy,' the election of a Christian Democratic government in April despite widespread fears of a Communist electoral victory...
"... OPC set in motion at least three projects that acquired a life, culture, and momentum of their own. These projects – collectively, and much later, long after the demise of OPC itself – contributed to the catastrophe of 9/11.
"The first project was an arrangement for the creation and support of right-wing 'stay-behind' groups in Europe to combat the risk of Communist take over. This arrangement in Italy, known later as Operation Gladio, led in turn to a shadow system of parallel intelligence agencies, shielded from the overview of Italy's public and more centrist government. These CIA-linked agencies developed a strategy of tension in which a series of lethal terrorist bombings, falsely presented as left-wing, were used to drive Italy further to the right... 
"In addition to this stay-behind project, OPC began a psychological warfare campaign to go beyond the State Department's official policy of containing Communism, by mobilizing public opinion and covert resources for the destabilization of eastern Europe. OPC's third project, which eventually had global consequences affecting both Afghanistan and al Qaeda, was to combat Communism by using asset supported by illegal drug trafficking."
(The Road to 9/11, Peter Dale Scott, pgs. 13-14)

The Sovereign Order of Saint John-American Orthodox Catholic Church network had extensive ties to the above-mentioned "stay-behind" networks that comprised Operation Gladio. And here, in the cesspool created by OPC, we find the Collins Elite as well. Drugs and arm trafficking as well as black market gold have been frequently used over the years and would have provided ample funding for the projects the Collins Elite wished to pursue. I point this out because whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts has been compellingly alleging for years that drug money was/is being used to research technology derived from extraterrestrials.

But I digress. For more details on the Collins Elite and their objectives, check out Christopher Knowles' interview with Redfern.

Let us now turn to how the Collins Elite possibly relates to Pelley. Shortly after the establishment of the Collins Elite the group became convinced that altered states of consciousness were crucial to understanding the UFO phenomenon.
"When the terrifying realization hit home the Jack Parsons was actually onto something very big and incredibly ominous, one of the first things that struck those who held the distinction of becoming the first incarnation of the Collins Elite, Richard Duke explained to me, was that many of the Crowley and Parsons experiences occurred while the men were in altered states of mind. As a result, a tentative conclusion – albeit a not wholly understood or fully appreciated conclusion – was reached by Duke and his colleagues to the effect that successfully assessing the world of the UFO intelligences, and understanding both their true point of origin and their actual intent, was perhaps far more likely to be achieved by opening the mind to radically new experiences and twilight realms than by vigilantly scanning the skies via radar and fighter-planes. 
"Duke told me that attempts were made to determine how, and under what specific circumstances, the human mind could be taught to skillfully penetrate the veils of secrecy and stealth under which the UFO intelligences were apparently operating. If blasting flying saucers out of the sky was not going to work as a viable option, they reasoned with a fair degree of logic and common sense, then perhaps invading their space and territory remotely, perhaps even via astral-form, might provide the much-sought-after answers. Thus began a deep and lengthy study of how such actions might very well be successfully achieved.
"This weird saga encompassed government agents, official secrets, and revolutionary powers of the mind, and had its origins in the early 1950s with the controversial UFO contactees George Van Tassel, George Adamski, and George Hunt Williamson – all of whom, said Duke, the Collins Elite came to believe were being visited by occult entities rather than by extraterrestrials."
(Final Event, Nick Redfern, pgs. 48-49)

And it is here that we return to William Dudley Pelley, for at least one, and probably two, of the above mentioned UFO contactees the Collins Elite became interested in had close ties to Pelley. In the next installment of this series we shall consider these individuals in further depth and the likelihood that Pelley had an enormous influence on their perception of their experiences. From there we shall consider the possibility that the Collins Elite were also interested in Pelley himself, as well as such a possibility existing amongst another group with ties to the US national security apparatus. Stay tuned.


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