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Something Is Happening -UPDATED 4/17/13

To say that the events of the past few days have been surreal would be an understatement. The Boston Marathon bombing is seemingly yet another incident in a chain of events leading to some kind of mysterious end game to which the common man can barely conceive. It began in earnest last year with the Aurora theater shooting and continued throughout the remainder of 2012 via a series of high profile public shootings that climaxed with the Sandy Hook school shooting on December 14.

James Eagan Holmes (top) and Adam Lanza (bottom), whose respective shooting sprees at Aurora and Newtown bookended the wave of 2012 mass shootings in the US

Since 2013 has commenced a more subtle form of terrorism has gripped the nation. There are of course the three high profile assassinations of justice officials, which may possibly be linked to neo-Nazi prison gangs, as well as the bizarre disappearance and murders of a large number of canines in Idaho near an area that was involved in the famous 1947 wave of UFO sightings (which included the Kenneth Arnold sighting as well as Roswell), the topic of which I've written known as recently as here.

one of the dead dogs found in Idaho with ritualistic trappings

And now comes the Boston Marathon bombing. As can be expected this incident is riddled with twilight language. Of course Boston itself is considered to be one of the earliest and staunchest Masonic cities in North America. Researcher Nicholas Hagger, whose work is highly speculative at best, argues that multiple branches of Freemasonry developed in Boston by the 18th century, and at times came into conflict with one another. The first type of Freemasonry to set root there was "English Freemasonry" (Hagger also refers to it as Rosicrucian Freemasonry), which fell under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England.
"In 1733 Rosicrucian Freemasonry formerly entered America when St. John's Lodge was established in Boston. It became the Masonic capital of Britain's American colonies. By 1737 there were lodges in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, all committed to implementing the plan for a Utopian New Atlantis."
(The Secret Founding of America, Nicholas Hagger, pg. 97) 

According to Hagger, the next type of Freemasonry to come to Boston was the Jacobite variety, which he refers to as Templarism. It is this style of masonry, which was practiced in Ireland, Scotland, and France at this time in history, that would eventually become known as the Scottish Rite.
"In 1746 many Irish and Scottish Templar Jacobites fled to America and some brought with them the French Scottish Rite which Charles Edward Stuart had founded. In 1756 Jacobean Templarism came to Boston. It's American headquarters were at St. Andrews Lodge. It offered higher degrees in English masonry: in 1769 it offered a new degree, the Knights Templar degree."
(ibid, pg. 103)
the symbol of the thirty-third degree, the highest rank in Scottish Rite Freemasonry

Strangely, these two separate lodges apparently came into conflict with each other during the Boston Massacre.
"Templar Freemason's St. Andrews Lodge in Boston had come into conflict with Rosicrucian Freemason's St. John's Lodge in Boston in 1761. Now the Templars of Boston (including John Hancock and Paul Revere) had the support of Templars in Virginia (including Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee, who in 1769 persuaded the Virginia Assembly to condemn the British government). The Boston massacre of 1770 saw the Templar St. Andrew's Lodge take the side of the rioters and Rosicrucian Freemasonry take the side of the British sentries. The day after the massacre the citizens gathered at Old South Meeting House and demanded the British troops should leave Boston."
(ibid, pg. 103) 
the Boston Massacre

Much more information on Boston's Masonic history can be found in this highly insightful post by Loren Coleman on his blog Twilight Language.

Curiously, the city of Boston also witnessed one of the earliest UFO sightings by colonists in North America.
"What must surely have been one of the earliest American exposures to unidentified flying objects occurred over Boston harbor in March 1639. Governor John Winthrop recorded in his Journal that large numbers of reputable citizens had sighted mystery lights. Five years later, on January 18, 1644, other lights about the size of the full moon were seen by many persons on the waterfront. Two of them were playing aerial tag with one another over Noodle's Island. A week later, the two lights appeared again, and one of them alone a week after that. In each of these cases, disembodied voices were heard booming out nonsensical commands."
(Weird America, William Grimstad, pg. 103)
The unicorn is the symbol of the Boston Marathon. The symbol was apparently chosen 10 years prior to the first Boston Marathon by the Boston Athletic Association, the organization that sponsors the marathon. The mythological unicorn is rich with esoteric meaning.
"With its single horn set in the middle of its forehead, the unicorn also symbolizes a spiritual arrow, a sun-ray, the sword of God, divine revelation or the godhead penetrating its creation. In Christian iconography, it stands for the Virgin who has conceived by the Holy Spirit. The single horn may also symbolize a stage upon the way of differentiation, from biological procreation (sexuality) to psychic evolution (a sexual oneness) and to sexual sublimation. The single horn has also been compared with 'a frontal penis' or 'phallus of the psyche...', the symbol of spiritual fecundity. Yet, at the same time, the unicorn is the symbol of physical virginity. Alchemists regarded it as an image of the hermaphrodite, but this would seem to be a misunderstanding --instead of possessing a twofold sexuality the unicorn transcends sexuality itself. In the Middle Ages the unicorn became the symbol of the word of God made flesh within the womb of the Virgin Mary."
(Dictionary of Symbols, Jean Chevalier & Alain Gheerbrant, pg. 1055)

The date, April 15, of this event is also interesting. April 15, 1865 witnessed the death of Abraham Lincoln while the 1912 version  was the day on which the Titanic sank. In general the month of April, but especially the period from the middle to the end of the month, have witnessed several major events and tragedies in recent (and not so recent) years: the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 4, 1968); the start of the American Civil War (April 12, 1861); the Virginia Tech massacre (April 16, 2007); the beginning of the American Revolutionary War, the final day of the Waco siege and the Oklahoma City bombing (April 19, 1775, 1993 and 1995 respectively); Hitler's birthday and Columbine (April 20, 1889 and 1999 respectively); and Hitler's suicide (April 30, 1945). The timeframe from April 19 till April 30 has gained a special significance to both the American Patriot movement and Christian Identity/white supremacist underground in recent years.
"Patriots' Day (April 19), the date the Revolutionary War began, now has links to a date holding symbolic importance around the nation. Ipril 19 is historically significant. In 1943, the Nazis entered the Warsaw Ghetto, in 1993, the Waco raid occurred, and then in 1995, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed.  
"This last event has also been tied to April 19, 1985, when 200 lawmen surrounded the Arkansas compound of the paramilitary Covenant, the Sword and the Arm. When the CSA surrendered four days later, authorities discovered that several members of The Order, the group accused of assassinating Denver radio talk-show host Alan Berg, were hiding at the CSA compound. Kerry Noble, who was second-in-command for the CSA, told the Denver Post, 'Dates are so important in the movement. Everything has to have some kind of significance, either with the dates or numbers or something.' One of the people who found particular significance in the April 19 date was white supremacist Richard Wayne Snell, who had been associated with the CSA. A decade earlier he allegedly plotted to blow up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.  At three minutes past noon on April 19, 1995 -- three hours after the Oklahoma City blast --Snell turned to a prison official as they watched live coverage of the tragedy. According to the minute-by-minute log of Snell's last days on death row, Snell told the prison lieutenant that 'today is a very significant day for various reasons.' On April 19, 1995, Snell was executed in Arkansas." 
(The Copycat Effect, Loren Coleman, pgs. 249-250) 

the final results of the Waco siege (top) and Oklahoma City bombing (bottom)

The states of Massachusetts and Maine both celebrate Patriots' Day on the third Monday of each year, which happen to fall upon April 15 this year, as Loren Coleman noted here. In recent years April 15 has also become known as Tax Day in the United States, the final day on which Americans can file their taxes.

Thus far nothing concrete has emerged in terms of suspects. Naturally the right is already trying to peg the attack on Islamic terrorists, the notion helped in no small part by the fact that a Saudi man (who was later described by authorities as a witness to the blast) was allegedly detained in the immediate aftermath of the explosion. The great neocon propaganda arm otherwise known as WorldNetDaily claims to have anonymous sources alleging that jihadists have been arrested in Afghanistan and Pakistan in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing, a claim that will no doubt appeal to people who still believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Still, the date of the attack as well as the event itself would seem to make much more sense from a symbolic standpoint for an organization affiliated with far right movements such as the Patriot, militia and Christian Identity variety. At least one Massachusetts Congressman has already made the connection. Such a connection would be especially striking coming in the wake of the after mentioned assassinations of three high profile justice officials (at least one of which being committed by a member of a neo-Nazi prison gang) as well as the general wave of right-wing terrorism (i.e., the Sikh Temple shooting; the murder spree of Israel Keyes; and the Sandy Hook school shooting, which was committed by an individual surrounded by doomsday/prepper ideology as I noted before here) that has swept the nation of late.

Sikh Temple shooter Wade Michael Page (top) and serial killer Israel Keyes, who attended a Christian Identity church as a child

So much for the Boston Marathon bombing. Tuesday, April 16, also witnessed to rather curious events: The first was a review issued by an independent task force stating that the highest US officials bore responsibility for the "indisputable" use of torture during the Bush era, a revelation that will all but be ignored in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. This is all certainly very convenient for Bush II, Cheney, and the rest of the gang, no doubt.

Then later in the afternoon it was revealed that a letter sent to Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker (R) contain traces of the poison ricin. MSNBC reports:
"A letter intended to reach Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., was intercepted at an off-site facility after testing positive for a deadly poison, FBI officials said late Tuesday.
"An initial test of the mail, which was caught during an off-site postal screening process in Landover, Maryland, detected the letters contained the poison ricin, according to officials. A second test conducted in a lab also came back positive for the poison. 
"The envelope never made it to Wicker's office. No one at the off-site facility was exposed to the substance, according to sources familiar with the mailing...
"Senators were made aware of the incident during a briefing Tuesday evening regarding the attack at the Boston marathon. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., told NBC News the individual who sent the letter is known to send correspondence to elected officials. Authorities have identified a suspect who 'writes to a lot of members,' McCaskill said.
"The FBI and United States Capitol Police are both investigating the mailing which was postmarked from Memphis, Tennessee and had no return address."

There are several striking instances of twilight language in this incident as well, the most obvious being the Senator's last name: Wicker, as in Wicker man. While the Wicker man has gained much infamy in recent years it should be reminded that only convicted criminals were allegedly ever executed in Wicker men by the Celts.
"Condemned criminals were reserved by the Celts in order to be sacrificed to the gods at a great festival which took place once in every five years. The more there were of such victims, the greater was believed to be the fertility of the land. If there were not enough criminals to furnish victims, captives taken in war were immolated to supply the deficiency. When the time came the victims were sacrificed by the Druids or priests. Some they shot down with arrows, some they impaled, and some they burned alive in the following manner. Colossal images of wicker-work or of wood and grass were constructed; these were filled with live men, cattle, and animals of other kinds; fire was then applied to the images, and they were burned with their living contents.   
"Such were the great festivals held once every five years. But besides these quinquennial festivals, celebrated on so grand a scale, and with, apparently, so large an expenditure of human life, it seemed reasonable to suppose that festivals of the same sort, only on a lesser scale, were held annually, and that from these annual festivals are lineally descended some at least of the fire-festivals which, with their traces of human sacrifice, are still celebrated year by year in many parts of Europe. The gigantic images constructed of osiers or covered with grass in which the Druids enclosed their victims remind us of the leafy framework in which the human representative of the tree-spirit is still so often encased."
 (The Golden Bough, James Frazer, pgs. 745-746)

The Wicker man was also seemingly referenced in one of the notorious Son of Sam letters sent to the press allegedly by David Berkowitz in which he made allusions to a "Wicked King Wicker." The Son of Sam killings coincided with the disappearances and killings of a large number of canines, especially German shepherds, not unlike what is currently taking place in Idaho, as I noted before here.

David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz

Roger Wicker currently resides in Tupelo, Mississippi. Tupelo was recently in the news due to the bizarre drive-by shooting of a circus elephant (the elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party, which is usually staunchly pro-gun) belonging to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus there. It is also the birthplace of the King of Rock 'n Roll, Elvis Presley, an event that was immortalized in the classic Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' song "Tupelo."

All of this makes the fact that the letter was allegedly sent from Memphis, Tennessee, all the more curious from a synchronistic perspective. The city of Memphis, both the ancient and modern versions, are reputedly highly important in the occult.
"Memphis was the city of the Egyptian kings that was the fabled repository of the severed head of Osiris. Memphis, Tennessee is associated in the Group Mind with two dead 'kings,' Martin Luther King Jr. and Elvis Presley. This city in America's 'Little Egypt' region is part of mystical toponomy. It was established by the Masonic Rite of Memphis and Mizraim which specialized in the 'magnetic' masonry of Anton Mesmer...
"In 1991, a 32 story pyramid, anchored on the bluffs of the Mississippi, was constructed in Memphis. It is known locally as 'The Tomb of Doom'"
(Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Michael A. Hoffman, pg. 81)
the modern Memphis pyramid

This makes Wicker's residency in Tupelo all the more curious. Even more curious is the fact that Wicker was one of 16 Republican senators who voted last Thursday to move forward on the controversial gun control measures currently working their way through Congress. Surely it's just a coincidence that a letter containing ricin would be sent to him less than a week later. It will be interesting to observe how he votes the next time such a measure is before the Senate, however.

And it is here that I shall wrap things up for now. While nothing remotely definitive has come out yet concerning the Boston Marathon bombing or the mysterious, ricin-laced letter sent to Senator Wicker the circumstances behind these events, as well as several recent others, paint a truly disturbing picture if even a fraction of the connections I've written on are correct. Something is most definitely happening in the United States right now, something that could potentially affect the course of this country for years to come. Be alert dear readers.

UPDATED 4/17/13:
Authorities officially charge someone with the murders of Mark Hasse, Mike and Cynthia McLelland: Kim Lene Williams. Williams is the wife of Eric, a former justice of the peace who was convicted of theft after being prosecuted by Hasse and McLelland. Apparently Mrs. Williams confessed to involvement in the murders but claimed that it was her husband who actually did the killings. Thus far this seems like the type of classic "lone nut" scenario that we've all witnessed far too many times. I will be most interested to see what group affiliations, if any, Mr. Williams has.
Also today it was announced that Pres. Barack Obama was also sent a letter containing the poison ricin. This announcement was made shortly before Congress shot down legislation to expand background checks on firearm purchases. Later in the day a suspect for the ricin-laced letters was announced: Paul Kevin Curtis of Corinth, Mississippi. Apparently on April 11 Curtis posted a rant on his Facebook page claiming that he was on the front line of the war against the Mafia and a black market organ harvesting scheme, which may have played into his desire to send ricin-laced letters to the president and Senator Wicker. Naturally Mr. Curtis also happens to be an Elvis impersonator.
It also appears that a fertilizer plant exploded near Waco, Texas today, a mere two days shy of the 20 year anniversary of the final day of the Waco siege. Unreal.
an image of the plant explosion in Waco

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