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Ah, we get messed up by forces that we just don't understand
-Robyn Hitchcock

        We live in an era in which Americans, and indeed peoples all over the world, feel under siege as never before. Daily we're bombarded with the decay of our society, be it by the decline of traditional morality or the encroaching police state; by rampant fraud in Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and like organizations; grotesque imperialism by the United States and the EU coupled with ever increasing acts of barbarism in the Third World; oppressive taxes on the individual and property while even modest tariffs to protect domestic jobs is denounced as protectionism; relentless attacks on Constitutional freedoms and property; a populace numbed into oblivion by a nonstop barrage of propaganda via the media and entertainment industries, under the direction of various intelligence agency; their bodies and very souls corrupted by genetically modified foods and personality altering drugs all the while their land and very heritage is destroyed in the name insatiable consumerism.
        Every day more and more of us are becoming aware that we are living in a significant time in history, and one that is taking shape in an increasingly negative fashion every day. We all coupe with this awareness in different ways. Many attempt to reject this revelation outright and return to their previously ignorant state. Others become savagely angry with the so called 'sheeple', the everyman that has not yet awakened to the decaying state of the world. Still others flock from one guru to the next, hoping to find some kind of Messianic figure that will lead his people out of Babylon, and generally being badly manipulated and humiliated in the process. Often times these paths lead to anger and alienation, typically manifesting against the everyman and even the people in their day to day lives. This of course keeps us from asking the really big questions, such as what is bringing about these changes?   
        Many that have asked this question have been led down a path that will progressively defy belief. First they learn of international organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and like think-tanks along the lines of the Royal Society, MIT, SRI, and the JASON Group. And it is here that many rational people hit the wall, for the organizations that stand behind these are generally to esoteric for the layman to accept. For it is here that we descend into the realms of illumination, of masonry and the so called 'Society of Jesus', of legendary knight and assassin brotherhoods, where the line between Cabbalism and Nazism is forever blurred. It is here that we discover the occult, in other words.
        Occult is a dirty word in polite society. It attracts images of both New Age lunacy and Evangelical fanaticism, of backwardness and primitive superstition, everything that we in the modern era have supposedly evolved beyond. Yet we are surrounded by the occult every day, in the financial and power structures our society is built upon, in the symbols we witness constantly in the media and advertising and even in the customs that we keep in our day to day lives. We do not live in either a democracy, nor a fascist or communist totalitarian state as either the mainstream or 'underground' media tells us, but in a theocracy. Indeed, it is likely that human beings have lived under some form of theocracy for much of recorded human history.
        Generally Sumeria is regarded as the first true civilization in human history, from which complex planting cycles, writing, numerical systems, law and order and all the other trappings of civilization emerge. According to the anthropologist Joseph Campbell, the sudden appearance of civilization some 5000 years ago was due to one novel innovation: "... a new order of humanity, which had never before appeared in the history of mankind; namely, the professional, full-time, initiated, strictly regimented temple priest." (Masks of God: Primitive Mythology, pg. 146)
        It was the professional priests that superseded the historic communal spiritual advisor, the shaman, and ushered men away from hunter-gatherer societies into the planting based city-states that would eventually appear all over the world. It was also here that the process of dehumanization was first pioneered for these societies thrived on the suppression of individualism to the will of the state. Campbell states: "...people to identify themselves not with their own interest, intuitions, or modes of experience, but with archetypes of behavior and systems of sentiment developed and maintained in the public domain." (Masks of God: Primitive Mythology, pg. 240). The ultimate manifestation of this submission the priestly castes imposed upon the common people was that of human sacrifice. "There is no way, in sheerly economic terms, to account for the phenomenology of a primitive social system in which a tremendous proportion of the time and energy is given to activities of an elaborate ritual nature... Groups of a hundred souls or so do not require the murder of their own finest sons and daughters to enable them to cohere. This flowering of rites derived from a cosmic insight... The harmony and well-being of the community, its coordination with the harmony and ultimate nature of the cosmos of which it is a part, and the integration of the individual, in his thought, feeling, and personnel desires, with the sense and essential force of this universal circumstance, can be said, therefore, to be the fundamental aim and nature of the ceremonial." (Masks of God: Primitive Mythology, pg. 178-9)
        In our supposed modern, highly evolved civilization we are led further and further down the path of human sacrifice to confirm the will of our society every day. In the 20th century alone we sent tens of thousands of our finest sons to die in assorted unjust and un-Constitutional wars and condemned any that did not approve of this bloodletting as traitors to the state. America remains the only First World country with the death penalty and in general the prison system has been turned into one grotesque blood sacrifice. America imprisons more people than communist China (a nation with a far greater population) and indeed, any other country in the history of the world. Here inmates, many of them convicted of petty, victimless crimes, are systematically tortured and raped in a fashion that would have done justice to the ancient Mystery Schools we are now discussing(see The AntiTerrorist Handbook for more details on the prison system).
        Indeed, the prisons, as well as the mental asylums and the military, have provided fertile recruiting grounds for assorted cults such as the Process Church of Final Judgment, the Temple of Set, the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, the Manson Family, the Ripper Crew and other like organizations that have terrorized the American public for the past 40 years. Several of these organizations have had direct ties to the intelligence community while rampant speculation has surrounded others. Researcher David McGowan uncovered an article from the Napa Sentinel in 1991 detailing the military's search for the ultimate killer: "A U.S. Navy psychologist... claims that the Office of Naval Intelligence had taken convicted murderers from military prisons, used behavior modification techniques on them, and then relocated them in American embassies throughout the world... The Navy psychologist was Lt. Commander Thomas Narut of the U.S. Regional Medical Center Naples, Italy... The Navy provided all the funding necessary, according to Narut." McGowan goes on to state: "The intelligence community, it seemed, was recruiting from prisons to make use of the natural talents of convicted killers to produce the fabled 'Manchurian Candidates' -otherwise known as mind controlled assassins. The operation described by Narut involved killers drawn from military prisons, though there is a good possibility that parallel programs were being conducted in civilian prisons as well. Prisons, after all, have provided fertile ground for any number of MK-ULTRA sub-projects for decades. As the Napa Sentinel article noted, 'Mind control experiments... permeate mental institutions and prisons'" (Programmed to Kill, pgs. 77-8) Programmed assassins have a rich tradition in occultic circles naturally, especially amongst the legendary Hashshashin cult of the Medieval Near East
        However the most bizarre, yet compelling, evidence to the rise of this priesthood is the prevalence of certain methods and rituals in which humans are to be put in contact with a nonhuman intellect. This is most evident in the witchcraft revival being sold to the public via Wicca and other supposedly nature based religions in which rituals are invoked to make contact with the old gods. Much mainstream Christianity, be it Catholic or Protestant, has embraced many of these rituals and festivals. Even supposed atheists and other secularists are enticed into these contacts via the use of consciousness altering drugs. Drugs were used historically by both the shamans and the priests, but often to different ends. In shamanic traditions entheogens were used to induce vision quests in which men would come into contact with their true self. In the Mystery Schools drugs were typically used as forms of social control that typically manifested itself in gross forms of public decadence. Most notorious of these was the Dionysus cult which was suppressed by Greek pagan governments well before the birth of Christ because of the rampant hedonism it promoted (The Mystery Religions and Christianity, Samuel Angus, pgs. 149-153).
        Even those that attempt to avoid contact with either the New Age movements and/or the drug culture cannot help but be overwhelmed by the rising reports of UFO contact from high placed government think-tanks combined with increasingly well documented reports of ghosts and other spirits by such TV shows as Ghost Hunters and Monster Hunters. Many feel, not unjustifiably, that their fellow Americans are drowning in a sea of superstition and ritual. Their only solace is the scientific atheism parroted by Academia, the same Academia that has been involved for decades with various intelligence agencies in the same kinds of fringe sciences that 'reasonable' people dismiss as quackery. Remote viewing, astro-projection, channeling, divination, telepathy, altered states of consciousness -these are all fields that the CIA has invested heavily in since the end of World War II in search of a greater strategic advantage and it has been the universities, those bastions of reason, that have carried out this research (see Unholy Alliance by Peter Levenda and The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate" by John Marks for more details).
        The simple reality is that the modern era and it's practices are not the result of some secular form of reason that mainstream history informs us swept through Europe in the 18th century. Quite the contrary occurred. As Rhodes Scholar and former head of the Library of Congress James Billington wrote: "The revolutionary faith was shaped not so much by critical rationalism of the French Enlightenment (as is generally believed) as by the occultism and proto-romananticism of Germany. The faith was incubated in France during the revolutionary era within a small subculture of literary intellectuals who were immersed in journalism, fascinated by secret societies, and subsequently infatuated with 'ideologies' as a secular surrogate for religious belief."( Fire in the Minds of Men, pgs.3-4) Billington only errs in the secularity of this movement. These were most assuredly men of faith, only one derived from the ancient priesthood of the Mystery Schools.   
        We must either face that which is presently unexplainable with an open, yet suspicious mind and understand and judge it as best we can or face collapse. Just as all the logic of Classical civilization could not prevent its collapse in the face of the wonders the Christian age brought about neither will our sense of 'reason' prevent a similar collapse in our own era if we continue to remain willfully ignorant. As computer scientist and astronomer Jacque Vallee notes, "... flying saucers, real or not as objects, clearly introduce a central element in an already troubled future landscape. It would be overly optimistic to predict that they will decrease its dangers. It is nonetheless interesting to ask what will happen to our civilization if the next step in the development of the phenomenon is a massive change of human attitudes toward paranormal abilities and extraterrestrial life." (Dimensions, pg. 279) The change that Vallee speculated about in the early 90s is already well on the way in the 21st century. The highest service that we can therefore perform for our fellow man is bring that which has been hidden by the priesthood to light so that he can finally understand the changes that are occurring, and most importantly, the choices that he will have to make.

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