Sunday, November 13, 2011

Memetracking and PSYOPS

We are the cause of our own suffering.

This is a phrase that is running through my mind more and more each day. Maybe its the epic practical joke otherwise known as the U.S. Presidential elections that is creeping up upon us, or simply the bluntness of the headlines as revelation of method creeps into overdrive. Either way, the common American glories in their own enslavement as no other peoples in history ever have before. Let us simply consider two recent items, one concerning the social media, the other addressing PSYOPS in the MSM. We shall begin with the so-called 'vengeful librarians' and their infiltration of the social medias:
"The Associated Press reports that the CIA maintains a social-media tracking center operated out of an nondescript building in a Virginia industrial park. The intelligence analysts at the agency's Open Source Center, who other agents refer to as "vengeful librarians," are tasked with sifting through millions of tweets, Facebook messages, online chat logs, and other public data on the World Wide Web to glean insights into the collective moods of regions or groups abroad. According to the Associated Press, these librarians are tracking up to five million tweets a day from places like China, Pakistan and Egypt...
"The CIA facility wasn't built specifically to track the ebb and flow of social media: The program was established in response to a recommendation by the 9/11 Commission with the initial mandate to focus on counterterrorism and counterproliferation. According to the Associated Press, the center shifted gears and started focusing on social media after watching thousands of Iranian protesters turn to Twitter during the Iranian election protests of 2009, challenging the results of the elections that put Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad back in power.
"In the past few years, sentiment and mood analysis have become mainstays in the defense and intelligence communities. Last October, an Electronic Frontier Foundation lawsuit revealed how the Department of Homeland Security has carefully monitored a variety of public online sources, from social networks to highly popular blogs like Daily Kos for years, alleging that 'leading up to President Obama's January 2009 inauguration, DHS established a Social Networking Monitoring Center (SNMC) to monitor social-networking sites for 'items of interest.' 'In August, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), invited analysts to submit proposals on the research applications of social media to strategic communication. DARPA planned on shelling out $42 million in funding for 'memetrackers' to develop 'innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems.' "

Yes dear reader, DARPA has know embraced 'memetrackers.' Let us briefly consider the meme.
"Attempts to understand the tidal wave that is the copycat effect have also been undertaken by the protoscience of the meme or 'idea virus.' In terms of the history of the acceptance of the copycat effect, this is significant because the concept has moved from acceptance to explanation.
"While the concept had been in the air since 1976, Richard Dawkins formalized the notion of memes in his 1990 book The Selfish Gene. A meme... is a contagious idea that replicates like a virus, passing from mind to mind. 'Memes function the same way genes and viruses do, propagating through communication networks and face-to-face contact between people,' noted David S. Bennahum, editor and founder of the newsletter MEME in 1995. ' 'Memetics,' a field of study, postulates that the meme is the basic unit of cultural evolution. Examples of memes include melodies, icons, fashion statements and phrases.' "
(The Copycat Effect, Loren Coleman, pgs. 253-254)

The effects of memes can go well beyond trivial things such as fashion trends, however.
"Memes are applied to suicides and murders via the Werther effect, of course, the concept coined by David Phillips. One of Phillips's first associates, Paul Marsden, has been working on a book called Contagion: The Science of Infectious Ideas, which essentially reworks his psychology doctorate thesis. The subjects he covers illustrate how widespread the memetics people think memes are: reflex contagion (e.g., yawning and laughter), emotional contagion (e.g. fear, anxiety, sadness, and depression), crowd contagion (e.g., aggression and panic), hysterical contagion (e.g., psychogenic disorders such as anorexia, deliberate self-harm, and chronic fatigue syndrome), suicide contagion (e.g., suicidal thoughts and acts), financial contagion (e.g. speculative trading) and consumer contagion (e.g. fads, fashions, and crazes).
"Marsden has become a firm convert to the meme. He feels that 'mind viruses spread through a Darwinian process of imitation. We know for example that if a suicide is reported in the mass media, the suicide rate will rise in the following month. A few people with poor immunity to this mind virus will become infected and display similar symptoms to the original victim -they will commit suicide.' Furthermore, writes Marsden, 'the amount of violence seen on US television screens correlates positively with US homicides. We know as well that suicide victims following a publicized suicide story will more likely than not resemble the reported victim.' "
(ibid, 254-255)
I will now remind the reader that the Arab Spring revolts were essentially triggered by the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian street vendor who set himself on fire, an event that received mass media coverage in addition to setting social media networks ablaze (har har). The CIA (specifically the after mentioned 'vengeful librarians') claims that it was able to predict the revolution that spread to Egypt via these various social media networks:
"From Arabic to Mandarin, from an angry tweet to a thoughtful blog, the analysts gather the information, often in a native tongue. They cross-reference it with a local newspaper or a clandestinely intercepted phone conversation. From there, they build a picture sought by the highest levels at the White House. There might be a real-time peek, for example, at the mood of a region after the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, or perhaps a prediction of which Mideast nation seems ripe for revolt.
Yes, they saw the uprising in Egypt coming; they just didn't know exactly when revolution might hit, says the center's director, Doug Naquin.
The center already had 'predicted that social media in places like Egypt could be a game-changer and a threat to the regime,' he said in an interview."

As much as I love the Internet, it is an invaluable data mine for organizations like DARPA and the CIA. The notion of 'memetracking' that is being publicly revealed is possibly the most effective way of predicting the future (other than creating it, of course) available to the Cryptocracy. This blog itself is something that I've often been torn over in that I have a burning desire to bring more attention to obscure pieces of history, religion, and myth but am also afraid that it will do more harm than good. The vengeful librarians are yet another consideration in the latter feeling.

As for PSYOPS, consider this nugget:
"Environmental activist Sharon Wilson showed up to an oil industry event in Houston last week and caught a startling glimpse into how the fracking industry approaches residents in towns where they drill.

"Wilson recorded industry insiders confirming they hire military psychological operation veterans, and use procedures pulled straight from the Army's counterinsurgency manual."
The article from Business Insider goes on to give various examples of how PSYOPS are possibly being used by multinational corporations on the general public. Of course, this is nothing new -Corporations have been engaged in PSYOPS on the public for decades now, most notably in the entertainment and media industries. Consider this piece from the Washington Post (which was a major part of Operation Mockingbird) on the perception change the movie Top Gun had on the American public's view of war and the military:
"A country questioning its overall military posture, and a military establishment engaging in a counter-campaign for hearts and minds — if this feels like deja vu, that’s because it’s taking place on the 25th anniversary of the release of 'Top Gun.'
"That Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster, made in collaboration with the Pentagon, came out in the mid-1980s, when polls showed many Americans expressing doubts about the post-Vietnam military and about the constant saber rattling from the White House. But the movie’s celebration of sweat-shined martial machismo generated $344 million at the box office and proved to be a major force in resuscitating the military’s image.
"Not only did enlistment spike when “Top Gun” was released, and not only did the Navy set up recruitment tables at theaters playing the movie, but polls soon showed rising confidence in the military. With Ronald Reagan wrapping military adventurism in the flag, with the armed forces scoring low-risk but high-profile victories in Libya and Grenada, America fell in love with Maverick, Iceman and other high-fivin’ silver-screen super-pilots as they traveled Mach 2 while screaming about 'the need for speed.'
"Today, 'Top Gun' lives on in cable reruns, in the American psyche and, most important, in how it turned the Hollywood-Pentagon relationship into a full-on Mav-Goose bromance that ideologically slants films from their inception.
"The 1986 movie, starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, was the template for a new Military-Entertainment Complex. During production, the Pentagon worked hand-in-hand with the filmmakers, reportedly charging Paramount Pictures just $1.8 million for the use of its warplanes and aircraft carriers. But that taxpayer-subsidized discount came at a price — the filmmakers were required to submit their script to Pentagon brass for meticulous line edits aimed at casting the military in the most positive light. (One example: Time magazine reported that Goose’s death was changed from a midair collision to an ejection scene, because 'the Navy complained that too many pilots were crashing.')
"Although 'Top Gun' was not the first movie to exchange creative input for Pentagon assistance and resources, its success set that bargain as a standard for other filmmakers, who began deluging the Pentagon with requests for collaboration. By the time the 1991 Persian Gulf War began, Phil Strub, the Pentagon’s liaison to the movie industry, told the Hollywood Reporter that he’d seen a 70 percent increase in the number of requests from filmmakers for assistance — effectively changing the way Hollywood works."

Earlier we noted that the US Intelligence community is looking for a few good memetrackers. Here, we see that PSYOPS is being directly used by multinational corporations on the American public, especially via the media and entertainment industries. This means that not only are the spooks tracking memes, but they're directly implanting them into the Group Mind. In fact, DARPA is attempting to make an actual science out of storytelling (and by default, the memes that weave their way through the stories). Wired notes:
"Mark Twain once tried to distinguish between the storyteller’s art and tales that a machine could generate. He observed that stringing 'incongruities and absurdities together in a wandering and sometimes purposeless way, and seem innocently unaware that they are absurdities,' was the province of the American storyteller. A machine might imitate simple formulas behind yarns, but never quite master them.
"The Pentagon’s freewheeling research arm is hoping to prove Twain wrong. Darpa is asking scientists to 'take narratives and make them quantitatively analyzable in a rigorous, transparent and repeatable fashion.' The idea is to detect terrorists who have been indoctrinated by propaganda. Then, the Pentagon can respond with some messages of its own.
"The program is called 'Narrative Networks.' By understanding how stories have shaped your mind, the Pentagon hopes to sniff out who has fallen prey to dangerous ideas, a neuroscience researcher involved in the project tells Danger Room. With this knowledge, the military can also target groups vulnerable to terrorists’ recruiting tactics with its own counter-messaging.
“ 'Stories are important in security contexts,' Darpa said in an Oct. 7 solicitation for research proposals. Stories 'change the course of insurgencies, frame negotiations, play a role in political radicalization, influence the methods and goals of violent social movements.' The desire to study narratives has been simmering for a while in the Defense Department. A Darpa workshop in April to discuss the “neurobiology of narratives” added momentum to this project...
"Once scientists have perfected the science of how stories affect our neurochemistry, they will develop tools to 'detect narrative influence.' These tools will enable 'prevention of negative behavioral outcomes … and generation of positive behavioral outcomes, such as building trust.' In other words, the tools will be used to detect who’s been controlled by subversive ideologies, better allowing the military to drown out that message and win people onto their side.
“ 'The government is already trying to control the message, so why not have the science to do it in a systematic way?' said the researcher familiar with the project.

Indeed. It is for this reason that I'm often wary of addressing pop culture, especially newer music and films, in this blog. Many across the blogosphere are obsessed with 'exposing' the occult symbolism that dominates the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, I think this quest simply provides a justification to continue watching and listening to the products of what can be charitably described as highly comprised industries. Thus, they same memes that are implanted by the US Intelligence community continue to spread regardless of whether the individual in question is 'awakened' or not. What's more, even those that are 'awakened' are being manipulated towards negative actions. Hence, the rise of what I like to think of as the 'Soldier-of-the-Apocolpyse' types that have watched Fight Club and V For Vendetta one to many times. I've already chronicled the fall out of to much V For Vendetta before here.

Be wary dear readers.


  1. Great, great, great.
    Anyway, indoctrination through subliminals in movies and its posters is expected.
    Look for the airplanes in the explosion scene of LETHAL WEAPON (1987):
    Watch the street sign. What the detective does with his hand in his lips.

  2. Anon-

    Nice catch. Glover makes a nice Harpocrates.:)


  3. Yep! Exactly!.
    Now, you return to
    and look for the poster of "16 BLOCKS."
    Notice the "911" and "811."
    After that, go to
    and, at the end of the article, look for the pictures where the MIF team changes the numbers of the rooms of the hotel in Dubai. From "119 G" to "118 G." [Movie produced by "SKYDANCE."]
    It propably means that the next "911" will be an "811."
    The Olympic Games, London, last day: August the 12th, 2012.
    811 = August, the 11th.
    In "Battleship" "G" is a planet. [Movie produced by "SKYDANCE" too.]
    What else does the "G" mean? :-D
    Do you imagine what is the relation between Richard Donner and the brave men that defend the U.S.? :-)

  4. Anon-

    I'm sorry about the wait. I should check my comment section much more regularly.:)

    Nice catches, especially the strange hotel door number thingie.

    I was just skimming over Donner's career and he has certainly been behind an interesting assortment of films --the original "Superman", "The Omen", "The Goonies", etc. The one that really stood out to me was "Conspiracy Theory," which I had totally forgotten Donner directed. It's been a while since I've seen it, but I remember it being a rather scathing parody of conspiracy culture. I really need to go back and check it out again after you've pointed out some of the allusions in his other films to me.


  5. OK.
    Mr. Donner (whose career and movies I admire so much) was in the U.S. NAVY, he was in the photographic unit and he traveled around the world as part of his active service that "lasted" one year.

    He stated all that in a interview. The interview may be seen in the internet. It has several parts. I must see it again in order to identify the exact moments of the interview where tbese topics are mentioned. I will do that gladly in a following post. Anyway, the first part of the interview is here:

    (The great artist who is) Richard Donner also stated in the interview that he uses non evident visual messages in his movies. For example, the sign that means "no fur" [or "fur banned"] or phrases against the apartheid. He is very honest in the interview. He even states that he has "final cut." This means that he has the responsibility of the final editing of the movie. Well, he is honest, but he is not telling us about ALL the images or visual messages he infiltrates in a movie.

    Mr. Donner wrote scripts for the tv series known as "MEN OF ANNAPOLIS" [Annapolis (Maryland) is the place where the U.S. Naval Academy is located.] We can verify this by going to the Special Collections of the Georgetown University Libraries:

    The Folder Listing of the (U.S.) Department of Defense Film Collection indicates that Mr. Donner wrote
    "ALL AMERICAN" (Box: 1 Fold: 18}, 1956-1957;
    "BLUE & GRAY" (Box: 1 Fold: 19), 1957;
    "BY THE BOOK" (Box: 1 Fold: 20), 1956-1957;
    "THE RACE" (Box: 2 Fold: 1 & Fold: 2), 1956-1957;

    In November 1961 the movie "X-15" (directed by Richard Donner) was well received by the critics. The movie was supported by the Pentagon (U.S. Department of Defense.) We can read about the initial objections of the Department of the Air Force here:

    This is basic background on Mr. Donner and his relation to the brave men who defend the U.S..

    I will point out other allusions in his other films in a following post.

    Last year I sent a proposal to the ACADEMY FILM SCHOLARS PROGRAM. The title of the project was "MOVIES AND PSYWAR." If you want you could read the "Project Statement Summary" here:

    (Read the "Table of Contents" and give me your opinion :-D).

  6. Did you erase my recent answer? :-) [or was it "automatic"?] :-)

  7. Anon-

    I didn't erase anything... Did you have another post besides the one at 1:41 AM? I checked my spam box as well, but nothing was in there. Sorry if one of your comments was lost.

    Anyway, as to your post... Wow. I was never a huge fan of Donner's work back when I closely followed movies, so I had no idea of his background with the US Navy (which naturally doesn't seem to appear in any of his bios online).

    Your Academy of Film Scholars piece looks absolutely superb... I'm already copying down the names of the several of the books you displayed.:)

    Out of curiousity, what were the films you used for section four of the table of contents? I've been thinking about the predictive programming behind 9/11 a lot lately due to a piece I'm currently working on "Being John Malkovich," which includes several odd shots of the Twin towers throughout.


  8. Ha-ha-ha! Do the comments need approval? I do not see my last comment... :-D

  9. Thanks!.

    I didn't have another post after the one at 1:41 AM but, when I visited the site, it was not possible to see the comment. The comment at 1:41 AM appeared after my comment at 11:46 AM. ?¡ (weird... :-D).

    The bibliography I sent with my project is here:

    This bibliography doesn´t include all the books that are displayed at:

    Because I sent only a project, I didn't have to actually write down section four (or three, two, one.) I just organized four sections having in mind that they would allow me to describe the phenomenon in is entirety (sections 1-3) and that I would have to provide an example (section 4.)

    The titles of the sections had to describe the essence of the situations but, I think that I didn't create the titles because I borrowed ideas already existing in the internet. For example, "Section 2: The U.S. Intelligence Community Propaganda Machine" is an adaptation of the title of a book written by James William Fulbrigth: "The Pentagon Propaganda Machine," published in November 1970. The cover of the book is here:

    The movies I would use for Section Four have been recognized by other people and there are many videos that point them out.

    For my enjoyment, I would use two franchises: "DIE HARD" and "LETHAL WEAPON." I would mention "THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT", too (and probably the famous episode from THE LONE GUNMEN.) And also "THE EXORCIST" (1973) because it demonizes Iraq in advance, in order to create a feeling that would be use to generate conflict in the future.


    Here, there is an excellent compilation on the subject:

    Oh! The following ones are movies not related to 911 but that show that Peru is under a subtle psychological attack (which means that a future war of invasion is already planned):
    1)WILD AT HEART [1990] (directed by David Lynch)
    2)THE AVIATOR [2004] (directed by Martin Scorsese)
    3)LEMONEY SNICKET'S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS [2004] (directed by Brad Silberling)
    4)50 FIRST DATES [2004] (directed by Peter Segal)
    5)THE MUMMY: TOMB OF DRAGON EMPEROR [2008] (directed by Rob Cohen)
    6)TWILIGHT [2008] (directed by Catherine Hardwicke)
    7)INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL [2008] (directed by Steven Spielberg)

    Your piece on "Being John Malkovich" is (already) a must-read for everyone interested in predicting programming!

  10. For 9-11 I would use:
    1)"Fight Club" (1999) [directed by David Fincher]

    2)"Casino" (1995) [directed by Martin Scorsese]
    There are two scenes in the landing strip and we can see several buildings demolished (and the Sphinx, too = it is a new building.)

    3)"Escape From New York" (1981) [directed by John Capenter]
    In this movie we can see a crashed airplane in the middle of N.Y.. Also, it is possible to see the commercial airplane flying towards N.Y./Twin Towers.

    4) The poster of "Superman 2."

  11. In "CASINO" (1995) it is possible to see that a safety deposit box has the number 911 or 119. It is part of the background, the camera is in movement but, if you pay attention, it is possible to notice the number (I freeze the frame when watching the movie in DVD format.)

    Also, "TERMINATOR 2" (1991) [directed by James Cameron] has a 911 message.

    I would add "TRUE LIES" (1994) [directed by James Cameron] and "BLUE THUNDER" (1983) [directed by John Badham] due to the aerial battles that partially destroy buildings.

  12. I think this is interesting:

    If Danny Glover is playing Harpocrates...
    what character is playing Mel Gibson? [a character/bird that has big eyes? :-)]

  13. By the way, at the end of "CASINO" (1995) [directed by Martin Scorsese] Sam "Ace" Rothstein (Robert De Niro) is wearing glasses that are similar to those ones that Mel Gibson is wearing in (the scene of the explosion in) "LETHAL WEAPON" (1987) [directed by Richard Donner.]

  14. Anon-

    I'm not sure why some of your messages aren't appearing, or are going in the spam box... I think my comment section has gremlnis.:)

    Now that you mention it, I think the crashed plane was used in one of the posters for "Escape From New York" as well. I think Carpenter's work has some of the richest symbolism around... very overlooked by a lot of people because of his reputation as a B movie director. I'll have to go back and watch "New York" (as well as "Escape From L.A.") someday soon. I was already thinking about doing a post on "Princes of Darkness."

    Scorsese's another great one... "Taxi Driver" is not only a blatant examination of programmed assassins, it's also a trigger. I was curious to go back and check out "King of Comedy" and "Cape Fear" again for that reason. I haven't seen "Casino" in a while but I dug it back then and will check it out some time again.

    As far as Gibson goes, I'm thinking Ra.:)


    1. This is fascinating!

      I thought Mel Gibson was the owl that we "see" in the (one) dollar bill. The owl is Ra! Ha-ha-ha!!! (Even though, according to Wikipedia "the most usual form was a man with the head of a hawk.") [Whatever!]

      Then, Tom Cruise in "MI4: Ghost Protocol" would be Ra, too. Ethan Hunt wears goggles that resemble the eyes of a bird (I thought the bird was an owl.)

      One of the posters of the movie depicts him wearing the goggles and the external part of his glove shows the pyramid / triangle. :-)

      Ethan Hunt "dances in the sky" [SKYDANCE in one of the companies that produced the movie] and "falls from the sky" {SKYFALL is the 2012 James Bond installment.] In fact, we see him almost "walking in the sky" [LUKE SKYWALKER is a famous character from STAR WARS.]

      So, are the famous E.T.s that have slanted eyes representations of Ra?. This would explain a lot, I think
      {but it would not explain why your comment section has gremlins...]

      I didn't see "Prince Of Darkness" {now, I must.)

      Yep, this poster of "ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK" is extremely suggestive [if it is not self-evident] :-D:

      "TAXI DRIVER" ... A trigger? Should we ask Ronald Reagan?
      Travis Bickle used to be a soldier ("an honorably discharged Marine".) From my perspective, the end credits of "GANGS OF NEW YORK" tell us about who is who in the acting circles. The letters of the name of the movie are designed is a way the resemble the letters of the one dollar bill. Here we can see my graphic analysis of the letters of the dollar bill:

      In "TAXI DRIVER" there is a senseless scene where a character (Tom [Albert Brooks], who is a friend of Betsy [Cybill Shepherd]) flashes the devil's horns evidently with a mindless excuse.

      I must see "THE KING OF COMEDY" completely. I will watch "CAPE FEAR" again. Fascinating, fascinating, fascinating.

  15. If 911 was:
    1) Controlled explosions in the towers plus
    2) missiles on location plus
    3) smoke machines in the buildings plus
    4) computer generated images (CGI) on the television plus
    5) controlled demolition of the towers plus
    6) political manipulation of the event, then...
    "LETHAL WEAPON" (1987) [directed by Richard Donner, produced by Richard Donner & Joel Silver] is PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING.
    Can it be considered "a trigger"?

    So, "TAXI DRIVER" (1976) [directed by Martin Scorsese] can be PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING in relation to the attack to Ronald Reagan. This would mean that as external participants, as viewers, we do not know everything that happened during the Reagan assassination attempt.

    If 911 was staged as a movie, with a combination of techniques, the Reagan assassination attempt could have been staged as well. After all, Ronald Reagan WAS an actor, the same way The Twin Towers could have been built as a set, designed to be demolished.

    We would not need "programmed assassins" but cold manipulators. "TAXI DRIVER" would not be a trigger but conditioning to a specific scenario.

    I prefer a simple explanation. The kind of explanation that describes the mechanism of the manipulation in such a way that makes the whole event look like an "elemental" magic trick.

    Then, we should analyze the "assassination of John F. Kennedy" again. Was it another "magic trick"?. And the "Moon landings"?.

    When the news depend on electronic broadcasting, movies or printed material... we have a unique opportunity for manipulating perceptions.

    My viewpoint would allow us to understand why PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING is so necessary: being conditioned to understand a social pattern in a specific way, we stop thinking and looking for alternative explanations that would show us the reality behind the appearance.

    There are crimes, of course!: lying and manipulating and creating terrible wars but, the main characters involved are part of the hoax.

    Thus, was Abraham Lincoln really murdered??? :-D

  16. Anon-

    This is fascinating stuff! Some things, such as the moon landing, I've questioned for years. Another possibility is that our space equipment is radically different than what has been presented to the public.

    Of course, to stage some of these things, such as 9/11, it would require a tremendous amount of prep work and patience. Then there's the process of bringing the building down... Would this be easier, or more cost effective, than refining already disturbed individuals into disciplined assassins?

    I find it most interesting that the recent shooting in Aurora was predicted in Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns" miniseries in the mid-1980s. It's remarkable how blatant its becoming nowadays.

    Lincoln? What about Peterno?:)


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Well, it is possible that the space equipment is radically different that what is shown. Anyway, nothing changes if space travel is non existent. Many religions show images to prove their concepts. NASA shows more images to prove more concepts. Many religions are profitable. NASA receives lots of money.

    In "SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE" (1978) the director is RICHARD DONNER. Then, we can expect a psyop somewhere in the movie. In fact, the words "NEW ORDER" and "NEW WORLD" are part of two different dialogues. Even more, the "creative consultant" was TOM MANKIEWICZ who was the screenwriter (with RICHARD MAIBAUM)of "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER" (1971) where James Bond walks across the set that is used to film astronauts walking on the Moon.
    So, we have a director [RICHARD DONNER] who was in the photographic unit of the U.S. Navy collaborating with a screenwriter of the James Bond franchise who tells us in "DIAM0NDS ARE FOREVER" that the Moon landing is a hoax. So, if "LETHAL WEAPON" (1987) is creating psychological conditioning at the subliminal level years in advance of 911... then, we can think that "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER" is telling the truth in a funny way. [Also, TOM MANKIEWICZ is the screenwriter of "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED" (1976) directed by JOHN STURGES.]

    Even more than that, the other screenwriter of "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER" is RICHARD MAIBAUM, who joined PARAMOUNT PICTURES after his military service in World War II. "MAIBUM spent the war years with the Army´s Film Division."
    The screenwriter of "O.S.S." (1946) is RICHARD MAIBAUM. "O.S.S." is about the OFFICE OF STRATEGIC SERVICES (precursor to the CIA) and "ex-agents acted as film consultants." Mr. MAIBAUM contributed to 13 movies of the James Bond franchise.
    Wouldn´t Mr. MAIBAUM tell us the truth through a movie?

    When the production of electronic and printed messages is totally controlled, all kind of versions of alternative realities may be believed by the those who ignore how the messages are produced, by those who believe that there is a "free" press or "innovative storytelling."

  19. Of course! Organizing 911 requires patience and resources but, it is a good investment!

    And, of course, the insurance companies had to pay:

    The "disciplined assassins" would be more valuable as propaganda tools, for ritualistic purposes and psychological conditioning, used just to keep the (economic & ideological) system going on. The business is everyday life: selling newspapers, selling weapons to the police and the Department of Defense, selling reasons to be selfish and self-centered and to become a Recluse of Babylonia... (hi-hi-hi!.)

    After all, the military is an organization plenty of very well trained and disciplined assassins and there are other organizations who have them too.,_Inc.

    There is no reason to call so much public attention organizing a public hit unless there are other reasons (psychological ones, probably.) And a real hit is not needed: broadcasting a faked death can generate the same results as broadcasting a real one. Certain religious people know that Jesus died so our sins would be forgotten. Well, Jesus dies everyday and the people "eat" his body. By the way, Jesus was terribly tortured before dying. Isn´t it great the He was so generous that He gave His Life to save us from Hell?. The same way, the viewers survive the attack they watched on tv. Isn´t it great that the viewers are alived?

    Ha-ha-ha! It is like a massive psychoterapy.

  20. Oh! I wrote: "Jesus died so our sins would be forgotten."

    I think it should be "Jesus died so our sins would be forgiven." :-)

    In Book One of "THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS" we can also see that the "GOTHAM TWIN TOWERS" (page 40) are attacked (page 41.) In fact, a state-of-the-art helicopter launches a missile against one of the towers. The other helicopter [two of them were stolen by Harvey Dent / Two-Face] lands on top of the other tower. Mmm... yep, blatant!.


  22. Joe Paterno passed away in the media before "actually" passing away. I will study the case... :-)

    By the way, it is possible to notice that in one of the posters of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL the word "sex" is written subliminally in English and Spanish ("sexo"):

  23. Anon-

    Your theories keep bringing me back to the comic version of "The Watchmen." As I'm sure you know, the comic ends quite differently from Zack Snyder's film version, with Ozymandias staging a faked alien invasion to rally the U.S. and U.S.S.R. into forming a coalation to combat it. This ending has been widely bashed as unbelievable, even though Orson Wells was able to convince more than a few New Yorkers that an alien invasion was afoot in 1938 without nearly the same resources Ozymandias would have had.

    Naturally I'm quite fond of "Watchmen"'s original ending as its in keeping with my belief that modern UFOs and the extraterrestrial theory are a massive PSYOP. Thus, I should consider that many of these large scale 'events' are often staged, as Moore's "Watchmen" indicates.

    Now I'll have to go dig up my copy of "The Dark Knight" (I've got the graphic novel with all four books). I don't think I've looked at it sense I was in middle school. Given the mojo Frank Miller seems to have all of the sudden, I should probably go back and read the "Martha Wahington" books and "Hardboiled" while I'm at it.:)

    I'm definitley looking foward to the Paterno piece.


  24. A comic book version of "Watchmen"? I have heard of it :-).

    I agree: most large scale 'events' are staged & UFOs and the extraterrestrial theory are a massive PSYOP. Even the comic book "Watchmen" is a staged 'event' (like the "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller.) Three clues we can find in the comic:

    1) Chapter I, page 1: We can read the first sentence in panel one:

    Well, October 12th is almost September 11th :-D.
    September + 1 = October
    11th + 1 = 12th

    Chapter XII, page 6: The monster from "outer space" apparently has one eye only (Horus?, Ra?.)

    Chapter 12, page 18: Behind Ozymandias there are several tv screens that have numbers under them: 74, 19, 38, 26, 81, 52, 7. Next to his head is 19 and 81 is not far from him. 81 is under 74. 18 and 47 are numbers we can see these days in the movies:
    And the Central Intelligence Agency was established in 1947.
    The movie "The Dark Knight Rises" has several 1s, 8s, 11s and 18s embedded in the narration. [We can see the 322 ("Skull & Bones") in one of the walls of the stadium.]

    So, the comic "Watchmen" is predictive programming, too.
    Orson Welles, in the trailer of "F For Fake" continues the UFO PSYOP:
    Look at 7:24-7:31 & 8:00-9:05

    "Give Me Liberty" develops several interesting themes, among them, brainwashing. :-)

    Shootings at the movie theater or the roads? We must see the trailer of TARGETS (1968).

    The movie was supposedly written, produced and directed by Peter Bogdanovich. One of the producers seems to be Roger Corman (founder of New World Pictures) who, according to wikipedia:
    "Corman went to Beverly Hills High School and then to Stanford University to study industrial engineering. While at Stanford, Corman enlisted in the V-12 Navy College Training Program. After the end of World War II, Corman returned to Stanford and received a degree in industrial engineering. In 1948, he worked briefly at U.S. Electrical Motors on Slauson Avenue in Los Angeles, but his career in engineering lasted only four days; he began work on Monday and quit on Thursday, telling his boss "I've made a terrible mistake.""

    The sound editor was Verna Fields:
    "In 1967, Fields had hired George Lucas to help edit Journey to the Pacific (1968), which was a documentary film that she'd directed for the USIA."

    USIA = United States Information Agency.:-D

  25. Anon-

    "Targets" is a great film --I totally forgot about it!

    Peter Bogdanovich did indeed write and direct it. I believe he appeared in it as well in a small role, essentially playing himself (but then again, so was Karlof!).

    Quite a few filmmakers got their break from Corman, including James Cameron, Frances Ford Coppola, Jonathan Demme, Martin Scorsese, and so on. He also gave early roles to Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper, all of whom appear in David McGowan's Laurel Canyons series.:)