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The JFK Assassination: A Strange and Terrible Saga Part VII

As we go through the gates of heaven
Our numbers multiplied from one to seven

With our reflection on the TV screen
No violent death remains obscene

I'm the devil
And I'm here to do the devil's work

-"Devil's Work", Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Welcome to the seventh and final installment in my examination of the assassination of JFK. For those of you just tuning in, here's a brief rundown of the prior six: The first and second installments primarily focused on Oswald's time in Dallas/Forth Worth and New Orleans in the months leading up to the assassination with a special emphasis on the synchroncities and high strangeness that abounded in that time frame.

Part three addressed the plotters themselves while part four focused in on the possibility that CIA/Pentagon behavioral modification techniques were used on individuals who frequently turn up in assassination lore. The fifth installment began my examination of the secret societies that pop up in the background of assassination lore. It briefly addressed the well known Masonic theories before considering the appearance of numerous Skull and Bonesmen and Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) knights potentially involved in the assassination and cover up. Part six continued in this vein, addressing the role the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (SOSJ), some times known as the Shickshinny Knights of Malta, played in the plot and cover up before shifting to the bizarre ministers and churches that appear throughout Oswald's saga.

It is here that I shall pick up. As part six was coming to a conclusion I began to address the American Orthodox Catholic Church (AOCC), a peculiar sect that had several eventual members active in New Orleans in the months leading up to the assassination. The most notable future members were David Ferrie (who was played by Joe Pesci in Oliver Stone's JFK film) and Jack S. Martin (played by Jack Lemmon in the same movie), both of whom worked for former Naval intelligence officer and FBI man turned private detective Guy Banister. Banister, a figure long linked to the assassination, was addressed at length in the second installment of this series.

At the end of part six I raised the possibility of whether or not David Ferrie could have been involved in CIA/Pentagon behavioral modification experiments. As noted in part four, the New Orleans area and other parts of Louisiana had been used for experiments under the auspices of Projects MKULTRA and Artichoke. This, combined with several of Ferrie's "hobbies", have led to speculation amongst more daring assassination researchers over the years that Ferrie may have been involved in these experiments.
"One of the central targets of Garrison's investigation was David William Ferrie, who was both a hypnotist and a CIA operative. Coincidentally, Ferrie had been in a New Orleans Civil Air Patrol group in the fifties with Lee Harvey Oswald. One witness said that Ferrie had been the man who had instructed Oswald in marksmanship.
"When New Orleans police raided Ferrie's apartment, they confiscated a number of weapons, various drugs, and three blank U.S. passports – things that any good CIA operative would keep at his elbow. Much later researchers realized the importance of some of the evidence obtained in the raid – several voluminous abstracts on posthypnotic suggestion and a library on hypnotism.
"A salesman for the Equitable Life Insurance Company, Perry Raymond Russo, told a New Orleans grand jury that Ferrie's apartment had been the scene of many 'parties'  where hypnotism had been used as 'entertainment.' One evening, Russo said, Ferrie hypnotized a young man to whom he apparently had a strong homosexual attraction. Another evening, Russo said, he himself hypnotized a young woman and made her immobile. He struck pens in her hand and burned her arms just to demonstrate the extent of the control he had over her."
(Operation Mind Control, Walter Bowart, pgs. 192-193)
the highly controversial Garrison-witness Perry Russo, whom we shall encounter again before the end of this series
Judyth Vary Baker even went so far as to allege in her book Me & Lee that not only did Ferrie tell her that he was involved in MKULTA experiments, but that he had revealed documentation of his participation to her. In Baker's account, Ferrie was allegedly approached by the Agency for such a project initially due to his knowledge of obscure religious practices.
"Dave said he knew about every religion on earth and had witnessed the rites of Voodoo and Santeria. In fact, his interest in hypnotism came from observing religious oddities, like speaking in tongues, chanting, and rosary prayers, which had essentially the same result. They hypnotize the participants to make their minds more pliable. The drugs used in Voodoo were particular interest in him. Eventually, Dave said, he was asked to participate in a study of  hypnosis secretly conducted at Tulane by the CIA.
"Dave said he made friends with some of the professors at Tulane by bringing in young test subjects they could experiment on, and that he even taught a couple of classes for Dr. Heath, who was working with the CIA on a secret program investigating mind control.
"The CIA, Dave explained, was intrigued by the legends of zombies. Under the influence of drugs, these people became slaves without a will. 'I became a consultant,' he said. 'At first it was with Voodoo drugs. Later, it was with hypnosis.'
"Then Dave showed us a large, olive-colored metal container with a lock on it. As he opened the box, he said that if  we ever heard he committed suicide, not to believe it, because he was a Catholic...
"After extracting a promise from us never to describe its contents while he lived, Dave showed us. There was his will, some letters, photos, religious cards and post cards.
"At the bottom was a fat brown file wrapped with a black cord knotted in front. Dave opened this file. Inside, the pages were stamp TOP SECRET. Because of my position at the table, I could only see the pages upside down. They were held at the top with fold-overs spindles going through two holes. All the pages were stamped and signed. These were MK-ULTRA files. With the files was a report, also stamped and sign, that Dave pointed to proudly. His name was not on the report – just a number."
(Me & Lee, Judyth Vary Baker, pgs. 215-216)
the highly, highly controversial Judyth Vary Baker
Personally I find Miss Baker's work, centered around her alleged affair with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans shortly before the assassination, to be highly dubious on several levels. But in this case, there may be a grain of truth to her claims. During the House Assassination Committee it was alleged that Ferrie attempted to recruit kids from his Civil Air Patrol group for experiments at Tulane, which was the location for several CIA behavioral modification experiments, as noted in part four.
"Sometime in 1955, when he was fifteen, Oswald join the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), a group of young men interested in flying. Its Senior Squadron Commander was an older fellow then employed as an Eastern Airlines pilot named David Ferrie.
"One of the CAP's members, Lawrence Marsh, later spoke to a House Assassinations Committee investigator about his several years with the group in the mid-1950s. 'When we would spend the weekend by Dave's for these parties,' Marsh said, 'he used to practice hypnosis on us, and find out if it were working on us by using a compass or a pen and stick our arms. He was a fanatic about this hypnosis stuff.'
"In 1994 I contacted another CAP cadet who have been interviewed by the committee named John Irion. 'The New Orleans CAP unit, at Lakefront Airport, attracted by and large, a lot of underprivileged kids from broken homes,' he told me. He remembered Oswald coming, 'a recruit if I remember, but he never got much out of that stage. He would sulk and then get argumentative. I would say Oswald was there maybe six months at the most.'
"Irion also remembered Ferrie's fascination with hypnosis. 'He fancied himself as a self-made doctor or psychologist. I personally never submitted to it, because I knew better. It's possible he hypnotized other people, but back then for kids of our age, it was more of a novelty.'
"Another former CAP cadet, Anthony Atzenhoffer, told the House Assassinations Committee that Ferrie had 'wanted the kids to participate in some kind of experiment for Tulane University. They didn't do it.' Irion recalled that Ferrie was 'constantly at Tulane' during those years.
"In September 1975, Charles D. Ablard, General Counsel for the Army, would deliver this testimony before a Senate committee: 'We have learned of a 1955 contract with Tulane University, which involved the administration of LSD, mescaline, and other drugs to mental patients who had therefore had electrodes implanted in their brains as a part of their medical treatment....' The project was the brainchild of Dr. Robert Heath, then chairman of the Tulane Medical School's Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, and whose specialty was electrical stimulation of the brain. Heath once stated that the real solution to mental problems would be found in 'controlled manipulation of the pleasure response and... manipulation of memory by biological means.' Heath acknowledged having taken part in one CIA research project in 1957, testing a purported brainwashing drug on several monkeys."  
(On the Trail of the JFK Assassins, Dick Russell, pgs. 254-255)
Dr. Robert Heath
As was noted in part two of this series, Ferrie was an arch pedophile who was accused on not only molesting numerous kids in the New Orleans area, but of taking them out of the country to Honduras, Guatemala and such like for "mining" expeditions. Ferrie would also recruit kids from the Youth Study Center in New Orleans as well as the East Louisiana State Hospital (another location of CIA behavioral modification experiments, as noted in part four) while posing as a doctor. Unsurprisingly, there have long been allegations that Ferrie had some type of sexual relations with Oswald when he was a member of the CAP. The great H.P. Albarelli Jr. recounted one such claim in his recent work from a former New Orleans resident aware of Ferrie's unsavory activities.
"Continued the former resident: 'The Oswald kid, when he was young, was in Ferrie's [CAP] group for only a few months or so and then quit. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know why. Everyone knew one or two kids who quit Ferrie's group because of his coming on to kids. A lot of people, parents, pulled their kids out when they found out he was molesting kids...'"
(A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli Jr., pg. 80)
Judyth Vary Baker alleges that Ferrie once tried to rape Oswald as a teenager in a fit of lust, but came to his senses before things advanced too far. Her account is, however, highly dubious, but it would hardly have been inconsistent with Ferrie's well documented illicit behavior with the CAP.

David Ferrie (far left, wearing a helmet) and Oswald (far right) during the CAP days
The curious relationship between Ferrie and Oswald would seemingly continue in New Orleans during the months leading up to the assassination. In an earlier work journalist Dick Russell revealed an incredible allegation concerning Ferrie and Oswald during this time frame made by Richard Case Nagell, a former military intelligence officer and CIA asset.
"When Richard Nagell was with Oswald in New Orleans, he discovered that Oswald was 'undergoing hypnotherapy' from David Ferrie. Nagell dropped this potential bombshell in a single phrase in one of his letters to Arthur Greenstein. In a set of 'cartoons' that Nagell also mailed to Greenstein from prison, one sequence shows Oswald, armed with a secondhand rifle, at the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, when he suddenly 'awakens from [a] hypnotic trance.'
"Ferrie's former roommate Raymond Broshears told me in 1975 that hypnosis was part of Ferrie's general interest in the occult – 'spiritualism, voices from the other side, all of that.' The reader may recall the House Assassination Committee's mention that Ferrie frequently practiced techniques of  hypnosis on his young associates... Jack Martin, an associate of Ferrie and Guy Banister, told the FBI three days after the assassination 'that he believed Ferrie was an "amateur hypnotist" who may have been capable of hypnotizing Oswald.' And, when the New Orleans police discovered Ferrie dead in his apartment in 1967, they found several voluminous abstracts on posthypnotic suggestion amid a veritable library on hypnotism."
(The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell, pgs. 671-672)
There are also incredible allegations concerning Ferrie's occult pursuits in New Orleans during this time as well.
"...  Ferrie's interest in occultism is hinted at by the people who knew him. It is known that he considered himself something of a hypnotist, as well as a psychotherapist... or at least used these dubious qualifications as a lure for potential sexual partners. According to Perry Russo – one of Jim Garrison's witnesses during the Clay Shaw trial, and not necessarily the most reliable or credible of those witnesses in the eyes of many investigators –  Ferrie conducted the equivalent of Black Masses in his apartment at the appropriately-numbered 3330 Louisiana Avenue Parkway, New Orleans.  James Kirkwood, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Chorus Line, conducted his own informal investigation in New Orleans during the Clay Shaw trial, published as American Grotesque in 1970. Kirkwood was unequivocally pro-Shaw and anti-Garrison, so although his lengthy study makes for entertaining reading, his conclusions are not always above reproach, but it is worth quoting his transcript of Perry Russo's description of Ferrie's weekly Black Masses:
The chalice featured animal blood, the wafer consisted of some kind of raw flesh, instead of cake or bread. He wore a little black toga, solid black. He  wore nothing underneath it. ...he called it the American Eastern Catholic Orthodox Church... after all, the ritual, shouted ritual... it ends up and it's a brutal thing, a sadistic quality to it – bloodletting, chicken killing, stuff like that....'
"Previously, in his own description Ferrie, Kirkwood states,
He professed to be a bishop in the Orthodox Old Catholic Church of North America, a cultish underground group quite different the Catholic Church we know.
"We can see that there is some confusion with the ecclesiastical nomenclature, if nothing else. This is understandable, since these groups have long, outlandish names which generally include 'Orthodox' and 'Catholic' and 'Church' somewhere in the title, in some order. Often, the bishop concerned has consecrations with several groups so that the confusion becomes almost unmanageable. The author believes that Perry Russo actually  comes closest to the name of the organization, which we now know to be the American Orthodox Catholic Church; but, as we have seen, there were Old Catholic elements behind Ferrie's succession as well.
"The rest of Russo's characterization of the Ferrie's Black Mass sounds more like Voudoun or Santeria than it does Satanism, and one wishes that Russo had paid a lot more attention – or the Kirkwood had published the transcript of his interview in full – so that we can trace the elements of Ferrie's ritual to a known progenitor..."
(Sinister Forces Book I, Peter Levenda, pgs. 281-282)
the Willie O'Keefe (Kevin Bacon) character in JFK was partly inspired by Perry Russo as well as the above-mentioned Raymond Broshears (who was later involved with the Universal Life Church; which may have counted at least one other JFK assassination figure, Fred Lee Crisman, among its ministers)
As noted above, Judyth Vary Baker alleges in her highly controversial account that Ferrie was quite well versed in the rituals of Voudoun and Santeria. She also claims that he alleged to have infiltrated cults from time to time as well, but did not conduct Black Masses.
"... Dave also brought out three rings: an aquamarine ring that he said belonged to his mother, a small ruby ring that glowed purple under the light, and one carved with an ugly mythological creature.
"'This is my priestly ring,' he said. 'I use it for black magic. And Satanic rituals.'
"'Are you serious?' I said, taking up the exotic ring.
"'Of course not,' Dave replied. 'When I say a Mass, and sometimes I do say Mass, it isn't a Black Mass. I'm not a son of Satan, so I wouldn't wear that thing. I love God. But I use things like this to penetrate religious cults. I can go into certain places around here with that ring on, and they think I'm one of them.'"
(Me & Lee, Judyth Vary Baker, pg. 215)
David Ferrie
Clearly Ferrie seems to contradict himself, first claiming that he didn't wear his "priestly ring," then in the same breath noting that he can penetrate "religious cults" in New Orleans with it on. Baker herself has strongly disputed the notion that Ferrie had been ordained, insisting that his bid with the AOCC fell through once Jack Martin revealed his homosexuality to the bishops. Peter Levenda, who actually knew several of the personalities behind the AOCC as a young adult, was unconvinced by Ferrie's alleged rejection based on his homosexuality --quite a few priests in the wandering bishop circles were homosexuals (some openly so), making this a rather flimsy excuse. On the whole, Levenda's account is far more compelling than Baker's in this regard.

The fact that Ferrie may well have been an ordained bishop conducting a Black Mass is highly significant for reasons that are very rarely, if ever, addressed by the countless website "exposing" satanic ritual abuse (SRA). Levenda explains this significance as thus:
"The Black Mass which Ferrie was accused of performing is a ritual that mocks those of the Catholic Church; essentially, it is an attempt at organized blasphemy, an attack of rebellion, political as well as theological. It is also designed to attract demonic influences, evil spirits and the souls of the angry dead. Yet, this ritual carries very little weight if performed by a lay-person. It is potentially quite powerful, however, if performed by an ordained priest.
"A valid orientation is one of the most singular sources of spiritual strength in the West. It is a line of ritual, faith and trust that extends back in time through two thousand years; to those who believe in the power of the 'laying on of hands' it is a potent magic, indeed. Aleister Crowley, dubbed by the myopic British tabloids as the 'wickedest man in the world,' could not perform a Black Mass no matter how much he may have liked to (there is no evidence that he ever wanted to). He was not an ordained priest.
"Further, many rituals of ceremonial magic prescribed the use of relics and other articles that could only be sourced from the Church, thus giving rise to a great deal of theft and subterfuge. A priest, however, has immense access to all of this and possesses the power to create more: holy water, holy oil, a consecrated Host, etc. Inasmuch as many grimoires  – cookbooks of ritual magic – insist on invoking God, Jesus, Mary, the Saints, etc., the use of genuinely blessed religious artifacts would, of course, give the ritual that much more authority.
"Thus, David Ferrie – should his line of apostolic succession prove valid  – could 'legitimately' perform a Black Mass whereas Crowley (from all available evidence) would not have been able to do so. This should not be viewed as the sole objective, however. Many occultists value the line of succession as a source of spiritual power whether or not they consider themselves Christian. Power is power, wherever it is found  and by whatever means it can be obtained; a validly ordained priest has the power to perform most of the sacraments, and the validly consecrated bishop has the power to perform all of the sacraments, including ordaining more priests and consecrating more bishops, thus ensuring a line of power for his cult equal to that of the Catholic Church. The allure is irresistible."
(Sinister Forces Book I, Peter Levenda, pg. 287)

The role validly ordained priests play in ritualistic Satanism, especially the Black Mass, is a crucial one that is rarely addressed on conspiracy blogs. Indeed, many act as though anyone is capable of performing such rites when all "credible" (and I use that word extremely loosely for such a dubious topic) sources indicate that this is far from the case. The highly controversial Catholic priest Malachi Martin indicates priests commonly lead such rites in his notorious Hostage to the Devil as does famed mythologist Robert Graves in the equally controversial The White Goddess. In The Golden Bough Sir James George Frazer recounts tales amongst the French peasantry of a "Mass of Saint Secaire" that bares striking similarities to the Black Mass and which could only be performed by a priest.
"...  peasants believe that to revenge themselves on their enemies, bad men will sometimes induce a priest to say a mass called the Mass of Saint Secaire. Very few priests know this mass, and three- fourths of those who do know it would not say it for love or money. None but wicked priests dare to perform this gruesome ceremony, and you may be quite sure that they will have a heavy account to render for it at the last days. No curate or bishop, not even the archbishop of Auch, can pardon them; that right belongs to the Pope of Rome alone. The Mass of Saint Secaire may be said only in a ruined or deserted church, where owls mope and hoot, where bats flit in the gloaming, where gypsies lodge of nights, and where toads squat under the desecrated altar. Thither the bad priest comes by night with his light o'love, and at the first stroke of eleven he begins to mumble the mass backwards, and ends just as the clocks are knelling the midnight hour. His leman acts as clerk. The host he blesses is black and has three points; he consecrates no wine, but instead he drinks water of a well into which the body of an unbaptized infant has been flung. He makes the sign of the cross, but it is on the ground and with his left foot. Many other things he does which no good Christian could look upon without being struck blind and deaf and dumb for the rest of his life. But the man for whom the mass is said withers away little by little, and nobody can say what is the matter with him; even the doctors can make nothing of it. They do not know that he is slowly dying of the Mass of Saint Secaire."
(The Golden Bough, James George Frazer, pgs. 51-52)

In general the occult has been practiced at all levels of the Catholic Church for centuries, even amongst upper management.
"... Pope Sylvester II was one of the earliest of these mystically inclined Popes. Due to his studies among the Arab philosophers of Spain, he is considered one of the first to introduced Arabic numerals to Europe. He was rumored to have built a mechanical head that would answer questions put to it by the Pope. (This is an underlining myth among many of the occult philosophers of the Dark and Middle Ages: the ability to create talking heads.)
"Benedict IX (pontificate 1032-44, 1045, 1047-48) was another Pope suspected of magical pursuits, although his Papacy was more notorious for his sexual indulgences than anything else. Elected Pope at the young age of eleven or twelve (some say around eighteen or twenty; either way, the youngest Pope on record), he was considered to be 'a demon from hell in the guise of a priest' by St. Peter Damian in his text Liber Gomorrhianus due to his homosexuality and, it is said, bestiality. Benedict IX is the only Pope to have held the office for three separate terms of office, all due to political machinations and corruption. It is no wonder that he was also accused of sorcery and demonology.
"Pope Gregory VII (pontificate 1073-85), while considered by many a saintly man who forcibly established priestly celibacy as a rule in the church, fought against corruption, and strove for unity between the Eastern and Western churches, was nevertheless deposed on the grounds of sorcery and magic. It was, of course, a political maneuver, and the evidence provided against him is suspect.
"The Dominican Bishop St. Albertus Magnus was reputed to have a talking head, like Sylvester II. This one, however, was smashed by his pupil St. Thomas Aquinas.
"Roger Bacon (1214-94), a Franciscan monk famous for his scientific research in the field of optics, among other disciplines, was imprisoned on suspicion of magic and sorcery by his own Order. In actuality, he did study alchemy and the occult, particularly Arab treatises on these subjects, and was supported in his efforts by Pope Clement IV (pontificate 1265-68).
"Pope Boniface VIII was accused of sorcery in 1303 A.D. by King Philip IV ('Philippe le Bel') of France, only a few years before he organized the wholesale arrests of the Knights Templar on charges of blasphemy and devil-worship, which led to the subsequent execution of their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, in 1314.
"During another trial lasting from 1308 to 1313, Bishop Guichard of Troyes was accused of sorcery and magic in the murder of the Queen.
"In 1317 the Bishop of Cahors was burned at the stake for his attempt on the life of Pope John  XXII through magic and incantations. He was joined by Matteo Visconti and Galeazzo Visconti for the same crime against the Pope.
"That same year, another man – a layperson – was convicted of the murder of several persons through the use of wax images that have been baptized by priests.
"In 1319, Brother Bernard Delicieux was convicted of possessing occult and magical books in Carcassonne, France.
"And one and on throughout the fourteenth century, an incredible number of Catholic clergyman – including most importantly bishops and the occasional Pope – were accused, tried, and convicted of using occult means to rid themselves of political enemies. This was the same period that saw the suppression of the Order of the Knights Templar, the organization believed to have been the origin of the Masonic Orders that would appear in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
"Thus, as we can see, there is a certain pedigree of occultism among the Catholic hierarchy, by reputation if not in fact. This pedigree certainly extended downward in the hierarchy to include all manner of priests, and in these cases the evidence is more clearly available and irrefutable."
(Papal Magic, "Simon", pgs. 41-45)

There have also long been rumblings of satanic cults being operated by "rogue" priests as well.
"Priests with less noble approaches to the subject of demons, however, also proliferate throughout Church history. A few years before the outbreak of possession at Loudon, a similar case took place in the town of Aix-en-Provence in France, at another Ursuline  convent. In the years 1610 a young novice  –Magdalen de la Palude– entered the convent and befriended another nun, Louise Capeau. In short order, Magdalen became possessed, subject to fits, and this state became contagious to the point that Louise Capeau also became possessed.
"Eventually, the two nuns revealed that they had been subject to spells cast by a Catholic priest by the name of Louis Gaufridi, said to be the head of all the magicians of Europe 'as far as Turkey.' Magdalen revealed that she had been initiated into a coven of sorcerers and witches by Gaufridi when she was still a child.
"This astonishing information was only the beginning, as Magdalene gave many detailed descriptions of the action of the cult. Eventually, Father Gaufridi was himself arrested and eventually admitted that he had come into the possession of occult books left to them by his uncle and was tempted to try them out. When he did, he found himself face-to-face with demons, who instructed him in all the mysteries of magic. He used his magic powers to seduce women, and introduce them to the cult and marry them to demons, such as Beelzebub, the 'Lord of the Flies.'
"According to Gaufridi, his cult consisted of three levels of degrees: that of novices, witches, and magicians (the highest degree). Eventually, after the inquisitors had all the information they could use from him, they had Gaufridi burned at the stake.
"Sixty years later, in Paris, we are confronted by an even greater monstrosity, that of the Abbe Guibourg and his colleague and partner in crime, Catherine Deshayes Monvoisin – known more popularly as La Voisin.
"This scandal, involving human sacrifice, Black Masses, poison, and the murder of infants, rocked France during the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Most of what we know about Guibourg, the priest at the center of the scandal, and his satanic excesses can be gleaned from the  interrogation archive still held at the Bibliotheque de l'Arsena and the Bibliotheque Naionale in Paris. The La Voisin affair involved Madame de Montespan, a mistress of King Louis XIV, who was afraid she would lose the King's love and attention. Driven to distraction, she consulted the famous La Voisin, a sorceress and fortune-teller, who told her that a Black Mass had to be performed... on de Montespan's naked body.
"Several of these masses were performed, and the priest in charge was one Etienn Guilbourg, a man of about sixty-seven years. He had been chosen to replace another priest, Abbe Mariette, who had been performing these rights for La Voisin until he found himself in prison for sacrilege, and then went into self-imposed exile abroad. Guibourg  eventually would perform Black Masses in the hundreds, according to the trial records, and during these Masses infants were sacrifice. At times, he was assisted by other priests – the Abbe Davot, the Abbe Guignard, and the Abbe Serault, among others, including Bishop Gille-Lefranc, for a total of some fifty Catholic clergyman who were finally executed for sacrilege, sorcery, and blasphemy over the affair – and once news of this operation finally reached the authorities, a large-scale crackdown took place during which more than one hundred other persons – nobles and commoners – were arrested and over thirty commoners executed (the noblest generally escaping the death sentence)."
(ibid, pgs. 32-35)
the notorious "La Voisin"
And here we have David Ferrie, an ordained priest of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, who was accused of performing Black Masses in the months leading up to the assassination of JFK  – the same David Ferrie who was linked to the assassination by another ordained priest of the AOCC, Jack S. Martin; and the same David Ferrie who was an arch pedophile and expert hypnotist operating in a region of the country heavily linked to various CIA behavioral modification experiments. Were all of these things related, and somehow linked back to the AOCC?

No doubt many will believe that I am stretching here and I would not even have gone into this digression concerning David Ferrie's possible performance of Black Masses were it not for the fact that the American Orthodox Catholic Church appears in at least two other instances of incredible high strangeness in recent history.

The first instance involves a highly controversial book generally referred to as the "Simon Necronomicon." The Simon Necronomicon was allegedly a Medieval Arabic grimoire that was adapted from a magical system handed down from ancient Sumeria. It was allegedly discovered in the early 1970s by an Orthodox priest who uses the alias "Simon," who in turn came to possess it after he had unwittingly borrowed it from another Orthodox priest (of a different denomination) named William Prazsky. Prazsky, who had been consecrated by Bishop Walter Propheta of the AOCC, apparently acquired the book and other rare texts via series of thefts performed by other priests of his church.

possibly Bishop Walter Propheta
This account is of course highly, highly controversial. Many believe that "Simon" is Peter Levenda himself and that he was one who wrote the Simon Necronomicon as an elaborate hoax to cash in on the famous (and fictional) grimoire referenced to in several short stories by H.P. Lovecraft. Regardless of which account is true, however, the AOCC still crops up in the tale: Levenda claims to have become indebted to the AOCC after they helped him secure a religious deferment from the draft for the Vietnam War.
"It was understood that Levenda would be acting as part of the 'team' of right-wing, anti-Communist agents at the AOCC and available for such... assignments as needed. This was not so much a formal request as quid pro quo as it was a suggestion."
(Dead Names, "Simon", pg. 72)
Of these "assignments, "Simon" noted:
"This meant acting as an informer on the various churches and bishops with which he had contact, and to cooperate in whatever duties he was asked to perform. Most of these were mundane and had no obvious intelligence function."
(ibid, pg. 72n)
So Levenda was (briefly) an acknowledged informant for the AOCC. And here he is, lurking somewhere behind the notorious Simon Necronomicon. One of the most curious aspects of the Simon Necronomicon is the fact that, despite being widely denounced as hoax, even vigorous critiques of the grimoire such as Daniel Harms and John Gonce acknowledge that it works. Gonce apparently even went so far as to claim that the book was protected by an egregore, a kind of psychic entity.
"... The Necronomicon must be the only book of its kind in the world whose detractors and supporters both believe is a book of power. Nowhere does the same reputation exist for other occult works. The Satanic Bible is not singled out for this concentrated fury. Neither are any of the ceremonial magic grimoires. Gonce's is saying that the Necronomicon is dangerous, that it encourages people to violence, that it contains mysterious traps for the unwary or uninitiated, that even Gonce and Harms themselves have been victimized by magical attacks from users of the book. Not since James Joyce's Ulysses was banned by the U.S. government has there been such a pseudomoral outrage over a book. In fact, it is probably the only volume of modern times that has been characterized as a book that is itself intrinsically powerful. This is certainly a phenomenon of immense interest and importance: a mere book whose reading of the causes all sorts of extreme events to occur..."
(Dead Names, "Simon", pg. 308)
Numerous accounts can be found online of people experiencing hauntings and other bouts of high strangeness simply from having a copy of the Simon Necronomicon in their home. But I digress.

the dread Simon Necronomicon
The other bizarre appearance of the AOCC in the surreal I would like to address involves a figure known as Thomas Jude Baumler. Baumler had worked out of Guy Banister's office in New Orleans in the months leading up to the assassination. What's more, he was brought into the AOCC by another former Banister employee and wandering bishop, Jack S. Martin. Peter Levenda gave a great rundown of Baumler in his "The Bishop and the Boys" series posted on his Sinister Forces blog a few years ago, but these blog entries have since been taken down. There were cut and pasted in their entirety in this forum, from which the following quote is taken:
"And was Jack Martin really investigating “phony” churches on behalf of the US government? Or was he trying to call someone’s attention to something? Jack Martin remained a bishop with the American Orthodox Catholic Church to the end of his days, even going so far as to bring in another Banister associate, the corpulent attorney and unapologetic racist Thomas Jude Baumler, to the Orthodox fold, consecrating Baumler a bishop in August of 1974, nearly eleven years after the Kennedy assassination and seven years after the beginning of the Garrison investigation and the death of both Stanley and Ferrie.

"From personal correspondence with an individual involved with this affair, I learned that Baumler had already been ordained a priest by Stanley years before; in other words, prior to Stanley’s death in March, 1967. Baumler’s status in New Orleans society was assured; he came from an old family and was associated with one of the famous Mardi Gras 'crewes'. In addition, according to my informant, Baumler was also a Mason and belonged to the same lodge – the Etoile Polair Lodge of the French Grand Orient – as Mafia don Carlos Marcello, the man for whom David Ferrie was working on the day of the assassination."
("The Bishop and the Boys Part III", Peter Levenda)
the Etoile Polair Lodge of the French Grand Orient
In the mid-1960s Baumler would become involved with one of the most notorious "churches" of recent times.
 "The magazine was selling well and the Chapters, now in a number of cities, were bringing in money at last. We had a theology and it seemed a rational next step to incorporate as a church with a tax-exempt status. An attorney was needed to conduct the business and New Orleans, with its overlay of sensuous spirituality, felt an appropriate place to do it.
"Quite how we stumbled into the attorney, the late, great Tommy Baumler, others might recall; perhaps it was his irreverent flamboyance that magnetized us together. He was already immensely fat and as I picture him in my mind's eye, I see him hunched in a darkened office, an overhead fan barely disturbing the heavy, dank air. A lenticular cloud of cigar smoke hangs above his head like a dirty halo. He was gruff, cynical, rude and very funny. We were charmed.
"Everything about Tommy Baumler was dark. He thought we were a great joke and he loved the idea of turning us into a regular church. Much of the flowery, pompous language in the incorporation papers came directly from Tommy's fevered imagination. We had to talk him out of calling is the Church of Christ and Satan as being simply too provocative, finally setting on the Church of the Final Judgment."
(Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, "My Life Inside the Process Church," Timothy Wyllie, pg. 74)

Yes folks, Tommy Baumler, a bishop of the American Orthodox Catholic Church, helped incorporate the Process Church of the Final Judgment and even helped the Process select its full name. As many of you are probably aware, the Process Church has been a long time staple of conspiracy culture, having been linked to the Manson family and the Son of Sam killings, among other infamies. As I argued in a prior series (which can be found here, here, here and here), the role that the Process Church of Robert and Mary Ann DeGrimston played in this bizarre cult underground was likely marginal at best.

Robert DeGrimston, a long time whipping boy of conspiracy theorists
But much like the Minutemen organization (as noted before here), there seems to have been two Process Churches --the "official" Process of the DeGrimstons and the "real" Process, a cult that may well have been comprised of wandering bishops drawn from the AOCC and other fringe Orthodox and Catholic Churches in that netherworld. This topic shall be discussed in much greater depth in a future series.

Before wrapping up there is one last aspect of the AOCC that bears mentioning here, and that is the organization's likely ties to the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (SOSJ), sometimes referred to as the Shickshinny Knights of Malta. As was noted in part six of this series, the SOSJ seemed to have played some type of role in the JFK assassination and cover up. As was noted here and here, the order also played an enormous role in the creation of the "Patriot movement," having members involved with the creation of the John Birch Society as well as the Posse Comitatus movement (from which both the modern "sovereign citizen" and militia movements derive). As was noted in the sixth installment in this series and here, the SOSJ was littered with former high ranking military officers (including several generals and admirals) as well as CIA assets.

the Knights Hospitaller cross many modern Knights of Malta organization claiming descent from the Medieval order use
"Simon" indicated in his history of the Necronomicon that the underworlds of wandering bishops and knighthoods claiming Medieval descent frequently overlapped.
"In addition to bogus churches, there are bogus nobles. That is, bogus orders of chivalry, of knighthood, and titles like baron, marquis, count, and duke. There are legitimate lines of nobility, of course, and legitimate orders of knighthood, such as the famous – or infamous, depending on your point of view – Knights of Malta. But there are many, many false orders that have been established for the express purpose of separating credulous Americans from their American dollars.
"The reader may be interested to learn that, often, those who create bogus orders of knighthood are also involved in bogus churches, and that sometimes these same individuals may be involved in bogus universities as well."
(Dead Names, "Simon", pg. 43)
Numerous members of the AOCC were involved with various orders of knighthood. In the first installment of his groundbreaking Sinister Forces trilogy Peter Levenda notes that Bishop Walter Propheta, the head of the AOCC, even acquired a Papal Knighthood at one point.
"For an unknown consideration, Propheta was to receive a Papal Knighthood from one Prince Policastro of Sicily. This event had been arranged with the Belgian bishop aftermentioned. This dignity was delivered to Propheta's church by two gentlemen from the Italian Embassy in a limousine. The reason for this award is not known to the author; indeed, as an award it would not have been particularly necessary since Propheta had his own purveyor of knighthoods, baronetcies, dukedoms and other such endowments in the person the Bishop Pierre Michel Lorenzo de Valitch, a putative Serbo-Croatian Count who had been in the art gallery business years before, but who ran a flourishing trade in bogus orders of knighthood for the rich and famous. The Count's appearance was reminiscent of a young Bela Lugosi, complete with kidskin gloves, monocle, and silver-knobbed walking stick. Thus, there would have been no particular need to have gone to such extremes to pick up what the Count could have more easily provided using his own connections. The author suspects that he was being tested in this instance, and introduced the religious underground and some of its political affiliations."
(Sinister Forces Volume I, Peter Levenda, pgs. 282-283)

Bishop de Valitch is an interesting figure. He seems to have overseen his own Sovereign Order of Saint John, now known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John Knights of Malta Federation of the Autonomous Priories. According to "Simon," de Valitch had ties to the Serbian war criminal Željko Ražnatović, known as "Arkan."
"This would be the late Bishop DeValtch, a Serbian count with the AOCC who had ties to an infamous Serbian war criminal known as Arkan or 'Archangel'. DeValich's church had provided money laundering and other services to Arkan and his Serbian warlords, according to SISMI, the Italian military intelligence organ..."
(Dead Names, "Simon", pg. 63n)
Levenda notes in his "The Bishop and the Boys" series that at least one member of the AOCC also held membership in the SOSJ (the Shickshinny organization) at the time of his consecration:
"One of the other bishops of the American Orthodox Catholic Church – Homer Ferdinand Roebke, an associate and colleague of Carl Stanley – consecrated one Forest Ernest Barber on March 7, 1965, less than five months after the Forbes consecration. As I am informed by investigator David Guyatt, Barber was a member of the Augustan Society (an “International Genealogical, Historical, Heraldic and Chivalric Society” with some interesting associations) as well as of the Shickshinny Knights of Malta, a far-right organization and secret society that numbered among its initiates such intelligence notables as the rabid right-winger Major General Charles A. Willoughby (the former Adolf Tscheppe-Weidenbach and member of General MacArthur’s intelligence staff during World War II) as well as Colonel Philip J Corso, a man with a long background in intelligence dating from the war who was the author of The Day After Roswell, a controversial memoire of his experiences in the aftermath of the UFO crash in New Mexico."
("The Bishop and the Boys Part III," Peter Levenda)
Its also possible that Archbishop Christopher Maria (Carl) Stanley was also involved in the SOSJ. According to this article posted on something known as the Maine World News Service, Stanley was the Grand Master of his own version of the Knights of Malta, known as the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller, Priory of the Holy Savior. While the credibility of this article should certainly be questioned, it makes no outrageous claims and its reference section seems to be on the up and up. Of this order, the article states:
"This group is one of the many scissions of the Shickshinny operation (see II). It was headed by the Rev. Christopher Carl Jerome Stanley of the Old Catholic Church. Stanley was consecrated by J.F. Assendelft-Altland, a highly controversial "episcopus vagans" and self- styled Patriarch of the Ancient Catholic Byzantine Church. According to Formhals,(5) Stanley initially styled himself "Bishop" later "Archbishop". Somewhere along the line he also acquired the titles of "Count of Durazzo" and "Prince of the Holy Roman Empire". The prioral seat was originally located in Louisville, then moved to Seattle, and finally to Texas. After Stanley’s death the group disappeared from the American chivalric scene."
Archbishop (now "Saint") Stanley
This would seem to imply that Stanley himself was a member of the SOSJ before founding his own order some time around 1960. Still, if the above-mentioned Homer Ferdinand Roebke is any indication, it would seem that overlap between the membership of the SOSJ and the AOCC continued well after Stanley officially broke with the SOSJ. In general, the netherworld orders of knighthood and wandering bishops is quite incestuous.

What then are we to make of the appearance of the SOSJ and the AOCC and the broader anti-Communist network to which both belonged in relation to the Kennedy assassination? As was examined in part three of this series, this network seemed to have been involved in arms and drug trafficking as well as sexual slavery in conjunction with Syndicate figures and US intelligence assets. In part four I also noted that there was overlap between prominent figures engaged in the CIA/Pentagon behavioral modification experiments, most notably in the figure of Project Artichoke head Morse Allen. And here we find David Ferrie, a member of the AOCC with deep intelligence ties, engaged in pedophilia throughout the New Orleans area and beyond and rumored to be preforming Black Masses in the months leading up to the assassination.

At this point this researcher feels compelled to issue a warning as I have ventured into the world of one of conspiracy culture's most fanatically held beliefs, namely that of a vast international cult network engaged in what is commonly referred to as Satanic ritual abuse (SRA) under the auspices of the US intelligence community. These claims first began to come to public attention at large in the late 1970s and would become a bona fide pop culture staple by the 1980s.
"Nineteen seventy-seven was also the year that Satan returned to Earth, according to the controversial bestseller Michelle Remembers, allegedly a true story about a satanic cult survivor and the book that started the craze later memorialized by Geraldo Rivera in his famous television broadcast of October 24, 1988, "Devil Worship: Exposing Satan's Underground," one of the most-watch programs in television history. The broadcast  included live interviews with former FBI agent Ted Gunderson and investigative journalist Maury Terry, who both insisted on the reality of murderous satanic cults in the United States..."
(Dead Names, "Simon", pg. 155)

By and large these claims are almost totally bogus.
"Prompted in part by the hysteria surrounding the revelations of Maury Terry concerning the Process and the Son of Sam murders, and the appearance of Terry and others on a controversial Geraldo Rivera television program, these cult cops found themselves with their hands full. Like the witchcraft mania that gripped Salem at the end of the seventeenth century, America was in the throes of 'satanic cult survivor syndrome': a new psychological category defined by victims coming forward and claiming they had been sexually and physically abused by members of a cult. Often, these claims were accompanied by lurid tales of generational cult activity and the blood sacrifice of infants and children committed far from the prying eyes of the authorities. At one point it was claimed that tens of thousands of children went missing ever years as a result of the insatiable thirst of satanic cults for fresh, virginal victims.
"Eventually it was discovered that the statistics didn't quite match the claims of the 'survivors.' There simply could not have been that many sacrificial victim; some young women who claimed they had been used as 'breeders' for the cults – carrying babies to term that would be sacrificed in obscene rituals, without any official record of their birth – were found never to have been pregnant at all. In fact, the FBI was having a hard time coming up with even a single solitary case of the ritual murder of an infant carried out by a cult. No bodies, no evidence, no crime scenes, no crime."
(ibid, pgs. 243-244)
Eventually SRA proponents tried to rationalize these discrepancies by arguing that SRA was part of the CIA/Pentagon behavioral modification experiments and thus covered up by the US intelligence community. This led to the rise of the Project Monarch conspiracy theories, which are almost surely a hoax, as is the bulk of the SRA claims.

But not only are these satanic cults a hoax, but a dangerous one at that. As the satanic cult hysteria revved up in the 1980s countless individuals had their reputations, careers and very lives ruined as a result of these claims. The most well known of these incidents are the so-called West Memphis Three, three teenage metalheads who were falsely convicted of a series of brutal child murders in Arkansas in 1993. These boys (now men) rotted in prison until 2011, 18 years of their lives wasted while the actual killer(s?) remained free.

the West Memphis Three
Nor was the case of the West Memphis Three an isolated incident. Four San Antonio women were just recently released from prison (in November of 2013) after they were falsely convicted of committing satanic ritual abuse in 1998, for instance.

But beyond these travesties of justice, the satanic ritual abuse hysteria accomplished something potentially even more tragic: Deflecting blame from the one community, that of these bizarre knighthoods, wandering bishops, fringe Christian churches and the broader anti-Communist network to which they belonged, that may have actually been involved in such things. And again, that is highly debatable, though this anti-Communist network was involved in any of horrible things over the years. In recent series I've sketched an outline of it, from its origins in the First Red Scare and pre-WWII union busting up to the foundation of a powerful right wing lobby group known as the American Security Council (ASC), which became the national front for this network; the ASC's international counterpart, the World Anti-Communist League (WACL); and the US "Patriot" movement, which was closely aligned with both the ASC and the WACL. The ASC series can be found here, here, here and here; the WACL, here, here, here and here; the Patriot movement one here, here, here and here. Those of you just joining me are urged to look over these series to put the information presented in my examination of the Kennedy assassination in context.

And it is here that I shall wrap things up for now. In a future series or two that will appear at some point in 2014 I shall examine the possibility of some type of cult network operating in this anti-Communist underground and popping up in places as diverse as the Process Church and the Patriot movement. In the mean time this blog will focus on a few "lighter" topics for a time. Stay tuned.


  1. What in the world does all of this crap have to do with the JFK assassination? So, you are a lone nutter, just taking a piss? You wasted my time, man. And the West Memphis Three are innocent like I'm the prince of Egypt!

    1. Seriously I was really impressed with all of this info until reading that part the low iq wm3 dude confessed against the advice of his attorney after the trial and look at Damien and all the crazy shot he's up to now that he's been let ou.... not differentiating bt Roman catholic and "eastern orthodox" is also a glaring mistake he should also mention that the aocc has never been in communion with any real easternorthodox diocese which is the only historic church with apostolic succession those aocc bishops most def were not orthodox but most Americans are fully ignorant of the Orthodox Church so that's expected

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    • George Herbert Walker “Poppy” Bush (Operación 40 comptroller/ Zapata Off-Shore/ Dresser Industries/ Project WUBRINY-LPDICTUM commander)
    • Col. Frank Maryan "Brandy" Brandstetter (488th Military Intelligence Detachment)
    • Gen. Charles Pearre Cabell (Operation Zapata commander)
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    • John Hugh Liedtke (Zapata Petroleum Corporation)
    • Grayston L. Lynch (Operation Zapata officer/ Bureau Of Narcotics Counter-Intelligence Network 1971-1973/ DEA Clandestine Operations Network 1973-1978)
    • Col. Sheffield M. Edwards (Health Alteration Committee)
    • Jose Luis Gonzalez Gallarreta "QUHOPS-1”
    • Lt. Col. Esteban Ventura Novo Rivero
    • Viola June Cobb “AMUPAS-1” (Fair Play For Cuba Committee-CIA)
    • Ilona Marita Lorenz
    • Edward Scannell Butler (Information Council Of The Americas)
    • Alberto Blanco “El Loco” Romariz “AMLASH-3” (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Richard Mervin Bissell Jr. (Health Alteration Committee)
    • Thomas Dudley Cabot (Gibraltar Steamship Company)
    • Maj. Gen. Edward Geary Lansdale (OPLAN 34-Alpha/ Operation Mongoose commander)
    • Allen Welsh Dulles (Project Tropical)
    • Jorge “El Mago” Robreno Marieges “AMLASH-2” (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Robert Aime Maheu
    • Col. Joseph Caldwell King
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    • Thomas "Tommy The Cork" Gardiner Corcoran (Civil Air Transport)
    • Juan Manuel Salvat “El Gordo” Roque “AMHINT-2” (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Charles Siragusa (Federal Bureau Of Narcotics/ CIA asset)
    • George Hunter White (Federal Bureau Of Narcotics/ CIA asset)
    • Lt. Col. James Walter McCord Jr. (Fair Play For Cuba Committee-CIA/ Special Analysis Division Of The Wartime Information Security Program-Office Of Emergency Preparedness commander)
    • William Putnam "Bill" Bundy (OPLAN 34-Alpha comptroller)
    • Richard Milhous Nixon (Operación 40 commander)
    • McGeorge "Mac" Bundy aka “Odin” (Operation Zapata commander)
    • Desmond FitzGerald
    • William King "Bill" Harvey (Task Force W/ “Staff D” Signals Intelligence/ ZR-RIFLE commander)
    • Thomas Hercules Karamessines (Assistant Deputy Director For Plans)
    • Col. Clarence Ward Bishop aka "William C. Bishop" aka "John Adrian O'Hare" aka "Oscar del Valle Garcia" (Operación 40 executive)
    • Winston Mackinley Scott (LITEMPO commander)
    • Col. Albert Richard Haney
    • Enno Hobbing “GPAZURE” (1964 Brazilian Coup d'état)
    • Theodore George "Ted" Shackley Jr. aka "The Blond Ghost" (Zenith Technical Enterprises)
    • Orlando Bosch “Dr. Death” Ávila (Operación 40 assassin/ Chicago Junta)
    • Carl Elmer Jenkins
    • Alfred Conrad "Al" Ulmer Jr.
    • Nicholas Louis Deák
    • Col. Boris Theodore Pash (Health Alteration Committee/ Operation Bloodstone)
    • Andres Nazario Sargen (Operación 40 assassin/ Alpha 66 member)
    • Mitchell Livingston WerBell III
    • Col. Paul Lionel Edward Helliwell (Red Sunset Enterprises)
    • Michele "The Shark" Sindona (Operation Gladio/ Propaganda Due)
    • Brig. Gen. Paul Francis Gaynor (CIA Chief Of Security Research Staff/ Project Bluebird-Project ARTICHOKE commander)
    • Filippo Sacco aka John "Handsome Johnny” Rosselli aka “Col. John Rawlston” (Operación 40 executive)
    • Charles Gregory "Bebe" Rebozo
    • William Guy Banister (La Legión Anticomunista del Caribe)
    • Guillermo Hernández-Cartaya (World Finance Corporation)
    • Walter Sterling Surrey (World Finance Corporation)
    • Edwin Paul Wilson (Operación 40 executive)
    • James Jesus Angleton (CIA Chief Of Counterintelligence)

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    • Lt. Col. Ermal P. Geiss (CIA Office Of Security)
    • Raymond G. Rocca
    • Col. Napoleon Diestro “El Ulupong” Valeriano aka “Col. Vallejo” (“JMTRAX” commander)
    • Jorge Mas Canosa (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Otto Skorzeny “QJ/WIN” (Project Tropical)
    • Philippe Thyraud de Vosjoli
    • Lt. Col. Joseph “Jack” Young ”Texas” Canon (“Z-Unit” commander/ Foreign Intelligence Digest/ International Committee For The Defense Of Christian Culture)
    • Henry D. Hecksher (AMWORLD asset)
    • José “El Padrino” Miguel Battle Sr. (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Richard McGarrah Helms (Gehlen Organisation/ Deputy Director Of Plans)
    • George Efythron Joannides (JM/WAVE Psychological Warfare Chief)
    • Richard Scully Cain aka “Richard Scalzetti” (ZR/RIFLE asset)
    • Whiting Willauer (Operation PBSUCCESS asset)
    • Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz “QDBIAS” “AMOT-5” (Operación 40 assassin/ Christian Crusade)
    • Gen. Adolf Heusinger (Schnez-Truppe)
    • Lee R. Pennington Jr. (American Security Council)
    • Col. George Laster “Lonnie” Lumpkin (488th Military Intelligence Detachment)
    • Lt. Col. George Luster Whitmeyer (488th Military Intelligence Detachment)
    • Gaspar Eugenio Jimenez “Gasparito” Escobedo (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Lt. Gen. Vernon A. Walters (Piano Solo Coup)
    • Col. Walter Rauff (Operación Cóndor/ Colonia Dignidad)
    • Otto Albrecht Alfred von Bolschwing (Gehlen Organisation)
    • Michael Vernon Townley (Chicago Junta/ Operación Cóndor/ Colonia Dignidad)
    • Félix Ismael “El Gato” Rodríguez Mendigutia (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Clay LaVerne Shaw (Centro Mondiale Commerciale/ Permanent Industrial Exposition/ International Trade Mart)
    • George Russell Wackenhut
    • Lt. Gen. William Wilson "Buffalo Bill" Quinn
    • Lt. Gen. Joseph Francis Carroll
    • Guillermo Novo “Mr. Bill” Sampol (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Richard Ober (MHCHAOS)
    • Heinrich “Harry” August Rositzke (MHCHAOS)
    • Hal Hendrix “QDELF” (Citizens Committee To Free Cuba)
    • Isaac Irving Davidson
    • Ignacio Novo Sampol (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Ray Steiner Cline (Asian People's Anti-Communist League)
    • Jean-Pierre Lafitte “QJ/WIN” (Reily Coffee Company)...

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    • Col. Manuel Rangel-Escamilla (Dirección Federal de Seguridad)
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    • Fernando Gutierrez Barrios “LITEMPO-4”
    • George de Mohrenschildt (“Crusade For Freedom” Texas branch)
    • Miguel Nazar Haro “LITEMPO-12” (Operación Cóndor)
    • Salvador Díaz-Versón “AMPALM-26” (Chief Of Cuban Military Intelligence, 1948-1952/ 1st World Anti-Communist Congress For Freedom And Liberation Steering Committee, Press Secretary/ Secretario de la Liga Anticomunista Americana)
    • Everette “Eduardo” Howard Hunt Jr. (Operación 40 assassin/ Domestic Operations Division Chief Of Covert Action)
    • John S. Earman Jr. (Operation Bloodstone)
    • Daniel Anthony "Dan" Mitrione (International Cooperation Administration)
    • Edwin Anderson Collins aka "Angelo" (Intercontinental Penetration Force)

    • Robert Emmett Johnson (Intercontinental Penetration Force)
    • Jose Dionisio “Bloodbath” Suarez Esquivel (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Gen. Lyman Louis Lemnitzer (Operation Northwoods)
    • Roberto Alejos Arzú (“La Mano Blanca” death squad leader)
    • Thomas Gregory Clines (JM/WAVE officer)
    • Col. Wickliffe Preston Draper (Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission/ International Association For The Advancement Of Ethnology And Eugenics/ Pioneer Fund/ World Anti-Communist League)
    • Luis “El Bambi” Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles “AMCLEVE-15” (Operación 40 assassin/ JM/WAVE “KUROAR” branch instructor)
    • William Harding Jackson (Operations Coordinating Board)
    • Gordon Gray (Psychological Strategy Board/ Operation 40 executive)
    • James Hardesty Critchfield (Gehlen Organisation)
    • Gen. Charles Andrew Willoughby (International Committee For The Defense Of Christian Culture)
    • Eugenio Rolando “Musculito” Martínez “AMSNAP-3” (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Satiris "Sonny" G. Fassoulis (World Commerce Corporation)
    • José Egozi Bejar (Brigade 2506)
    • Alberto Sicilia-Falcón (Dirección Federal de Seguridad asset)
    • Gen. Charles Douglas Jackson (Operation Mockingbird)
    • Rafael Aureli "Chi-Chi" Quintero Ibarbia "AMJAVA-4" (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Junio Valerio "Black Prince" Borghese (Operation Gladio)
    • Lt. Gen. Pedro Augusto del Valle (The Constitution Party)
    • Guido Giannettini (Operation Gladio)
    • Clare Boothe Luce (Citizens Committee For A Free Cuba)
    • Ricardo Morales “El Mono” Navarrete (Operación 40 assassin)
    • William Douglas Pawley “QDDALE” (Civil Air Transport)
    • Patrick Joseph Frawley Jr. (Information Council Of The Americas)
    • Theodor Oberländer (International Committee For The Defense Of Christian Culture)
    • Sergio Arcacha-Smith (Frente Revolucionario Democrático)
    • José Joaquin Sanjenís “Felix” Perdomo “AMOT-2” (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Col. Howard Lay Burris
    • Anthony "Tony" Ulasewicz
    • Brig. Gen. Charles "Babe" Baron
    • David William Ferrie (International Anti-Communist Brigade)
    • Rolando Arcadio “El Tigre” Masferrer Rojas (Operación 40 assassin)
    • Dr. Frederick Charles Schwarz (Christian Anti-Communism Crusade)
    • ADM. Arleigh Albert Burke (Citizens Committee For A Free Cuba)
    • Thomas Clifton Mann (1964 Brazilian Coup d'état)
    • William Joseph "Bill" Casey (National Strategy Information Center)
    • Bernard Leon “Macho” Barker “AMCLATTER-1” (Operación 40 assassin/ AMWORLD asset)
    • Loran Eugene Hall (International Anti-Communist Brigade/ American Committee To Free Cuba/ Minutemen)
    • Cord Meyer Jr. (International Organizations Division)
    • Robert Boliver "Bob" DePugh (Minutemen)
    • William Cornelius Sullivan (COINTELPRO)
    • Eladio Ceferino del Valle Gutierrez “Yito” (Operación 40 assassin)...

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    • Robert John Morris (Defenders Of American Liberties)
    • Col. Dr. Jose A. Rivera (NIH Board Of Directors/ Project MKUltra)
    • Henry Robinson Luce (Alpha 66)
    • Carmel Offie (Operation Bloodstone/ Operation Paperclip commander)
    • Porter Johnston Goss (Operation 40 assassin)
    • Gen. Robert J. Smith (Dallas Council On World Affairs)
    • Col. Robert G. Storey (Dallas Council On World Affairs/ Republic National Bank)
    • Luis Echeverria Alvarez “LITEMPO-8”
    • Luis Alberu Soeto “LITAMIL-9”
    • Adler Berriman "Barry" Seal (Operation 40 assassin)
    • Aldo Vera Serafin (Chicago Junta)
    • Thomas Wardell Braden (International Organizations Division)
    • Walter E. Turnbull (United Fruit Company)
    • Santo Trafficante Jr. (ZR/RIFLE asset)
    • Antonio “Tony” Cuesta del Valle “AMDENIM-14” (Operation 40 assassin)
    • Salvatore "Sam Gold" Giancana (ZR/RIFLE asset)
    • Carlos "The Little Man" Marcello (ZR/RIFLE asset)
    • Byron Engle (Office Of Public Safety)
    • José Ignacio Rasco (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    • Herminio Díaz García (Operation 40 assassin)
    • Yaroslav Stetsko (Foreign Intelligence Digest/ Organization Of Ukrainian Nationalists-Bandera/ Anti-Bolshevik Bloc Of Nations/ World Anti-Communist League)
    • Emilio Núñez Portuondo (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    • Maj. Gerhard Mertins (Merex AG/ Colonia Dignidad)
    • Anastasio "Tachito" Somoza DeBayle (Anti-Communist League Of The Caribbean)
    • Eduardo “Omar” Víctor Arocena Pérez (Operación 40 assassin/ OMEGA-7 commander)
    • Orlando Eleno Piedra Negueruela (Anti-Communist League Of The Caribbean)
    • Hanna Yazbeck “QJ/WIN”
    • Harold “Happy” Meltzer “QJ/WIN”
    • Percival Flack Brundage (Southern Air Transport/ American Friends Of Albert Schweitzer College)
    • Antonio Veciana Blanch “AMSHALE-1” (Operation 40 assassin/ Alpha 66/ Chicago Junta)
    • Edward Perkins McGuire (Southern Air Transport)
    • Robert Trumbull “The Crow” Crowley (Clandestine Operations Division)
    • Maurice Brooks Gatlin Sr. (Anti-Communist League Of The Caribbean)
    • William B. Reily (Crusade To Free Cuba Committee)
    • Alvin Ross Diaz (Operation 40 assassin)
    • Frank R. Barnett (Richardson Foundation)
    • Col. William Potter Gale (Minutemen)
    • Dr. Alton Ochsner (Information Council Of The Americas)
    • Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo
    • Manuel Francisco Artime Buesa “AMBIDDY-1” (Operation 40 assassin/ Cuban Revolutionary Council/ AMWORLD asset)
    • Capt. Jean-René Souètre (Organisation armée secrète)
    • Gordon Michael Dwayne Novel (Double-Chek Corporation)
    • William Egan Colby (Operation Gladio/ Phoenix Program)
    • Frank A. Capell (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    • Manuel "Manolito" Rodriguez Orcarberro (Operation 40 assassin)
    • Austin J. App (Foreign Intelligence Digest)
    • Revilo Pendleton Oliver (John Birch Society)
    • Spas Todorov Raikin (American Friends Of The Anti-Bolshevik Bloc Of Nations Secretary General/ Bulgarian National Front)
    • Richard Case Nagell (Field Operations Intelligence)
    • Frank Angelo Fiorini aka Frank Anthony Sturgis (Operation 40 assassin/ Chicago Junta)
    • Gilberto Policarpo Lopez (Fair Play For Cuba Committee)
    • Thomas Arthur Vallee (John Birch Society)
    • Gen. Lauris Norstad (Clandestine Planning Committee/ Operation Gladio)...

  9. ...JFK murderers continued...

    • Anne Lorene Goodpasture (LITEMPO officer)
    • Pedro Remón Rodríguez (Operación 40 assassin/ OMEGA-7 member)
    • James Burnham (Office Of Policy Coordination Political And Psychological Warfare Division)
    • Maj. Gen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (United Fruit Company)
    • Donald Dean "Don" Bohning "AMCARBON-3"
    • Gen. Adolf Heusinger (Schnez-Truppe)
    • Gerald Patrick "Gerry" Hemming Jr. (Intercontinental Penetration Force/ Klein's Sporting Goods)
    • Insall Bailey "I. B." Hale (“American Society For Industrial Security” chairman; Manager Of Industrial Security Convair-General Dynamics; Forth Worth FBI office agent)
    • Carlos Cuesta Gallardo “Tecos” (Mexican Anti-Communist Federation)
    • Clark Anderson (FBI Legal Attaché)
    • John Jay McCloy (Ford Foundation-CIA)
    • Lt. Col. Lucien Emile Conein (JM/WAVE asset)
    • Gordon Barton McLendon (Association Of Former Intelligence Officers)
    • John Alexander McCone (1964 Brazilian Coup d'état)
    • Harold "Hal" Sydney Geneen (1964 Brazilian Coup d'état)
    • Mario Garcia Kohly (United Organization For The Liberation Of Cuba)
    • Bernardo de Torres aka "Leopoldo" (Brigade 2506 Chief Of Intelligence)
    • Robert L. Bannerman (State Security Office Chief)
    • Clarence Douglas Dillon (Operation 40 comptroller)
    • David Dean Rusk (Operation 40 executive)
    • Adolf Augustus Berle Jr. (Operation 40 comptroller)
    • Livingston Tallmadge Merchant (Operation 40 executive)
    • David Rockefeller (Operation 40 comptroller/ International Executive Service Corps founder)
    • George Frost Kennan (Inauguration Of Organized Political Warfare”- NSC 10/2)
    • Jay Lovestone (AFL-CIO International Affairs Department Chief)
    • David Harold Byrd (“Crusade For Freedom” Texas branch)
    • Henry Neil Mallon (Zapata Corporation)
    • Col. Cecil Himes (U.S. Army School Of The Americas Commandant)
    • Anthony “Tony” Sforza “AMRYE-1”
    • Emilio Americo Rodriguez “AMIRE-1”
    • John Thomas Masen (Minutemen)
    • Carlos Jose Bringuier (Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil)
    • Warren E. Frank “AMPARCH-1”
    • Hans Bernd Gisevius (Dresser Industries)
    • Prescott S. Bush Jr. (National Strategy Information Center)
    • Lt. Gen. Reinhard Gehlen
    • Jorge Diaz Serrano (Perforaciones Marinas del Golfo)
    • Mario Brod (CIA Counterintelligence Staff Agent)
    • Thomas E. Dewey (Mary Carter Paint Co.)
    • Shig Katayama (ID Corporation)
    • Edward Levinson (Bank Of World Commerce)
    • Burton W. Kanter (Castle Bank & Trust)
    • Wallace Groves (Mary Carter Paint Co.)
    • Cornelius Vander Starr (AIG-CIA)
    • Duncan Chaplin Lee (AIG-CIA)
    • Willis H. Bird (Sea Supply Inc.)
    • Edward K. Moss (Political Action Group CIA Covert Action staff)
    • Irving Brown (American Institute For Free Labor Development)
    • Ryōichi Sasakawa (Asian People's Anti-Communist League)
    • Yoshio Kodama (“M-Fund” comptroller)
    • Herbert Itkin
    • J. Walton Moore (Dallas Council On World Affairs)
    • Dino Cellini (Operation Mongoose)
    • Fred Chase Koch (John Birch Society)
    • Isaac Don Levine (American Committee For The Liberation Of The Peoples of Russia)
    • Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt (Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty)
    • Garland H. Williams (Federal Bureau Of Narcotics-CIA)
    • Samuel Halpern (Task Force W)...

  10. ...JFK murderers continued...

    • William S. Paley (Operation Mockingbird)
    • Dr. L. Wilson Greene (Edgewood Arsenal Scientific Director)
    • Roswell L. Gilpatric (Operation Mongoose)
    • Ira “Ike” Feldman (Operation Midnight Climax)
    • George Munro (LITEMPO officer)
    • Roger Hilsman Jr. (“DEPTEL 243” author)
    • Michael Vincent Forrestal (“DEPTEL 243” author)
    • George Wildman Ball (“DEPTEL 243” author)
    • W. Averell Harriman (“DEPTEL 243” author)
    • John Martino (Operation TILT)
    • Roy Hargraves (Intercontinental Penetration Force)
    • Joseph Adams Milteer (National States Rights Party)
    • Maj. Alexander M. Haig Jr. (Operation Mongoose)
    • Joseph A. Califano Jr. (Operation Mongoose)
    • Enrique "Harry" Ruiz-Williams (Operation Mongoose)
    • U. Alexis Johnson (Operation Mongoose)
    • Felipe Vidal Santiago (Intercontinental Penetration Force)
    • Cyrus R. Vance (Operation Mongoose)
    • Maj. Gen. Edwin Anderson “Ted” Walker (John Birch Society)
    • Sam Papich (FBI-CIA liaison)
    • Max Edward Clark (Convair-General Dynamics Chief Of Security Fort Worth)
    • Frank Pace Jr. (Chief Executive Officer Of General Dynamics Corporation/ Administrator Of Emergency Transport Agency/ International Executive Service Corps founder)
    • Frederick "Fred" Herman Korth (President Of The Continental National Bank Of Fort Worth/ “8F Suite Group” member)
    • Lt. Col. Fritz Gustav Anton Kraemer (Inter-American Confederation For The Defense Of The Continent)
    • Alberto Fernández Echevarría “AMDENIM-1”
    • Charles Eustis "Chip" Bohlen (“Georgetown Set” member)
    • Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso (“Volunteer Freedom Corps”- Operation Gladio)
    • Michael J. P. Malone “AMPATRIN” (Czarnikow-Rionda Company)
    • George A. Braga (J. Henry Schroder Bank And Trust/ Czarnikow-Rionda Company)
    • LCDR Harold 'Hal' Feeney (Office Of Naval Intelligence)
    • Birch D. O'Neal (CIA Counterintelligence Chief Of Special Investigations Group “C/SIG”)
    • Lt. Col. Nikolaus "Klaus" Barbie aka "Adler" (Operación Cóndor)
    • Lambert L. Anderson (Fair Play For Cuba Committee-FBI)
    • Ann Egerter (CIA Counterintelligence Special Investigations Group)
    • John S. Tilton (Fair Play For Cuba Committee-CIA/ Phoenix Program)
    • William A. Branigan Jr. (FBI Counterintelligence Chief/ COINTELPRO)
    • William Marvin Gheesling (FBI Counterintelligence)
    • William C. Bright (CIA Counterintelligence-SR/CI/RED)
    • J. Edgar Hoover (FBI Director/ COINTELPRO)
    • Col. Samuel Goodhue Kail Jr. (CIA-Military Attaché Cuba)
    • Joseph "Joe" Coors Sr. (National Strategy Information Center)
    • Maj. Gen. Robert E. Cushman Jr. (Operation 40 comptroller)
    • Col. Leroy Fletcher Prouty (Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chief Of Special Operations)
    • Dr. Edward Gunn (CIA Medical Services Division Chief Of Operations)
    • Dr. Sidney Gottlieb (Health Alteration Committee/ Project MKUltra)
    • Dr. H. Marshall Chadwell (Project Bluebird-Project ARTICHOKE)
    • George Hoben Estabrooks (Project ARTICHOKE asset)
    • Morse Allen (Security Research Staff CIA Office Of Security/ Project ARTICHOKE)
    • Frank Gardiner Wisner (Operation Mockingbird/ Operation Bloodstone/ Operation Gladio commander)
    • Dr. Kurt Friedrich Plötner (Operation Bluebird)
    • Charles Donald Ford aka “Charley Fiscalini” (Task Force W)
    • Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue "AMICE-14" (AMTRUNK asset)
    • Harold F. Swenson (CIA Cuban Division Counterintelligence Chief)
    • Lt. Jack Modesett (“Operation Patty” asset)...

  11. ...JFK murderers continued...

    • Gerard Droller aka “Frank Bender” (Political Action Chief Western Hemisphere Division)
    • Paul Bethel (Citizens Committee To Free Cuba)
    • Jack Moss Whitten aka "John Scelso" (Chief Of Central American Desk Western Hemisphere Division)
    • Luis Alberu Soeto “LITAMIL-9” (Mexico City Cuban Cultural Attaché)
    • Lt. Gen. Marshall Sylvester Carter (Deputy Director Of Central Intelligence)
    • Lt. Gen. Gordon Aylesworth Blake (Project SHAMROCK/ Project MINARET commander)
    • Dorothe Kerans Matlack (Interagency Defector Committee)
    • Anthony F. Czajkowski (Domestic Contacts Division)
    • Licio Gelli (Operation Gladio/ Propaganda Due)
    • Robert H. Cunningham (CIA Chief Of Special Security Division)
    • George Crews McGhee (Dallas Council On World Affairs/ Republic National Bank/ DeGolyer & MacNaughton)
    • Thomas C. Schelling (Project Camelot)
    • Robert William "Blowtorch Bob" Komer (Phoenix Program)
    • Emil Augsburg (Gehlen Organization)
    • Dr. Franz Alfred Six (Gehlen Organization)
    • Gen. Curtis LeMay (Operation Northwoods)
    • Gilberto Alvarado (Frente de Liberación Nacional-CIA)
    • Capt. Franklin Anthony Wheelock Garcia "ERYTHROID-3" (Nicaraguan Office Of National Security Chief Of Anti-Communist Section)
    • Charles D. Brennan (COINTELPRO)
    • Anita Potocki (CIA Counterintelligence “Staff D” “SAS/CI”)
    • Joseph Wright Alsop V (Operation Mockingbird)
    • Jane Roman (Counterintelligence Liaison Officer “CI/L”)
    • William J. Hood (Western Hemisphere Division Chief Of Operations)
    • Will Potocki (Counterintelligence Operations Officer)
    • Charlotte Bustos-Videla File (Chief Mexico Desk CIA HQ)
    • Stephan Roll (CIA Soviet Russia Division Counterintelligence Officer)
    • Bruce L. Solie (CIA Office Of Security)
    • Carleton S. Coon (Office Of Strategic Services)
    • Edward "Brainwashing" Hunter (Office Of Strategic Services)
    • Col. Ulius Amoss (Office Of Strategic Services)
    • Howard J. Osborn (CIA Office Of Security)
    • Anna Chennault (Civil Air Transport/ Voice Of America)
    • Dr. Robert V. Lashbrook (Project MKUltra)
    • Dr. Thomas Narut (Project Pelican comptroller)
    • Dr. Charles Savage (Project CHATTER comptroller)
    • Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West (Project MKUltra)
    • Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron (Project MKUltra)
    • Dr. Harris Isbell (Project MKUltra)
    • Dr. Max Fink (Project ARTICHOKE)
    • Dr. Harold George Wolff (Project QKHILLTOP)
    • Dr. William Joseph Bryan Jr. (Project ARTICHOKE/ Project MKUltra)
    • Priscilla Johnson McMillan (North American Newspaper Alliance-CIA)
    • Richard Edward Snyder (Senior Moscow Consular-CIA)
    • Paul M. Raigorodsky (Tolstoy Foundation-CIA)
    • George Alexandrovich Bouhe (DeGolyer & MacNaughton)
    • Ilya Mamantov (Sun Oil Company)
    • J. Howard Pew (Sun Oil Company/ American Liberty League/ Liberty Lobby)
    • Igor Vladimir Voshinin (National Alliance Of Russian Solidarists)...

  12. ...JFK murderers continued...

    • Col. Lawrence Orlov
    • Lt. Col. William B. Rose (US Army Reserve Assistant Chief Of Staff For Intelligence)
    • Eloy Gutiérrez Menoyo (Alpha 66)
    • Volkmar Schmidt (Magnolia Oil Labs)
    • Col. Walter M. Higgins Jr. (Office Of The Special Assistant For Counterinsurgency And Special Activities Executive Officer)
    • Lt. Gen. Victor Harold ‎"Brute" Krulak (Office Of The Special Assistant For Counterinsurgency And Special Activities Commander)
    • Maj. Robert Van Horn (US Embassy Assistant Air attaché Havana)
    • Col. Erickson S. Nichols (US Embassy Air Force attaché Havana)
    • Gen. Lucius Dubignon Clay (Crusade For Freedom-CIA)
    • H. Keith Thompson (International Association For The Advancement Of Ethnology And Eugenics)
    • Jesse A. Helms Jr. (International Association For The Advancement Of Ethnology And Eugenics)
    • Willis Allison Carto (Liberty Lobby/ John Birch Society)
    • Nelson Bunker Hunt (“American Volunteer Group” death squad leader/ International Association For The Advancement Of Ethnology And Eugenics/ John Birch Society)
    • Brig. Gen. Bonner Frank Fellers (Defenders Of The American Constitution/ John Birch Society)
    • Billy James Hargis (John Birch Society/ Foreign Intelligence Digest/ Christian Crusade)
    • Capt. Roy E. Blick (Washington, D.C. Police Department/ CIA asset)
    • Spruille Braden (John Birch Society/ United Fruit Company/ Operation PBSUCCESS asset)
    • Larrie Schmidt (Conservatism U.S.A./ Young Americans For Freedom/ John Birch Society)
    • Kent Courtney (American Committee To Free Cuba)
    • Col. Laurence E. Bunker (John Birch Society)
    • Lt. Col. Lev E. Dobriansky (352d Military Government Civil Affairs 1958/ Assistant Secretary Republican National Convention 1952/ Adviser Republican National Committee 1956/ Member Committee On Program And Progress Of Republican Party 1959/ Assistant To Chairman Republican National Convention 1964/ World Anti-Communist League)
    • Jose Coutin (Brigade 2506)
    • Marcos Diaz Lanz “AMOT-6” (Minutemen)
    • Brig. Gen. Harry Clay “Heinie” Aderholt (USAF Special Air Warfare Center, Eglin Air Force Base)
    • Robert Barney Baker
    • Frank Charles Carlucci III (Lumumba assassination member)
    • Capt. Bradley Earl Ayers (Operation Mongoose asset)
    • Gordon Sunderland Campbell (JM/WAVE Maritime Operations Chief)
    • Sgt. Daniel Groth (Chicago Police Department/ COINTELRO asset/ Fair Play For Cuba Committee-CIA)
    • Thomas Corbally (“Profumo Affair” asset)
    • Antonio Valladares (Latin American Anti-Communist Confederation/ Marcello's lawyer)
    • James Patrick Hosty Jr. (FBI, Special Agent)
    • Capt. James W. Powell (112th Army Intelligence Corps, Special Agent)
    • Frank L. Ellsworth (ATF Agent)
    • Edward J. Coyle (112th Army Intelligence Corps, Special Agent)
    • Vaughn Marlowe aka Vaughn L. Snipes (Fair Play For Cuba Committee)
    • John Moss Whitten (Western Hemisphere Division Chief Of Covert Action)
    • Edward Bennett Williams
    • Earle Cabell (City of Dallas Mayor/ CIA Asset)

    These are the men and women behind the murder of the 35th President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Research the lives of these people, and you will know this list to be air-tight.

  13. First learned _ _ _ mafia plots in january 1967 washington post.(drew pearson/jack anderson)Gilberto Policarpo Lopez Rodriguez birthdate:1-26-1940 havana cuba.the lopez addresses:602 fleming st key west fla&(ador)8407 39th st.Tampa&Lopez at Mary Quist in Tampa.(nov17-63)!Lopez came U.S.1959/1960-then went back Cuba then came back U.S.1961=1962.Lopez relations /family:Lopez mother Esperanza Rodriguez born KeyWest fla.file listed 3 cousins & 4 uncles who resided worked key west florida area.Lopez cousin :Guillermo Serpa Rodriguez says Lopez return 1960-61 he was afraid draft cuban militia. (Lopez wife)library,unearthed marriage licence/certifcate of Gilberto Policarpo Lopez dated aug10-11-1962 doc reveal wife Andrea Leon Blanche.Her address given Village apt Key west Florida.Wife said Husb Lopez homesick want return Havana Cuba & Early 1963 treat by doctors Coral Gables (miami florida) and KeyWest Fla for epileptic attacks she said he only got them worried family cuba. Couple married aug62,KeyWest lived 62-63-moved tampa aug63-wife return Keywest fla because marital problems. On11-22-1963 Lopez in Texas 11-23-Lopez crossed mexico at Nuevo Laredo ,arrived Mexico City11-25-Roosevelt Hotel11-27-1963 only passenger flight ofcubana airliner flight crew of 9.:(Guillermo Serpa Rodriguez said)Gilberto Policarpo Lopez Rodriguez stay1yr(1960)return cuba,Lopez missed parents and 4 brothers Cuba.(lopez brothers) bro1-Selito (cuban -militia) bro2- Raimund Policarpo Lopez. Question: Blackvault/maryFarell-Sites -Say parents born-raised U.S.A and It says Parents in Cuba with 4 brothers-So is Esperanza Rodriguez his mother in KeyWest fla -if so -where is the father?Parents can't be in two places at once - U.S. -Cuba?Why wasn't family investigated U.S.A?

  14. Marita Lorenz she pointed out that few days before JFK assassination (11-22-1963) a group including Orlando Bosch,Frank Fiorini Sturgis, Guillermo Novo (Sampol) brother Ignacio Novo (Sampol) and Pedro Diaz Lanz traveled from Fla to Dallas Texas. (1) all these characters all lived in Miami area. (2) Novo brothers have been known to get into agenda (violence) with Orlando Bosch/Luis Posada Carriles. Now is it Novis Novo or Navarro ? Both Novo and Navarro lived in Hialeah Fla. (Wilfred Navarro Hialeah Fla 33016,ed Kaiser & Wilfredo Navarro &NovoBros lived Hialeah)Novo Sampol brothers 1855 w 60th Hialeah Fla.7703 s.w.82ndst Miami Fla. 12395 NW 97ct Hialeah Fla.10040sw.4thst Miami Fla.13101 sw.70th ave Miami. Pasco Seafood 1030 W23rd st Hialeah Fla.SLoppy joes \Yumura furniture store/Center Shop Center 11th St area / De Valle buddy Ferrie Died ?(edward Kaiser Rudy Junco
    of Rudy’s Meat Market in Hialeah, Florida.Hialeah Race Track off of Palm Avenue in East Hialeah.6585 West 8thLane, HialeahKaiser died by accident February 1977,Hemming Said guy had “Oswaldstamped across his forehead&Sturgis wasn't afraid be Snitched out?So was Ed watergateburglar (thief)or So was Kaiser with group -JFK participate as Ozzie with carivan from Fla to Tx ?.”Kaiser at 6585 West 8th Lane, Hialeah, ). Luis Posada Carriles 1761 S .W.5th St Miami,Bosch lived near 11th st Miami Fla during 1960s..
    1970s Novo (brothers) Quality Shoe store 773 Bergen Jersey City N.J.Guillermo Novo 1414 NinetyFirst St NorthBergen N.J. Ignacio Novo 35west47st Manhattan Ny. Posada said: Bosch was in Dallas So was he ? So could Novo been with them during week of JFK demise ? So could Ed Kaiser met Novo as well Navarro / Sturgis during nov62-Nov 63 and 67-69? Orlando Bazooka 1968 freightliner/Novo Bazooka Dec64 incident Ny?1963 Two Cubans ( novo & Bosch )who had plotted to fire on JFK plane with a bazooka on November 17(1963) in West Palm Beach Florida? This was before JFK went to Dallas Tx 11-22-63?