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More Dead German Shepherds in Idaho as 4/20 Approaches

Reports out of Idaho indicate that four more dead dogs have been discovered and they have been described as being of "German shepherd mixes." Yahoo! News states:
"Four dogs have been found beaten in the head and shot to death in rural southern Idaho, authorities said on Thursday, adding to the mysterious disappearance and killing of dozens of dogs that has left residents in that area on edge. 
"Examinations showed that the German Shepherd mixes, whose carcasses had been dumped in a pile off a highway south of Twin Falls, had been bludgeoned and shot in the head, said Gary Trostel, deputy with the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office. 
"'We didn't know until today how they had died: poisoned or shot or what. We knew it was some type of head trauma the way the eyes bulged out and with all the bleeding,' Trostel said. 
"Animal control officers reported last month that roughly 30 dogs had gone missing since November in Twin Falls and nearby communities in a farming region known as the Magic Valley. 
"A German shepherd discovered by hikers last month in an area known as the Devil's Corral in neighboring Jerome County appeared to have suffered what animal control officers called a 'ritualistic execution' in which its head was crushed with rock and its carcass covered with a purple cloth. 
"Trostel said an examination of that dog showed it had been beaten and shot in the head."
the first German shepherd found

As regular readers of this blog are well aware I was quite fascinated with the initial report of the dead German shepherd being discovered with ritualistic trappings around the body as well as the sudden disappearance of canines in the area. I wrote extensively on the significance of this finding here, but in brief: In recent decades the sudden disappearance of canines and the discovery of their bodies, especially the German shepherd breed, with ritualistic trappings has coincided with strange, sometimes violent and frequently occult-laden events. Researchers such as Ed Sanders, Maury Terry,  and especially Peter Levenda have compellingly argued that German shepherd sacrifices are a kind of calling card for an underground cult network involved in various illegal activities and with ties to several notorious serial killers such as Charles Manson and David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz. Of these ties Levenda writes:
"For some reason, there have been reports of sacrifices of large numbers of dogs, mostly German shepherds, throughout the United States in the past thirty-odd years, but notably in areas where we discover confirmed cult activity. This was as true in Berkowitz's Yonkers neighborhood as it was in Walden, New York, where a 'total of eighty-five skinned German shepherds and Dobermans were found' in a single year 'between October 1976 and October 1977.' The day after Berkowitz's arrest in Yonkers, the bodies of three slain German shepherds were found in an aqueduct behind his apartment. Two have been strangled with chains; the third had been shot in the head.

"Two days before his arrest, someone phoned an animal shelter using his name and address, inquiring about adopting a German shepherd that had been advertised in a local paper. A few hours later, someone else called from the same street in Yonkers, also inquiring about the dog. This caller said he was ' fixing some cars' on Pine Street; an allusion that Terry believes actually refers to the Carr family who figure so prominently in this case. As it turned out, two men did visit the shelter, including one who resembled Berkowitz, but according to Berkowitz himself it was not he, although he acknowledges that someone may have been impersonating him on the phone...

"Remember that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer's first kill was the ritual slaughter of a dog behind his home in Ohio, which cumulated in his placing the dog skull atop a stake hammered into the earth; and, around the time of the Sam killings, the author heard convincing rumors of the abuse and slaughter of dogs in a warehouse near Brooklyn Heights, within walking distance of the Warlock Shop, before Berkowitz was arrested and the connection with dogs was made.

"Terry connects the German Shepherd sacrifices with the Process, due to their fondness for the animals. Members of the Process in those halcyon days of the 1960s were to be seen around San Francisco dressed in black and leading shepherds on the leash. The 'Fear' issue of the Process magazine featured a photo spread of twenty German shepherds in a menacing pose. It doesn't automatically follow, however, that the Process would sacrifice the animals.

"Another symbolic associations that should be mentioned is the fact that Hitler favored German shepherds above all other animals. That there might be a Nazi or neo-Nazi element to the Son of Sam cult should not be ignored, especially as mass murderer Fred Cowan -- one of the 'Sons' according to Berkowitz --was a neo-Nazi."
(Sinister Forces Book III, pgs. 197-198)
Hitler with a German shepherd

The long alleged association of this network with the white supremacist underground in the United States is most compelling in light of recent events, namely the assassinations of Colorado Department of Corrections head Tom Clements and Texas DA Mike McLelland. Thus far two neo-Nazi prison gangs, the 211 Crew and the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas respectively, have been closely linked to these assassinations. An assistant DA, Mark Hasse, who worked for McLelland, was also assassinated on January 31 in the same town (Kaufman) as McLelland. Strangely, these assassinations roughly coincide with the beginning of the canine disappearances in Idaho. The Idaho Statesman reports:
"A Twin Falls Animal Shelter board member has compiled a list of 34 dogs that have reportedly gone missing in the Magic Valley area since Feb. 1, some from fenced home yards and locked areas.
"Amber Halsell said she began keeping a list after noticing an unusually large number of disappearing pets — and strange circumstances."

There is much twilight language present in the location where the body of the first dead German shepherd was found as I already explained before here. The town, Twin Falls, around which the five dead German shepherd have been discovered is no stranger to high weirdness either.
"An object measuring 30.5 inches that looked 'similar to the cymbals used by a drummer in a band, placed face to face' had been recovered two weeks earlier by Mrs. Fred Eastbrook in Twin Falls, Idaho. Mrs. Eastbrook turned it over to an FBI agent named W. G. Banister. 'The gadget is gold plated on one side and silver, stainless steel, aluminum or tin on the other,' reported the Tacoma paper, which used only Bannister as the source. The East Oregonian had covered the story of the two-and-half foot saucer and noted that assistant chief of Twin Falls' police E. McCracken said that army intelligence authorities had ordered his department 'not to talk' about the many-saucer. 'The object was taken into a back room at the police station and put under lock and key,' said McCracken. 'We were told to keep our mouths shut, and not describe the object to anyone.' All reference to these strong-arm tactics was left out of the next East Oregonian report, as were the names of the four boys that assistant chief McCracken claimed had made the disc from parts of an old photograph. A clear pattern of cover-up can be seen in the newspaper record of this sighting."
(JFK & UFO, Kenn Thomas, pgs. 41-42)
Apparently the first dead German shepherd was found near Snake River Canyon which, according to the above newspaper clipping, is near where the 1947 UFO was witnessed

The appearance of W. G. Banister,  commonly known as Guy Banister, in this incident should have raised the eyebrows of veteran conspiracy researchers: Banister is a man long believed to have played some type of role in the assassination of JFK:
"Guy Banister's name is well --known among conspiracy aficionados as another one of the men implicated by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the Kennedy assassination. It was Guy Banister -by this time a former FBI agent --who rented office space at the same location stamped on Lee Harvey Oswald's 'Fair Play for Cuba Committee' flyers. Banister was running an anti-Castro Cuban operation from his investigator's office, an operation that attracted the likes of former Eastern Airlines pilot and assassination suspect David Ferrie. Oswald was running a pro-Castro Cuban operation from the same address, an anomaly that could only be explained if one understood that Banister and Oswald were working together, and that the pro-Castro operation was a front for some other, even more nefarious, purpose. Further, while Banister was FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Chicago field office during World War II, one of his FBI subordinates was James McCord of Watergate 'plumbers' fame, and another was Robert A. Maheu: the man who would later become head of his own investigative agency and an employee of Howard Hughes, the man whose agency was started by money won from James McInerney, the assistant Attorney General who was involved in the Jack Parsons investigation. Maheu would go on to become the man in the middle between the CIA and organized crime in the assassination plots against Castro.  
"Banister was --during the time of the Arnold sighting, the Maury Island affair, Roswell --an FBI Special Agent assigned to the Butte, Montana field office, which was responsible for several western states, including Idaho (where Kenneth Arnold resided). A look at recently declassified FBI files for that period in 1947 show a number of telexes from Banister, some with his initials 'WGB.' all pertaining to UFO phenomena, as well as other FBI documents with the designation 'Security Matter -X' or simply 'SM-X,' the origin -the author supposes -of the 'X-Files,' which at least in 1947 did exist at the FBI and was concerned with UFOs (as well as with the federal investigation of Wilhelm Reich, the pioneer psychoanalyst whose 'orgone therapy' had run afoul of the medical establishment and who himself was a firm believer in the existence of UFOs). 
"Usually, when Banister is referenced in connection with the Kennedy assassination, he is mentioned as having been with the FBI in Chicago for many years, which is undoubtedly true, but the period in Butte put him in the middle of the seminal UFO event of the twentieth century.
(Sinister Forces Book One, Peter Levenda, pgs. 173-174)

Banister's investigation of the bizarre object found in Twin Falls occurred in 1947 during the first  great modern wave of UFO sightings (which included the Kenneth Arnold sighting and Roswell). And now, nearly 66 years later, dogs are disappearing in Twin Falls and German shepherds are showing up dead via some kind of peculiar injury to their heads. And all of this is happening against a backdrop of white supremacist violence, which I've written much more on here, that has been unfolding across the United States over the last year.

And if all of this wasn't strange enough there's also there's also the fact that the recent assassinations have occurred during the airing of The Following on Fox. I've already written more on the series before here, but in brief: It revolves around an incarcerated serial killer known as Joe Carroll, a former English professor obsessed with the works of Edgar Allan Poe (whose works show a strongly anti-Masonic leaning) who founded a cult while in prison comprised of other serial killers and extremists such as militia members. Eventually Carroll is able to escape and take over direct control of his cult, which seems poised to conduct some type of bizarre terror campaign at present in the series.

Cleary this show, whether intentionally or not, echoes many of the theories surrounding this long alleged underground cult network in the United States. I find it especially interesting that militia members have been worked heavily into the plot line of late as I suspect there is some type of connection between this alleged cult network and far right paramilitary groups as I speculated before here.

Especially ominous about this series of events and synchronicities are three fast approaching dates, two of which that have witnessed major national tragedies in recent years, and all of which have much significance to the white supremacist and neo-Nazi underground: April 19, April 20 and April 30.
"April 19 is historically significant. In 1943, the Nazis entered the Warsaw Ghetto, in 1993, the Waco raid occurred, and then in 1995, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed.
"This last event has also been tied to April 19, 1985, when 200 lawmen surrounded the Arkansas compound of the paramilitary Covenant, the Sword and the Arm. When the CSA surrendered four days later, authorities discovered that several members of The Order, the group accused of assassinating Denver radio talk-show host Alan Berg, were hiding at the CSA compound. Kerry Noble, who was second-in-command for the CSA, told the Denver Post, 'Dates are so important in the movement. Everything has to have some kind of significance, either with the dates or numbers or something.' One of the people who found particular significance in the April 19 date was white supremacist Richard Wayne Snell, who had been associated with the CSA. A decade earlier he allegedly plotted to blow up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.  At three minutes past noon on April 19, 1995 -- three hours after the Oklahoma City blast --Snell turned to a prison official as they watched live coverage of the tragedy. According to the minute-by-minute log of Snell's last days on death row, Snell told the prison lieutenant that 'today is a very significant day for various reasons.' On April 19, 1995, Snell was executed in Arkansas."
(The Copycat Effect, Loren Coleman, pgs. 249-250) 
the Murrah Federal Building

April 20, which is the birthday of Adolf Hitler, also witnessed a major national tragedy in 1999: the Columbine school shooting.
"Harris and Klebold appeared to have deliberately chosen the anniversary date of Hitler's birthday for their attack. At one point Harris and Klebold had also considered the highly important date of April 19 -- the anniversary of Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing --but transportation problems forced a delay in their plans. They finally carried out their attack on the twentieth, speaking German and 'honoring' Hitler."
(ibid, pg. 175)
images from Columbine

The date of 4/20 has also become highly significant in cannabis culture, becoming something of a national "smoke-out" day. Strangely, cannabis and this holiday also have bizarre ties to the Nazis, as I've documented before here.

The date of April 30 has also been historically important in German culture. The eve of it, known as Walpurgis Night, has a long association with witchcraft.
"In central Europe it was apparently on Walpurgis Night, the Eve of May Day, above all other times that the baleful powers of the witches were exerted to the fullest extent; nothing therefore could be more natural than that men should be on their guard against them at that season, and that, not content with merely standing on their defense, they should boldly have sought to carry the war into the enemy's quarters by attacking and forcibly expelling the uncanny crew."
(The Golden Bough, James Frazer, pgs. 574-575)

In modern times the date of April 30 has become especially important in Nazi mysticism as it is the day on which Hitler committed suicide in 1945.

Needless to say, the timeframe beginning on April 19 and ending on April 30 has witnessed more than its fair share of curious events and tragedies in recent years, especially in the Nazi/white supremacist underground. The disappearance and apparent murder of dogs, specifically German shepherds, in Idaho is especially ominous as we approach this time frame. Then there are those assassinations, which make things all the more sinister.

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