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Something Is Happeing Part II --Updated 4/21

It seems like twilight language and synchronicities abound everywhere nowadays. President Barack Obama and a senator named Wicker (who resides in Tupelo, Mississippi, most famous for being the birthplace of Elvis Presley) both receive letters allegedly containing the poison ricin from an individual known to perform as an Elvis impersonator from time to time. The letters were sent from Memphis, Tennessee, the city associated with the death of two kings in the American consciousness: Elvis and Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated on April 4.

alleged ricin mailer and Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis (top), Senator Roger Wicker (middle) and the notorious Wicker man (bottom) which the senator's name invokes

Elsewhere a fertilizer plant explodes in West, Texas, a small town located roughly 20 miles north of Waco, Texas on April 17th. This is precisely two day shy of the twentieth anniversary of the final day of the Waco siege, which occurred on April 19. Stranger still, the fertilizer storage facility contained ammonium nitrate, the same substance used in the Oklahoma City bombing (which also occurred on April 19).

the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion (top), the final day of the Waco siege (middle) and the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing (bottom)

And then of course there's the whole thing playing out around the Boston area.

an image from the bombing

As I'm sure many of you are aware by now the two chief Boston Marathon bombing suspects are Chechen brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the former of whom having already been killed during a dramatic shootout around Cambridge with authorities on the night of April 18 (or possibly in the early hours of April 19) while the latter was arrested barely alive as I was writing this blog.

the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlane (left) and Dzhokhar (right)

The Boston Marathon bombing itself was riddled with twilight language, especially in terms of the dates and location (Boston was one of the first and most significant Masonic cities in the United States) which I already discussed in depth here and will not regurgitate presently. The brothers themselves also presented several interesting instances of twilight language. Dzhokhar apparently became a naturalized US citizen on September 11, 2012, which is both the 11 year anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks as well as the day of the Benghazi attack in which US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed.

9/11 (top) and Stevens body in Benghazi (bottom)

The last name of the brothers, Tsarnaev, features the words Tsar, the title of the Russian Emperor. The word Tsar was in turn adapted from the Latin title Caesar, the name of the Roman dictator (who was assassinated on March 15) as well as a title later adopted by Rome's emperors. The older brother's first name, Tamerlan, is likely taken for the historic name for Timur, a Turkish ruler who founded the Timurid dynasty. Thus the brothers, but especially Tamerlan (who appears to be the only one to have died) have an association with royalty, emperorship and even kingship. And when such memes appear in a series of events such as these I can't help but be reminded of James Shelby Downard and Michael A. Hoffman's legendary but highly controversial 'Killing of the Divine King' concepts, famously expressed in the essay "King Kill 33."

Naturally both are Muslims, a revelation the media has been telegraphing since practically the beginning of this whole affair. That they are Chechen is especially interesting. Of course Chechnya has been the site of an ongoing civil war between the Chechens and the Russian Federation practically ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This conflict has witnessed several high profile terror attacks, which included the 2002 Moscow theater incident in which militants took some 800 people hostage for two days. The incident ended with Russian special forces raiding the theater, resulting in the deaths of 41 hostage takers and 129 hostages (many of whom were allegedly killed by the gas used by Russian forces). Even more notable was a 2004 incident in which Chechen insurgents took hundreds of hostages in the Russian town of Beslan. This siege also ended two days later, this time with some 330 people (about half of whom were children) being killed.

an image from the Beslan school incident

While many are perplexed by Russia's obsession with such a seemingly insignificant country Chechnya has in fact become a highly strategically important region for Russia in the modern era.
"In a similar vein, for centuries the definition of Russian national greatness was equated with the acquisition of territory, and even at the end of the twentieth century, the Russian insistence on retaining control over such non-Russian people as the Chechens, who live around a vital oil pipeline, has been justified by the claim that such control is essential to Russia's status as a great power."
(The Grand Chessboard, Zbigniew Brzezinski, pg. 37)

As such it would also seemingly have strategic value to the United States as well and indeed the Russians have alleged from time to time that the US intelligence community has been involved with militant groups in Chechnya. In 2009 Ramzan Kadyrov, the Russian-backed head of the Republic of Chechnya, denounced a CIA presence among the militants within his nation. Reuters noted:
"Former rebel-turned-Moscow-ally Ramzan Kadyrov said in comments to Zavtra newspaper reprinted on his official website that he had seen the U.S. driving license of a CIA operative who was killed in a security operation he led.
"Chechen authorities have previously said insurgents following the radical Wahabist form of Islam receive support from international Islamist groups sympathetic to al-Qaeda, but have not accused the West of instigating violence.
"'We're fighting in the mountains with the American and English intelligence agencies. They are fighting not against Kadyrov, not against traditional Islam, they are fighting against the sovereign Russian state,' he said. 
"The West sought to attack both Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the country as a whole by targeting the country's weakest regions, Kadyrov said in the comments republished prominently on
"Kadyrov was appointed by Moscow as a bulwark against separatist rebels in the mainly Muslim province, but rights activists say he flouts federal laws and is himself responsible for much of the violence that has grown in recent months. 
"'The West is interested to cut off the Caucasus from Russia. The Caucasus - a strategic frontier of Russia. If they take away the Caucasus from Russia, it's like taking away half of Russia.'
Ramzan Kadyrov

What the long-term implications of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects being Chechen is impossible to say at this point but such a revelation has the potential to seriously strain US-Russian relations more so than they already are. At worst it could be a rationalization for militarily intervening in the Caucasus, an action that would instigate the Cold War Part II (at best).

That both brothers apparently lived in Cambridge is also interesting as this whole area, due in no small part to the presence of Harvard and MIT, has witnessed more than a few nefarious activities by the US intelligence community over the years. In fact, at least one other well-known terrorist had connections to the area: Ted Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber. Compelling evidence has emerged in recent years that Kaczynski participated in the notorious MK-ULTRA experiments, possibly having been recruited by Dr. Robert Hyde.
"As a result of the research by Alston Chase, we know today that Hyde recruited Harvard University students, possibly including notorious Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski, for a series of CIA-funded LSD experiments that spanned at least two years. Chase reveals that in the spring of 1945, Hyde paid a group of six Harvard seniors $15 an hour to participate in the experiment using a drug they had never heard of, 'lysergic acid.'"
(A Terrible MistakeH.P. Albarelli, pg. 299)
Ted Kaczynski

Indeed, Boston was a kind of ground zero for LSD. The individual generally credited with first bringing LSD into the United States was a Boston Psychopathic Hospital-based neuropsychiatrist named Max Rinkel. In 1949 he administered the substance to Hyde, who would become a CIA consultant in several years, marking what was the first reported acid trip on domestic soil.

Shortly over a decade later Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert famously began their entheogen ventures while working at Harvard University. Also making the scene was Harvard professor and psychologist Dr. Henry Murray, who had served in the OSS during World War II conducting inquiries into potential "truth drug" serums. He studied the effects of the hallucinogenic scopolamine in this endeavor, among other things. Murray was also reportedly involved in the LSD experiments that featured Theodore Kaczynski.

But Harvard wasn't the only university in the Boston area getting in on the fun -- MIT also developed a very close (and highly lucrative) relationship with the US intelligence community.
"Academic scientists were largely untapped by government before the period leading up to World War II. Today, it is hard to believe that colleges and universities once feared and resisted the intrusion of the national government in their research priorities. This attitude changed drastically in the late 1930s as new academic leaders welcomed government support as a largely unexplored source of income but tried to minimize interference in scientific work, with mixed results. No institution exemplified this new cooperative spirit between government and the  academy more than the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which, under Karl Compton, devoted itself to the application of physical theory in solving a host of engineering challenges. Harvard President James B. Conant, a chemist by training, and MIT Provost Vannevar Bush, an early computer scientist who became president of Washington's Carnegie Institute, led the Roosevelt administration's crash program to realize the benefits of scientific research for the war.
"Bush led the White House's Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD), which infused millions of dollars into scientific research during the war, mainly through the Committee on Medical Research (CMR). The CMR's projects included several that involved human experiments with conscientious objectors, prisoners, and persons with mental retardation. The OSRD was also a crucial player in the  Continuous wartime discussions about whether the nation's atomic energy resources would eventually be under civilian or military control or some combination."
(Mind Wars, Jonathan D. Moreno, pgs. 23-24)
Vannevar Bush

This snug relationship between the defense establishment and MIT continues to this very day.
"As a result of this consistent commitment to science through all presidential administration since World War II, the military-academic complex is now an integral element in the economics of our leading research universities. The Association of American Universities reported in 2002 that nearly 350 colleges and universities receive Pentagon research contracts, 60 percent of basic research funding. Leaders were the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which was scheduled to receive half a billion dollars from DoD contracts in 2003, and John Hopkins, which was to get $300 million."
 (ibid, pg. 20)
This makes the appearance of the Tsarnaev brothers at MIT where they murdered campus police officer Sean Collier on the night of April 18 all the more curious. Neither apparently had any ties to the university, with the media claiming that Dzhokhar attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and thus far authorities haven't given any indication as to their motives for appearing there.

Finally, there are those peculiar photos that have appeared online showing two people dressed almost identically, sporting earpieces, and carrying backpacks. Initially the conspiracy media alleged that these individuals were Navy SEALs but close-ups of one of the individual's ballcap reveals a logo similar to the one used by Craft International, a private military company. This outfit was in the news of late when its founder Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL with the most confirmed kills of any sniper in US military history, was murdered on a shooting range in Texas by a fellow veteran.

the Craft International logo (top) and the alleged Boston Marathon bombing private contractors (bottom) 

Of course it's recently been acknowledged by Blackwater founder Erik Prince that his former company developed a very close relationship with the CIA but close ties between PMCs and the US intelligence community go back years. Some researchers have alleged that this network of PMCs and the like has become a kind of "shadow" CIA known as "the Enterprise," among other names.
"... a shadow network called The Enterprise, a cluster of private intelligence organizations (PIOs) and private military firms (PMFs). These were staffed by former CIA and Pentagon officers who saw themselves as Paladins of the Cold War. Many PIOs and PMFs got their start in the 1970s during shakeups at the CIA. They must mushroomed in the 1980s after Jimmy Carter stirred up the anthill, and strongly motivated men had to continue their careers elsewhere...
"Many of these clever and aggressive men regrouped privately, with funding from hard-right organizations like the Birch Society, Moonies, World Anti-Communist League, and wealthy tycoons... The Enterprise grew into a powerful and influential network during the late 1980s. Although they were private citizens, these men continued to have close ties with serving military officers, to top men in the CIA and the armed services. This overlap made it nearly impossible to distinguish between official US government operations and those that had private objectives. This was especially true because so many of these individuals had long experience in covert operations, deception, and the clandestine use of government resources and secret funds. They were accustomed to working with CIA proprietaries that had every appearance of being legitimate companies in private industry but were actually Trojan Horses for the intelligence community and, by extension, for the armed forces. In fact, some of the PMFs were little more than fronts set up so that generals, admirals, and former spooks could continue to draw salaries and pensions as if they had never left government service. Many CIA agent spent years or even decades under various covers, so it was hard to establish beyond any doubt whether they ever left the Agency, or merely went underground."
(Gold Warriors, Sterling & Peggy Seagrave, pgs. 186-187)
another image of the alleged Craft International employees at the Boston Marathon

This makes the possible presence of such an organization at the Boston Marathon bombing compelling but not necessarily damning. The 2012 London Olympics, for instance, initially tried to use private security firms for the bulk of the security for the event. That the Boston Marathon may have brought in some private contractors to beef up the security would hardly be unusual. Thus, the earpieces the guys in the photo appear to have do not necessarily have a nefarious purpose, but the backpacks are a bit harder to explain.

an image from the London Olympics

Still, I find the possibility that Craft International or some like organization actually carried out the attack to be unlikely because of the low death toll --If nothing else, these organizations are very good at killing people and have a lot of experience at it. On the flip side of the coin they would make excellent handlers for the Tsarnaev brothers due to the whole plausible deniability thing (which is why a lot of the more nefarious aspects of intelligence work were outsourced in the first place).

And it is here that I shall wrap things up with a few closing thoughts. Despite the low loss of life the present psychodrama has cast a wave of paranoia and fear upon the American consciousness. The specters of Elvis, the MLK assassination, Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, Benghazi, MK-ULTRA, the Unabomber and Blackwater linger over present events like some type of shadow Americana. These are the hungry ghosts of the American soul, empowered in no small part because many of the above mentioned events were never thoroughly investigated and resolved. And more of the same already seems underway in regards to the Boston Marathon bombing and surrounding events.

I can only marvel at the power the prior mentioned events have had on our collective conscious as a nation and shudder at the thought of where we are going from here. In recent days we have been presented with images of an America that more closely resembles Iraq or Afghanistan then the nation many of us remember from our childhood --Human limbs blown off from makeshift bombs, a city in total lockdown, paramilitary forces patrolling the streets in heavily armored vehicles, gunfights in the streets.

Where do we go from here?

The synchs just keep coming: Late on April 19 Abdella Ahmad Tounisi of Aurora, Illinois was arrested by the FBI as he prepared to board a plane at Chicago O'Hare international Airport bound for Turkey. Apparently Mr. Tounisi planned to join up with an Al Qaeda-linked cell in Syria. Mr. TounisiIs also allegedly a friend of Adel Daoud, an individual who was accused last year of trying to stage a bombing outside of a Chicago bar. Naturally the individual who recruited Mr. Tounisi into this terror cell was an undercover FBI employee. The city from which Mr. Tounisi hails of course synchs with Aurora, Colorado, the site of the 2012 Aurora theater shooting.
alleged Aurora theater shooter James Eagan Holmes
Then on April 20 shots rang out at a Denver 4/20 rally that organizers had expected to draw some 80,000 cannabis proponents. Ultimately three people were wounded, one man and one woman both being shot in the leg while a third individual was grazed by a bullet.
one of the individuals shot at the 4/20 rally in Denver
April 20 is the date on which the Columbine school shooting occurred in 1999 at Columbine, Colorado, a suburb near the Denver-Aurora area. As noted above, the Boston Marathon bombing saga featured the mysterious shooting of an MIT police officer near the campus, invoking any number of horrific American school shootings in recent years.
4/20 has become something of a holiday in cannabis culture over the past few decades. The Denver rally was the first large-scale holiday celebration since cannabis was legalized in the state of Colorado during the 2012 election cycle. The origins of the 4/20 celebration are murky at best and potentially rather sinister. 4/20 was of course a major holiday in Nazi Germany as it was the birthday of Adolf Hitler. I've written much more on this topic before here.
None the less, in honor of this celebration I give you Freedom Hawk's "Bandito." Enjoy.
 UPDATE II 4/21:
The plot continues to thicken. The FBI has acknowledged that they had contact with Tamerlane Tsarnaev prior to the Boston Marathon bombing via a 2011 interview that they allegedly conducted of behalf of a foreign government concerned that he was a "follower of radical Islam." Tamerlane's mother has alleged that the FBI's contact with her son went we beyond a mere interview. The UK Guardian reports:
"One of the two men suspected of being behind the Boston Marathon bombings was under FBI surveillance as a suspected 'extremist' for at least three years, according to his parents.
"As questions were raised about how well known Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were to federal investigators, their mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, said that the FBI had spoken to the family regularly: 'They were telling me that Tamerlan was really an extremist leader and they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremists' sites.' She added that the police were monitoring her son 'at every step'...
"The revelation that the FBI was monitoring the elder Tsarnaev brother will lead to a debate over whether the attack could have been prevented. The men's father – who claims that his sons have been framed – supplied more details about the FBI's interest in Tamerlan in a telephone interview with the Wall Street Journal. Anzor Tsarnaev said that agents had talked to Tamerlan in 2011. They described him as a "person of interest".
"'Yes, I was there. It was in Cambridge [Massachusetts]. They said: "We know what sites you are on, we know where you are calling, we know everything about you. Everything".' He added: 'They said we are checking and watching – that's what they said.' In a message to his son, he said: 'Tell police everything. Everything. Just be honest.' 
"The parents' claims appear to contradict a statement by the FBI saying that, after checks on Tamerlan and his family, along with a review of travel records, internet activity and personal associations, it 'did not find any terrorism activity'. Officials have added that the brothers had not been under surveillance. 
"Since his death, it has been revealed that a YouTube account believed to be managed by Tamerlan linked to online material concerning radical preachers, terrorism and a religious prophecy supposedly popular with al-Qaida followers. The motives behind the brothers' attack remain mysterious. Although Tamerlan had been described as becoming more religious in recent years, acquaintances of the brothers described a pair whose behaviour was often at odds with strict Islam, including Dzhokhar's fondness for hip-hop and skateboarding and consumption of soft drugs."

The Guardian article also reveals that Dzhokhar apparently ran over Tamerlane with a car after his older brother had been wounded in a shootout with police that erupted after the bizarre killing of a cop on the MIT campus. I can't help but feel the MIT incident is crucial to understanding this whole saga.

It also warrants noting that almost half of the terrorism-related cases the FBI has prosecuted in the wake of 9/11 involved the use of informants, many of whom were working for the FBI for money or to avoid criminal charges. Of 158 prosecutions carried out 49 defendants participated in plots arranged by said FBI informants. Did the FBI assist the brothers Tsarnaev in plotting the Boston Marathon attack?

For some strange reason I don't think Congress will be investigating such possibilities to thoroughly, especially after the FBI's interrogation "specialists" start working out a motive with Dzhokhar (who is naturally being denied his Miranda rights for his initial interrogation with the Feds).

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