Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sammy Hagar -Mind Wars Causality?

A few days ago I noticed an especially curious headline on MSNBC's homepage: "Sammy Hagar says he was abducted by aliens." Concerning the claims of the former Montrose and Van Halen singer, the article states:

"In an interview for his new book, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock at, Hagar lets go of what even he admits might make him 'sound like a crazy person' to some readers.

"He and the reporter are talking about dreams he claims to have had about UFOs, and when asked whether he believed he had been abducted, Hagar answers: 'I think I have.'

"The reporter seemed surprised. 'What? Really? I was kidding. You seriously believe that?' he asks.

"Hagar laughs and goes on to explain that a passage in the book described as a dream in which he is contacted by aliens from outer space in California was, in fact, reality.

"The tale describes how the beings tapped into his mind through a wireless connection.

"'It was real,' Hagar told the reporter, according to the story on MTV's Hive website. 'They were plugged into me. It was a download situation ... Or, they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment.'"

In a marvelous bit of synchronicity I just happened to be finishing up Dr. Jonathan D. Moreno's eye opening Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense just as I stumbled upon the Hagar story. I couldn't help but be struck by the similarities between Hagar's description of his 'mind download' to technology DARPA is allegedly shepherding into the developmental stages.

"DARPA is trying to push brain-imaging technology further. A clutch of projects DARPA funded in its 2003 call on the possibilities of functional brain imaging. One contract awarded to a company in Eugene, Oregon, was for development of a 'Head Access Laminar Optoelectronic Neuroimaging System.' The idea is to implant tiny sensors in a 'head web' so that brain activity can be detected, transmitted, and reconstructed at a 'Cognitive Workload Assesment' station. The dual use aspect of the device is especially attractive, as it can track the neural functioning of patients in the medical setting, even if they are ambulatory, and fits under the helmet of a soldier in combat.

"A project from a Hawaiian firm, 'Wireless Near-infrared Devices for Neural Monitoring in Operational Environments,' also involves the uses of new technologies such as wireless network chips and miniature lasers that permit 'wirelessly monitoring neuronal activity.' The abstract for this project summarizes in the painfully prolix lingo common to military contractors why several fields would be interested in such a device, including military research, medical care, and basic research...

"English translation: They're going to combine into a single system techniques for measuring brain activity and wirelessly transmit all that information to a computer that will interpret the information for various purposes."
(Mind Wars, pgs. 100-101)

Moreno is quick to assure us that this technology is highly speculative and years off, at best. Yet reports of mind infiltration have been coming out since at least the 1970s. Further, Sammy Hagar would hardly be the first alien abductee to describe experiences, such as 'brain dowloading', that closely resemble theoretical mind weapons DARPA and other elements in the DoD, CIA, etc al, have been working on for decades.

Also, like many alleged victims of government sponsored mind control, Hagar was apparently first 'contacted' at a very early age. From the same MSNBC article:

"Hagar goes on to describe another experience at the age of four where he believes he saw an alien space ship in broad daylight hovering over a country field where his family lived."
Hagar first cut his teeth as a rock 'n roller in the late 1960s L.A. music scene, which was swarming with unsavory characters at the time, as I've chronicled somewhat here and here in the context of Charles Manson. For the ultimate deconstruction of the L.A. music scene, I strongly urge my readers to take the time and read David McGowan's 'Laurel Canyon' series. Part one, as well as a link to the rest of the series, can be found here.

As for Mr. Hagar's alien claims, I suggest he consider a more earthly perpetrator.

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