Friday, May 19, 2017

Another Family Member?

Well, its certainly been an interesting May in Washington thus far.

During the second week of that month in 2017 the sudden firing of FBI director James Comey set Washington ablaze. Comey, in his brief tenure as FBI director, has been a divisive figure of late, to put it mildly. On July 5, 2016, in the midst of the 2016 US presidential contest, he announced that the FBI would not pursue charges against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in relation to the controversy surrounding her handling of emails containing classified documents. He was immediately attacked by Republican candidate Donald Trump and other parties hacks for backing down from the Clinton Machine.

Then in late October of the year, just a little over a week before the election, Comey sent a letter of Congress indicating that the FBI was reviewing more emails. These emails came from an allegedly unrelated investigation concerning Anthony Weiner, a close Clinton alley, and the sexting a 15-year-old girl.

Anthony Weiner
The rest, as they say, is history. Comey's October Surprise undoubtedly played a key role in Clinton's defeat. With the FBI director effectively clearing the path to the presidency for Trump, it seemed as though the two were poised to become close allies.

But then came Russiagate. The FBI, in July of 2016 (around the time Hillary was issued a get-out-jail-free card), began investigating potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Hints of this investigation have been surfacing since at least October of 2016, but its revelation by Comey in March of 2017 was presented as a major revelation by the MSM nonetheless.

While the investigation has produced little thus far, it has made Comey a frequent guest before various Congressional committees. Conventional wisdom holds that it was something related to the FBI's investigation of Russia and Comey's testimony, in addition to his refusal to investigate Trump's allegations of being spied on by Obama, that led to Comey's sudden ouster.

James Comey
The White House initially claimed that the move was driven by the recommendations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. But then Trump himself later came out and alleged that he had already been planning on removing Comey, indicating that the decision was all his.

But there are indications that Trump was not alone in making this decision. In the aftermath The New York Times made this curious statement: "... Vice President Mike Pence, who was part of the small group of advisers who planned Mr. Comey’s ouster in near secrecy."

Ah, good ole Vice President Mike "Teflon" Pence, who thus far has largely avoided any real criticism for his role in Comey's ousting. But then again, the same could be said about practically everything that has unfolded during the Trump regime. No matter what, Pence always seems to come out smelling like roses.

Mike Pence
As such, don't expect much in depth analysis by either the mainstream media or the "alternative" in regards to Pence's potential role in selecting the man who is currently believed to be the frontrunner to replace Comey as FBI director. This would be none other than long time Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman was a long time Democrat who served as Al Gore's running mate in the 2000 election. In 2006 he lost the Democratic primary for his Senate seat but ultimately won the election as an independent. His endless warmongering had alienated much of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party and in 2008 he endorsed John McCain for the presidency and gave a keynote speech at the 2008 Republican Convention. But in 2016 he endorsed Hillary.

This alone makes Trump's potential nomination of Lieberman for FBI director odd, but that's only part of it. Lieberman's background is starkly different than those of other FBI directors. The Hill notes:
"Lieberman would be an unusual pick for the job — past FBI chiefs have either worked at the bureau or served as a federal judge or prosecutor. He was attorney general of Connecticut before being elected to the Senate in 1988." 
Joe Lieberman
The Hill goes on to note that Lieberman currently works for the same law firm as Trump's attorney, but that seems a rather flimsy link for such a crucial posting. With Trump allegedly fighting for his political life, does it make sense to appoint a Hillary backer who was Al Gore's veep in 2000?

But again, the question must be raised: Is Trump really the one making this selection?

It is a very relevant one in light of an especially curious connection Lieberman has to Hillary Clinton. In 2007, Mother Jones noted:
"These days, Clinton has graduated from the political wives' group into what may be Coe's most elite cell, the weekly Senate Prayer Breakfast. Though weighted Republican, the breakfast—regularly attended by about 40 members—is a bipartisan opportunity for politicians to burnish their reputations, giving Clinton the chance to profess her faith with men such as Brownback as well as the twin terrors of Oklahoma, James Inhofe and Tom Coburn, and, until recently, former Senator George Allen (R-Va.). Democrats in the group include Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor, who told us that the separation of church and state has gone too far; Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) is also a regular."
And who sponsored this Senate Prayer Breakfast that Clinton and the Jewish Lieberman frequently attended? Why, the same organization that has sponsored the National Prayer Breakfast, attended by every president since Dwight Eisenhower, for almost seventy years: a Christian cult variously known as The Family or The Fellowship.

Long time readers of this blog are no doubt well aware of The Family. The uninitiated are advised to check out my multi-part series on this bizarre network, which can be found here. For those of you not feeling up to it right now, here's a brief rundown:

Originating in the 1930s as a union busting organization, The Family soon became a regional power around Washington state after it gained the backing of several wealthy patrons. Its influence really took off after WWII, however, when it established ample contacts with the US intelligence community as well as generous financial support from several Europeans linked to the recently defeated Nazi regime. By the 1950s, when the National Prayer Breakfast was established, it emerged as a major political powerhouse.

But nothing can compare to the influence it currently wields in the Trump regime. As I've noted before here, the Family now has members in several key posts including Attorney General (Sessions), Director of National Intelligence (Dan Coats), possibly CIA director Mike Pompeo and certainly Vice-President Mike Pence. And now The Family may have a close associate directing the FBI as well.

If Lieberman is made FBI director, the stage is set for Trump to be replaced by Pence. A shadow Family cabinet is effectively already in place in most of the crucial national security posts to advice Pence.

These developments raise some truly disturbing questions about the 2016 US presidential election to the mind of this researcher. Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun has recently stated his belief that both Hillary and Trump were selected for their ability to be removed by elements of the deep state. Certainly both were arguably the two most unpopular candidates for the US presidency in the modern era, if ever, and both are riddled with scandal and corruption on every level. Forcing either one out of office before their term had ended would not have been difficult in either case.

Presently Pence and The Family stand to gain from Trump's removal. But would things have gone much differently had Hillary won? While a Clinton victory would not have left a Family man a heartbeat away from the presidency, Hillary herself also has deep ties to The Family and there are reports her allies in the US intelligence community have been working towards a Pence coup. Its likely The Family would have wielded extensive influence on her regime as well and also would have been poised to gain extensively from her removal.

This raises a truly disturbing possibility: Was a stealth takeover by this nefarious Christian cult always on the menu after the 2016 election had passed? Certainly their influence over either candidate was unprecedented in recent elections. And the Clintons certainly seem to be doing their part to put Pence in office.

Certainly there are other forces in play, but few maybe as deadly now The Family. Decades of stealth subversion of the American political process truly seem to be paying off. And be assured, we should all be terrified of this.


  1. Damn straight (sighs and rubs face)... it won't make much sense except to other Bible nuts, but this is the rising of Kingdom #8, a terror in every sense of the word ("the most terrible of nations" & "the terrible ones").

    And they're already floating the idea of President Pence to the general, deluded public.

    I'm just finishing Peter Dale Scott's American Deep State, which reviews the rise of 'Kingdom 8,' an unholy conglomeration of Wall Street, Big Oil, the Military Industrial Complex, Intelligence along with the Safari Club and Circle Pinay (Le Cercle), with the unmentioned but looming spectre of the Family.

    This is even uglier and more evil than we can comprehend. We cannot stop it, but we can refuse to be deceived into complicity and providing cover for it. Doing so will have a very high cost, but the cost is higher, eternal even, for going along (for whatever reason) with this rising Kingdom.


  2. The idea of two replaceable VP candidates from the offset of the election seems very plausible. A quick "Tim Kaine Prayer Breakfast" search shows his ties at the "Head Table"

    And his post college years (at the very least physically) placed him near CIA activity in Nicaragua and Honduras, which made me very suspect of his political roots and ambitions.

  3. Pence like Obama had repeated mechanical problems on the planes he flew in... A sign maybe that he has been chosen to be President by the deep state?

  4. This comment's nearly a year later, but I strongly suspect EPA director Scott Pruitt (former Oklahoma AG) is also Family given his immediate placement into several top positions at the EPA of former aides to longstanding Family man Jim Inhofe.

    The predictable rush of dereg/privatize/plunder has ensued.