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The JFK Assassination: A Strange and Terrible Saga Part III

Welcome to the third installment of my examination of the assassination of JFK. I began the series with Oswald's return to the United States after his alleged defection to the Soviet Union. From there I examined his time in Dallas (the first installment) and New Orleans (the second). Over the course of these two posts I revealed the curious associations LHO kept at either location: White Russians, the offspring of prominent Eastern Establishment families, World Anti-Communist League affiliates, New Age gurus, and bizarre religious orders and secret societies; and of course, the reoccurring appearance of UFOs in the backgrounds of various individuals in this whole affair.

Before wrapping up with Dallas (and Texas as a whole) and New Orleans, there is one curious link between these two destinations that must be examined to fully understand the Kennedy assassination: the drug and arm trafficking that occurred between the two regions. By 1963 this flow of drugs and arms was being driven in part by anti-Castro Cubans who had gone into drug trafficking in the wake of the Bay of Pigs invasion. One of the first anti-Castro Cuban groups to go down this path was the Cuban Revolutionary Council, a member of whom (Sergio Arcacha Smith) we've already encountered extensively in part two of this series. Here's a bit more about the CRC's entry into drug trafficking:
"Ever ready to try any innovation in unconventional warfare, the CIA in the summer of 1962 enlarged its mercenary army by trading embargoed drugs for anti-Castro Cubans captured during the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Some members of the brigade were sent to secret training camps in Florida and Louisiana, to plot murder and mayhem against Castro; others were sent to fight Congolese rebels; and yet others to stamp out Cuban-inspired 'brush fire' revolutions in Latin America. Wherever they landed, especially Mexico, the CIA-trained Cuban Contras turned to drug smuggling to finance their operations, and their syndicate would soon join its Kuomintang, French, Italian, and American counterparts as one of the world's premier drug trafficking operations.
"Manuel Artime is a perfect example of the CIA's lackadaisical attitude towards the drug smuggling activities of anti-Castro Cubans. After his release from prison in December 1962, Artime's case officer, E. Howard Hunt, placed him in a leadership role in the terrorist Cuban Revolutionary Council (CRC) in Miami. Hunt certainly knew that Artime was using drug money to finance his operations in Miami, as did Hunt's bosses, James Angleton, Richard Helms, and Tracy Barnes. As the CIA's domestic operations chief, Barnes was especially well placed to protect Cuban drug distributors. He was in charge of domestic operations involving anti-Castro Cubans and the Mafia, he controlled sixty-four branch offices across America, and, in conjunction with Angleton's counterintelligence staff, he worked with police forces to provide security for CIA safehouses across America, including any in Dallas, Texas."
(The Strength of the Wolf, Douglas Valentine, pg. 305)
Tracy Barnes
Another militant anti-Castro Cuban group based out of New Orleans at the time was Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE), of whom Carlos Bringuier (who Oswald debated on-air after a scuffle in the streets of New Orleans over his Fair Play for Cuba Committee leafleting) was a member. Meanwhile, in Dallas, there was the notorious Alpha 66.
"Like the DRE, Alpha 66 was violently anti-Kennedy in 1963. With the support of Henry Luce and Time-Life, which is said to have spent a quarter million dollars,  Alpha 66 made a point of attacking Russian targets in Cuba, in it attempt to shatter the growing convergence of U.S. and Soviet policies in the Caribbean after the nuclear scare of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. When the president appealed separately to Luce and to the exiles to cease their attacks, both rebuffed him. Alpha 66 leader Tony Veciana 'publicly snubbed the president and said that Alpha 66 would continue. If anything, the activities of Alpha 66 were stepped up.'
"Through 1963 there were reports that nuisance raids of Alpha 66, despite Kennedy's disapproval, were being tolerated (against orders) by mid-level ranks of the U.S. Navy. Indeed it seems likely that at the same time Alpha 66 was being used operationally by the U.S. Army. In 1976, the Schweiker-Hart Senate subcommittee revealed that in 1963 the army was using operationally one of the four Cuban exile groups about which the Warren Commission was curious, that the FBI knew this, and that the FBI failed to transmit this information to the Warren Commission. Reports persist that the group was Alpha 66, specifically in Dallas. The House Committee confirmed that army intelligence had 'had an operational interest in Antonio Veciana,' the leader of Alpha 66; and that Veciana had been registered with the Army Information Source Registry from November 1962 until July 1966... In This same period Alpha 66's leaders had been negotiating for the use of aircraft with which to conduct raids, with those involved in the Lake Pontchartrain training camp ... That is to say, with Frank Sturgis alias Fiorini and Gerry Patrick Hemming, the former of whom was one of six men publicly given 'strong warnings' by the Kennedy administration, in the same month of September, to cease their anti-Castro activities."
(Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, Peter Dale Scott, pgs. 254-255)
The Dallas chapter of the Alpha 66 reportedly had ties with the DRE via Manuel Rodriguez Orcarberro, the chapter's president and also reportedly a member of the DRE according to Scott. As noted above, the DRE was also active in New Orleans via Carlos Bringuier. According to Colonel William Bishop, a former military intelligence officer working for the CIA in 1963, Alpha 66 was also operating out of New Orleans and that he was their handler there. He also implied that the organization was involved in drug trafficking during an interview with journalist Dick Russell:
"... 'I was to obtain additional funding, I'll say this and no more, from the [crime] Syndicate out of New Orleans, for Alpha 66. At that point in time, Rolando Masferrer was the key bagman, for lack of a better term, for Alpha 66. Primarily the funding came through the Syndicate, because of Masferrer's connections with those people back in Cuba. He had ties with Santos Trafficante, Jr., and other criminal elements. Organized crime, pure and simple. He also had different ties with Jimmy Hoffa [the Mob-affiliated Teamster union leader]. As far back as 1962, I think.'"
(The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell, pg. 333)
Rolando Masferrer 
It's also interesting to note that Alpha 66 had a long time association with the World Anti-Communist League, of whom Guy Banister was a member of via its affiliate, the New Orleans-based Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean. The above-mentioned Sergio Arcacha Smith, of the CRC, operated the organization's New Orleans chapter out of the same building as Banister's private detective agency.

Members of Alpha 66 were not the only Dallas-based individuals linked to the assassination involved in drug trafficking either. There was also Jack Ruby, the Dallas night club owner who murdered Oswald live on national television two days after the assassination. Many JFK assassination researchers believe that Ruby was one of the chief (if not the chief) figures in Texas for the Syndicate. And, naturally, his prominence within the Syndicate may have been due to his longstanding role in the narcotics trafficking that unfolded between the Tex-Mex border. What's more, Rudy was also an informant for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN, the predecessor organization to the DEA), which put him in an idea position to dictate which heroin shipments made it into the United States and which were seized.
"... Jack Ruby killed Oswald and that, as the HSCA concluded, Ruby had 'direct contact' with associates of Marcello and Trafficante...
"The Ruby family had a long history in the illicit drug trade. Jack's older brother Hyman was convicted in 1939 of buying two ounces of heroin from Jacob Klein... Klein slipped away from FBN agents in New York in October 1954, thanks to George White's intervention on behalf of John Ormento, and he again avoided arrest by FBN agents in Chicago after Jim Attie's informant was murdered in January 1960.
"Klein was luckier than Ruby's next partner, Paul Roland Jones. In October 1947, Hyman betrayed Jones to FBN agents in Chicago. According to White's diary, Hyman had been his informant since July 1946. Jack followed in big brother's footsteps and served White in 1950, when he briefed the Kefauver Committee about organized crime in Chicago – although his attorney, Louis Kutner, agreed to  allow him to testify only 'on the condition that the Kefauver Committee stay away from Dallas.' That raises the question of whether Committee investigator George White, who undoubtedly brought Rudy to Kefauver's attention, concurred with this request. If so, why would White want to keep the Committee out of Dallas? Was it to deflect attention from the Pawley-Cooke mission in Taiwan, which was funded by ultra Texas oilman like H. L. Hunt, in which, and which, in 1951, was facilitating the CIA-Kuomintang drug smuggling operation that entered the US by crossing the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas?
"There was certainly enough evidence for the Kefauver Committee to take a long look at the Lone Star State. In 1951, Lait and Mortimer had identified Hunt as a professional gambler who ran a private racing wire, which suggests Mafia ties. They had also claimed that the Mafia had 'taken over the age-old racket of running guns across the border,' under the aegis of Carlos Marcello.
"The FBN office in Dallas knew Jack Ruby. Murray A. Brown, the acting district supervisor on 22 November 1963, described him as 'a sleazy opportunist who was always trying to get the Dallas cops to patronizes club.' But, Brown says, 'Ruby was not in FBN informant.'
"George Gaffney, however, vividly recalls Secret Service chief James Rowley asking him on 25 November 1963 if the FBN had a file on Ruby. It did. 'But there wasn't much in it,' Gaffney recalls. 'Just that he was a source on numerous occasions, on unimportant suspects.'
"Right after Ruby shot Oswald, Mort Benjamin checked the files in the New York office and found one that indicated that Ruby had been in FBN informant since the 1940s. But the next time Benjamin looked for, the New York file had gone missing, and Secret Service chief Rowley never returned the FBN headquarters file to Gaffney – which strongly suggests that someone did not want anyone to know that Ruby had been in FBN informant.
"Not only do the FBN agents from Dallas disagree with the rest of the outfit about Ruby's status as an informant, the stated focus of their operations is at odds with Anslinger's legendary obsession with the Mafia. Murray Brown, an agent in Dallas from 1955 until 1976, insists that the Mafia was not selling heroin there. Long-time Dallas agent Bowman Taylor agrees. 'We weren't after the Mafia,' he says. 'That's gambling more than dope. New Orleans had the Mafia.'
"The small FBN office in New Orleans, which reported to Dallas, had arrested Marcello on a marijuana rap in 1938, and in 1963 it had reasons to believe that he was a major narcotics trafficker. He was cited, for example, in the International List is an associate of Frank Coppola's. Furthermore, as the chief of the New Orleans Narcotics Unit, Clarence Giarusso, said... it was the FBN's job, not his, to investigate Mafia drug smugglers who imported drugs from overseas. But according to agents in New Orleans, they never had the manpower or resources to make a conspiracy case on Marcello, so instead they worked on Black addicts who traveled to New York and returned with heroin, leaving the million-dollar man left unhindered – perhaps to plot the murder of the president?"
(The Strength of the Wolf, Douglas Valentine, pgs. 310-312)
Jack Ruby
There's a lot to take in here. Syndicate don Carlos Marcello has long been linked to the JFK assassination, with some researchers fingering him as the man who ordered the hit. While Recluse does not believe Marcello was the mastermind, his outfit was surely involved as he controlled the narcotics traffic between New Orleans and Dallas. Further, it has long been alleged that Jack Ruby himself was a part of Marcello's outfit.

George Hunter White (of whom I've written much more on here, here and here) is of course the notorious FBN agent who had served in military intelligence and the OSS during WWII. In the 1950s he became involved with CIA's MK-ULTRA experiments, and oversaw safehouses for the Agency in New York and later California. White's mentor was an individual named Garland Williams, another FBN agent who had served in military intelligence during Korea. Williams has long been suspected of playing a key role in the establishment of Civil Air Transport/Air America, the notorious CIA-backed airline long suspected of drug trafficking. The above-mentioned Pawley-Cooke mission to Taiwan is what led to the establishment of CAT. More information on this affair can be found here.

Before leaving Jack Ruby it bears mentioning another type of trafficking he has long been suspected of playing a role in: sexual slavery. Allegations that the Syndicate was involved in sex slavery first began to emerged during the McClellan Committee (which operated from 1957 to 1960), of which future Attorney General Robert Kennedy was the chief council of. A certain "union" Ruby would have a lot of pre-assignation contact with came up in relation to sexual slavery during the hearings.
"At the time Kennedy dispatched Duffy to deal with Rometsch, Duffy had just finished assisting the McClellan Government Operations Committee investigating a Teamster-dominated union's relationship to mob-organized prostitution, and an alleged 'nation-wide white slavery ring under the syndicate.'
"The union in question was the American Guild of Variety Artists, the subject of so many of Ruby's pre-assassination phone calls. The corrupt, mob-dominated union supplied the legal fiction that the women were 'independent,' rather than the exploited workers in a string of brothels. But in fact, in Blake's words, 'girls were passed from club to club in New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, and Seattle.'
"Not surprisingly, the testimony pointed to Ruby's milieu in a number of ways. For example, the licensee of a strip club in Miami Beach was also an officer of Teamsters Local 320, which had been organized by Ruby's old associate, Dave Yaras, where Santos Trafficante had an office.
"Much of the testimony was directed to the club's practice of ordering women against their will to 'mix' or 'mingle' with the audience; at least one of Ruby strippers had complained to the AGVA that 'Ruby ordered her to "date" some of the customers...' Blakey does not mention this, nor does he mention the reoccurring testimony that Ruby made outside assignments for his women  and took half of their earnings. He does, however, report the Ruby's former partner in the Vegas Club, Joe Bonds (alias Joe LoCurto) was convicted in 1954 white slavery.
"Prostitution, as much as gambling, invites the corruption of local politicians and law enforcement. Joe Bonds himself told the FBI that Ruby 'made women available' to Dallas police officers... No one has yet documented the rumors one hears in Dallas that Ruby's relationship to the wealthy oilmen and 'high rollers' of the Del Charro derived from his practice of supplying girls for them, their parties, and their private clubs."
(Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, Peter Dale Scott, pgs. 232-233)

Now that the drug and possible sex trafficking angle of the New Orleans-Dallas traffic has been discussed it is time to turn our attention to the arms. As has been indicated, many of the Cuban groups were using drug money (with the encouragement of US officials) to procure arms for continued assaults on Cuba and other "brush fires" in Latin America.

But when it comes to the arms side of the traffic one encounters a group little discussed by many assassination researchers: the Minutemen. The Minutemen presence in New Orleans was briefly addressed in the prior installment but it warrants fleshing out here:
"... As the alleged Louisiana organizer of the right-wing paramilitary Minutemen, moreover, Banister may have had prior knowledge of an arms cache seized by the FBI on July 31, 1963. The arms were seized on the Lake Pontchartrain property of William McLaney, brother of Havana casino operator Mike McLaney. Among those arrested were Sam Benton, Mike McLaney's go-between with the mob-financed Cuban exiles, and Richard Lauchli, co-founder of the Minutemen. The cache was for a nearby Somoza-backed Cuban exile training camp, which according to Warren Hinkle and Bill Turner had been set up a year earlier by Gerry Hemming and Frank Sturgis at the request of the New Orleans branch of the Cuban Revolutionary Council."
(ibid, pgs. 88-89)
Guy Banister
Nor was Lauchli, an ex-WWII paratrooper who manufactured arms in a machine shop that he owned, the only Minuteman involved in Guy Banister's Camp Street operation. According to former FBI agent William Turner in Power on the Right, other Minutemen involved in Banister's operation included Hugh F. Ward (who was also a member, along with Banister, of the WACL-affiliated Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean) as well as the mysterious Jerry Lee Brooks, who was briefly addressed in the second installment. Turner alleges that there were even rumblings that David Ferrie himself was also a member of the Minutemen.

Nor did the involvement of the Minutemen confine itself to New Orleans. At least one member was also assisting Alpha 66 members in Dallas. This was revealed by ATF agent Frank Ellsworth, who broke up the arms deal four days before the assignation of JFK in Dallas.
"' Mr. Ellsworth described in some detail his undercover efforts in procuring the arrest of a local gun shop owner who is an ardent member of the Minutemen. As a result of these undercover activities agent Ellsworth learned that Manuel O. Rodriguez, apparently a Cuban survivor of the Bay of Pigs episode, was attempting to purchase arms in Dallas for Alpha 66. Rodriguez is also a member of the DRE.'
"Alpha 66, one of the most notoriously violent of the anti-Castro Cuban groups, maintained its Dallas headquarters on Hollandale Street, where an early sheriff's report supposedly had Oswald paying a visit. The DRE, or Cuban Student Directorate, was in Oswald's notebook; again, he is said to of attended a meeting where General Walker spoke in the fall of 1963.
"A Secret Service memorandum dated April 24, 1964, is devoted entirely to Manuel Rodriguez, whom the Secret Service at one time had considered a potential danger to the President. On Page 2, it reads: 'On 1-16-54 agent Ellsworth, alcohol and tobacco tax unit, was interviewed relative to any knowledge he might have on the subject. Agent Ellsworth had recently worked in an undercover capacity while gathering evidence against John Thomas Masen ... for violation of National Firearms Act. Agent Ellsworth states that during his association with Masen, Masen had mentioned Rodriguez as being a Cuban who was attempting to buy arms –  machine guns, bazookas, and other heavy equipment – from Masen...'"
(On the Trail of the JFK Assassins, Dick Russell, pg. 122)
Masen is the one in the center
Stranger still is the fact that the Minutemen Masen was one of the only Dallas-based guns dealer who sold the style of ammunition used for the JFK assassination.
"But illegal gun dealing was not the only investigation swirling around Masen. An FBI file dated March 27, 1964, began:
"'Mr. John Thomas Masen, Owner, Masen's Gun Shop... advised he purchased about ten boxes of 6.5 .mm Mannlicher-Carcano, Western Cartridge Company, ammunition from Johnny Brinegar in early1963, and that he sold these 10 boxes to individuals. He stated he was not able to recall the identity of any persons to whom he sold the ammunition...'
"The rifle that Oswald had ordered in March was, of course, a 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano. And there was more about Masen in the FBI's records: He spoke Spanish fluently, and 'during the summer of 1963 he made an extensive vacation trip to Mexico, visiting friends in various places.' He was also, according to agent Ellsworth, 'an ardent member of the Minutemen.'"
(The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell, pgs. 356-357)

Finally, there's the curious fact that Masen supposedly bore more than a passing resemblance to Oswald.
"Dallas – In mid-November 1963, shortly before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a curious arrest occurred in Dallas. It did not seem to curious at the time – simply a young man, allied with local right-wing Minutemen and charged with a violation of the National Firearms Act. When the fellow managed to raise bond, his release received a routine okay from his arresting federal agent, Frank Ellsworth of Treasury's, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) division.
"But a few days later, when Frank Ellsworth was called to a police interrogation room to question Lee Harvey Oswald about the rifle found in his alleged assassin's nest, the agent was certain that he made one of history's most tragic mistakes. 
"'Oswald was sitting in a chair about ten feet from the door,' Ellsworth would remember. 'And all I could see was headlines that I just turned loose the man who killed the President.'
"He hadn't. However, the man Ellsworth had arrested and released was, in his words, 'an absolute dead-ringer for Oswald – identical bill, weight, coloring, facial features, hair. They were like identical twins; they could've passed for each other.'"
(On the Trail of the JFK Assassins, Dick Russell, pg. 119)
Masen and other possible Oswald "doubles"
This is especially noteworthy considering how many assassination researchers believe that there was a "second" (or more) Oswald in the weeks leading up to the assassination. That Masen also made a trip to Mexico around the same time as Oswald is most eyebrow raising as this is one of the locations most commonly cited for Oswald doubles. But I digress.

Clearly, it seems that the Minutemen were active in this underground network that was also engaged in drug trafficking and possibly sexual slavery. At least a few Minutemen seem to have had ties direct ties to the Syndicate via the mysterious figure of Edgar Eugene Bradley, alias Eugene Hall Brading, alias Jim Braden, an associate Harold "Happy" Meltzer, one of the top Syndicate men in Mexico.
"There were two leads linking the 194, Meltzer Mexican connection to the assassination of the President. The first is that Jim Braden, alias Eugene Hall Brading, a convict friend of Meltzer and suspected major courier for Meyer Lansky, was picked up by a Dallas sheriff's deputy near the Texas School Book Depository right after the shooting and then released without fingerprinting. What is particularly intriguing about Braden's background, as explored by former NBC producer Peter Noyes, are his connections to a number of Minutemen and their associates, such as Loran Eugene Hall, Dennis Mower, Albert Tarrants III, Philip Earl Scheib, and Keith Gilbert, suspected in a number of assassination plots, including plots against John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King."
(Deep Politics and the Assassination of JFK, Peter Dale Scott, pg. 143)
Edgar Eugene Bradley
Bradley was also a worker for fundamentalist evangelical Dr. Carl McIntire's American Council of Christian Churches, an organization which the notorious and highly controversial "Torbitt document" alleged played a crucial role in the assassination plot against JFK. According to William Turner in Power on the Right, Bradley was also affiliated with former military intelligence officer Colonel William Gale, who was a part of the Minutemen network and eventual founder of the Posse Comitatus movement (as noted before here). The above-mentioned Loran Eugene Hall (who was already addressed in part one of this series), another member of the Minutemen who was eventually convicted of trafficking methamphetamines in the late 1980s, also met with Gale in California during the early 1960s. Clay Shaw's alleged friend Fred Lee Crisman was also said to have attended meetings conducted by Gale, as noted in part two of this series.

William Potter Gale (top), Loran Eugene Hall (middle) and Fred Lee Crisman (bottom)
Another figure with Syndicate ties with whom the Minutemen were linked appears to be oil billionaire H.L. Hunt. Hunt was said to have close links to the Texas-based Minutemen via General Edwin Walker.
"For whatever reason, the Warren Commission conspicuously failed to explore Frank Ellsworth's suggestion to its Assistant Counsel Bert Griffin that the Minutemen organization, with links to General Edwin Walker and oil millionaire H. L. Hunt, was 'the right-wing group most likely to have been associated with any effort to assassinate the president.' The Commission even withdrew two Commission Exhibits that had already been placed into evidence: Commission Exhibit 1053, a handbill attacking Khrushchev as 'Wanted for Murder,' and signed 'The Minutemen,' and Commission Exhibit 710, transmitting DPD reports on right-wing extremists in Dallas.
"The 'Wanted for Murder' Minutemen handbill was initially investigated by the Commission for its similarity to the anti-Kennedy 'Wanted for Treason' handbill distributed at the time of the President's visit. The latter was traced by the Commission to General Walker's aide Robert Surrey..., but Surrey was not asked about the companion Minutemen publication, an apparent example of the Minutemen-Walker connection Ellsworth had warned about."
(Deep Politics II, Peter Dale Scott, pgs. 114-115)
General Walker at a rally for him in Texas
Beyond this one of old man Hunt's sons, Nelson Bunker, may have met with Jack Ruby in the days leading up to the assassination.
"More alarming was the Warren Commission's finding that on the day before the assassination, Jack Ruby had driven a young woman over to the Hunt offices for a job interview. After Ruby shot Oswald, Dallas police found two scripts from H. L. Hunt's Life Line radio program among his possessions. The FBI also reported that the telephone number of another son, Lamar, appeared 'in a book which was the property of Jack Ruby.' Questioned about this on December 17, 1963, Lamar replied 'that he could not think of any reason why his name would appear in Jack Ruby's personal property and that he had no contact whatsoever with Ruby to the best of his knowledge.'
(The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell, pg. 375)
Lamar Hunt
It's interesting to note that Lamar Hunt was the owner of an NFL football team, the Kansas City Chiefs (which was the football team Recluse grew up rooting for naturally enough). Lamar Hunt's son, Clark, still owns the Chiefs to this day as well as several soccer franchise. Clint Murchison, Jr., the son of another Texas oil man who has been widely linked to the Kennedy assassination as well as organized crime, was also the founder and long time owner of the Dallas Cowboys. There has of course been much speculation over the years about the Syndicate's influence over NFL football, but such a topic is vastly beyond the scope of this article.

Another tie between Ruby and Hunt was a local lawyer named Pete White, who had worked for Ruby a time or two.
"... Pete White... told the FBI that he had got Rudy's charge of pistol-carrying dismissed back in 1954, and that he 'ran into' Ruby on November 20, 1963, two days before the assassination... The FBI duly incorporated this encounter with White in it's chronology of Jack Ruby's movements before the assassination... In the Warren Commission's published chronology ... his encounter with White was omitted... Worse, when Ruby's roommate George Senator was asked about more than fifty names in the Crafard notebook, that of Pete White was for some reason skipped...
"Questions about Pete White might have opened of several possible connections to the underworld past of Jack Ruby, and also to the Minutemen-Cuban exile-General Walker milieu supported by H. L. Hunt and his two sons. In 1962, one of White's two partners was Ivan Irwin, formally of the family law firm identified to the FBI (by Paul R. Jones, the convicted dope trafficker and associate of Ruby) as the conduit for payouts by organized crime to local law enforcement officials... Irwin's son, Ivan Irwin Jr., was a lawyer for the Hunt oil interest, and, more particularly for Nelson Bunker Hunt..., to whose office Ruby drove on November 21, 1963, one day after seeing White."
(Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, Peter Dale Scott, pgs. 291-292)

So yes, there are more than a few possible links to the Hunt family and organized crime, for whom Cuban exiles had increasingly become foot soldiers for after the Bay of Pigs. Did the Minutemen perform a similar function for the Hunt crime family? Certainly their involvement in arms trafficking for various Cuban exile groups is a strong indication of such a scenario.

At this point a digression is probably warranted to explain my theory of the structure of the Minutemen organization. Effectively, I believe that there were in fact two Minutemen: One was the "official," overworld organization founded by Robert DePugh while the other was the "real" Minutemen, a clique within the DePugh organization that had infiltrated it. The "real" Minutemen seem to have been led by regional commanders such as General Walker and the LA-based Colonel William Potter Gale, a former military intelligence officer affiliated with the official Minutemen for decades (more information on Gale's takeover of the West Coast Minutemen can be found here). Guy Banister, a former FBI agent and Naval intelligence officer, was likely another regional head.

Robert DePugh
Why would these former military men be interested in infiltrating the Minutemen you may be asking? In this researcher's opinion one of the most appealing reasons would have been for the purposes of using the organization as a front for gunrunning. This was of course already alluded to in the second installment of this series during my discussion of counterculture icon Kerry Thornley, who served with Oswald in the Marines and who lived in New Orleans in 1963 around the same time as Oswald. Thornley later befriended a woman named Becky Glaser. Prior to meeting Thornley Miss Glaser had been a member of the Minutemen. She reported to researcher Adam Gorightly that one of her functions for the group was "helping line up relationships to run machine guns" (The Prankster and the Conspiracy, Adam Gorightly, pg. 77). Another duty included infiltrating left-wing organizations on college campuses, a topic that will be addressed in a moment. For now, back to the gunrunning.

In A Rose By Many Other Names journalist Todd C. Elliot noted that "Gun runners back then (and possibly still today) were often military or ex-military who would steal weapons from military installations, or.... a 'government reservation'" (pgs. 54-55). The Minutemen, like many right wing paramilitary organizations, tended to attract a disproportionate amount of military and law enforcement personnel to their ranks as well as individuals for whom stockpiling firearms was a way of life.

This, combined with the nation wide network the Minutemen possessed, would have made them an idea organization to use for gunrunning (especially as many members would have gleefully engaged in such things out of patriotism). The influx of military officers (many of them with a background in intelligence) into the Minutemen in the early 1960s was likely to establish regional networks for the purposes of arms trafficking. And best of all, when rank-and-file Minutemen (who almost surely had no idea that they were being used) were busted for gunrunning, they could easily be dismissed as kooks and zealots, ensuring that not a lot of attention would be paid to the underground arms traffick. But so much for the Minutemen for now.

Another far right organization in this whole milieu with ties to drug trafficking is the World Anti-Communist League (of which I've written, with a special emphasis on the organization's involvement in drug trafficking, more on here, here, here and here). As noted above and at greater length in the second installment of this series, Guy Banister and Maurice Gatlin (an attorney who worked closely with Banister in New Orleans) were both members of the Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean, an affiliate of the WACL. Gatlin (who was also a member of the steering committee of the WACL) also had some involvement with the mysterious Swiss company known as Permindex. As detailed in part two of this series, Permindex had deep ties to the European far right (including many "former" Nazis and fascists on its board of directors) as well as another reputed Banister associate, Clay Shaw.
"CIA asset Clay Shaw reportedly joined the Permanent Industrial Exhibition in 1957. Known as Permindex, it was a construction company that built trade centers, hotels, and office centers like the Trade Mart he managed in New Orleans. Ten years later, Shaw would attain notoriety as the person New Orleans District Attorney.Jim Garrison charged with conspiring to kill JFK. He was acquitted, and as far as this author is aware, was not involved in drug trafficking. However, his company, Permindex, after moving to Rome in 1961 and reforming itself as the Centro Mondiale Commerciale, was reportedly involved as 'a cover for the transfer of CIA... funds in Italy for illegal political-espionage activities.'
"More to the point, CMC was accused of channeling funds to the drug-smuggling OAS.
In tracing the money used to finance the [July 1961] de Gaulle assassination plots, French Intelligence discovered that about $200,000 in secret funds had been sent to Permindex accounts in the Banque de la Credit Internationale. In 1962, Banister dispatched to Paris a lawyer friend... with a suitcase full of money for the OAS, reportedly around $200,000.
"Banister's money allegedly went to Jean René Marie Souetre – or someone impersonating him. A French Army deserter and the OAS representative in southern Algeria, Souetre reportedly met in the spring of 1963 with E. Howard Hunt in Madrid, ultra general Walker in Dallas, and Guy Banister at 544 Camp Street. In June, he offered the CIA a list of KGB penetrations in the French government. Souetre was also reportedly 'on the Paris in the drug traffic,' and had been followed for years by an undercover narcotics agents in Marseilles.
"In 1977, the CIA released a document, dated 1 April 1964, titled 'Jean Souetre's expulsion from the US.' In this document, the FBI explains that French security officials wanted to know why Souetre was expelled from 'Fort Worth or Dallas' 18 hours after the assassination. Souetre had been in Dallas on the afternoon of the assassination, and had been expelled to 'Mexico or Canada.' The French had some reason to believe that Souetre was plotting to assassinate Charles de Gaulle during his upcoming visit to Mexico, and so naturally they wanted to know about Souetre's movements. But the FBI said it had no information on him and, in yet another case of criminal negligence, it never notified the Warren Commission about Souetre."
(The Strength of the Wolf, Douglas Valetine, pgs. 314-315)

The above-mentioned lawyer who delivered Banister's payoff to the OAS was Gatlin, as noted in part two of this series., The OAS were a far right wing fraction of French intelligence that went rogue after de Gaulle's decision to abandon the Algerian War. More than a few OAS members would go onto join the Paladin Group, an organization founded by former Nazi commando Otto "Scarface" Skorzeny. Skorzeny, in turn, was an asset of the Gehlen Org, a clique of former Nazi intelligence assets that dominated the BND (West Germany's chief intelligence agency) for decades to come and which had close relations with the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, the Eastern European branch of the WACL.

Thus, it is safe to say that the drug/arms/sex trafficking that was unfolding between New Orleans and Dallas was controlled by a coalition that consisted of US intelligence assets (especially those linked to CIA and military intelligence), the Syndicate, anti-Castro Cubans, Texas oil money, and various far right groups such as the WACL and the Minutemen. What's more, the figure of Rose Cheramie (hauntingly played by Sally Kirkland during the opening moments of Oliver Stone's JFK) indicates that these forces were directly involved in the assassination of JFK.
"... On 20 November 1963, Rose Cheramie was found on a Louisiana Road, dazed and bruised. She was taken to a private hospital where she told the doctor the JFK was going to be killed during his forthcoming visit to Dallas. Later that day, Cheramie was released in the custody of Louisiana state policeman Francis Fruge, and while Fruge was taking her to the state hospital Cheramie said she'd been traveling from Florida to Dallas with two men who 'were Italian or resembled Italians.' She didn't know their names, but they'd stopped at a lounge for drinks. An argument ensued, Cheramie was evicted and, as she stood outside the lounge, she was struck a glancing blow by a car. She also repeated to Fruge her claim that President Kennedy was going to be killed. But because she was a prostitute and a drug addict, neither Fruge nor the doctor believed her – at least, not until the afternoon of 22 November.
"On 27 November, Fruge interviewed Cheramie again, and she expounded on her story. She said the Italians were taking her to Dallas to obtain $8000, so they could buy eight kilograms of heroin from a seaman. The seaman was to meet them in Houston after disembarking in Galveston. Cheramie gave Fruge the name of the seaman and the ship. As they were on the way to Houston to check out her story, Cheramie told Fruge that she was a stripper at Jack Ruby's nightclub in Dallas, and that she had seen Ruby and Oswald together. She said she was part of a Mafia operation in which call girls were rotated between cities, and that Ruby had sent her to Miami on 18 November.
"When contacted by Fruge, the Customs agents in charge of Galveston verified that the seaman was being investigated for drug smuggling. The Coast Guard likewise confirmed that it was interested in the ship named by Cheramie regarding its role in drug smuggling operations. But the state narcotics bureaus in Texas and Oklahoma found Cheramie's information 'erroneous is in all respects,' and when the HSCA asked Customs to produce the agents she had name, and their reports, Customs officials said that neither the agents nor reports could be found.
"The HSCA let this promising lead drop without attempting to talk to Customs agents like William Hughes, who vividly recalls 'Nutty Nate' Durham as the feckless agent in charge of Galveston in 1963. Nate may have been alive in 1978, but the CIA did not allow Customs to identify him or provide his reports to Congress. The reason for this subterfuge comes as no surprise: some of Nutty Nate's colleagues on the Galveston case were CIA officers operating under Customs cover, as part of the special unit organized in Houston by David Ellis. Members of this unit facilitated the activities of anti-Castro drug smuggling terrorist groups in the US, which is why the FBI also 'decided to pursue the case no further.'"
(ibid, pgs. 312-313)

Not only did Rose Cheramie know the date and city of the Kennedy assassination, but she was reportedly aware of the exact location in Dallas where the assassination was supposed to take place.
"According to seasoned assassination investigator and writer Jim DiEugenio, on November 22, Rose and 'several nurses' at the state hospital watching a television broadcast covering JFK's arrival in Dallas when, moments before his assassination, Rose told the nurses, 'This is when it is going to happen.' DiEugenio  interview two of the nurses who confirmed the account."
(A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli, Jr., pg. 96) 
Cheramie also alleged that Ruby had some type of homosexual relationship with Oswald, according to Albarelli. Todd C. Elliott, whose A Rose By Many Other Names was the first biography of Cheramie, was less certain about this claim but he did confirm Cheramie's ties to organized crime.
"Rose was considered a low-ranking member of the Carlos Marcello heroin network – which work in unison with another crime boss, Santos 'Sam' Trafficante, who controlled the Florida market, according to Lamar Waldron, author of Legacy of Secrecy..."
(A Rose By Many Other Names, Todd C. Elliot, pg. 32) 
Kirkland as Cheramie in JFK
Elliot also notes that the town where Charamie was abandoned in by the two "Italians," Eunice, Louisiana, featured a club known as the Silver Slipper that was long rumored to have been controlled by the Syndicate.
"Years later, according to an anonymous Eunice source, this would become well known  to several members of Jim Garrison's investigative team, who purported that the Silver Slipper in Eunice was owned by none other than Jack Ruby. It was further alleged by Cheramie the Carlos Marcello, organized crime boss of New Orleans, fronted Ruby the money to open the Silver Slipper."
(ibid, pg. 26)
a younger Rose during better days
It's also interesting to note that Galveston, the place where the heroin deal was supposed to take place, was the destination David Ferrie (an employee of Guy Banister) frantically drove to from New Orleans on the day of the assassination. What's more, another Banister associate is widely believed to have been one of the two men accompanying Rose on the journey.
"After learning that Rose was dead, Fruge visited the Silver Slipper lounge and interviewed owner Mac Manual... Manual told Fruge that Rose came into his lounge on November 20, 1963 with two men who were both 'pimps' known to be engaged in the 'business of hauling prostitutes' from Florida to Louisiana and Texas. During the interview, Fruge showed Manual a stack of photographs and asked if he could identify the two men among them. According to Fruge, Manual selected photos of two Hispanic men, Sergio Arcacha Smith and  Emilio Santana...
"Not 'Eyetalians' at all, as Rose had allegedly claimed, they were both Cuban exiles. Manual, who would be shot to death about six years later in Ville Platte, Louisiana, told Fruge that both Santana and Arcacha Smith had stopped a number of times at his establishment and that he knew both men as drug traffickers and white slavers. As it turns out, both men also had extraordinary ties to the CIA, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the assassination..."
(A Secret Order, H.P. Albarelli, Jr., pg. 119)
Indeed. Smith worked out the same office building, 544 Camp Street, as Banister. He also had some type of relationship with Banister employee David Ferrie, as evident by the fact (recounted in part two of this series) that Arcacha Smith sent Cuban thugs around New Orleans to threaten witnesses who had come forward concerning Ferrie's various pedophilic activities in the city. And here he is, engaged in drug trafficking and possibly sexual slavery for the Syndicate (and possibly the Hunts and other Texas oil men who sought girls for their clubs).

Arcacha Smith
Thus the revelations of Rose Cheramie and Klansman Joseph Milteer (discussed in part two), both whom accurately predicted the assassination, would seem to strongly indicate that the New Orleans-Dallas milieu of US intelligence and industrial security assets, Syndicate figures, anti-Castro Cubans, Boston Brahmins (represented by Michael Paine who, as discussed in part one, was a descendant of the Paine, Forbes and Cabot families), Tex oilmen, defense contractors, and fanatical right wing organizations played a crucial role in the assassination, if not being the primary force behind it.

With this in mind, an obvious question must know be asked: Who would have had the sway to bring these forces together, carry out the assassination and then perpetuate the cover-up? Based on extensive research, this author believes that there are two logical figures capable of such an endeavor: CIA counterintelligence (CI) chief James Jesus Angleton and former military intelligence officer Major General Charles Willoughby.

Let us begin with Angleton, who was the figure the Matt Damon character in The Good Shepherd was based upon. Angleton, like many of the early OSS (and later CIA men), had ample blueblood pedigree: His father, James Hugh Angleton, was a former military cavalry officer and successful businessman who became head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy in between the World Wars. Angleton grew up around the European aristocracy of Italy (and later Britain) before returned to the United States to attend Yale University. There he famously became a member of the notorious Skull and Bones secret society.

Beyond this, Angleton was also a close friend of the uber-blueblood Allen Dulles. Dulles had been a lawyer for the notorious international law firm Sullivan & Cromwell prior to WWII and joined the OSS shortly after the outbreak of the war. Dulles would become the OSS man in charge of Switzerland, a plush position due to the contacts he forged there with the Nazi regime. Eventually he was appointed to the directorship of the CIA under Eisenhower, a post he held until the disastrous Bay of Pigs debacle which resulted in Kennedy sacking him along with other CIA sacred cows such as General Charles Cabell (whose brother, Earle, was major of Dallas at the time of the Kennedy assassination). Reportedly Dulles was not a fan of Kennedy even before the Bay of Pigs thing and became one of his vocal critics after his firing. But back to Angleton.

Unsurprisingly, Angleton is a relatively common suspect amongst JFK assassination researchers and for good reason: Angleton wielded tremendous power within the Agency, especially via a special department of CI known as the Counterintelligence Special Investigation Group (CI/SIG).
"...  As Angleton himself told the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978, he set up the CI/SIG in 1954 to investigate the allegations (promoted at the time by FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover) that the CIA itself might have been penetrated by the KGB.
"Partly to ensure that the CI/SIG would not be too sympathetic to the rest of the CIA, Angleton entrusted it to an ex-FBI agent, Birch D. O'Neal. O'Neal had been part of a wartime FBI overseas operations (the SIS) that had been bitterly competitive with the CIA's predecessor agency, the OSS. It has been suggested that Hoover so mistrusted the CIA that he arranged for some of his FBI/SIS veterans to resign from the FBI and join the CIA as penetration agents. FBI veterans in the Agency (many of them close to Angleton) included O'Neal, (William Harvey Angleton's predecessor as counterintelligence chief), Mexico City Station Chief Win Scott, and at least one other relevant officer (George Munroe) of the Mexico City CIA station. According to Dick Russell, Munroe was the CIA's leading surveillance man Mexico City, responsible for the electronic bugging of the Soviet and Cuban embassies."
(Deep Politics II, Peter Dale Scott, pg. 5)
Through the CI, and especially the CI/SIG, Angleton had the power to paralyze the Agency (and some believe that he did so during in the pursuit of his notorious "mole hunts"). Beyond this, the ZR/RIFLE program that brought together CIA assets and the Syndicate to assassinate Castro was overseen by the above-mentioned William Harvey in collaboration with Angleton. According to Peter Dale Scott in the Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, this project came to involve some of the New Orleans based Cubans involved with the Cuban Revolutionary Council (of which Sergio Arcacha Smith was the chapter head in New Orleans). By all accounts Angleton and Harvey were close friends.

William Harvey
Beyond this, Angleton likely had ties to virtually all of the CIA officials (Ted Shackley, Tracy Barnes, Desmond Fitzgerald, the above-mentioned Win Scott, David Atlee Phillips and E. Howard Hunt, etc) generally linked to the assassination via his close friend Allen Dulles, and the OSS clique within the Agency that the longtime CIA director was the unofficial head of.
"If Hunt was close to Dulles, he was even closer to his own protégé, David Atlee Phillips. In fact it was probably through Hunt that Philips became 'an active player in a small clique within the CIA hierarchy who were almost autonomous in their operational capabilities,' an OSS brotherhood of whom Allen Dulles, inside the agency are out, was the acknowledged leader.
"The key to Dulles' 'agency-within-the-Agency'... was the power Dulles had conferred on his close friend  Jim Angleton. As Counterintelligence Chief Angleton was authorized to spy on the rest of the CIA, and maintain a CIA network of assets in other branches. The close connection between Dulles and Angleton endured well beyond Dulles' departure from the Agency...
"Another move at this time was the temporary duty assignment of David Phillips, the Chief of Cuban Operations and Covert Action at the Mexico City Station, to Washington and Miami, 'from at least late September to October 9, 1963.' In view of allegations about Hunt's Counterintelligence activities at this time... it is relevant that while in Washington Phillips appears to have been attached to the Counterintelligence Staff of the Fitzgerald's Special Activities Staff devoted to anti-Castro operations.
"Then there is the much disputed question of whether... Howard Hunt was assigned to temporary duty in Mexico City for the period August and September 1963, at the time of Oswald's alleged visit there. Both Hunt and the CIA have strongly denied this claim. It is however supported by the sworn testimony of David Phillips in a libel suit that he had seen Hunt in Mexico City at the time Hunt denied being there. In a 1963 House Watergate hearing, Hunt testified how a retired CIA agent 'had during the Cuban operation been my inside man in the embassy when I was outside in Mexico operating as part of the Cuban task force.
"An even more dramatic allegation, also strongly disputed, is that Hunt was in Dallas on November 22, 1963, at the time of the assassination. According to reporter Joseph Trento, a secret CIA memo of 1966 is said to have been initiated by Angleton and Helms, emphasizing the importance of keeping Hunt's presence there a secret, and suggested a cover story to provide Hunt with an alibi. According to author Dick Russell, Trento later told him that Angleton himself was the source of the story, and arranged for a copy of the internal CIA memo to be delivered to him, as well as the House Committee. If this is true, Angleton's role is sinister, and apparently part of the cover-up whether the memo is real (and Hunt was in Dallas), or whether it was disinformation (and Hunt was not).
"Trento told Russell he understood from Angleton that Hunt was in Dallas because 'of a serious counterintelligence problem with the [CIA] Cubans,' some of whom were known to be 'penetrated by Castro's intelligence.' Far-fetched as an explanation to justify Hunt's presence in Dallas, it would make sense of his temporary detachment to Mexico City, where a number of JURE Cubans, suspected by Hunt and Angleton for their left-leaning politics, were preparing to take part in a Bobby Kennedy-backed operation against Castro. It would indeed have been characteristic of Angleton to use a CIA officer like Hunt, not nominally part of the Counterintelligence Staff, to spy on left-leaning CIA-sanctioned operations. And Hunt's animosity against the Cuban Manuel Ray of JURE, conceded by Hunt himself in his memoir Give Us This Day, was well-known throughout the Agency."
(ibid, pg. 41-43)
Furthermore, Angleton clearly seems to have had long standing ties to Oswald. Compelling evidence has emerged that Oswald's venture to the Soviet Union was part of a CIA false defector program managed by Angleton.
"In November 1963, two events occurred before Oswald died to confirm his status as an intelligence agent and his journey to Russia as part of a false defector program. Otto Otepka is a man whose name does not appear in the index of the Warren Report. Which is another of its grievous shortcomings. In light of what we are about to learn, Otepka  should have  had his own chapter. Otepka worked in the State Department as a security analyst in the Intelligence and Research Bureau. In late 1960 he sent a memo to Dick Bissell at CIA for information on a number of American defectors to the Soviet Union. Bissell turned this request over to James Angleton's Counterintelligence Staff, but not to the Soviet Russia Division, which had jurisdiction over defectors. Further, as John Newman notes, many of Oswald's documents from this period bear the label CI/OPS which means Counter Intelligence Operations. This would suggest that Angleton had an interest in the defector program. The eighth name on Otepka's list was that of Lee Harvey Oswald. Although Hugh Cummings actually sent  the memo, Otepka originated the request. He sent it because neither the CIA nor military intelligence would inform him which defectors were genuine and which were double agents. When the CIA assigned the job to a researcher, they told her to work on some of the names, but not on others. One of the 'others' was Oswald. When the CIA sent back its reply in late November, Oswald's name was marked SECRET. It is very interesting that it is after this request from State that Oswald was finally given a 201 file. Thirteen months after his defection. One has to wonder: if Otepka had never made this request, would CI/SIG ever have opened a 201 file and Oswald? Or would his papers have remained in their private domain?"
(Destiny Betrayed, James DiEugenio, pg. 164)
Otto Otepka
Joan Mellen further confirmed Oswald's part in a false defector program, noting "In fact, Oswald had been a participant in the false defector program run by CIA Counter Intelligence chief, James Angleton" in her Our Man in Haiti (pgs. 51-52). The CI/SIG would track Oswald from 1960 all the way up to the assassination.

Angleton also played a key role in establishing the post-WWII CIA-sanctioned Syndicate drug trafficking.
"James Angleton alone possessed the coveted Israeli account; and through his relationship with Italian royalty, Rosenbaum, Charlie Siragusa, Hank Manfredi, and Mario Brod, he was certainly aware of Lansky central role as the Mafia's banker in the Caribbean – where Lansky's  mob associate from Las Vegas, Moe Dalitz, opened an account at Castle Bank – as well as in Mexico, were Angleton's friend, Winston M. Scott, was station chief, and certainly kept tabs on Lansky's associate, former Mexican president Miguel Aleman. As ever, Angleton, and Lansky were the dark stars of the intelligence and financial aspects of international drug smuggling."
(The Strength of the Wolf, Douglas Valentine, pg. 373)

Finally Angleton, along with Dulles, had been one of the key figures in establishing the post-WWII European fascist underground that would use venues such as the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (and later the World Anti-Communist League), the Gehlen Org, the Paladin Group, the notorious P2 lodge and other such organizations and associations as fronts. More information on the role Angleton and Dulles played in crafting this network can be found here and here.

It may well have been through this fascist underground that Dulles and Angleton first established formal ties with Charles Willoughby. William Quinn, another Dulles lackey who served in the CIA and military intelligence and who eventually became deputy director of the DIA, was apparently the one who initiated Angleton into this murky underworld.
"One was Major General William ('Buffalo Bill') Quinn, who had been Dulles's personal courier for information pertaining to the Nazi troop movements and World War II, while a G-2 officer with the Seventh Army. And the first wave of FBI émigrés into Quinn's postwar group included William Harvey, Raymond Leddy, and Winston Scott. All three would go on to play vital roles in U.S. intelligence after the CIA's formation in 1947. Harvey would become chief of the CIA's Berlin base in the mid-1950s and later, through the Cuban Missile Crisis period, the agency's Cuban task force chief; it was he who spearheaded the CIA's recruitment of organized-crime figures into anti-Castro plots. Leddy would set up the CIA's original operational network in South America, then become the State Department's officer in charge of Latin affair; at Allen Dulles's  request, he would map out plans for the overthrow of the Guatemalan government in 1954. Scott, the CIA's first station chief in London and then it's inspector general in Washington, would from 1956 to 1969 be the agency's station chief in Mexico City.
"It was William Quinn who set up James Angleton as his man in Italy after World War II. They traveled widely together across Europe and, years later, Quinn would call his old friend 'the finest counterespionage officer the United States has ever produced.' Within Quinn's group the career of Richard Helms was promoted; Helms would become the CIA's covert operations boss and eventually CIA director.
"Quinn had also pushed forward and overseas spy network aimed at the Soviets and run by Hitler's ex-intelligence chief, Reinhard Gehlen. This mushroomed, of course, through the 1950s, becoming a subject of common interest to Allen Dulles and Charles Willoughby. Late in 1956, when it became clear that a German-based Free Europe Committee of disenfranchised Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans was riddled with reactionaries, Eisenhower sent word to Dulles to disestablish it. Assigned the task of closing down U.S. refugee reception centers and terminating subsidies in Berlin were William Harvey and his old FBI sidekick Raymond Leddy. The Gehlen web stayed intact, but, by 1958, as Angleton would comment was seeming regret, many of the émigré units were disbanded, 'causing great disillusionment and bitterness among the  members.' At that point those units turned increasingly to private support channels, through the auspices of men such as Charles Willoughby and H. L. Hunt..."
(The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell, pgs. 142-143) 
William "Buffalo Bill" Quinn
Willoughby would have been a natural choice to take over this network. In Asia he had founded a similar anti-Communist network that would come to be known as the Asian People's Anti-Communist League (of which more can be found on here), an organization that brought together nationalist forces in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and so forth. Willoughby had also been deeply involved in the drug trafficking of Taiwan's ruling KMT party as well as that of these Japanese yakuza, as noted before here, and was likely one of the key military men behind the founding of the notorious drug smuggling air line Civil Air Transport/Air America (sometimes referred to as Air Opium).

With his extensive ties in the post-WWII fascist underground as well as his underworld connections, Willoughby had both the sway to bring an anti-Communist network together as well as provide it with black market funding. Thus, it was likely under his auspices that the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations and the Asian People's Anti-Communist League began preparations in 1956 for what would become known as the World Anti-Communist League (which was officially founded in 1966) just as Eisenhower was trying to shut the network down.

During this time Willoughby became an "agent" for the Hunt Oil Company after he "retired" from the army in 1951. One of Willoughby's duties for the Hunt family may well have involved managing their collaborations with the Syndicate, a task Willoughby was not doubt well qualified for after his extensive dealings with the yakuza and the role he played in the creation of Civil Air Transport/Air America (of which the Hunts were major financial backers of). Willoughby may even have been the one responsible for bringing the Hunt family in league with Jack Ruby.

Ruby was widely believed to be an informant for FBN agent George Hunter White, who in turn was a close associate of another FBN agent known as Garland Williams. Williams served as a military intelligence officer during Korea, strongly indicating that Willoughby was his commanding officer. Beyond this, both Williams and Willoughby seem to have played a role in the creation of Civil Air Transport/Air America. Shortly after the airline's creation Ruby would become one of the chief Syndicate men in Texas, a state already well on its way to becoming a major international narcotics hub. Did Ruby get this post due to a recommendation put in by George White to Williams, who passed it along to his former commanding officer and Hunt "agent" Willoughby?

Garland Williams
Regardless, it is a matter of public record that the Hunt family would sponsor a private intelligence network for Willoughby known as the International Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture (ICDCC), a network that had international ties via connections to the Gehlen Org and the WACL. More information on this network can be found here.

Beyond the ICDCC, Willoughby also seems to have played a role in establishing the John Birch Society as well as the co-opting of the Minutemen (a topic of which much more information can be found on here). The above-mentioned military intelligence officer who took control of the West Coast Minutemen network, Colonel William Potter Gale, had served under Willoughby during WWII. Journalist Dick Russell believed that the Minutemen network controlled by General Edwin Walker was also affiliated with Willoughby via the figure of Larry Schmidt. Schmidt was yet another military man with ambitious plans for the far right.
"Schmidt had served two Army tours duty in West Germany and, though he was not a native Texan, came to Dallas straight from Munich after receiving his discharge. He had already mapped out plans in West Germany for an organization called CUSA, code for Conservatism-U. S. A. By June 1962, Schmidt had signed up several zealots in West Germany inside the Military Police and the Counter-intelligence Corps. As Look magazine later described it, Schmidt 'had trained a small, disciplined band of soldier-conspirators to follow him stateside and do, he hoped, "whatever was necessary to accomplish our goal."' The goal was to infiltrate right-wing groups across the United States and weld them into CUSA, with the grand design of taking control of American politics. Schmidt planned was to gain financial support from wealthy supporters such as Dallas's H. L. Hunt family."
(The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell, pg. 203)
H.L. Hunt
Apparently all went according to plan and Robert Schmidt, Larry's brother, was brought on as Walker's personal driver and liaison. Surely this was most pleasing to Willoughby who, according to Russell, was Schmidt's leading supporter.

Guy Banister, as a former Naval intelligence officer and member of the Minutemen and John Birch Society as well as being an affiliate of the WACL, would be a logical choice for Willoughby's network, but I have found nothing directly linking them together. Willoughby had at least one former underlining in New Orleans involved with Banister's network, however: Colonel William Bishop, who was then the CIA handler for Alpha 66 (along with David Atlee Phillips) and was posted in New Orleans in 1963. Prior to joining the CIA Bishop had served under Willoughby during WWII in military intelligence.

Colonel Bishop
Another possible Willoughby asset who spent time in New Orleans was E. Howard Hunt. Hunt was a part of the old OSS "China cowboys" clique that supported the Kuomintang (KMT) on mainland China before the communist takeover. Many of these OSS officers established close ties with the KMT that would continue for years. Willoughby's mentor and chief patron, General Douglas MacArthur, was also a major backer of the KMT and Willoughby may have come into contact with some of the China cowboys through this association. Beyond this, several of the China cowboys played a role in establishing Civil Air Transport/Air America, as did Willoughby and MacArthur.

What's more, several of the China cowboys (i.e. Hunt, Ray S. Cline, General John Singlaub, Mitch WerBell) would become involved in the creation of the WACL (as noted before here and here). At least one of these China cowboys, General John Singlaub, may even have served under Willoughby during Korea. As such, this researcher believes that it is entirely possible that Hunt and other members of the China cowboy clique had some type of involvement with the Willoughby network.

E. Howard Hunt (top) and General John Singlaub (bottom), who would go on to become a member of the American Security Council, the John Birch Society-affiliated Western Goals Foundation and chairman of the WACL
Willoughby's presence in the assassination could also explain the reoccurring presence of industrial security in the backgrounds of many of the players. As I noted before here, the chief architect of the nation's industrial security apparatus was General Ralph Van Deman, the so-called father of military intelligence. Van Deman and military intelligence, working in conjunction with the FBI, established a network that brought together corporate security divisions, private detective agencies, veterans organizations like the American Legion and even "super patriot" groups like the American Protective League in an effort to monitor "subversives" seeking employment in industry's deemed vital to the national defense.

General Van Deman
This network was shut down in the wake of the First Red Scare, which it played a major role in, but was quietly re-activated by the FBI and military intelligence in the late 1920s through Van Deman. By this time Van Deman had retired from the army and would manage his intelligence network (which reported regularly to the FBI and army) as a private citizen for at least a decade. At the onset of the Cold War the military, FBI and likely CIA seemed to have continued this system via private citizens and organizations such as the powerful lobby group known as the American Security Council (which may well have been the clearing house for the nation's industrial security apparatus).

After his "retirement" from the army its entirely possible Willoughby took on a role in industrial security similar to Van Deman's. Willoughby had already run a highly successful political suppression campaign in post-war Japan (noted extensively here) and would become involved with organizations such as his own ICDCC, the American Security Council (of which he was an early member of as noted before here) as well the JBS and Minutemen that all kept lists of "subversives" (more on information on the JBS' extensive role in this can be found here). This would certainly be in keeping with an industrial security agent. Other figures involved in the Kennedy assassination such Banister and the Paines (as noted extensively in part one) also kept such files and lists. Acclaimed researchers such as Peter Dale Scott have even given credence to the possibility that Oswald himself was involved in industrial security upon his return to the US (as touched upon briefly in part one of this series as well).

This would also imply that Willoughby was still in contact with military intelligence as well as the FBI. He may even have been the chief agent for these agencies in relation to the Kennedy assassination as Recluse firmly believes that the primary conspirators were a cabal comprised of members of the national security apparatus (CIA, NSA, FBI, the Pentagon and military intelligence, etc) rather than one specific agency (i.e. the CIA, as many assassination researchers widely claim).

The Pentagon especially would have had good reason to want JFK removed. At the time of the assassination Kennedy was seemingly engaged in a struggle with the military similar to the one he was waging with the CIA: He had removed General Walker for attempting to indoctrinate his troops with John Birch Society literature and had booted an army sacred cow, General Lyman Lemnitzer, out of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after the Operation Northwoods debacle, as noted in part one. Kennedy had also clashed with another powerful hawk, General Curtis "Bombs Away" LeMay, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. LeMay, like the rest of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, favored escalation of the situation into a full scale war and was deeply offended when Kennedy opted to go with a measly naval blockade.
"On October 19, Kennedy had a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kennedy got into a back and forth with the hawkish Air Force general Curtis LeMay. LeMay was infamous for his firebombing strategies of Japanese cities, which left tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of civilians dead. LeMay frowned upon the blockade option. He also looked askance on Kennedy's worry that if he invaded Cuba, Khrushchev would take over West Berlin. LeMay predicted the opposite effect: 'If we don't do anything in Cuba, then they're going to push on Berlin and push real hard because they've got us on the run.' LeMay, who was never one to mince words, then went even further. To show his other disdain for the blockade concept, the World War II veteran actually brought up something rather bizarre. He said, 'The blockade and political action, I see leading into war... This is almost as bad as the appeasement at Munich.' LeMay was now comparing Kennedy's preference for the blockade with Neville Chamberlain's giving away the Sudetenland to the Nazis, which encouraged Hitler to invade Poland. Although not expressing themselves in such  extreme figures of speech, the rest of the chiefs of staff agreed with LeMay. LeMay them brought up Kennedy's September 13 comment about how seriously he would take the Russians making an offensive base out of Cuba. 'I think that a blockade, and political talk, would be considered by a lot of our friends and neutrals as being a pretty weak response to this. And I'm sure a lot of our own citizens would feel that way too. You're in a pretty bad fix, Mr. President.' To which Kennedy replied that unless he had not noticed, LeMay was in there with him. Before Kennedy left, he closed with, 'I appreciate your views. These are unsatisfactory alternatives.'
"As startling as this dialogue was, what followed after Kennedy left the room equaled it. Marine Commandant David Shoup told LeMay, "You pulled the rug right out from under him. Goddamn.' LeMay laughed and said, 'Jesus Christ. What the hell do you mean?' Shoup replied with, 'He finally get around to the word "escalation." That's the only goddamn thing that is the whole trick. Go in and get out and get every goddamn one.' To which LeMay replied, 'That's right.'"
(Destiny Betrayed, James DiEugenio, pgs. 63-64)
General LeMay
Needless to say, the Joint Chiefs were surely disappointed that the word "escalation" was not generally used to describe Kennedy's handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This may explain why General LeMay was present for Kennedy's highly controversial autopsy in Washington, D.C. shortly after the assassination.
"...  As we have seen, one of Kennedy's chief antagonists during the Missile Crisis was General Curtis LeMay. In the recorded calls between the White House and Air Force One on its return from Dallas to Washington for the autopsy, there had always been some missing tape. Clearly, this tape had been edited. But a fuller version was located in 2011. On this newly restored tape there is a stunning request that General LeMay should be located! All references to LeMay had previously been cut. But on this version, LeMay's aide wants to  locate him badly and interrupts the dialogue in order to try and find him: 'This is Colonel Dorman, General LeMay's aide... General LeMay is in a C140. Last three numbers are 497.. He is inbound. His code name is Grandson. And I want to talk to him.' This  places LeMay in the air on the way to Washington three hours after the assassination. When this author interviewed the late Paul O'Connor, who was at the autopsy that night, he related an unforgettable story. He said that there were dozens of military brass in the gallery, the likes of which he had never seen. Someone was smoking a cigar. Dr. Hughes called him over and said, 'Please go tell that man to stop smoking.' O'Connor went over, and as he approached him, he saw it was LeMay. Needless to say, he was not going to tell the Air Force Chief to stop anything. If this information is accurate, then it casts the darkest aspersions over why the doctors were not allowed to proceed normally."
(ibid, pgs. 302-303)
some believe LeMay was the inspiration for the character of Jack D. Ripper (above) in the Kubrick classic Dr. Strangelove
Doctors involved in the autopsy later recounted that an Army general claimed to be in charge of it. But I digress.

Another curious move taken by Kennedy, and rarely addressed by assassination researchers, was the founding of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). In theory the DIA was formed to streamline military intelligence operations but journalist Dick Russell also speculated that its creation may have been a subtle way of stripping some of the ultras in other branches of military intelligence of power.

Thus, the forces aligned against Kennedy in the CIA (the Dulles clique) and the Pentagon (the ultras, of which Willoughby's mentor, Douglas MacArthur, was the patron saint of, as noted before here) seem clear. Thus, an obvious question is whether or not there was a direct tie between the Dulles and Willoughby cliques. The simple answer is that on some level there was, at least between Willoughby and Dulles. Journalist Dick Russell notes:
"...  Willoughby's papers, on file at the Douglas MacArthur Memorial Archives in Norfork, Virginia, contain considerable correspondence with Alan Dulles. In 1955, the General had offered his services to the CIA Director. Other of their letters refer to meetings with ex-Nazis such as General Hans Speidel."
(The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell, pg. 485n31)
Note that Willoughby offered his services to Dulles shortly before preparations for what would become the WACL began in 1956.

Ties between Willoughby and Angleton are harder to come but one possibility may be the figure of Robert Crowley.
"...  one of the agency's most formidable covert action specialists, Robert T. Crowley. A Chicago-born West Pointer who'd served in Army intelligence during World War II in the Pacific, Crowley joined the Agency at its inception and rose quickly through the ranks despite the fact that he lacked the Ivy League pedigree of most of his associates. As assistant deputy director for operations, he was second in command in the clandestine services directorate until his retirement in the mid-1980s. Nicknamed 'the Crow,' he was one of the tallest men to ever work at the Agency, and his career was legendary. Crowley was the chief go-to guy in the CIA's liaison with multinational corporations – the largest of which was International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT) – which the Agency often used as fronts for moving large amounts of money to fund international covert operations. Intimately involved with the CIA's overthrow of the democratically elected Allende government in Chile in 1973, Crowley had earned the highest regard for his colleagues...
"Two Crowley colleagues who definitely one of 'the Crow' on their 'air hose' were William R. Corson and the already well-known, mercurial James Jesus ('Jim') Angleton, the CIA's notorious counterintelligence chief. Bob Crowley and Bill Corson were 'bosom buddies,' the closest of friends and colleagues, and together coauthored a book in 1985 entitled The New KGB: Engine of Soviet Power. While Bill Corson was never officially titled in the agency, his close ties to both Crowley and Angleton, as well as his many covert operations for U.S. intelligence, were well-known...
 "'The Three Musketeers' – Corson, Crowley, and Angleton  – thus formed a unique phalanx of 'intelligence intelligentsia', and while it might not have been exactly 'all for one' or 'one for all,' their commitment and loyalty to each other and, of course, the Agency were legendary, as was their alcohol consumption. When William Colby finally sacked Angleton in 1974, it was Corson and Crowley who devised a plan to secretly squirrel away Angleton's most highly classified, top secret files out of Langley..."
(Mary's Mosaic, Peter Janney, pgs. 348-349)
a young Robert T. "the Crow" Crowley
If Crowley was an army intelligence officer during WWII in the Pacific then Willoughby would have been his commanding officer. What's more, Willoughby's close associate, General Pedro del Valle, had been an executive for ITT in South America, though he retired from that post in 1951. Still, many figures who appeared in the JFK assassination would also appear in Pinochet's 1973 coup in Chile.

In this researcher's opinion it is highly probable that Angleton would have been interested in Willoughby. As noted above, one of Angleton's chief tasks was to spy on the CIA. By all accounts the counterintelligence chief was zealous in this endeavor as he was obsessed with the notion that the CIA was penetrated by the KGB on all levels. So to was Willoughby, who (along with MacArthur) had managed to keep the OSS out of the Pacific Theater due to fears of communist infiltration in the CIA predecessor. For this reason Willoughby, like many of the former FBI men who also came to work for Angleton in counterintelligence, would have had an obvious appeal to the CI chief. Perhaps this was one of the services Willoughby was offering Dulles in 1955. And certainly Crowley would have made an idea liaison between the two spymasters.

There is one other curious connection between Willoughby and Angleton that this researcher encountered in John Bevilaqua's groundbreaking and mind bending JFK  – the Final Solution: the Pershing Expedition.

The Pershing Expedition was a venture into Mexico between 1916 and 1917 to "capture" bandit Poncho Villa. It was led by General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing, a graduate of the first class of the Army War College. As noted in the final installment of my examination of the patriot movement, the Army War College indoctrinated military officers with deeply racist and eugenics-centric concepts well into the 1930s. Another graduate of the first class of Army War College in 1904 was General Ralph Van Deman, the architect of America's industrial security apparatus.

General Pershing
Charles Willoughby served in the Pershing Expedition as did James "Hugh" Angleton, James Angleton's father. In fact, "Hugh" Angleton met James' mother while serving in Mexico. Other famous members of the Expedition include individuals and families regular readers of this blog have encountered frequently in recent weeks: General Douglas MacArthur, General George S. Patton (whose son, General George S. Patton IV, was a member of the John Birch Society-affiliated West Goals Foundation), General William "Wild Bill" Donovan (founder of the OSS and a key figure in the Civil Air Transport/Air America affair), Colonel Robert McCormick (a major figure behind the founding of the American Security Council) and William F. Buckley Sr., father Skull and Bonesman Buckley Jr.

And with that I shall wrap things up for the time being. Now that I've broken down my suspects for the plotting of the Kennedy assassination I shall move along to two of the most incredible instances of high strangeness surrounding the incident: the prospects that mind control was involved and the bizarre secret societies and cults that hovered in the background of the assassination. For now, dear readers, I leave you with journalist Dick Russell's account of a most curious anonymous letter he received at the onset of his investigation the JFK assassination that would haunt him for the rest of his life:
"It was just as my inquiries into... the Kennedy assassination were beginning, when the anonymous letter arrived in the mail: 
.... You are now part of the great game of solving the JFK assassination riddle. The danger to those involved is immense, tantamount to playing Russian Roulette... Prior to his death sometime ago I spent several days with TSCHEPPE WEIDENBACH, a famous American general who was born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1892. He was one of our foremost experts in intelligence, particularly in the Far East... An enlighten conversation...
The enclosed was written in the King Edward Sheraton Hotel, Toronto, Canada almost ten years ago... On your copy one name is blocked out... You may want to research down to the name which is part of the game we can't make it too easy...
"The enclosure, on a letterhead from the above-mentioned hotel, read as follows:
"Many years went by before I found out who 'Tscheppe-Weidenbach' was. It happened by chance, pursuing a history of the MacArthur period – an obscure mentioned that Adolf Tscheppe-Weidenbach of Heidelberg, Germany, had changed his name, upon arrival in the United States shortly before World War I, to Charles Willoughby."
(The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell, pgs. 378-379) 


  1. Another great update Recluse!

    It seems the core of the JFK assassination revolves around J.J. Angleton, Allan Dulles, Charles Willoughby, and Guy Banister at the top, and a few lower ranking players such as George de Mohrenschildt, Spas T. Raikin, Anastase Vonsiatsky and the Paines near the bottom. Willoughby(German) and Vonsiatsky were both said to be tied to Pennsylvania Shickshinny Knights. Angleton is Skull and Bones. So it would seem the controlling party at the top of this pyramid of murder, mayhem and destabilization... are the intelligence agencies from various western countries in collusion at cross purposes with their own citizens. Killing JFK = TREASON.

    American Judas blog has been covering some similar ground to what you have been writing about.

    His theory is that parts of the JFK assassination were compartmentalized.

    So you have one compartment around Guy Banister and maybe another around Willoughby and the Paines.

    As both you and American Judas have hinted, the JFK assassination looks a lot like a Gladio style operation. The Minutemen around Banister are basically a stay behind group similar to the stay behind groups behind various massacres in Europe(Italy and Belgium in particular). The JCS had suggested the Northwoods Operation to JFK which is basically a Gladio style plan.

    The purpose of all of these groups and operations is to dismantle democracy and leftwing governments in the targeted countries. (Guatemela, Iran, Chile in the 50s thru 70s, Europe in the 80s, the USA in the 90s).

    In the 60s and 70s you had a bunch of Gladio style murders and assassinations in the USA and then the investigations began in the mid 70s. Then in the 90s after the Soviet Union falls, the Gladio style terror attacks against the USA start again. Once again there are fascist European ties working with Americans domestically to commit terror attacks (German Andreas Strassmeir working with Americans Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, again covered up by FBI ... Italian dual citizen Louis Freeh's FBI to be exact). Then in 2001 you have 9/11, again with German connections, Swiss connections(as in JFK assassination) and now Muslim Brotherhood connections. There also seem to be some ties to Anti-Communist Reverend Moon's group in the background of 9/11.

    Angleton, Banister and Willoughby all had some fairly strong ties into European intelligence. Angleton to Italy, Willoughby to Germany and Banister had some ties to French OAS and the French origins Etoile Polair Lodge of New Orleans.

    1. You have to raise the role of Anastase Vonsiatsky much higher in your pecking order because he was the major player in his own private organization: "The Order of St. John" or OSJ and "The Order." He was acknowledged by Charles Higham in American Swastika as "...the acknowledged leader of all the White Russian pro-Nazi spies in North America from the 1930's until he died." Richard Condon had Anastase "Annie" Vonsiatsky ("Little Orphan Annie") and Wickliffe Draper ("Big Daddy Warbucks") as the leaders of the FDR and the JFK plots and so did Colonel Robert McCormick who published the comic strip featuring Vonsisatsky and Draper in the lead roles. Condon also featured Douglas MacArthur and his head of G-2, Charles Willoughby plus Dr. Robert Morris and Edwin A. Walker as plotmasters. The latter 3 were very influential in the Dallas John Birch Society as we all know now. This all adds up to a combination of The American Security Council, "The Order" of St. John, The John Birch Society and the World Anti-Communist League, plus The Eugenics based Pioneer Fund of Wickliffe Draper. All of these organizations were essentially pro-Fascist fronts pretending to be only true blue Patriotic Anti-Communists. Jokes on all of us. Another note: Colonel Buford Balter who owned the Balter Building where Guy Bannister and Sergio Arcacha Smith had their offices, was a millionaire pro-Fascist who gave Gordon Novel his start in New Orleans based neo-Nazi front orgs. Who was the Mr. Weiss that Novel turned to in order to prevent Garrison from making him testify? Frederick Charles Weiss of the National Renaissance Party in New York City who joined with James Madole (Ed Mavole in Man Cand) to run the revival of Fascism in New York City with the Coudert Brothers Law Firm which brought Vonsiatsky into American from their Paris offices where he was hospitalized and almost died. Too bad the grim reaper missed him and almost got Wickliffe Draper during World War I. The world might have been a better place without these 2 around for 50 years to wreak havoc on all mankind.

    2. Also part of "The Pershing Punitive Expedition" was George Otis Draper (G.O.D.) the uncle of Wickliffe Preston Draper. This group of families involved with Pershing going after the Mexican bandito "Pancho Villa" formed the hard core and central figures involved with the development of what is sometimes called "Yankee Imperialism" or the "Military-Industrial Complex" during the 20th Century and beyond lasting to this very day. Any foreigners of persons of color who dare to confiscate U.S. property abroad would be dealt with by this central committee of the rich and powerful families and corporations involved with the Dept. of Defense. Could I have put a serious dent in their attempts to execute the Military Coup d'Etat completed against JFK? Of course I could have but as just a 16 year old teenager apparently I lacked the confidence and fortitude required to carry out such a venture even though my family was well connected to the Editor of The Miami News, Bill Baggs, for whom I once worked in a summer job, to the Chief of the Miami Police Dept., Walter Headley, whom a family member worked for, and to the eventual Ambassador to the United Nations, Charles Yost who married into our family. I sincerely regret that I was unable to walk out the door that fateful night in mid-November to make the phone calls from various pay phones in Miami in and around Grapeland Heights Park which would have literally changed the world. Such is life.

    3. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a military coup d'etat; but General Edwin Walker was involved. see, for example,

  2. Remember that groups such as the Freemasons and other secretive orders have often served as vessels by which foreign countries can spread influence into other countries. The Etoile Polaire Lodge was formed in New Orleans in 1794 (before the Louisiana purchase). The Louisiana purchase occurred in 1803 bringing Louisiana under the laws of the United States Constitution. The Provincial Lodge of Marseilles France granted a provincial charter to the American lodge in 1798.

    The Scottish Rite version of freemasonry has its origins in South Carolina. It founders were a combination of Americans in the South and Europeans (strong French influence). South Carolina is where the U.S. civil war had its origins for what it's worth.

    At the time of the JFK assassination remember, when Anti-Communists, Guy Banister, Thomas Jude Baumler and Carlos Marcello are all said to belong to the same French origins Etoile Polair Lodge, the U.S. CIA and French SDECE are allied with Heroin producing Corsican Mafia to combat French Communists in Marseilles in order to keep Commies from taking control of the Marseilles port. By the end of the early 1970s, this "French Connection" was being dismantled. It is also said that some of JFK's assassins in Dallas were French connected and that Marcello may have ordered the hit.

    All of the connections surrounding the murder of JFK and the shepherding of Oswald seems to be by Anti-Communists.

    On 9/11/2001 there were three different people that filmed flight 11 hitting the World Trade Center. All of them were from Europe. One guy was from Czech Republic, one was from Germany and one was from France. The Naudet brothers captured BOTH flights hitting the WTC buildings on 9/11. What a coincidence. Jules caught Flight 11 hitting the North tower and Thomas Gedeon caught Flight 175 hitting the south tower. The Naudet brothers were helped in producing their 9/11 movie by Graydon Carter of Toronto Ontario and Roxbury Connecticutt. Carter's Vanity Fair has also run various 9/11 conspiracy debunking articles over the years.

    I wonder if the Naudet brothers have any OAS connections?

    Thanks for the article Recluse. I look forward to reading these every week.

    Dot Connector

  3. Dot Connector-

    The American Judas blog was very informative. I've begun to suspect that the DIA in general has far more power and has played a far more significant role in geopolitical events of recent decades than has generally been suspected. In point of fact, like the NSA, the DIA is rarely addressed when it comes to intelligence abuses.

    It's seems like in the 1990s, after the OSS Old Boys finally died off, the DIA was able to usurp a lot of power from CIA, but the transition had been going on for a while. In "Dark Alliance" Gary Webb indicated the DIA had played a much more significant role in the Iran-Contra affair, especially as related to drug trafficking, than has been generally reported. Naturally, the CIA is almost always held up as the chief (and even sole) culprit but most serious researcher despite ample evidence of DIA and NSA involvement.

    The notion for these paramilitary organizations was around even before Gladio. Many of the Nazi Quislings in Eastern Europe came to power via vigilante/paramilitary groups such as the Iron Guard and the Ustashi. Even the Nazis themselves had the SA before seizing control of the government.

    In the wake of WWII many of these Quisling paramilitary organizations were adopted whole sale into Gladio while intelligence assets and commandos from the Nazi, fascist Italy, Vichy French, etc security apparatuses were organized along similar lines in their respective countries. But those so-called "mobile killing teams" from eastern Europe were most definitely the inspiration for Gladio and would go on to pass their "expertise" along to Latin America and other parts of Third World via the WACL.

    Also, there were most definitely Gladio-type operations in this country in the 1980s. Probably the most obvious example of this would be the Order of Robert Mathews, which had ties to various paramilitary groups already examined on this blog. It also reputedly had ties to a very, very strange cult also linked to the JFK assassination.

    According to Douglas Valentine in his brilliant examination of the FBN, BNDD and DEA, the two part "The Strength of the Wolf" and "The Strength of the Pack", it was James Jesus Angleton himself would had long advocated the destruction of the SDECE-Corsican network. Supposedly this was due to his obsession with it being infiltrated by communists (which was certainly possible), but his views of the SDECE seem to have crystalized after de Gaulle (of which the SDECE was steadfastly loyal too) had begun to break with hawks in the US national security apparatus (as well as his own domestic variety). The OAS was of course the organization he backed for a greater role in French intelligence (and by default, the heroin trade). Obviously, this didn't work out the SDECE was brutally suppressed by US-backed death squads (much to the delight of Angleton).

    It's especially interesting that the far right seems to be making a major comeback in France (as well much of the rest of Europe) presently, especially the National Front (FN). "Incidentally," the FN has long been linked to the OAS.


  4. Recluse, the DIA is one of many things not mentioned on most "conspiracy" blogs. The DIA seems to be where some of the really nasty stuff is going on. DIA was involved with Curveball, feeding Americans German origins bullshit about WMDs in Iraq. DIA was involved with Able Danger tracking of some of the hijackers but then deciding to watch rather than take them down(according to Anthony Shaffer) and they were involved with those German Neo-Nazi murders, again a situation where BND and DIA are said to have done a lot of watching but not taking down of the bad guys in question. Again, the German factor seems heavy with some of these DIA cases looking through wiki.

  5. Also, I think it would be great if you could post your opinion some time on NASA. Not sure i have seen much here on NASA conspiracies unless I missed it. What do you feel about NASA and the Apollo missions in the late 60s and early 70s when some of these strange political events were going on? I believe we went to the moon, but where there is smoke there is often fire... so I remain puzzled by the fact that nothing much has gone on in space since the Apollo missions.

    The U.S. first landed men on the moon in July of 1969. That was 44 years ago. Since then, every technology seems to have made exponential progress(computers, robotics) with the exception of spaceflight technology(although SPACE-X is starting to make progress, it is not exponential progress). So I truly believe space exploration like the U-2, and Stealth spy planes got wrapped up into "black projects." Why would the D.O.D. pass up on weaponizing space??? The one hint that this is exactly what may have happened, is the amount of "Breakaway Civilization" and even Golden Lilly type stories that are becoming more prominent and seem to suggest certain parties may have been siphoning off world wealth and redirecting it to unknown ends over the decades. Space exploration has made zero progress since the space shuttle. That is becoming very very obvious as each year passes by. NASA is in fact making backwards movement.The American manned NASA space program is now dependent on the Russians to get into space?!

    You are probably busy on multiple things, but a NASA series without the bullshit found on other blogs would be great. An objective perspective on whether or not there might be some big coverups over there at NASA behind the scenes would be really interesting. After all, it was started by a bunch of Nazis. Just a thought for a series down the road if you have some extra time to blog your thoughts on this.

    Also thought two I had was you once mentioned on one of these pages that there was a reason why other blogs don't cover certain subject matter(I believe it was regarding JFK?).. so I was wondering what you meant by that?

    Dot Connector

  6. Dot Connector-

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

    Bizarrely, the DIA was also one of the two main agencies, along with CIA, involved in Grill Flame (the remote viewing program). Really, they seem like they've been in the thick of things in many major events for the past forty years or so, possibly longer.

    I've actually toyed with the idea of doing a series of NASA for a few years now but I haven't gotten very far in it. There just really isn't a lot of work on NASA addressing its more arcane aspects and what is available tends to revolve around aliens (i.e. Richard Hoagland).

    I tend to agree with you that at a minimum much of NASA's funding for the past four decades has likely been funneled toward further developing the national war chest. The civilian aspects of NASA seem to have been abounded after Apollo 17 in 1972. This is right around the time the Pentagon Papers were making the rounds and Watergate was about to blow up. Shortly thereafter was the only serious attempt to reign in the nation's security apparatus in the modern era.

    So, in the context of the times NASA certainly would have been an appealing place from which the Pentagon could draw black funds, especially as the space program was held in high esteem through out this era. Plus, the military had always had close ties to the space program anyway (as it originated with the army), making the shift back to defense (versus civilian) purposes all the easier.

    There are some curious ties to NASA in the Kennedy assassination but I've shied away from addressing them because many are linked to the notorious "Torbitt document" which is largely considered discredited amongst assassination buffs and not for good reason: it does get a lot of things wrong, most notably its refusal to implicate the CIA in the assassination.

    However, "Torbitt" also touches on a lot of aspects of the Kennedy assassination (i.e. the ties to industrial security, bizarre church groups, etc) that many more mainline researchers have not been able to explain or avoided outright. For that reason I think it's a compelling, if highly flawed document. You can probably find it online and if not a cheap copy can be had under the title "NASA, Nazis & JFK" on Amazon or elsewhere.

    I'll get into topics conventional conspiracy blogs avoid addressing a bit in the fifth installment of this series and possible a bit about the NASA ties to assassination as well.


  7. Thanks for the reply Recluse. You write the articles in these series almost as fast as I can read them. Still picking through the latest one.

    I think the reason why your blog is so good is because you stay away from the material that is not reputable as much as you can or least make sure to tell readers which parts are not quite as reliable. And you don't focus on scapegoating one group unless that group is truly deserving. Most conspiracy blogs seem to like to push one half of a story and ignore the other half. So some blogs will take an angle that the Jews did this or that and ignore the Nazi and German angle. Or they will blame just the Germans and ignore some other angle. Or they will blame everything on the CIA but totally ignore the DIA, OAS and other groups equally involved.

    It is good to see someone looking at all sides of these conspiracies and not acting like a limited hangout.

    For what it is worth, on 9/11 there were all of those rumors that one of the hijacked planes had landed in Cleveland Ohio and the passengers disembarked into the NASA Glenn Research Center after allegedly doing some type of Operation Northwoods style plane swap in the air. I don't know the full truth to that story, it has been difficult to pin down due to so many retractions. Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio has Nazi operation Paperclip connections and Wright Patterson is also a place from which a lot of UFO disinfo comes. So this 9/11 alleged airline to remote control plane swap, sounds just like Operation Northwoods which is a NATO Gladio type operation from Lemnitzer and Dulles. And Operation Paperclip of course is also one of Dulles' project. NATO Belgium pal Donald Rumsfeld just happened to be running the Pentagon when the 9/11 attacks occur. So Cheney, Rumsfeld and Kissinger are around the Pentagon and wheels of American power at two major points in American history when serious shit is going down in America and the powers that be call on a few useful bastards to cover up some really nasty stuff being done in America(mid 70s and 2001). There was a strong German Nazi element in the assassination of JFK and a strong German(Nazi?) element in the events of 9/11. And a good number of Americans that covered it all up and continue to do so. Now it should be remembered that immediately after 9/11 it started to circulate in the alternative media that Pentagon comptroller Dov Zakheim(Jewish) had been involved in remote control plane technology. This is an interesting thing... one of those where there is smoke there is fire type situations. The remote control plane theories were immediately attached to "Jews" making it a topic that the left steered away from. Also as Comptroller it allows Rumsfeld's missing 2.3 Trillion to be blamed on the "Jew" which is exactly what all of the nutty Nazi aligned UFO conspiracies sites like Rense started to do.

    As for Torbitt, I had a hunch the Torbitt document was deflecting blame from somewhere and never knew that it was the CIA it was redirecting blame from. So now if I read it I can keep that in mind....the CIA pointing at the Nazi involvement.

    If you can work some NASA in while weeding out the disinfo and discredited stuff that would be great. Look forward to reading that. For now, I need to finish the latest one. Thanks!

    Dot Connector

  8. I repeatedly note the "German" Nazi connections a few times above. The emphasis is not really on the Germans, but on the NAZIS. Because this is not at the ultimate root a German thing(although there seems to be a German tendency in this regard) but a FASCIST thing. So Nazis, OAS, WACL, White Russian Solidarists, Spanish Falangistas, America Neo-Nazis all were involved. The problem here at its root is FASCISTS, not Germans.

    Dot Connector

  9. A couple more quicks dots re: Operation Northwoods, JFK and 9/11 connections.

    Operation Northwoods was floated some time around March of 1962 to Robert McNamara. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1962 was General Lyman Lemnitzer. He presented Operation Northwoods to McNamara and Kennedy. Kennedy told NumNutzer to GTFO. Kennedy tells Allan Dulles to also GTFO.

    A few months later in November of 1962 Lemnitzer becomes Commander of U.S. forces in Europe and then Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in January 1963(Kennedy is assassinated in November of 1963).

    So Lemnitzer is over there at NATO at a time when a bunch of Gladio type events are starting to heat up in Europe(Years of Lead were late 60s to early 80s). And his buddy Dulles is one of the key instigators of Operation Gladio.

    And Dulles of course connects to the Paine family who lead and positioned Oswald to get framed up for the JFK assassination with the help of some White Russian Anti-Commies and Nazis.

    As you recently blogged, French OAS and Permindex are also in the background.... and at the same time Lemnitzer happens to be heading up NATO. Who asked Lemnitzer to go to head up NATO in 62-63? OAS as a stay behind type group would therefore be under NATO if I am not mistaken. OAS and Permindex both are European Gladio type networks. French OAS guy Jean Rene Souetre and French SDECE informant and drug trafficker Michel Mertz have been said to be in Dallas on the day of the assassination. Mertz is said to be tied to the Corsican mob and has Montreal ties. The CIA is supporting the Corsican mob in its fight against Communists for control of the Marseilles ports. Souetre was then expelled from Dallas a few hours after the assassination. Souetre is said to have ties to Howard Hunt and General Edwin Walker.

    Dot Connector

    1. Shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy, Michel Mertz piloted a single engine plane out of Dallas. His passanger was the person who had been the "grassy knoll" shooter. They headed to Mexico, and eventually got to Mexico City. The GK shooter spent a couple of weeks doing R & R south of the border, before coming back to the states to organize affairs before heading to Vietnam. The GK shooter had been associated with Alpha 66 and had trained and the operation from Alpha while in Dallas. The hit team of Alpha was holed up at a safe house on Harlandale St. in Dallas.

  10. Dot Connector-

    Curtis LeMay also had some type of tie to Wright-Patterson that I'm still trying to pin down. In general, the military element of the UFO community seems to have been dominated by officers associated with MacArthur for years afterwards. The Pipe was of course one of the highest ranking government officials to speak out concerning the UFO question.

    On the whole, the 1960s and 1970s were peak years for Gladio-type operations in Europe and here during the Cold War. They still continued in the 1980s and until the end of the Cold War but they simply weren't as necessary by then because of the rightward drift (i.e. Thatcherism and Reaganism) in the West during this time frame (a climate of which the 1960/70s Gladio-type operations played a key role in creating). After the Cold War things went into high gear again before the citizenship got accustomed to the "Peace Dividend".

    By 1963 I believe OAS was affiliated with the Gehlen Org and the Paladin Group and were largely based out of Spain (the heart of post-WWII European fascism until Franco's death). This was around the point, however, when US officials began to turn on the SDECE and their Corsican allies.


  11. Hi Recluse. LeMay's Wright-Patterson ties are definitely interesting. I figure any conspiracy research tied to Wright Patterson is probably going to tie somehow to UFOs. The purpose of the UFO phenomenon IMHO is as a way of reshaping belief systems. The UFO phenomenon and Dead Sea scrolls hit at the same time around 1947. UFOs trained people to believe that the world is unknowable(kind of like how we are made to believe the JFK and 9/11 conspiracies are unknowable), therefore, you need "Wise Men" to take your money from you and tell you what to believe. That belief that the world needs to be unknowable and confusing to the masses is the same type of belief that props up monarchists, fascists and the Catholic church. Many of the major conspiracy and terror events over the past 50 years have had the long range effect of making American's more docile and infantile by keeping them confused and continuously under assault by forces they are not allowed to understand. This is a strategy also being played out against South America, and people in the middle east.

    The Dead Sea scrolls on the other hand weakened the authority of the Bible and church leaders by showing that the early texts of the Bible were quite a bit different in the first century in terms of the words in the books and the canons considered to be part of Holy Scriptures. So the west took a bit of a beating on its beliefs systems 1946-1948. This is roughly the same time frame that Paperclip Nazis are being allowed to infiltrate the USA.

    If by 1963 the OAS was hooked up with the Nazi Gehlen group that would make perfect sense in terms of the Fascist/Nazi affiliated actors around Oswald.

    Dot Connector

  12. Dot Connector-

    Sorry for taking so long to respond to you.

    1947 seems to have been the year things got really weird --the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the first great wave of modern UFO sightings, the National Security Act that created the CIA, NSA and the perpetual national security state, the onset of the Cold War, etc.

    And yes, I agree that the extraterrestrial theory as well as fundamentalist Christianity (i.e., that was endorsed by the Emperor Constantine onwards) were attempts to put an administrator/priest class between the plebs and the spiritual so that they do not try to seek it out for themselves. Hence the reluctance of mainstream authorities to discuss the curious ties entheogens have to both.


  13. Thanks for the reference to JFK - The Final Solution. My recent research also mentions Wickliffe Draper's uncle George Otis Draper who was part of The Pershing Expedition as well.

  14. And Col. Robert McCormick, founder of The Chicago Tribune as well as The America First isolationist group published Little Orphan Annie ("Annie" Vonsiatsky) and Big Daddy Warbucks (Draper)

  15. And Richard Condon refers to the Angletons, Revilo Oliver, Robert Morris, Draper and Vonsiatsky in The Manchurian Candidate as early as 1959.

  16. The leaders of The China Lobby included Robert Morris and Marvin Liebmann among others and we all know that Morris and Willoughby were thick as thieves according to Brussell and Turner. Plus Singlaub was stationed in China with Cline and others during World War II a few hundred kilometers north of Harbin, Manchuria the exile home of Vonsiatsky and deMohrenschildt.

  17. You can get JFK The Final Solution here:

  18. Recluse, don't worry about taking some time to reply to your readers. We understand that you have got to be pretty busy writing all of this stuff. Just good to see you have time to reply to readers at all. As for me, been busy too... my reading is still having trouble keeping up with your posts!

    Dot Connector

  19. Recluse, one more... considering the stuff we talked about above, here is a really interesting article coming out of Ohio:

    Dot Connector

  20. Patrick Henry-

    Sorry for taking so long to respond to you --a combination of the holidays and illness have put me behind on responding for readers. If you are who I think you are, I thank you very much for commenting on my blog. I try to plug "JFK --The Final Solution" as much as a can --it is one of the first books I recommend to readers as well if they request reading lists. If there's anyway you could contact me (my email can be found on my profile) there are some questions about Vonsiatsky I'd love to ask you.

    Dot Connector-

    Sorry for not getting around to NASA at the conclusion of the JFK series. As noted above, I was sick as a dog for much of the past week (which didn't help the editing process of the final JFK installment either:). I'll try to so something with NASA at some point next year.

    In the mean time you may want to check out some of Rune Soup's writings on NASA, which I've found to be excellent. This post ties into some of the topics discussed here in relation to the Kennedy assassination. This more recent post was excellent as well.


  21. I've always looked for the "overlapping" of interests and agents of those who were Kennedy's political enemies. the cia, mafia, texas oil, military, minutemen - it is the nexus of these groups whose anti-communism rode an extremist bent. you've helped in narrowing down the focus as to the operative group in Dallas. in 1995 I ran into an old timer using the name of John Bowen working for a religious charity organ.- salvation army. He told me he was involved in "wet operations" and had been in many countries.

  22. Anon-

    I'm glad you've found the series to be useful. That's very interesting about meeting a "John Bowden." It seems like "Bowden" or some very on the name was used by more than a few operatives over the years.


  23. Masen doesn't look anything like Oswald. face shape, position of features and ears.

  24. abrievation G N -Gordon Novel -Gordon M D Novel (February 7, 1938 – October 3, 2012) New Orleans.
    KC: Did you have anything to do with the death of Robert Kennedy or JackKennedy?
    GN: No, absolutely not.KC: Now why do people thinkthat you did?GN: Because I was working at the White House and then on a counter-intelligence
    project that was kind of important. And I got referenced over toGarrison and he made me his chief
    of security. And Idiscovered that he was fabricating evidence. And hefound out that I’d discovered
    that and he turned it overto NBC. So he decided that the best way was to makeme his most important
    material witness.And he wasn’taccusing me of a crime, but it cost me a lot of grief and a lot of people
    thought I was involved, which Iwasn’t. Never was involved in that. I have one of thebest alibis in the world.
    [chuckles]GN: Yeah. I was in favor of his revelations that were apparently about tohappen having to do with
    extraterrestrial technologies. And I think that theykept him in the dark on a lot of stuff and it was
    one of the reasons thatmotivated him towant to go to the moon. So I was very pro John F.Kennedy.KC: OK. And...GN: Very pro.KC: Very
    pro.GN: Yeah.KC: Uh huh. And whatabout Robert Kennedy?GN: I was personally affiliated with the
    Attorney General during the Garrisonthing and afterwards, when he ran for
    President. And my only feeling about 7him is that he probably helped precipitate a lot of the problems
    that causedthe assassination of his brother... by chasing the the Mafia, for example.
    GN: The Mafia supported his brother’s election, substantively, and they gotvery angry at him
    , along with folks like the ex-Gehlen Organization of theNazis and other people like that, that were out to
    get him..., I mightadd, were really all out to get him and didn’t want him to, to do.....GN: Yeah.
    Robert Kennedy: assassinated by a Manchurian candidate...KC: And did they have something to dowith the death of Robert Kennedy?GN: I don’t think that they had
    anything to do with the death of Robert Kennedy.Robert Kennedy was murdered byassassination. It was a
    Manchuriancandidate type of thing and I don’t know who engineered it. But I’ve never, ever,known an individual
    at the CIA to everindicate to me that they were part of anyplot. And I’ve known a lot
    of ‘em,including directors.KC: And what about John Kennedy? Was that a Manchurian candidate aswell?
    John Kennedy’s assassin: a patsy..GN: Nah, I think it was just a patsy. Oswald was picked for his role in
    maybeone of a dozen plots that were being hatched off at the time and he just happened to be in the right
    place at the right time to get the ... to pin thetail on the donkey..KC: OK. So how many shots were fired? [smiles]GN: Well, I mean, you can... as near as I can hear there were, like, three or four. So, you
    know, I don’tbelieve that he did it, that anybody could have donethat the way they claim he did it. And I couldn’t do
    itand I don’t know anybody that could do it. And so Idon’t believe it. I don’t believe the Mannlicher-Carcano (weapon)
    did the deed. It may have well been used in the deed, but did it actually cause the death? I’m not sure what did it. It
    could have beenfrangible bulletscoming from somewhere else up on the grassy knoll.KC: Uh huh. And did you think that, I guess, Lyndon Johnson, or
    anyoneelse, had a hand in it?GN: If they did, they certainly kept it away from me ‘cause I was workingwith the Chief of Staff at the White
    House at the time. When the Garrisonthing came down I was working with the Chief of Staff and I never knew anyinvolvement by the Chief
    of Staff or Mr. Johnson, and I was very friendlywith both of ‘em.KC: Uh huh.GN: The answer is, I think that they were just down the pecking
    order of power that runs the world and they just happened to be conveniently in theplaces where they were at the time.KC: OK. So, well, as
    far as Majestic, or the Illuminati, or the Bilderbergs orthe Rockefellers..

  25. For the most part the comments I have been reading by most of the apparently under informed and/or totally biased Authors are so far off base that it is almost laughable.
    This note is by Bernie Weissman, Looking back 55 years.

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