Sunday, January 9, 2011

14 Heads in a Beach Town

Heads continue to roll:

"The image of this beach mecca has taken a new hit from Mexico's drug violence, with 27 people killed in less than a day, including 14 men whose bodies were found with their heads chopped off at a shopping center.

"The decapitation slayings and most of the other killings that occurred in a stretch of just a few hours from Friday night into Saturday also occurred in non-tourism areas. But two police officers were shot to death on a major bayside avenue in front of visitors and locals.

"The 14 headless bodies, and a 15th intact corpse, were found by police on a street outside a shopping center accompanied by written warnings from a drug cartel, authorities said."
The America Southwest of course has a great and long-standing fondness for the symbolism of the decapitated head. I've chronicled this before here and here. More on the alchemical meaning of the beheading can be gleamed here

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